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The Most Flattering Wrap Dresses To Buy Now

I’ve been showing a lot of dresses, but Easter is in March this year, so I wanted to give you a lot of dresses to choose from. Wrap dresses are one of the most flattering silhouettes to wear! They can make the wearer look thinner by creating an illusion of a smaller waist. When paired with a v-neckline, the wrap dress emphasizes your bust and slims the hips. I think they work great for everyone, especially pear and apple-shaped gurls. Convinced? Today, I’m sharing some of the most flattering wrap dresses to buy now.

This wavy geometric Wrap Maxi Dress is one of my favorites I’ve styled this year. I love the flirty style, and it reminds me of a vintage dress from the 40s. This is a true wrap dress, and it overlaps nicely. However, anytime I wear a wrap dress, I usually add a safety pin to make sure the top layer doesn’t fly away and give someone the scare of their life. Lol!

I ordered a large in this dress, but I needed a medium. The v-neck has a snap closure, which is nice, but I needed to be able to wrap the dress around me more for a tighter fit. A medium would have worked better. I added an ivory or light Beige Quilted Crossbody that I bought last year. I like the color and style, and it can be dressed up or down.

The Most Flattering Wrap Dresses To Buy Now – Short Sleeves

This Boho Maxi Dresses Wrap is adorable, and it is what I think of when I envision an Easter dress. The color and tiny print is too cute, and it is available in lots of other colors and prints.

This is a faux wrap dress. It gives the appearance of a wrap dress, but you don’t have separate layers on the bottom half. This dress takes all the stress (or fun) out of flashing someone on a windy day.

I’m carrying an ivory Vegan Leather Shoulder Bag with the outfit. It is a great color for spring and summer, and this medium size will hold all your essentials plus a whole lot more. The Lexa Wedge Sandal is a pair I bought a while back when my plantar fasciitis flared up. They are so comfortable, and I love the velcro buckle closure. I like them so much that I bought a navy pair in a similar style.

This dress is very pretty in navy, but the link has several other colors and prints. I couldn’t decide which one I liked best, so I went with a neutral one. This is the type of dress that can be dressed up or down. Throw on a pair of white sneakers, and you’re running errands, or put on some chunky heels, and you’re ready for date night.

A maxi dress in a swiss dot pattern? Yes, please! Again, dress it up or down; the choice is yours. Like the first dress, this is available in a lot of different colors – twenty! While it may still be cold where you are, don’t let that stop you. Pair this with a pretty contrasting cardigan to get even more wear out of it.

Here’s a flirty version for when you want to dress up a bit. I love the hot pink color, but it comes in 19 others. The neckline doesn’t seem to be too low, but if you’re worried, you can pair this with a pretty bralette. The reviews say that it’s thick enough to wear without a slip. The material is a soft chiffon.

The Most Flattering Wrap Dresses To Buy Now – Long Sleeves

Here’s a great classic wrap dress that you can wear just about anywhere. This would look fabulous at a dinner party or the office. It’s available in 7 other colors and in sizes X-Small to 6X. The fabric is a soft, midweight jersey that drapes beautifully. The cost depends on the size, etc. but it’s approximately $50 dollars.

So far, I’ve been all about the solids, but here’s a pretty black-and-white print that I love. There are several other really cute prints at the link, so don’t worry if you don’t like this one. This is a very nice length and would work well with sandals on the beach or with heels at a wedding. Just $33 dollars!

How pretty is this print from Nordstrom?! The official color is “green pink”. I love the long, blousy sleeves and the ruching on the side. This is 100% polyester, but it feels and looks like satin. Reviewers say it runs a size small so order accordingly.

The Most Flattering Wrap Dresses To Buy Now

Ruffles are so feminine, and this one doesn’t overdo it. This is another offering from Nordstrom, and it’s available in black and red as well. The waist is actually elastic, and it has a button closure. Again, don’t worry if the V is too deep. You can put a gorgeous bralette with it and look amazing.

Am I the only one that likes this rust color for spring? There’s something very elegant about it to me. Don’t worry; it’s also available in a charcoal color that you’ll love if this isn’t your cup of tea. This is the same brand as the red ruffle dress above – Fraiche by J. It runs true to size and is partially lined.

Finally, here’s a gorgeous satin-like wrap dress that looks WAY more expensive than it is. Any guesses? Just NINE dollars. It has a 4-star rating with 11 reviews. That’s not a lot of people, lol. But hey, you can’t go through Taco Bell for under 9 dollars, so it’s worth a shot.

What do you think, Gurls? Are you a fan? I’d love to hear if you’re wearing one of these flattering dresses.

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  1. I really like the wrap dresses but they are all to long for me as I am short. Is it possible to post some shorter versions? Not petite just shorter. Enjoy your blog and family stories.

    1. Sharolyn, I do post shorter dresses, but then I have so many women respond that they don’t like to show their legs. Lol!

  2. Alice Muratore says:

    Love the article on wrap dresses. I need to go shopping for one. Especially like it when it’s a “faux” wrap!

  3. Thank you for this- I’ve ordered a couple to see which fits best for a wedding at the end of the month. Saved me lots of time!

  4. Susan Wiley Grim says:

    Thanks for helping me look for something to wear for Easter. So many options,
    I might just need two.

  5. Gay Manning says:

    Beautiful dresses from casual to dressy and great prices!

  6. Laura Crenshaw says:

    Love the wrap dresses!!

  7. thanks for rounding up wrap dresses, I’m looking for one for spring and your post will be an excellent help.

  8. I love a wrap dress; they always look classy while hiding my tummy issue!

  9. sue ann koren says:

    Wrap dresses are such a flattering style!

