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How To Wear Maxi Dresses For Summer

I love to wear maxi dresses for summer as the length can help to create the illusion of height and elongate the body. Maxi dresses are often made from lightweight, flowy fabrics that can be very comfortable, especially in hot weather. They can also provide more coverage than shorter dresses, which can be helpful for people who prefer to cover their legs.

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For sizing reference, I’m 5’6″ tall, weigh between 150-155, and usually wear a size 8 in bottoms, between a medium and a large in tops, and a 12 or a large in dresses.

Solid Color Maxi Dresses For Summer Can Make You Look Taller

Most of these outfits could go under a Outfits That Look Expensive – But Aren’t. I’m a big believer that you can look great no matter what your budget. I’ve shopped thrift store, yard sales, and even gas stations. My mother has always said that I never met a store I didn’t like.

This entire outit, including the shoes, is under $85! Boscov’s is a new retailer to me, but I decided to try an outfit from there. This black maxi dress is very flattering, and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality. Solid colors can make you look taller since there isn’t a visible break in the look. My only complaint is that the dress is low-cut, but you can add a cute lace cami to fill the void.

I love the lightweight leopard kimono, and I think it will look great as a swimsuit coverup. The striped design is a cute detail that keeps the kimono from look ordinary.

I wanted to let you see that the dress is a spaghetti strap style. Kimono’s are an easy way to cover your upper arms and add extra drama to you outfits.

These wedge sandals are very comfortable! The stretchy straps help to keep the shoe on, but they aren’t stiff. I’m wearing my usual size, so these run true to size.

Wearing a Maxi Dress For A Special Occasion

Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing maxi dresses in summer from Amazon 3
Square Neck Shirred Maxi Dress (Large) || Linen Blazer – White (Size 10) – (Similar) || Top Handle Straw Clutch – Tan (Out of stock – Natural is similar) || Clear Two Strap Wedge ( Sized Up – 9.5) || Beaded Hoop Earrings || Set of 2 Chain Necklaces in Gold

Here is how to wear maxi dresses for summer for a special occasion. Adding a completer piece (aka a blazer), is one way to elevate a casual sundress to the next level. Don’t forget the accessories such as a beautiful clutch and jewelry, and you will be ready to dance the night away.

Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing maxi dresses for summer from Amazon2
Square Neck Shirred Maxi Dress (Large) || Linen Blazer – White (Size 10) – (Similar) || Top Handle Straw Clutch – Tan (Out of stock – Natural is similar) || Clear Two Strap Wedge ( Sized Up – 9.5) || Beaded Hoop Earrings || Set of 2 Chain Necklaces in Gold

I have a wedding to attend in a few weeks, and this dress is on the short list. The white blazer looks great, but for the wedding, I would probably replace it with this bright blue linen blazer. If I don’t wear it to the wedding, I might wear it to the brunch that we are having the day before the wedding.

Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing maxi dresses in summer from Amazon9
Square Neck Shirred Maxi Dress (Large) || Linen Blazer – White (Size 10) – (Similar) || Top Handle Straw Clutch – Tan (Out of stock – Natural is similar) || Clear Two Strap Wedge ( Sized Up – 9.5) || Beaded Hoop Earrings || Set of 2 Chain Necklaces in Gold

Here is the look of the dress without the blazer. Look at the gorgeous print on this dress!!! You can tie the straps or tuck them inside the dress for a strapeless look which works great when adding a cardigan or jacket.

Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing maxi dresses for summer from Amazon4
Square Neck Shirred Maxi Dress (Large) || Linen Blazer – White (Size 10) – (Similar) || Top Handle Straw Clutch – Tan (Out of stock – Natural is similar) || Clear Two Strap Wedge ( Sized Up – 9.5) || Beaded Hoop Earrings || Set of 2 Chain Necklaces in Gold

This linen blazer is from Talbots, so it is more expensive than some. If you plan on wearing a white linen blazer every summer (it’s a classic item), then investing in a nice one is a good idea. If you’re not ready to make the investment, then check out this linen-blend one from H&M.

Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing maxi dresses for summer from Amazon7
Square Neck Shirred Maxi Dress (Large) || Linen Blazer – White (Size 10) – (Similar) || Top Handle Straw Clutch – Tan (Out of stock – Natural is similar) || Clear Two Strap Wedge ( Sized Up – 9.5) || Beaded Hoop Earrings || Set of 2 Chain Necklaces in Gold

Neutral shoes is what I purchase 85% of the time. My closet is full or tan, beige, etc., so these clear strap wedges fit right in. I love these since they will go with anything, and the straps are comfortable. I’ve tried clear shoes in the past and wasn’t impressed. They are usually stiff and cut into your foot, but these don’t do that.

Wearing Casual Boho Maxi Dresses For Summer

I don’t have special occasions very often. Most of the time I want to wear casual maxi dresses for summer, and I usually add a denim jacket with them.

I can’t say enough about this Stretch Denim Jacket! This jacket has just enough stretch to make is comfortable to wear all day long. It isn’t as thick as some of the other denim jackets I own, but maybe that is the appeal. I find myself reaching for this one more than any other one in my closet.

This dress has a halter tie string, or you can wear it as a strapeless dress. White would look great with this dress for summer, and it would look great with a tan jacket for fall.

I found these wedge sandals in black at a major discount. I love those shoes, so I bought the tan pair at the regular price. They were an investment, but I know that I’ll wear them a ton!

Bright and Colorful Maxi Dresses For Summer

I think that colorful must be my middle name. I’m drawn to colorful items, and during spring and summer, they are plentiful.

White also looks great with this dress, but I wanted to soften the look with the light blue cardigan. The cardigan is soft and comfy, and adds just enought warmth for chilly nights. The cardigan is under $15, and there are a few other colors available.

I love this dress, and I wore it when Joe and I went to Mexico in March. It is flattering and is perfect for a beach vacation.

I love this crossbody handbag. It is dressy enough to be worn with dresses, and even though it is small, it holds everything I need to take with me for a night out. The quilted design is on trend, and the gold chain elevates the look of the bag.

Wearing Romantic Maxi Dresses For Summer

Love is in the air, especially during wedding season. June and July are when lots of weddings are happening, and if the wedding party wasn’t wearing green, I would have worn this to the wedding.

My photographer called me when my photos were ready to be uploaded, and said, “I hope you kept that green maxi dress and pink blazer.” She said it was her favorite outfit, and I have to agree. Pink and green look great together, and the jacket brings out the tiny pink flowers in the dress.

This pink 3/4 sleeve blazer is a crepe like material, so it looks and feels dressy. I can’t wait to style this with jeans and shorts this summer, it is the perfect soft pink color.

I’m not sure that I will wear this one shoulder maxi dress without a jacket or cardigan, buy I could. I just prefer wearing sleeves dressess with a jacket or cardigan although it’s not because I don’t want to show my arms. The outfit looks put together with the jacket, and it looks blah without it.

I love these Jack Rogers shoes, but I’m still trying to break in the thong. They are a little tight, so I probably should have sized up to a 9.5 instead of ordering my usual size 9. I love the gold color with the natural raffia, and a wedge is my favorite heel since you don’t have to worry about walking in grass or on bricks and cobblestones.

More Maxi Dresses For Summer:

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  1. Stella Gustafson says:

    I have often wondered about the length of dresses that you should wear a kimono with. It looks good with the maxi dress but what about a kimono thats is longer then the dress itself is that ok please send me a reply my Goddaughter outgrew her kimonos and gave them to me so trying to figure out how to wear them. Please email me and let me know

    1. Stella, I think it would depend on the style of the dress and kimono. Here is a photo of a lady wearing one with a shorter dress. dress with long kimono

  2. Marianne Kremer says:

    You look great in all of these dresses! However, I’m wondering what you do about a bra under the spaghetti straps and the one shoulder dress. I don’t mind showing my shoulders and arms, but as a woman in her 60’s, I need a decent bra, and a strapless bra just flattens and shoves everything down. What’s your secret?

