How to Start the New Year Right

Can you believe that it is going to be 2023? When I shared this post, we planned on having a comfortable New Year’s Eve at home. However, there is now a good possibility that I will be celebrating with my family in Tennessee. The start of a new year is one of my favorite times to reflect and set myself up for success in the coming year. Whether it’s decluttering the house, starting a new routine, or simply listing out what you’re grateful for, it can be hard to know where to even start. While some of them may seem obvious, I figured I would share my tips on how to start the new year right and some of my favorite products that help with that!

Easy Things You Can Do to Start the New Year

1. Review the previous year.

I love the idea of all things new and a fresh start, but the first priority is to take a look back on the previous year. Ask yourself what you did well, what you wish you had more time for, how you improved your relationships, etc. While you’re doing this, I would suggest making a gratitude list. List all the things you’re thankful for from the previous year (both good and bad). This will then help you figure out your areas of improvement and what you want to do again.

2. Organize your calendar.

No matter if you’re a digital calendar fan or prefer to write things down on a paper one, I always feel better when I sit down to put everything on it. Set aside 30 minutes to an hour each week to do so. If you plan out your meals each week, this task could also be combined with that! You’ll instantly feel better going into the week ahead knowing what you have going on.

If you do a family calendar or need to start one to remind your husband of things, I’d suggest using Google Calendar. It’s free and super easy to use! Here’s how to share your calendar! I use the Google Calendar, and it is what keeps me on track with my blog, bills, appointments, trips, etc., but my EBF swears by a paper calendar. The Clever Fox Planner Pro is one of the best ones I’ve seen, so if you like a pen-and-paper calendar, try this one out.

Other things to add to your calendar at the start of each new year:

  • Appointments: These days, it can take months to get to see a doctor. Go ahead and make sure you have them on your calendar or set reminders to make the appointments so they don’t fall by the wayside.
  • Birthdays: Make sure you have everyone in there and set reminders!
  • Holiday Addresses: If you received any holiday cards this year, take note of the address and write the information down in a spot you’ll remember, like a spreadsheet. Then, when it comes time to send them next year, all you have to do is verify they are still correct.
  • Reminders from the previous year: Take note of any big events that took place in 2022 that you will be attending in 2023. This way, you aren’t surprised when they pop up again!

3. Move your body.

I know that this is one of those very obvious ones. But I think it should be said! Start small by saying you’re going to walk for 30 min for 3 days this week. Schedule it into your calendar if you need to. That’s what I’m planning on doing! I’m also going to start my eating plan back up since I’ve gotten off track recently. Here is where I wrote a post on Losing Weight When You’re Over 50.

In my opinion, there’s nothing better to motivate me to exercise than cute new workout clothing and accessories. This is also an excellent opportunity to assess what you have in your wardrobe and what you need to pick up. Here are some of my favorite things to have on hand and a few things I’m ordering:

4. Clean out your email inbox.

Use this time to unsubscribe from all of those stores that you were trying to get a discount from once upon a time or all of those random times you signed up for something. This is a great article to help get you started!

5. Prioritize your faith (even when you’re busy!)

It’s easier said than done sometimes. But, one of my favorite ways to make sure I’m prioritizing my faith is by having a devotional and starting my mornings with scripture. I find that when I’m at my busiest, that’s when I need to make the time to put a little bit of quiet time with Jesus first. I’m sharing a few of my favorite faith resources below for you as well to start the new year off right!

More Tips on How to Start The New Year Right

  • Invest in yourself: That could be getting a monthly massage, reading more, getting your nails done, updating your wardrobe, etc. It looks a little bit different for each of us! But, schedule in time once a month to treat yourself.
  • Make sure you are getting 8 hours of sleep and that your bed is meeting your needs. Maybe you need a new mattress topper or something as simple as new pillows like these, which have excellent reviews. Since sleep is something that is often overlooked and really impacts your day-to-day life, it is essential to work toward getting a good night’s sleep.
  • Clean out your closet & your house: There are quite a few tasks we tend to put off, and cleaning is one of them. Now’s your chance to declutter all areas of your life. That doesn’t mean you have to go full organization mode and put everything in clear containers. But do what works best for you! Know that this may take several days, and it always looks worse before it gets better!

What do you do to start the new year off right? Do you set resolutions for the new year?

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  1. Joanna Shipley says:

    Thank you and God bless you, may 2023 be a wonderful year for you and your family.
    I love your content, it has been so very helpful, keep it coming! 😉

  2. All great tips for the new year

  3. Great tips! Especially love the set aside time to update your calendar. Something I will focus on this year for sure.

  4. Such great ideas! I have a prayer/gratitude journal I keep … starting the day and ending with gratitude in a game changer. This is the year to REALLY declutter!

