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Best Caftan Dresses and Muumuus 2024

Today’s fashion is bringing back caftan and muumuus dresses with a more glam look. Yes, you heard it right, LOL! I never saw Muumuus trending for 2024, but after trying a few on myself, I can honestly say I’m a fan! Think of them as the more comfortable sibling of a sundress—perfect for a day lounging on the beach or a spur-of-the-moment backyard get-together. Whether it’s a day out by the pool with a nice, refreshing fruity drink or just throwing something fast on to go grocery shopping, these garments float and look fantastic, making them the best style buddies of the season. Ok, now let me list a few top caftan dresses and muumuus!

What is a caftan?

The caftan is a traditional type of dress, attire that has withstood through many centuries in nearly all cultures across the globe, to name a few: the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. In most cases, it is an ankle-length robe-like dress with very spacious sleeves. Historically, caftans were made of luxurious silk or cotton and embellished with decorative embroidery. Today, it would be possible to run the gamut of caftans, from the very simple and casual to the most elaborate and ornate, perfect for everything from idle lounging to casual wear or even other occasions when styled appropriately.

What is the difference between kaftan and caftan?

People use these two terms almost interchangeably, with the only difference between them is regional spelling. Beyond this, there is no real difference in identity. Commonly in English-speaking countries, “kaftan” is used, while “caftan” is used quite often in French and other European languages. Both spellings ultimately derive from the Arabic word “qaftan.” Spelling aside, the garment remains the same—a loose, wide-sleeved, flowing robe or gown that’s perfect for either lounging or making a statement.

What do you wear under a caftan?

When one decides on what to put under a caftan or muumuu, remember that comfort is the goal. Generally, the material used for caftans or muumuus is of light, flowing fabric, such as cotton or silk, so it would be best to have undergarments that won’t add bulk. Some women will wear a simple slip dress or a camisole and shorts set underneath the caftan for modesty reasons and not have the garment stick to their legs. Other options include lightweight leggings or even a swimsuit if the caftan will serve as a beach cover-up. What you wear underneath is basically up to your own style and the occasion you are attending.

Best Caftan Dresses and Muumuus 2024

I’m not going to lie—I love this caftan! It is comfy and perfect for wearing around the house instead of PJs. But I honestly think it looks exquisite when dressed up with jewelry, heels, and a nice clutch. Of source, you can also wear it on the beach as a swimsuit cover-up, so this thing is sweeeet! Here are a few more photos to see this gorgeous caftan’s flow.

This caftan from Petite Plume looks so loose and comfortable for hot summer days! The blue and white print reminds me of a chinoiserie vase. I would wear this with flip-flops after a long day at the pool, but it would also look cute with white sneakers to go out to lunch.

This 3/4 sleeve cover-up comes in so many great colors. Black and white stripe is always a classic choice, but the tropical leaf prints would be fun for vacation. You could even wear it unbuttoned over a tank or as a kimono style cover-up, since it comes with buttons down the front.

Speaking of a tropical leaf print, I am obsessed with this black and white palm caftan. It comes in sooo many fun colors and prints if palm leaves aren’t your thing! I love the flattering silhouette and the maxi length. Plus, the side slits will make it easier to walk around in.

Next, we have this pretty floral eyelet from Anthropologie. The eyelet pattern is absolutely stunning, and I think it would be gorgeous over a white tank dress or slip if you wanted to wear it somewhere besides the pool!

If you are petite or prefer a shorter length, check out this one from Moss Rose. The reviews say it’s a lighter weight, gauzy material, so this one probably leans more towards a bathing suit cover-up than a dress!

I own several swimsuits from La Blanca, and I love their fit and quality. They actually have an entire line of beachwear with tons of cute swimsuits and cover-ups, including this caftan style one. They have a shorter caftan style, as well.

I love, love, love the notched v-neckline on this one! It takes it up a notch from a plain V-neck and makes it look a little more polished, in my opinion. The crisp white goes with absolutely anything, but it comes in eleven other colors!

Your friends would never guess this stunning dress is actually a kaftan! I love the gorgeous navy and white print. This is another one from Anthropologie, and reviews say to make sure to add a bralette or tank underneath it.

Have you ever worn a caftan or a muumuu? Would you wear any of these?

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  1. Renee Taplin-Jones says:

    I really got into Kaftans during the lockdown of the pandemic. I retired during that time and was home everyday and wanted to wear loungewear for comfort. I love it so much until it became a side business. I now sell Kaftans at vendor shows. Thank you for shining light on this comfortable beautiful artsy garment.

    1. That is awesome! You never know where inspiration can come from.

  2. Louise Logan says:

    Great choices! Thanks for doing all the research!!