    1. My biggest secret is that I’m not large-chested. Lol! This seems to be a huge issue, so I’m doing research right now to try and find the best strapless bras.

      1. MaryCarol says:

        I have the same problem and can’t wear a strapless bra. The dresses look great on you.
        I did order the silicone cover ups you suggested on an earlier post and I love them. I needed these my whole life and didn’t even know it!!

  3. Catherine McClamrock says:

    You look great in all these dresses! And jackets! I have several in my closet but just don’t pull them out to wear. Now I will! Love your blunt cut hairstyle too!
    Enjoy your blogs so much!

  4. Cute, cute, cute! I ordered the spaghetti strap square neck dress with the blazer models in the last pictures (only in different colors) and can’t wait to wear to my DIL’s baby shower this month!

  5. Joanne W. says:

    I love the blue and white square neck dress and the blue and green dress. Both are lovely on you.

  6. I love, love love the floral maxi dresses!! I also really like the green one shoulder with the blazer. They look great on you and would work for so many occasions. I can appreciate Joe not seeing the new bedding because one year I put up a brand new Christmas tree that was 8 feet high and had 400 LED lights and my husband walked right past it and said, “didn’t see it.” Ugh, lol

  7. I love the stretch denium…looks like the sleeves are extra long, too!

  8. Rosalinda says:

    Love all of these maxi dresses!! In particular love the green one shoulder with the pink blazer! Have a wonderful Saturday!

  9. Ginger Hiller says:

    All of the dresses are beautiful and you look so nice in them. I have 13 dresses in my closet for spring/ summer that I enjoy wearing for so many reasons. And that comforter is fabulous! I can’t believe that Joe didn’t notice it before you said something. Yep, he may need to have his eyes checked.

  10. What kind of a bra are you wearing with these dresses? I love the lime green dress but don’t know how I can wear a bra

    1. I actually have on my regular bra. The straps are fairly wide in that dress, plus with a cardigan or jacket, it covers it anyway.

  11. Maxi dresses are my new fave since I’m a lot larger than I’d like to be. They cover a lot of issues. I wear cardigans and jackets over them too. Love these choices! The green and blue one is in my cart–and I’m considering other patterns in that one as well.

  12. I laughed when you said you have even bought from gas stations and what your mother said about you. I have a reputation like that too. I was thinking of doing some shopping at Bucky’s. it’s only a few miles from where I live.

    All cute dresses. My favorite is the green one. I’m going to wear pink with my green. It looks fresh.

  13. Dianne Bergin says:

    Love love your posts!! I am 60 and I have learned so much from you. I’m at that point where my kids have left the house and I feel I have no more style. You have shown me that I actually can have style. I had it in my 30’s, but the older I get, the less I feel styled.

  14. I’m with ur photographer, I absolutely LOVE the green floral maxi with the pink jacket!!!!!! U wear everything so well! ❤️

  15. Susan Radtke says:

    Love the pink and green combination. Looks so summery

  16. You DO look good in color!

  17. Donna M Rodman says:

    Beautiful dresses and I ordered the blue/green one. I wish you could find some midi or maxi dresses with 3/4 sleeve. I’m over 70 and my arms aren’t meant to be seen by anyone. I love all your styles and you go to show that you can rock style at any age. Thanks.

  18. Love the last pink and green combo! 🌸

  19. I agree with your photographer! The green maxi and pink blazer are my favorites. I cannot wear smocked tops like you do since I am a 38DD on top and they look ridiculous.

  20. I have my eye on a couple of these for an upcoming vacation. I’ve never really thought about maxi dresses before but I think I could love them! Thanks for the inspiration

  21. My husband went shopping with me on Wednesday at Cool Springs. He has never shopped with me for a dress before. He needed a new suit for the Charleston wedding in June. I bought a beautiful Adrianna Papell midi in a floral pattern. I sent a picture to my sister-in-law. She said I would be on the casual side! I was devastated! I guess I’ll wear it to the rehearsal dinner and go buy something sequined or beaded that I will never wear again! The invitation said “Southern Formal” and even said midi or formal! HELP!