  5. All great tips! Thanks for sharing those!

  6. Beverly Smith says:

    I love that you tell the size you wear, almost always works out perfectly for me to get same size!

  7. Melissa Palmer says:

    Very helpful tips. I love trying to stay organized and keep my life in order.

  8. Thanks for your wonderful advice on getting an organized fresh start to a New Year! I plan to focus on No. 5, making time for faith, although I plan to use the rest of your outline.

    You asked what else we do. Because of the increased cost of food and energy (gasoline, natural gas, electricity), I am completing a new 2023 budget .

    You are an inspiration!

  9. Pat McCauley says:

    Taking time for faith, thanksgiving and exercise are great ways to make this New Year special. Love your posts and I have learned so much on dressing more fashionably. Thanks so much.

  10. Deb Ekstrand says:

    I enjoy your posts and especially appreciated this one. I treated myself to the journaling version of Paul Tripp’s “New Morning Mercies.” Looking forward to diving deeper into God’s Word this year.

  11. Thanks for these great suggestions!

  12. Great advice- would love to see how you declutter in your house/ office…

  13. Excellent post today! Thanks, Tania. Sorting out junk and paring down “stuff” makes me feel like I’ve lost weight. haha!

  14. Susan Nothwehr says:

    Dear Tania, Thanks once again for your blog. You are inspiring, practical, warm, friendly, and you have good advice. As I’m looking over your end- of- the-year comments, I’m thinking about what I want most right now. I’m on the older side of your age groups. I really want to know what’s coming NEXT. I know I probably won’t like it, but I need to know it, so I can GO FOR IT! If I don’t get guidance here, I’ll end up looking like an elderly lady who doesn’t really care what she looks like. It’s such a rut. Comfort and economy over style and freshness.
    Truly, thanks for all your help!

  15. I’ve had a pretty successful workout routine for most of 2022, until October when I hit a period of time with some health problems. I’ve come past that, but am now having a hard time getting back on track. Thanks for the tips on motivating me toward keeping my health a priority.

  16. thank you for your posts! I know it takes a lot of work but you sure make it easy for those of us who love to shop! May you & your family have a blessed 2023!

  17. Rosalinda Salcedo says:

    Thank you for sharing these great ideas for the new year!! I especially will do the exercising for 30 minutes 3 times a week. Like you said I will start off slow! Have a happy Thursday!

  18. All good tips for starting the new year right! 2023 here we come!

  19. Thank you for all the suggestions! I will be taking your advice. Happy New Year!

  20. Thanks so much for your great tips/advice. I’m 52 and have lost 92 pounds over the last 9 mos. I’m just getting back into liking fashion again and your info has been invaluable!!!

  21. Janice Wooldridge says:

    Great reminders.

  22. says:

    Thanks! I ordered the Adidas from Amazon! They are just what I need to get back on track in January. I always love the fit of Adidas – they are the best for my feet!!!! (And the price was excellent)

  23. Gail Clark says:

    I love this! In agreement best way to start the new year!

  24. Leslie Bizzell says:

    All such great helpful ideas to head into the New Year!

  25. Thanks for all the ideas. Have a great new year celebrating with family.

  26. Marilyn Byrnside says:

    I can’t afford to shop your favorite stores, but I can use your ideas at my favorite stores (Kohl’s, Penney’s, Macy’s), so thanks for the suggestions! Happy New Year!

  27. Ronda Eaton says:

    Tania, I always look forward to all your fashion, makeup tips..and your daily bible inspire so many women…love all your NewYear tips…

  28. Becky Sanchez says:

    Love all your tips and that you share your faith! I look foward to all of it every day. Thank you!

  29. Good reminders! My husband and I use the Google calendar; so helpful. Heading out to ride my bike now… getting a headstart with exercising!

  30. Christina Janvrin says:

    I love your post!

  31. Sharon Boyd says:

    Enjoy reading your posts in the morning to start my day. lots of good ideas! Thank you!

  32. Great tips, thank you Tania! Always appreciate your recommendations with links! Happy New Year!

  33. Getting organized & decluttering are on my list!
    And starting a gratitude journal!

  34. great ideas for the New Year!

  35. Great post! We do an annual Family Forum 1-day planning session year end to prepare for the new year. Our companies did this annually and we thought, why not personally make a day to plan, dream, and discuss?

  36. Always great to start the New Year by decluttering things! Really liked the idea of sharing the google calendar. Since I’m my mom’s caregiver I have a lot of appts on my calendar and it would be helpful to my husband if he could look at my calendar for times he’s thinking about things we could do knowing that I would or wouldn’t be free that day.

