The Best Gifts for Women of All Ages

Mother’s Day is almost here, but I know that it can be a tough day for many. Instead of doing a Mother’s Day gift guide, I decided to do a post on the best gifts for women of all ages. After all, there are so many women in our lives that deserve to be celebrated! Whether it is your sister, best friend, coworker, mother, daughter, or even a neighbor – everyone appreciates a little pick me up, a thank you, or a just because. I have rounded up 25 of my favorite gifts for women of all ages and even more in the widget below so be sure to take a look.

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The Best Gifts for Women of All Ages

1. Designer Inspired Bangle

I love a bracelet that can be added to a stack or shine on its own. This one is inspired by David Yurman, which is a luxury brand! The detailing is perfect and will elevate any outfit she wears.

2. Shower Steamers Aromatherapy

Don’t we all love a spa day?! These shower bombs allow you to turn any shower into a spa in minutes. Perfect for anyone who needs a little extra self-care! I love that this box has six different scents to use based on what you need that day.

3. White & Gold Flower Frame

When you don’t know what to get someone, I like to keep it simple and make it personal with a cute picture of myself and the recipient in a frame. This one is feminine and neutral enough to go with anyone’s decor. If you don’t have a photo together yet, you could put in a little note saying “Insert You + Me” and then take one when you give it to her.

4. La Chatelaine Hand Cream Trio

I’ve learned that nice hand cream is a luxury for any age. This cute little set is under $30 and looks way more expensive than it actually is. I’ve been using this cream for a while now, and it feels and smells great.

5. Weighted Blankets

While everyone probably has lots of blankets, the chances are pretty high that they don’t have a weighted blanket yet. There are a lot of health benefits to a weighted blanket like helping to ease stress and relax your nervous system. Just under $100, this one is machine washable, comes in a variety of weights, and is breathable.

6. Foot Massager

I know how much you all love comfy shoes. When I saw this foot massager with rave reviews, I knew I had to include it. Whether she has problems with her feet or stands on them all day, this will be a very welcomed gift. Plus, it even has a heating function you can turn on!

7. Microwavable Cozy Slippers

There is nothing I hate more than walking around the house on the cold floors with no shoes. You can throw these cozy slippers in the microwave to warm them up, and then slip them on to keep your toes toasty!

8. Bamboo Stacking Bangles

I love a stacking bracelet look. These bamboo bangles come in tons of colors that make mixing and matching so much fun!

9. Electric Popcorn Machine

This electric popcorn machine is a must for watching movies (or even her favorite tv show) at home. It makes getting that movie theater-quality popcorn at home a breeze without the worry of burning it.

10. Electric Lighter

Who doesn’t love a fun gadget? This electric lighter is almost like magic and was one of the top sellers at Christmas. I love using this lighter for lighting taper candles or candles on the patio. But, it also would make a really nice gift paired with her favorite candle.

11. 14K Gold Plated Bracelet Stack

This bracelet stack looks so expensive, but at under $14, it is extremely affordable! These bracelets would be great for teens as well as grown women. You can wear one or all of them for multiple looks.

12. Northern Lights Crystals Bracelet

I love northern lights jewelry! I have several vintage bracelets and necklaces from these crystals. These bracelets can be worn to your next special occasion.

13. Large Microwavable Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders

Take it from someone who knows; these heating pads are great for when your shoulders are tight, tense, and hurting. I love the design that wraps around your neck, and the moist heat feels fabulous.

14. Quick Drying, Lightweight and Absorbent – Waffle Weave Design

I just purchased these towels, and so far I’m loving them. Thin and lightweight towels are what I prefer, but it was the Silver Ions that convinced me to order these fairly expensive towels. Silver ions make Silverthread towels cleaner, fresher, and gentler on your skin than ordinary bath towels.

15. Triple Repair Moisturizing Body Cream

This body cream is fabulous! It is thick, rich, and creamy! I’ve ordered it over 9 times, so it is safe to say that I love this. This makes a great small gift for anyone who suffers from dry skin. The only downside, you have to cut the bottle to get all the product out as it gets empty. I don’t intend to miss out on a single drop!