    1. Meta, before you go and buy a different dress, go through Tania’s older posts. I remember she did a post on what to wear to weddings. Is this wedding a garden wedding ? If so your dress may be fine. Don’t panic.

  22. Jules Ann says:

    These are all beautiful! I am 5’5”, 130# with a very straight figure. I feel like I get lost in this fuller style. Have you seen any that are a slimmer, straighter style or maybe I just need to stick to crop pants & slimmer skirts?

    1. Jules, several of these are slimmer than you think. I usually hold the dress out so you can see the width of it, but it doesn’t lay like that when it is released.

  23. I have plenty of knee length dresses but I never think about maxi dresses. Thanks for showing so many pretty options!

  24. I love wearing Maxi Dresses.
    And have started wearing kimonos but haven’t tried a Blazer yet afraid it might be too hot here in Florida. Love all the dresses you styled

  25. I, too love maxi dresses for summer ! There are so many fabrics, styles, and colors- dress them up or down.

    You have chosen so many cute ones. I especially love the lime green/bright blue one.

  26. Sue Jones says:

    Tania, a very blessed morning to you!
    I love the pretty dresses & your style is always point on. Do you wear a maxi long half slip with these dresses because it is very hot here in Florida in the summer & dresses are so much cooler. I would like to start wearing maxi skirts & dresses in the summer. I will be turning 75 in the Fall & is this maxi length age appropriate for me?

    1. No, I don’t wear a slip with these.

  27. Looks like your having fun in these dresses. My favorite is the square neck spaghetti strap dress. I love the colors and the print and agree that it looks like a fun summer beach dress.

  28. Becky Kerwin says:

    I really love seeing your posts of the dresses you wear. You always look so cute! I am too short to wear dresses really so I love looking at these posts, dreaming of the day when I find one that really fits me correctly! Lol!

  29. Tracy Foster says:

    Love all your outfits!! My question is to you own all these, and if so how big is your closet and do you ever get to rewear a favorite? I love your blog as you are a really relatable blogger like the gurrl nextdoor you like to be friends with. Love your love of family, made me laugh Joe didn’t notice the bright colorful comforter. Look forward to your scriptures everyday. Have a great weekend looking forward to more post and outfit ideas!!

    1. I wonder the same thing! Maybe she’s changing clothes a few times a day. 🙂 I’m just glad she puts in the work for us.

  30. Nancy Steinke says:

    You rocked all these dressed and outfits!

  31. your new bedding is awesome!

  32. Martha Davis says:

    I love black, loos very classy. The green and blue with the cardigan is really cute. I am a bright color, floral person. My sister always says you love those floral’s don’t you. I love the bedspread.

  33. Lynda Brown says:

    I agree with your photographer. The pink and green outfit is lovely. Also love the blue and white, but I’d like to see it with a white shrug instead of a blazer for a casual look. Joe doesn’t need his eyes checked. My husband can’t find the catsup in the fridge. Lol!

  34. Love maxi dresses. Thank you for styling them with blazers, jackets, cardigans.

  35. Patti Wagner says:

    Good morning Tania. Very cute dresses! Question – when the dress/outfit has black in it, how do you determine a beige or nude shoe over black?

    1. Patti, nude goes with anything. I usually go with nude because when I wear black, my eyes are drawn to my feet. I’ll wear black if I’m wearing black jeans or pants.

  36. Connie R. says:

    All of the dresses look great on you! Wish at least one had a short sleeve. I know you can wear jacket but hot in South Ga. in the summertime. Many events to be attended outside. For those who wear sleeveless many nice ones to choose from. As always you cover varied styles which is always fun to see. Have a fun weekend.

    1. love the black dress. What bra do you were with this?