  10. Roberta Schwandner says:

    My favorite wrap dress is the black and white one.

  11. Jean Gilbert says:

    Grandchildren are the best! Especially when when they have children! They’re truly a gift from God!!!

  12. Love the black and white geo dress! Modest and classy which is perfect for a 63yo!

  13. Jennifer Steadman says:

    All great choices- thanks for the links

  14. Ginger Hiller says:

    Since I now love to wear midi to long length dresses during Spring and Summer, I just might have to order a couple of the ones you shared. I hope that you are having a great day!

  15. Diane Holley says:

    I love the long sleeve wrap dress in black. Not sure how they would work on my body!!!!
    Have a blessed day

  16. The faux wrap dress looks great for Summer! Please come soon, Summer…..
    My husband thinks Taylor Swift is annoying. I think she’s GREAT for girls growing up in these times. She seems like a positive role model.

    Speaking of positive role models,… thank you for what you do 🌞

    1. Cory, it is funny, I think my dad and Joe are starting to enjoy seeing her and all her accomplishments. They have no idea about her music, but like seeing her as a person.

  17. Mary Carol says:

    Love the wrap dresses and am currently looking for something for a wedding we’re invited to next month. Thanks for the suggestions.

    T and J – toast and jam!!

    I found the Tarzan yell very amusing this morning!!

  18. I love wrap dresses. I haven’t found one I like in years. The navy one you showed is the closest to the style I want. I have to check it out. I want it to be plain with no ruffles or frills like the one I had back in the day.

  19. I have a May wedding to attend, so have ordered the long sleeve pretty garden dress from Amazon. Thank you for showing the dresses and sharing comments about who might look good in what. It’s hard to find longer sleeves for spring and summer dresses.

    1. Jayne, long sleeve dresses are the hardest to find. I’ve been trying to find more of those.

  20. The dresses are so pretty on you. I hardly ever wear dresses but I’m tempted to buy one!
    Thank you!

  21. I just ordered the wrap dress in Army green! I can’t wait to wear it at my twin grandsons 2nd birthday party in April!

  22. These are all so pretty! I live in dresses during the spring and summer! Happy Thursday❤❤❤

  23. pretty dresses very spring like

  24. Amy Alexander says:

    I absolutely love the black/white geometric one!

  25. I love wrap dresses- as long as the wind isn’t blowing!😂

  26. Jenniffer Groski says:

    Love the wrap style dress! So flattering on most body shapes.

  27. Your posts are so awesome!! I just love your family stories. They are so much like my life. Grandchildren are the best for sure. I have a five year old granddaughter and she is so into makeup and fashion already. She does cheer and gymnastics and is such a little diva. Her oldest sister is a tom boy. God makes them all different and unique in their own way. 🙂

    I have got to order that first dress. LOVE LOVE it!! I like all the long wrap ones. Thanks for this post!

    1. My mini-me is doing competitive cheer this year, and she likes it. She also plays basketball and softball.

  28. Carole from Canada says:

    Love the bleu boho maxi dress but I’m only 5’2” and wonder if this would make me look shorter than I am. I LOVE your new haircut.

  29. Thank you for showing us all the wrap dresses. You look so pretty in the wavy geometric dress.

  30. Wrap dresss are my favorite. I’m on the shorter side so I love how the v necks and length elongate me! Thanks for sharing!

  31. These wrap dresses are so pretty! I think I’ll try one of the short length ones.

  32. So many cute dresses!!
    I love the Amazon Essentials black wrap dress but would order it in navy. I agree that a wrap dress is the most flattering style.

  33. Everyone looks good in a wrap dress!

  34. The dresses are beautiful and I love Amazon deals, fast shipping and easy returns but it is difficult to find petite sizes. Could you do a petite wrap blog sometime. Thanks!

    1. I’ll see what I can find. You can always find Petite clothing at Old Navy, Talbots, and J.Jill. They are great for being size inclusive.

      1. Loft, JCrew and Banana Republic also offer petite sizes.

  35. Erin rezey says:

    I love dresses ! I’m overweight and can’t seem to find one that would hide my mid life belly ! You’ve inspired me to try one on . Thank you ! You choose beautiful feminine dresses and colors !

  36. Suzonne Johnson says:

    I have always loved the wrap dress. They are very forgiving of my pudgy tummy. Thanks for all the cute dresses!
    Suzonne Johnson

  37. The faux wrap dress is my favorite. Looks so comfortable.

  38. Janet Dick says:

    How do you get that straight look with your hair?

      1. Janet Dick says:

        LOL, what’s a straightener? Flat iron?

  39. Beth Cutler says:

    Love all of the wrap dresses!

  40. Susan Mckenzie says:

    These wrap dresses cover just about every occasion a girl could attend!! Great choices and price points!!!

  41. Dresses are so easy in the summer!!

  42. I do love a wrap dress, especially a faux! So many good styles and colors featured here – thanks! 💛

  43. Phyllis Martin says:

    I’ve been thinking Easter dresses too! Only wish the v necks weren’t so low cut.

    1. That’s when I will use a safety pin or a cute lace camisole.

  44. The high/low wrap dresses are interesting. I love wraps as they provide a little more coverage and can be a little less body con.

  45. Love these dresses and yes they look so nice on many ladies. Great options.

  46. Love these wrap dresses. Very flattering for any figure. My favorites are the Long Sleeve Vintage print and the geometric wavy black/white dresses.

  47. I agree, wrap dresses are so flattering. I love the light blue one. All great choices! Grandkids are the best!