  37. These are all good tips! When I take down my Christmas decorations I also start decluttering my house. I like to start the new year with a minimalist look.

  38. Such a great variety of tips and ideas! I copied one of your summer fashions for a family reunion and received so many compliments! Thank you for some great ideas

  39. Lynn Kawales says:

    Thank you for the perfect post to start the new year! Purchased the hydrate bottle and I am looking to utilize all of your tips! I love love love your blog, and will continue to read daily. Thank you so much for starting off my day and I love your Sunday emails, I feel as if you are speaking to me directly! Happy New Year

  40. Sheila Martin says:

    Thank you for these tips! Years ago I used to have a gratitude journal and it really did make me feel better at the end of the day to write down what I’m grateful for. Need to start this again. Never thought about sharing my Google calendar with hubby and, maybe, my older children – hmmm!! Here’s to a Happy, Safe and Healthy 2023!!

  41. Jenniffer Groski says:

    Ordering the gratitude journal now!

    1. Thank you for posting some of your favorite faith resources!
      I so enjoy your blog!! Thank you for all you do.
      Happy New Year🎉🎉🎉

  42. Thank you for all the great ideas through the year and for these to focus on beginning in the new year. With the cold weather easing this week, I look forward to get out and enjoy walking. I also enjoy putting Christmas decorations away carefully so I have them ready next December and getting myself organized for the coming year. The emails–now that’s a good goal!

  43. Great ideas to implement.

  44. Joanne W. says:

    Great tips for 2023! Thanks.

  45. Thanks so much for these reminders. I do many of these already but making time for myself is something I always must remind myself of. Side note suggestion-if you are an outdoor walker/runner, HIGHLY suggest look at the Aftershokz headphone by Aeropex. Uses bone conduction-sound is excellent but allows you to still hear and be aware of surroundings as it sits outside ear. Trust me, they work! Much safer!

  46. Thanks for the list of ideals to D clutter for the new year. Of course, every year I get older I realize I want less and less to organize. It is funny though, but it is harder to find people to donate stuff to then in the pass, so I just have to learn to let go and hope that people reuse and renew what we pass on. Happy new year May 2023. Be your best year yet!

  47. Cheers to 2023 and a fresh start! Glory to our GOD and the fresh start he continually gives us each morning 🙏🏻

  48. Marcie W. says:

    Great tips. Cleaning out my email inbox is the biggest challenge but I plan to do that for sure.

    So enjoy your blog.

    Happy 2023. Blessings to you.

  49. Jan Pitts says:

    Tanya, I love your blog and look forward to reading it in the morning. I purchased several items from Amazon because of your information and links. For Christmas I purchased the monogram (actually one letter) tote bag for my daughter and daughter in law. They loved it. Too many other items to remember. Thank you, keep posting.

  50. Patti Lou says:

    These are all good tips. Thanks Tania!

  51. Debbie Monroe says:

    Hi Tania,
    These are all great ideas to start off the New Year right! I really appreciate all your tips and beautiful clothes. It has helped me so much this past year. So thank you for being here every day!

  52. Love, love, love this post Tania! Some of these things I already do but you have an amazing variety of other ideas that I hadn’t thought of. I definitely want to work on incorporating daily scripture into my life. Also, love your suggestions on the different types of organizers. Have a wonderful day!

  53. Kelli Ferment says:

    Love your tips for the new year. I’m starting R6 of E2M and am recommitting to exercise and water next week. What a great program! Starting radiation for breast cancer on Jan 3 so bumps in my new year but staying positive.
    Ladies, get your yearly mammogram even though it’s not the recommendation. It saved my life!

    1. Wishing you a full recovery in 2023, and lifting you up in prayer, Kelli.

  54. Thank you for the reminders and helpful tips. Happy New Year!🎉

  55. Great ideas for starting the new year. I always try to clean out my closet as a start to a new year. Happy 2023!

  56. Thanks for all the great ideas! My plan is to do a deep clean and declutter of my house. I am also going to deliver all the items in my house that belong to my daughters to them and let them decide what they want to do with them.

  57. Some good advice as 2023 approaches.

  58. These are great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  59. Marty Roggenbaum says:

    Great tips for beginning the New Year! I just ordered one of the new devotionals you recommended, “The Well Watered Life”.

  60. Mary Beyer says:

    Great ideas! I’ve been using a daily planner because I’m finding I forget things too easily!

  61. Holly Gossman says:

    I will be continuing to reduce sugar and walk more. Still working on getting weight gain off.

