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A Classic Shirtdress And Why You Should Wear Them

What Is A Classic Shirtdress

According to Wikipedia, a classic shirtdress is a style of women’s dress that borrows details from a man’s shirt. These can include a collar, a button front, or cuffed sleeves. Hmmm, that doesn’t sound like something I would want to wear, but in this case, the description doesn’t match how the shirtdress looks on a woman.

Reasons You Should Wear A Classic Shirtdress

I know many of you shy away from wearing dresses of any kind, but hear me out.

  • Comfort: Most shirtdresses are made from lightweight materials like cotton or linen. These fabrics help to keep you cool, even in the hot blazing sun of summer.
  • Convenience: Shirtdresses are a one-and-done item. You only have to pick one piece of clothing from your closet, add shoes, and you can walk out the door.
  • Style: Shirtdresses are a classic item! They have stood the test of time and always look great. They can be dressed up or down, which makes them versatile.

Now that you know what a classic shirtdress is and a few reasons why you might want to wear it let me show you a couple of them I just purchased. This striped classic shirtdress is one that you can wear for years, and it will never go out of style. I tied the belt included with the dress, and tied it in a bow (they are trending), but you could use another belt such as white or maybe a pop of red.

I wanted to keep the outfit neutral and classic, so I added an ivory Leather Shoulder Bag. The description calls the bag leather, but it is actually vegan leather, not genuine leather. I wasn’t surprised since the price point is low at under $40.

An Above The Knee Classic Shirtdress

I tend to like longer midi and maxi dresses, but my husband always compliments me when I wear a shorter dress. Many of you Petite ladies are always asking for shorter dresses, so here you go.

This dress is gorgeous, and I love the colors and print. The twist tie is a cute detail that adds some visual interest. This dress is available in Petite, Plus, and Petite Plus. I love that Talbots is size-inclusive! I added the Top Handle Clutch, which was the clutch I carried the most last year, and I don’t see that changing. I tried on several neutral-colored shoes, but nothing looked better than the navy Azra Suede Pumps.

Chambray Classic Shirtdress

Last year, I bought a dress that was almost identical to this one. The only real difference was that it was only a 3/4 button dress, and it had pockets. The shape and style are identical, though, and the one I had last year sold out so quickly that I couldn’t get it on the blog. I wore it to my dad’s birthday party, and once the photos of it hit the internet, everyone wanted to know where they could get it. This is a sneak peek of a new arrival, but I doubt if this one will last long, either. I love that it doesn’t touch me anywhere, but you could always belt the dress if you wanted.

Here is the crossbody I carried all last summer. I love the soft leather material and that it can be carried as a satchel or a crossbody. I also like that it has 3 compartments that allow me to keep things separated, which makes them easier to find.

Belt or No Belt For This Classic Shirtdress

Gorgeous!!! This classic shirtdress is flowy like the chambray dress above. It is loose, but I chose to belt it with one of the belts from a 4-pack I bought last year. The belt gives the dress a fitted look, and I love that I can place the belt wherever I choose. I’m long waisted, and dresses with loops usually hit me too high on my rib cage. I usually end up cutting off the loops so that I can wear the belt at my natural waistline.

Here is a better look at the print of this dress. It has Pantone’s Color Of The Year in the print, and this is an easy way to show that you are aware of the latest trends, even if Peach Fuzz isn’t a great color for you.

Here is how the dress looks without a belt. I like the flowy look, especially if I’ve eaten a big meal. Lol! Which is your favorite…belted or not?

This White Belted Shirtdress is on today’s 2nd post – Amazon Try On: Warm Weather. Here are all the links, but you can read that post for more details.

This gorgeous cobalt blue shirtdress is also included in today’s 2nd post. Be sure to check that one out since there is also a gorgeous black and white linen outfit with a solid white cardigan that is casual and elevated.

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  1. Mary Louise Colleton says:

    Thank you so much sharing your fashion tips but what I appreciate the those how you give God the honor when you share a Bible verse after each presentation.
    May you continue to be a Blessing!
    Thank you

  2. I so love a shirt dress. I have three from Talbots and have the striped one in the article in my cart right now! The one from the Loft is gorgeous!
    They’re comfortable, smart, cool, classic, and oh so versatile! Thanks for highlighting them.

  3. Love your Joe stories! Really like the Tuilerie midi dress

  4. The blossom shirtdress, for sure! Bonus, it comes in petite. And the white maxi shirtdress would be oh such fun to wear on vacation, or any summer day! Accessorize with a hat💟

    1. I was thinking it made a great vacation dress, too.

  5. You have beatyful legs Tania show them more often, shorter dresses look good on you. I agree with Joe.

  6. The above the knee dress makes you look tall and slender!

    1. I like that description!

  7. The Talbots dress is very pretty and super flattering on you!

  8. After years of not wearing dresses very much, I have recently developed a new love for them!

  9. Phyllis Martin says:

    These are beautiful dresses!

  10. sue ann koren says:

    These are all such ladylike looks!

  11. Great styles once again🙂

  12. Roberta Schwandner says:

    I do like shirt dresses and they look good on you.