16. 18pc. Makeup Brushes with Black Case

When I saw the price of these makeup brushes, I almost didn’t order them. It wasn’t because they were expensive; it was because they were so affordable. I figured they wouldn’t be much, but I was wrong! They are super soft and even come with a case to keep them in. These would make a great gift for beginners or someone wanting to update their old brushes.

17. Satin Cami Pajamas

There is nothing better than a soft, silky pair of pajamas. The women in your life will love these pajamas, and they are available in several colors.

18. Annovero Coffee Mug – Set of 6

These gorgeous mugs are perfect for the coffee, tea, or cappuccino drinker. There are so many colors and patterns to choose from, one is bound to be the perfect way to start her day.

19. Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags

My daughter never goes shopping without her reusable shopping bags. She is doing her part in trying to use less plastic. These bags are not only smart and practical, but they are also adorable!

20. Supersoft Terry Short-Sleeve V-Neck Romper

Do yourself a favor; buy this for a friend and one for yourself too. This romper is soft and comfortable, and the V-neck makes getting it on and off really easy. I love it so much that I bought it in black and deep blue, but I think the navy needs to come to my house also.

21. Initial Choker Necklace Gold Layered Necklaces

Young and old will love this initial layered necklace. You can separate the necklaces and wear them individually for different looks. If you like your necklaces a little longer, then you can add this necklace extender to them.

22. 14K Gold Plated Lightweight Gold Hoop Earrings

These lightweight earrings are one of the best gifts for women of all ages. They aren’t heavy, and the chunky design makes them statement earrings that is sure to be seen.

23. Faux Rabbit Fur Cork Slide Sandals

Soft and cozy slippers are a gift that all women love. These have arch support and a sole that can be worn outside.

24. Soft Spa Bathrobe Loungewear with Pockets

If you’ve wanted a Barefoot Dreams robe, but the price was just too high, then check out this BD-inspired robe. I have this robe, and it is super soft and really nice quality. You or the woman in your life will be thrilled with this robe. It comes in other colors and patterns.

What do you think are the best gifts for women of all ages?

I’ve included quite a few more in the widget below, but I’d love to hear what else I should add to the list!

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  1. mybestgifts says:

    Just wanted to say a quick thank you for the amazing content! I always look forward to reading your insights. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment! ❤️

  2. I love my weighted blanket. So now when I travel it’s hard to sleep without it

  3. First I want to say I just received my cheetah print top today and I plan on wearing it already this week styled like you with my new black blazer!

    And funny as I am now scrolling thru your gift guide (thanks for saying not just for moms) I was in target shopping today and brought myself La roche posay cream and here you are highly recommending it! Thanks!

  4. Donna Wood says:

    Great ideas, Tania! I just have to tell you….Sam’s Club has a line of lounge wear that are a dupe for the Spanx Air Essentials! I just got the cropped flare lounge pants, hoodie, a t-shirt style top and a sleeveless top. They are fantastic and very inexpensive. The girl who was working in that area told me they are flying out of the store like hotcakes!

  5. Sandra DeMars says:

    Thanks for some great ideas!

  6. Love the shower bombs and the reusable totes! All good idea womens gifts in general for any occasion! 😊
    Thank you!🌷

  7. Melissa Palmer says:

    OMG! So many beautiful, luxurious yet affordable items. What a gorgeous selection. Is it bad that I’m tempted to order several for myself lol?

  8. Diane Southard says:

    there are a lot of great ideas on this list. I would love to receive any of these! I ordered a 3 pack of 500 piece puzzles for my mom who is 91. she sits all day and this will give her something fun to do

  9. Thank you for the great, beautiful and practical present ideas. No need to go driving around town.
    I’ll be ordering 3 two for my daughters and I’ll treat myself for hand lotion trios.

  10. Joanne W. says:

    What a great lineup of gifts….for ALL women. Thanks Tania.

  11. Oh, my, so many great gift ideas! My mom and mother in law are both gone now, this is the first year for me to have no one to buy for on Mother’s Day! I’ll just have to treat myself to those gorgeous pajamas! Thanks, Tania, for all the suggestions.

  12. I liked your gift suggestions. I chose one to send to my stepdaughter. Have a blessed day!

  13. sue koren says:

    I am going to order the shower steamers – for myself! ha ha

  14. Lisa Franzen says:

    I’ve been looking for some thinner no-show socks. Thanks for the recommendation!

