About Me

I grew up in Middle Tennessee with my crazy family, including a younger brother and sister. Didn’t everyone have a skunk for a pet? I love the University of Tennessee football, and I think Peyton Manning is terrific. I met my hubby while he was attending Tennessee Tech University, and we settled in Southwest Virginia because that’s where he was raised. We’ve lived there since 1992, so I guess I’m officially a Virginian. I have three children, a very spoiled pooch named Lucy Lu, and five grandchildren.

I am an active member of my woman’s club. In 2012, I was elected the ClubWoman of the Year, and our local Chamber of Commerce chose me as the Volunteer of the Year in 2014. I have an obsessive personality, so I tend to take the ball and run with it. I love to read but rarely have time for it, although I did make exceptions for my sister’s published books, Hope In The Holler and Last In A Long Line Of Rebels. My husband and I have been trying to eat healthier. We are currently eating a Mediterranean diet. Living in a small rural area makes that a challenge. I love a clean house, but I hate housekeeping. I’m a Christmas nut, and I’ve been known to leave my Christmas tree up an entire year. I have a problem letting go of things, so I have a lot of clutter. My goal every year is to organize and straighten, but it never happens.

My Style 

I call my style “classic meets trendy,” but my husband recently branded it “classy with a little trashy.” I think he means someone like Marilyn Monroe (I can dream). I have way too much vintage jewelry, and I’m a sucker for quality handbags.

I mix high-quality fashion with affordable clothing, and I believe that added accessories are the spice of an outfit. I love trying new trends and styles. I don’t want ever to quit expanding my fashion sense. This is a typical outfit for me.

For size reference, I’m 5’6″ and 165 lbs, and I usually wear size 10 or large. I get asked these questions often! If you ever have a question about how a featured item is sized, don’t hesitate to ask!

About My Blog

I started Fifty Is Not Old in September 2015 at the urging of my amazing sister, (and published author), Lisa Lewis Tyre, so I am the new kid on the block in the blogging realm. She kept urging me to blog about my passion. “Wearing clothes is all I know, and everybody wears clothes,” was always my response.

I am semi-computer challenged, over 50, and I work at a lumber company, not precisely fashion blogger material. I focus more on fashion and beauty topics because I feel turning 40, 50, or older is no reason to let yourself go. In addition to fashion and beauty topics, I share tales of my childhood, my technology woes, and sometimes I talk about my life in the mountains.

I hate admitting that my younger sister was right. But, I have found my niche, and I hope you will enjoy my posts. I seem to resonate with the everyday woman. I work, cook, clean (sometimes), and I live in a tiny, tiny area with minimal shopping opportunities. I buy affordable clothing, and I show everybody how they can look stylish, even when on a tight budget.

“Funny,” “quirky,” and the “most honest blogger on the internet,” is how my readers describe me. (I guess that’s what telling your weight to the world will get you!) Follow along with me; I hope I am an inspiration to you, because if I can, so can you.

Blog Monetization & Disclosure

I purchase all of my clothes and accessories. If the opportunity arises that I am gifted clothing or products, they will be marked with a “c/o,” and I only feature them if I like them. When I started the blog, I didn’t realize the costs associated with hosting, etc. My goal is to make enough money through ads, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing to let 50 Is Not Old pay for itself! When ads appear in my sidebar or at the top and bottom of my blog, they will be there because of monetary compensation. I use affiliate links in my posts, which means that I get a small commission when you purchase through my links. You will not be charged extra when you shop through an affiliate link! If any of my posts are sponsored, meaning that a brand or PR firm pays me to write a post on a particular topic, I will let you know. I will write those posts 100% myself, and if a post is sponsored, I will always tell you if I’m partnering with a brand. I promise I will only work with brands that I can wholeheartedly endorse, and only promote products that I use and love. Sponsored posts, reviews, and affiliate links will help pay the bills.

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