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The Best Dress Lengths for Women

Are you tired of spending hours staring at your favorite brand’s website, trying to figure out which dress to buy? Fear not! The secret is in the dress length. That’s right, ladies – the length of your dress can make all the difference. Today, I’m chatting all about the best dress lengths for women and sharing which ones are my personal favorites! Keep reading to the end to see a list of blog posts I think my dress loving gurls will love!

The Best Dress Lengths for Women

Best Dress Lengths for Women – Maxi Dresses

Up first, let’s chat about maxi dresses. Maxi dresses are perfect for any body type and can easily be dressed up or down. Whether you’re heading to church, packing for vacation, or attending a wedding, a maxi dress is a versatile option that will always make you feel fabulous.

I personally think maxi dresses are so darn comfortable. Who needs to sacrifice comfort for style when you can have both? They’re perfect for those days when you don’t feel like putting together a complicated outfit – throw on a maxi dress and a cute pair of shoes, and you’re good to go. Bonus: Nobody can see if you haven’t shaved your legs, LOL!

There is such a large variety of silhouettes, fabrics, and prints out there! From flowy and bohemian to body-hugging and sleek, there’s a maxi dress out there for everyone. And the best part is that you can wear them year-round – switch up the accessories, and you’re good to go!

Looking for more posts about maxi dresses? Check out these posts: Gorgeous Floral Maxi Dresses You’re Sure to Love and How To Wear Maxi Dresses For Summer.

Best Dress Lengths for Women – Midi Dresses

The midi dress is just what it sounds like; a dress that falls in the middle—not too short and not a full-length maxi. It can fall anywhere between the knee and the ankle. Not all of these hit in the same place, but they are still considered “midi.” Of course, they’re all very cute!

If you haven’t tried a midi dress yet, I highly recommend giving it a shot – you might fall in love with them like I did. I find this to be my personal favorite length right now! They’re long enough that I don’t feel like I’m going to give someone a show if the wind blows but short enough that I don’t get overheated.

Of course, midi dresses come in all sorts of styles, fabrics, and in all levels of formality from casual sundresses to dressy cocktail dresses. They are a great length for showing off your shoes since they don’t come all the way to the floor like a maxi dress!

You can find them in almost any color or pattern you could imagine, which makes it great for finding the perfect dress for your event or just to complement your hair color or complexion. I try on a lot of midi dresses here on the blog, and you can see a list of some of my favorites in this post: Stylish and Chic MIDI Summer Dresses from Amazon under $50

Best Dress Lengths for Women – Knee-Length Dresses

Next up, we have knee-length dresses. This is a classic and timeless style that can be worn by women of all ages and body types. As the name suggests, they hit right at or just above the knee, providing a flattering and versatile length that’s appropriate for a variety of occasions.

Dresses of this length can be customized depending on where your day takes you. Pair with heels and statement jewelry for a dressy look, or dress down with sandals and a denim jacket for a more casual vibe. I share a few ways to style a knee-length dress in this post. Because they hit at just the right length, they’re appropriate for both formal and casual events without feeling like you are over or underdressed.

Best Dress Lengths for Women – Mini Dresses

Mini length dresses are often associated with youth and are typically seen as a style reserved for younger women. However, just because we’re over 50 doesn’t mean we can’t rock a mini dress if we want to! While they may not be as popular with our age group, mini dresses can still be a great option for certain women. I had to look hard to find a photo of myself in a mini dress, and this is about as close as I could find, LOL. It’s safe to say knee-length and longer are my personal sweet spots when it comes to dress lengths.

I know many women over 50 prefer to dress in more conservative styles that provide more coverage and support. Mini dresses, with their shorter length, can be seen as too revealing or inappropriate for our age group. However, that doesn’t mean all women over 50 should avoid mini dresses. In fact, mini dresses can be a great option for petite women who may struggle to find dresses that fit their smaller frames. A mini dress can help elongate the legs and create the illusion of height, making them a great choice for shorter women.

Which dress length is your favorite?

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  1. France’s Wise says:

    I love Tania Steven’s and one of the main reason besides the clothes and fashion sense is that she is a Christian and I so enjoy the Bible verses

  2. Krista Preston says:

    After moving to AZ after 40+ years in the cold Midwest dresses have become my favorite thing to wear!

  3. Therese Barry says:

    I’m in the to-the-knee-lenght-is-my-fav crowd. I very much like some of the longer dresses but I look ridiculous in mounds of excess fabric so have to be selective. I don’t like long skirts, which all look like witness protection gear to me.

    1. That’s so funny! I LOVE long maxi skirts, and I think they are very dressy.

  4. Thank you for showing so many different options to choose from! I have several favorites! Love the picture of your gorgeous grand kitty!🐾❤

  5. the Maxi dresses adorned with floral prints are among my personal favorites. They exude absolute perfection and exquisite beauty! Whenever I wear them, they infuse me with a vibrant and lively sensation!

  6. Elizabeth B says:

    All these dresses look great on you Tania. It’s good to see the various dress length options. I predominantly wear knee and midi length dresses. However I have worn maxi dresses many years ago so I will have to look out for this length to try this option as well.
    Thanks for sharing the picture of Tom too. He’s adorable and reminds me of my last cat, Sira, who was a Tabby Torti Maine Coon girl and a beauty too!😄

  7. You look so glamorous in the one shoulder black dress; I was so surprised to see it was from Walmart! Wow!

  8. Very helpful information about dress lengths. These are all cute dresses

  9. Midi and maxi dresses are my favorites.

  10. I use to love dresses. Not so much now.
    I want to thank you for the beautiful styles shown on your post.
    Making me rethink dresses.

