The Best Gifts for Women of All Ages

Mother’s Day is almost here, but I know it can be a tough day for many. Instead of doing a Mother’s Day gift guide, I decided to do a post on the best gifts for women of all ages. After all, there are so many women in our lives who deserve to be celebrated! Whether it is your sister, best friend, coworker, mother, daughter, or even a neighbor – everyone appreciates a little pick me up, a thank you, or a just because. I have rounded up 25+ of my favorite gifts for women of all ages and even more in the widget below, so be sure to take a look.

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The Best Gifts for Women of All Ages

Pool and beach days are upon us, and every woman needs a great tote bag to carry their essentials for a day of summer fun. This one is plenty big enough for a beach towel, sunscreen, a drink, a great book, and more, and I love that it won’t get ruined carrying wet clothes or if it gets splashed! You could even treat this as a gift bag, and stuff it with more goodies like a candle, blanket, her favorite chocolates, etc!

I think I need to put this pair of dangle earrings on my own wish list! If you love mixing and matching metals, these silver and gold dangle earrings are be a great way to tie all of your pieces together.

Speaking of jewelry, the jewelry lover in your life would love a new jewelry box. I’ve had this 3-layer jewelry box for several years and it does an amazing job at keeping my pieces safe and organized. It looks beautiful on top of a vanity or dresser!

This travel-sized mini massage gun is perfect for throwing in the car or a carry-on so she can get pain relief from her sore muscles no matter where she goes! I have a full-sized version, and it is great to use on aching muscles and stiff necks.

Pickleball has been all the rage lately, so odds are you or one of the women in your life has picked up this trending hobby! This pickleball bag is perfect for carrying her paddle, balls, water bottle, and other essentials. It comes in lots of color combos, but I thought this pink and navy combo was fun!

Say goodbye to those pesky ice cube trays and hello to the Igloo Countertop Automatic Ice Maker! With its sleek design and compact size, it’s like having your own personal ice factory right on your countertop. You can choose between two different sizes of bullet-shaped ice, and it can produce 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours! I had this one, but I gave it to my son to put in his camper.

The perfect umbrella doesn’t ex…. wait, a second! How stinking cute is this umbrella by Rifle Paper Company? Every lady needs an umbrella hanging by the back door or in her car so she can dash into the store without ruining her hair!

If she has a hard time bending over to pull on or tie her shoes, she NEEDS these slip on shoes! With their hands-free design – the wearer can just step in and they magically snap securely around the foot, thanks to their patented F.A.S.T. heel technology. Plus, I think they’re pretty darn cute gurls!

Now, this sounds like the kind of treat I need after a long day of typing out blog posts, LOL! But seriously, if a woman in your life suffers from carpal tunnel or arthritis, this cordless, heated hand massager will be a game changer! It’s portable and rechargeable, with 3 modes, 3 strength levels, and 2 heat settings to choose from.

We all have those crafty, DIY-type ladies in our lives, and this one is for her! This floral paint by number kit comes complete with all the essentials to kick-start her artistic journey from the 16×20 pre-printed, numbered canvas, top-quality water-based acrylic paints, and four brushes of varying sizes. There are over ten different floral designs to choose from, so you could pick one with her favorite flower or one that would match her home decor!

I love a bracelet that can be added to a stack or shine on its own. This one is inspired by David Yurman, which is a luxury brand! The detailing is perfect and will elevate any outfit she wears.

Don’t we all love a spa day?! These shower bombs allow you to turn any shower into a spa in minutes. Perfect for anyone who needs a little extra self-care! I love that this box has six different scents to use based on what you need that day.

When you don’t know what to get someone, I like to keep it simple and make it personal with a cute picture of myself and the recipient in a frame. This one is feminine and neutral enough to go with anyone’s decor. If you don’t have a photo together yet, you could put in a little note saying “Insert You + Me” and then take one when you give it to her.

I’ve learned that nice hand cream is a luxury for any age. This cute little set is under $30 and looks way more expensive than it actually is. I’ve been using this cream for a while now, and it feels and smells great.

While everyone probably has lots of blankets, the chances are pretty high that they don’t have a weighted blanket yet. A weighted blanket has many health benefits like helping to ease stress and relax your nervous system. At just under $100, this one is machine washable, comes in a variety of weights, and is breathable.

I know how much you all love comfy shoes. When I saw this foot massager with rave reviews, I knew I had to include it. Whether she has problems with her feet or stands on them all day, this will be a very welcomed gift. Plus, it even has a heating function you can turn on!

I hate nothing more than walking around the house on the cold floors with no shoes. You can throw these cozy slippers in the microwave to warm them up and then slip them on to keep your toes toasty!

I love a stacking bracelet look. These bamboo bangles come in tons of colors that make mixing and matching so much fun!

This electric popcorn machine is a must for watching movies (or even her favorite TV show) at home. It makes getting that movie theater-quality popcorn at home a breeze without worrying about burning it.

I love Northern Lights jewelry! I have several vintage bracelets and necklaces from these crystals. These bracelets can be worn to your next special occasion.