  15. Hi Tania,
    I just wanted to thank you for this post and most especially for acknowledging ALL women during this time of year. As a woman who never had her own children, but love others’ children immensely, this “special day” can be bittersweet. On top of that, not having my own mother around any longer makes for a lonelier day.

    So thank you for what you said. It is much appreciated.

  16. Lots of great ideas! To empty pump type bottles, I found a gadget called Flip It! on Amazon. I recommend it to get every last drop out of lotion bottles.

  17. Ginger Hiller says:

    Tania, Thank you so much for the Starbucks gift card that arrived in my inbox yesterday! That is so kind of you. You shared some really great gifts. I am going to check out the slippers with arch support for myself. Have a blessed day!

  18. Thanks for the great suggestions. I’ve ordered a couple for myself to try them out before gifting. 😉

  19. Loved all your ideas. Always fun to receive a new perspective for gift giving. Thank you for sharing.

  20. Pamela C. says:

    so so many great ideas ❤️

  21. I like the weighted blanket and the northern lights bracelet, but there are a lot of great gift ideas in this post.
    I have a weighted blanket and I love it!

  22. Janice Wooldridge says:

    Great ideas!

  23. Glada St. Clair says:

    My daughter will love those pajamas!

  24. You have some good choices here for both now and future gifting. Thank you!

  25. Cute ideas! Amazon is definitely our friend!

  26. Connie R. says:

    What great gift ideas! Always enjoy reading suggestions for gifts. So many times we are stumped on what to buy. Thank you.

  27. WOW! What a great post. Such fabulous ideas. Thank you for the hard work & time you put into these posts.

  28. I love the handcream. The mugs were cute too. I always love getting cut flowers. Tulips.

  29. Thank you for the many gift ideas. I see some great ideas. Have a nice day!

  30. Thank you for these lovely ideas. No need to spend a couple of hours looking for the perfect gifts for upcoming occasions! Thank you for the variety and detailed presentation.

  31. So many great ideas, thanks!

  32. Rosalinda says:

    Thanks for all of these great ideas!! I especially like the neck and shoulders heating pad! Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

  33. Great gift ideas. Sending to my 3 daughters. LOL

  34. Thanks for the ideas! The cloth shopping bags would be a really nice gift–for Mom, for anyone, for the environment.

  35. Karen Blix says:

    Awesome gift ideas!

  36. Love all these! Also, it’s always a good day when your husband doesn’t break anything! I think our husbands are a lot alike.

  37. Dana Smithmier says:

    I just received my Starbucks e-card! Thank you Tania-and also thank you for this list of gift ideas for Mother’s Day❤️

  38. So many wonderful choices, Tania! Thank you for doing the shopping and bringing these fabulous gift ideas!

  39. Great suggestions! I ordered the candle lighter and the make up brushes. I may come back later and take another look…

  40. Love the frame! Thanks again for the inspiration, Tania!

  41. This list of gifts is so very good. I want one of everything for myself. I think I’m finally going to order a weighted blanket and maybe the weighted sleep mask. I have so much trouble getting a good nights rest. I need all the help I can get. Thanks for always giving us great ideas.

  42. Mary Kinard says:

    Great gift ideas! I am definitely bookmarking this for use throughout the year.
    I got my son, who works nights, the nod pod and he loves it!

    1. Mary, I’m always thrilled when I hear back about a product I’ve mentioned. Joe and I are still loving ours too.

  43. You are the Queen of gift giving. Great, affordable, unique gift ideas that can be used all year.

  44. Hi Tanya! Instead of cutting the bottle of lotion, I just remove the cap, place the bottle upside down in a small bowl and the lotion trickles to the top. That way you get every drop.

    1. This is so thick that it doesn’t move. I tried. 🤣

    2. Thanks Marian…..I’ve done what Tania does as well in the past. I do the upside down thing, but not the dish trick for other lotions (I was taught not to waste) lol.

  45. Hi Tania, Wonderful gift ideas! thanks will be ordering a few of these Happy early Mothers day

  46. What’s great idea! I’ve found a couple of items that I’ll be gifting this year.