  3. Carol Ann Jablonski says:

    Liking the blue leopard on you; put it in my cart. Also like the coordinating headband. Where did you find that? Did you happen to come across any caftans with pockets? I love pockets!

    1. The headband is the belt of the caftan. I just tied it around my head. Lol!

  4. Lezlie Gravens says:

    My mom was Queen of the Caftans! When she passed 5 years ago all of the girls (me, my sister, 3 SILs, 7 granddaughters) got to pick one out of her closet and wear them at the party after her Celebration of Life. It was momentous and such a tribute to the Grand Dame.

    1. That sounds awesome! I love that her caftans were handed down for the younger generation to enjoy.

  5. Donna Ingalls says:

    Oh my gosh, love these caftans! Who knew they would come back on style? However now they are absolutely stunning. Paired with the right accessories they can really be worn from supermarket to a wedding. I’m in! Such a great post.

    1. I’m loving this trend! Talk about comfort!!!

  6. Roberta Schwandner says:

    These are some pretty caftans.

  7. I bought two this year from QVC. Love them after a shower, by the pool or just lounging.

  8. Julie Lozano says:

    Hi Tania:
    Loving the Seas Print Caftan from Nordstrom you have presented. Absolutely beautiful colors. Maybe I’ll find a petite! Looks so comfy. Great for long trips with the RV…
    Thank you!

    Blessings for a great evening.

  9. sue koren says:

    I need something with more shape to it.

  10. Becky Gladfelder says:

    Love these! Old enuff to have been around when they were in style before but these look so much more chic!

  11. I am with Joan, they swallow me, too! But thank you for the petite option!
    Paula K.

  12. I’ve never worn one. I would consider wearing one at home like if I had surgery. Also as a swimsuit coverup.

  13. Ooh, I can see so many of these on the beach! Absolutely beautiful.

  14. All so pretty! The blue leopard one was my favorite. Looks absolutely beautiful on you!

  15. I’m always learning fashion tips from you! I had not heard of Caftans, only muumuus (I remember my mom wearing one and I loved the name). The options for a comfortable and pretty outfit are great. I’m 5’4″ so will be looking for the right one that suits me well. Thank you!

  16. What a wonderful array of caftan styled dresses! You totally changed my perspective~I’m taking the plunge!

  17. Why do I immediately think of Mrs. Roper from Three’s Company? HAHAHA!!! These obviously look much better. 🙂

    1. MaryCarol says:

      Yessssss!! I love these and thought of Mrs. Roper too!! ❤️❤️

  18. Thanks for sharing a petite caftan, I love caftans but they always seem to swallow me

  19. These thinks scream Comfort! I love the choices you featured! Happy Thursday❤❤❤

  20. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been looking for “lounge at home” wear that I can change into after work that isn’t pajamas. These caftans look like the perfect solution.

  21. Oh those look so comfy! I think I would wear one!

  22. I can picture us women in caftans, sipping mimosas, and lounging comfortably. The blue is beautiful on you!

    1. That is a wonderful picture! I may try that this weekend while watching the Derby!

  23. Love them all! Thanks for all the great options- like the navy with the embroidery and the tye-dye one.

  24. All of these are so cute. You style it very elegantly.

  25. Patti McDonald says:

    So many pretty caftans and nothing wrong with comfort!!!

  26. My morning wake up is my cat pawing at my face and chewing my hair! I get up at 4:00 am and he jumps up on the bed about 3:45 and starts the routine. Lately, he has been giving me little nibbles. Not sure how he would react to birds chirping.
    Oh, how I remember the muumuus of the 60’s!!

  27. What an interesting post! Natori has some gorgeous, but $$$ ones as well. I have had several surgeries in the past few years and Kaftans have been a great thing to wear around the house.

  28. Great article. Just a note to thank you for your daily outfit inspiration, it gives me ideas of what to wear that are not my usual uniform of hoodie and jeans. Have a blessed week!

  29. Stella Gustafson says:

    Ok these are cute. I would find myself wearing as a pool cover up for some of them. And the others around the house or for that. Memaw I missed the bud can you come get me and take me to school

  30. LOVE these. We spend a lot of time at our beach condo in summer. Great choices.

  31. Love, love all the caftans you showed. My niece who is tall and slender wore a caftan on a recent visit to Florida. She wore it to dinner and looked beautiful in it.

    1. Joe was even bragging on the blue leopard one! He loved it on me.

  32. I own a silk one that I haven’t worn yet – maybe this is the year! 😜 The black and white palm leaf and the plain white are my faves here! 💛

    1. I was surprised at how nice it looked once I put it on.

  33. It’s good to see that there is style to these! & nice patterns.