Take it from someone who knows; these heating pads are great for when your shoulders are tight, tense, and hurting. I love the design that wraps around your neck, and the moist heat feels fabulous.

I purchased these towels last year, and they’ve been great. It was the Silver Ions that convinced me to order these fairly expensive towels. Silver ions make Silverthread towels cleaner, fresher, and gentler on your skin than ordinary bath towels.

This body cream is fabulous! It is thick, rich, and creamy! I’ve ordered it over 18 times, so it is safe to say that I love it. This makes a great small gift for anyone who suffers from dry skin. The only downside, you have to cut the bottle to get all the product out as it gets empty. I don’t intend to miss out on a single drop!

When I saw the price of these makeup brushes, I almost didn’t order them. It wasn’t because they were expensive; it was because they were so affordable. I figured they wouldn’t be much, but I was wrong! They are super soft and even have a case to keep them in. These would make a great gift for beginners or someone wanting to update their old brushes.

There is nothing better than a soft, silky pair of pajamas. The women in your life will love these pajamas, and they are available in several colors.

These gorgeous mugs are perfect for the coffee, tea, or cappuccino drinker. There are so many colors and patterns to choose from, one is bound to be the ideal way to start her day.

Do yourself a favor and buy this for a friend and one for yourself too. This romper is soft and comfortable, and the V-neck makes getting it on and off really easy. I love it so much that I also bought it in deep blue, but I think the navy needs to come to my house, too.

These lightweight earrings are one of the best gifts for women of all ages. They aren’t heavy, and the chunky design makes them statement earrings that are sure to be seen.

If you’ve wanted a Barefoot Dreams robe, but the price was just too high, then check out this BD-inspired robe. I have this robe, and it is super soft and really nice quality with several nice colors to choose from. You or the woman in your life will be thrilled with it.

What do you think are the best gifts for women of all ages?

I’ve included quite a few more in the widget below, but I’d love to hear what else I should add to the list!

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  1. Tania, I don’t think you left one thing out that any woman would not love!! 🙂 I cut the bottom off my favorite hand cremes so I can get every last drop! 😉 Love the scripture for today!
    Paula K.

  2. Very nice selection of gifts!

  3. Awesome gifts! HMD to you!

  4. Pam Bowling says:

    Lots of great gift ideas! I want the hand massager!!

    BTW: You look so stylish in the black romper.

  5. Pam Bowling says:

    Lots of great gift ideas! I would love to have the hand massager!

  6. Happy birthday month! Hope you get to do all the fun things you want to do. 😊
    Boy, would I love that hand massager – I use my hands a lot and often have a sore wrist. How heavenly to have heat and massage!

    1. Cecilia, I was intrigued by that massager too. I have to worry about carpal tunnel because I’m on the computer so much.

  7. Beautiful bracelets! They can go on my list anytime.

  8. sue koren says:

    Love the jewelry box – may need to gift it to myself!

  9. Tania,
    What a helpful post! What size are you wearing in the v-neck terry romper?

    1. I have this in a medium and a large. They both fit, but the large is easier to get on and off.

  10. Could you share a link for your LV “bum bag” that you have with the romper set. This is my birthday month as well (6th), I’ve wanted one of these for a couple years and when I saw yours, I’ve decided I deserve it.

  11. Stella Gustafson says:

    Great gift ideas

  12. Linda Shearer says:

    These are great gift ideas I am marking this post to keep! Already ordered the neckwrap for me and the tote for my girlfriend for her birthday. I love the idea of filling it with other gifts!

  13. Lori Gorenflo says:

    Love the beautiful northern lights bracelet. I am going the have to put that on my wish list.

  14. Ginger Hiller says:

    What great gift ideas, Tania! Thank you so much for putting this list together. This is a tough month for me because my mom died on the 5th in 2016 and May was my father’s birthday month, but he died in 1986. I just try not to think about it too much.

    1. Ginger, I’m sorry, and I’m sure it is hard to think about what you’ve lost. If possible, try to think about all the good times, and remember to be grateful that you have those wonderful memories.

  15. Lori Saunders says:

    Great ideas! Can you do a blog on anniversary ideas? My anniversary is this month and I always struggle on what to buy my husband. Thanks!

    1. So, you would like a blog post on men’s gifts?

  16. So many wonderful gift ideas

  17. These are some wonderful and unique ideas, Tania. Love the microwaveable slippers!

    1. I thought those looked great since my feet are always cold.

  18. The Mother’s Day gift ideas are perfect. I am ordering the paint by number Picasso floral print. Great ideas

  19. Patti McDonald says:

    Thanks for the great variety of gifts for women! Lots of interesting items. Have a fun birthday month.

  20. Wowsa! So many great items! I am going to bookmark this post for sure! I ordered some shower steamers for myself and love the idea of the ice maker- wonder if the small sized ice is like Sonic ice? Thanks for the post!

    1. Laura, the ice maker makes small ice, but it is not the same consistency as Sonic. It is harder, like a real ice cube.

  21. One of everything above, yes please! Love them all. I tried the lotion you suggested and it is fabulous!

    1. I gave two bottles to my son last month since he has my dry skin.