  11. I’m definitely a midi dress girl. I’m tall so even some maxi dresses look like a midi on me

  12. sue Koren says:

    Lately I like to have my knees covered – they don’t look so great anymore!

  13. The photo of your grand-cat is perfect! You’re right, he’s beautiful.

    The photo of you in your blue Swiss dot dress is also beautiful! It makes your eyes as blue as fits! as my Mom used to say 😉

  14. Kim Maize says:

    I love all of your dresses. You look good in all of them!

    Also, I am going to be in market for camera soon and wondered which camera you purchased and used for your kitty?

    1. Kim, it was a Sony a7riii. There is an a7 model, and an a7r. There are newer versions than what I purchased, but I think this one is going to be good enough for my needs.

  15. Vicki Farrell says:

    I am a big fan of midi and maxi length and appreciate all of these photos. Shopping online can be difficult at times. Adorable kitty.

  16. I look best in dresses above my knees but because of saggy skin around the knees and veins due to aging, I am too self conscious to wear them. I stick to midi length preferably below my calves. I’m petite with short legs so I’m picky about the length. Your cat is beautiful.

  17. I like the knee length dresses the best but I might have to try a maxi dress!

    1. Tom is so beautiful!
      Thanks for great selection of dresses, so many to choose from!
      I too had plantar facitis and really appreciate Clark’s shoes and sandals.

  18. Jayne Finkbohner says:

    I absolutely love most of the dresses you are styling! What’s a girl to do, so many choices!!
    Good luck with camera learning curve!

  19. Sometimes when I buy a shorter dress I will buy it in ‘tall’ – gives it a little extra length…works for me!

  20. I love the choices you shared. I have shorter legs and love a midi length but sometimes I buy a midi that is a maxi on me. I stick to midi to just above my knees usually.

  21. Your pic of your kitty turned out beautiful. His eyes, wow!

  22. Janice Nagle says:

    good ideas about lengths. thanks for petite advice. I find that the middle of my knee to the bottom of my knee look best on my petite frame.

  23. Karen Daniel says:

    I love a knee length dress. As a petite woman, most mini dresses will hit me at the knee! Maxi dresses always need to be hemmed.

  24. Every length looks good on you! For myself I prefer the mid length. Im barely 5’1” and I feel like I get lost in the Maxi length. Knee length is good but then too much of my age spot legs show 🙄.

  25. Good morning! Thank you for the variety.
    However, your links are not working. Several dresses I’m interested in.
    Thank you!

    1. Kelley, all the links are working. There are a couple of dresses that have already sold out, maybe that is the issue.

  26. Because I am only 5′ tall, I have avoided midi and maxi dresses as I was afraid they had too much fabric and would be overwhelming. I decided to try one and received so many compliments so guess what is my new favorite styles?! They are so comfortable to wear.

  27. Marjorie Walthall says:

    I am new to your 50 Is No Old site. I love your clothing choices and it has opened me up to a new way to dress as a mature women. I also enjoy your Bible verse each day. Have a great day and looking forward to more of your insights.

  28. Very pretty dresses! The black Walmart dress with the jean jacket is a go to for me! Happy Monday ❤️❤️❤️

  29. Karen Johnson says:

    I love the midi dresses for me. They are perfect wherever you wear them. And TOM Is Beautiful!

  30. I forget how cute a simple black dress and denim jacket can be. Thanks for the reminder as that is super easy to pull together and wear just about anywhere (especially before it gets too hot!)

  31. Love all the styles and patterns! Thank you for sharing.

  32. Congratulations on your new camera! That’s one crisp and detailed picture of your grandkitty! Do you mind me asking what kind of camera it is? My camera needs to be updated so I’m curious.
    I think my favorite length is either knee or midi. I’ll wear a skort if I want to wear a mini length (not really a dress but I know I’m covered by the attached shorts underneath!) I do like maxi dresses too and nowadays there are a lot more options than sundress styles. Great post!

    1. Cecilia, it is a Sony a7riii. There are newer models that cost more money, but since I’m still a newbie, I didn’t want to spend more than I did, which was still a lot.

  33. Debbie Brown says:

    I love the longer dresses.
    I loved the one shoulder black dressy dress.
    The new camera looks like it will be great. I noticed the cats eyes and fur were so clear and pretty.

  34. Thanks for sharing so many dresses and options. I love to wear dresses – I think midi and maxi are my favorite as I’m not a fan of my knees anymore!

  35. I’m with you. The midi dress length is my favorite. But I love that first dress in the blog, the somerset maxi. It’s beautiful.

  36. Stella Gustafson says:

    Depending on where I am going or what I am doing I like all the dress lengths except for a mini dress my legs are to thick at the thigh for that

  37. Roberta Schwandner says:

    A very nice selection of dresses in different lengths.

  38. I like knee-length dresses.

  39. agreed, tom is a beautiful cat, love seeing pictures of him

  40. Love the black and white wave dress!

  41. Kara Scremin says:

    Always helpful! I love dresses!! You pick great ones in such affordable prices. Thank you!!

  42. You make them all look so darn good! Great selection.

  43. Clarice M says:

    Thanks for sharing the variety of lengths!