    1. I like the reduce sugar and walk more Holly! These are both 2 achievable goals! TY
      Best wishes 2023!

  62. Great ideas! It’s such a good feeling to start fresh each year. 🙂

  63. Karen Lunde says:

    I love these tips. I love to be organized and you have some great ideas listed ! Thank you !

  64. Do you have a daily Christian podcast you listen to?

    1. Alicia, I don’t listen to podcasts very often, but I have listed to the Bible Recap. My sister listens to them a lot, and she likes Unashamed, and That Sounds Fun.

  65. Lots of good suggestions to get our year off to a good start. Happy New Years!!! 🥂

    1. Love all these tips Tania. Perfect time to get organized. Love that water bottle suggestion. Perfect way to keep track.

  66. Great tips!
    Happy New Year

  67. Delores Sadler Williams says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the New Year List. Great ideas! I plan to follow through with several of these.

  68. Ann Pavlicek says:

    Great advice for starting the new year. I think I’ll order the “A Year of Positive Thinking” book. Thank you!

  69. Great suggestions. If you pick even one, you are on the right track.

  70. Great ideas, thanks for sharing!

  71. I so enjoy your blog! Thank you for your time! Happy New Year!

  72. Kim🎉🥳🎊 says:

    Wonderful new year post tips tania, TY! Those are all good ideas. Those would help me in all areas. Sometimes you just feel overwhelmed with life and what to simplify.🎉🥳🎊

  73. Happy New Year Tania. These suggestions are excellent! I enjoy developing new skills and I think it would be helpful to learn how to use the google calendar for family summer vacations.
    Grateful for your post and the “Verse of the Day” !

  74. You are such an inspiration and I am long past 50! I ordered the FOXY calendar!
    And you are so right weight shouldn’t matter, it is how you feel!
    Please keep up the wonderful daily blogs! I look forward to them 2nd thing in the morning after I have my moments with God.

  75. Violet L O'Brien says:

    Happy New Year, Tania! I so enjoy your blog and look forward to it each day. You offer guidance on daily living as well as style ideas for women of all sizes and shapes. Thank you for being our online friend.

  76. Good morning and a soon Happy New Year!
    My first challenge is back to a regular exercise time. I can do it.
    Second challenge is time for me, and schedule it then do it.
    Have a blessed day

  77. Thx for the tips and reminders, especially about being grateful!

  78. This is probably one of my favorite posts. Thank you for sharing your tips for the New Year! I really needed this. Now just to remember and apply them. 🙂

  79. Kelly Brooks says:

    Thanks for all the great tips.

  80. Kimberly M. says:

    Love your perspective!

  81. Deborah Titus says:

    What a great outline for starting the New Year. I’m sitting down today to plan my year with your post as a guide. Thank you!!

  82. You are one of the most organized people I know. I need to take advice from your tips and get my life in order.

  83. Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  84. Val Swift says:

    Thanks for the New Year’s ideas! My goal is to get back in to reading my Bible. One of my best friends gave me a new one that has easy to read pages.
    I would also like to lose weight as I have gained many pounds over the past 3 years. Stress and some terrible family problems took away my zest for life and I’d like to get it back. Also living on toast and diet soda hasn’t helped much, but does help soothe a stomach that’s in knots, just not so great for the 64 year old waistline 🤣😳😩.

    Please keep sharing wardrobe ideas that can be purchased from Amazon
    and Walmart. They are better on my budget. I did get a pair of jeans from Chicos that were pretty nice.

    I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful new year, full of happy times and good health!

  85. Anna jorge says:

    I love your style and your messages!

  86. What is an EBF? You mentioned this in your post:
    “but my EBF swears by a paper calendar.“
    Was that a typo, or do I need a definition?

    1. Sorry, Shelly. I forget that everyone hasn’t been following me for years. EBF stand for my Energizer Bunny Friend, she is a non-stop goer, and she has her entire life in a calendar.

      1. Tania
        LOL, I thought that was another new hip acronym (EBF) that I had missed somewhere along the way. Thx! Happy New Year 🙂

  87. Kathy Lowe says:

    For sure putting Jesus first. Stopping to build our Spiritual reserve can make a difference coming into 2023! Thank you!

  88. Just Henry says:

    This is a can do list for me!

  89. Joan Henry says:

    Murat have schedule!

  90. These tips are very helpful! So happy you provided the links as well. Thank you so much. I’m motivated and on it!!!

  91. Thank you for all of the helpful suggestions to start the new year. Your recommendation of the Wacoal underwire sports bra is spot on—I discovered it a couple of years ago, and I wear one all of the time! May your new year be filled with joy, good health, Godly purpose, and special times with family and friends.❤️