  13. You look fantastic in all of the outfits! I like the belts because I need something to give me a waistline.

  14. I’ve never been a fan of shirtdresses but they sure look good on you. Maybe I need to rethink this one!

  15. Love the shirt dress and the Joe story. My husband doesn’t like scented anything–do you know how hard it is to find shampoo that doesn’t have a scent?!

    1. Lol! I always buy unscented everything if possible.

  16. I agree with your hubby, Joe! The blossom of above the knee short shirt dress looks amazing on you! What a gorgeous dress!
    I always love a demin blue chambray shirt dress! So classic!

  17. Maribeth Conklin says:

    The dress is super cute belted. it looks like a sack or night dress unbelted.

  18. I like the midi shirtdress with the belt. It gives the dress a more crisp and polished look. I think the white shirtdress looks fantastic on you!

  19. The floral one is the prettiest on you

  20. Love your choices and love it belted!

  21. I like shirt dresses. My first junior size dress was a yellow shirt dress. I haven’t found a perfect one for me yet.

  22. Garrett Laura says:

    That white dress is beautiful! And I like the cobalt blue one also. Hmmm…which one. ?? Great post today.

    1. Lol! There is always that issue.

  23. I cant tell you enough how much it helps that you actually try on the clothing, not just feature it. We can really see. how it may look on a real person! I love these dresses that you are featuring today. As I drench in the Southern CA rain today…Thank you so much, great posts.

    1. I saw how much rain you were getting. It is awful.

  24. I love the print on the dress from the Loft. But I can wear something like that unbelted cuz I would look like a tent. Belted isn’t good for me either cuz of my big belly. It looks great on you though.

  25. Diana VanWinkle says:

    I love the Tuilerie Midi Shirtdress, both with and without the belt. It would be lovely for Easter!

  26. Carolina Gomez says:

    What a wonderful set of shirt dresses! They are all beautiful and look fantastic on you. I really like the short blue one the best. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Janice Nagle says:

    I always feel pretty in a dress. I like linen dresses in the summer. dresses are the most comfortable in the heat.

  28. I love all of these!! I am definitely ordering the puff sleeve dress in black and blue. Love the Chambray and floral dresses too. Pay day hurry up!!

  29. Gloria Payne says:

    I love the shirtdress especially the one made of chambray. Seems never to go out of style.

  30. Karen Johnson says:

    I wore the classic shirt dress in my high school days. They were the rage then and I still love them. Thanks for highlighting this classic!

  31. I love wearing a simple dress around the house in the summer, my husband always comments on it too.

  32. I love a shirt dress. I love your verse of the day too! ❤️

  33. Love the Joe story and the not Joe picture!😂 that white and black dress looks great with the black belt.

  34. I am short, so I think the above-the-knee works best for me. Very cute. Love the belts, too.

  35. Veronica Huskins says:

    You must keep the Blossom above the knee dress, it looks great on you!

  36. I love the white dress! So affordable, and it looks fantastic on you!

  37. Adorable options! I love the classic look of the Talbot ‘s dress, but not the price… Love a good Joe story!!! Happy Tuesday❤❤❤

  38. Love the dresses. Can you tell us more about what you eep for your personal wardrobe?

    1. I’m still undecided on what I’m keeping. Right now they are all still hanging in my bedroom. But, since I already have a chambray dress almost identical to this one, it will be going back.

  39. The first dress is my fave! Love these! 💛

  40. Linda Shearer says:

    The shorter dress is beautiful and looks good on you!

  41. The Tuilerie midi dress looks fabulous on you! It is perfect for your coloring!

  42. Susan Mckenzie says:

    Great selection of shirt dress ideas—I don’t usually wear a shirt dress because most ( that I like) don’t come in a petite length!!

  43. Carol Jablonski says:

    Puff sleeves? Not for me. Going to get the stretch belts and the white hat. Will get a lot of use from them!

  44. I love a good shirt dress! I really like the chambray. I’m a petite so debating about ordering it. Maybe I could shorten it.

  45. Becky Kerwin says:

    Very pretty dresses. I really can’t wait for spring and summer!

  46. What a difference a belt makes! That 4 pack of belts is so reasonably priced!! I don’t wear belts a lot but can see how they can elevate an outfit.

  47. I love wearing dresses in the spring and summer. I think they are cooler than crop pants. All of these are really pretty. Talbots has such classic looking styles. I liked the long flowy ones too. I like with the belt, looks more “put together”, but the chambray looked comfortable.

  48. Beautiful shirt dresses, thanks for all of the options! The white one is my favorite on you. This is a great style on you! I bought the belts last year, now I need the dress from the Loft.

    1. I love how versatile those belts are. They can change the look of a dress, etc. so easily.

  49. Love the Blossom and the Chambray dresses!

  50. Janet Dick says:

    How do you dry your hair straight? Do you use a flat iron?

  51. I Love your stories!! They have women cuddle duds too! I have some and love them! They are silky and nice to wear under a sweatshirt if you walk daily and it’s chilly outside. I bet Joe smelled good 😂 I actually thought picture might have been your son! Whoever he is, he’s cute 😂 I love the white belted shirt dress but whenever I wear all white, I feel like a jumbo marshmallow! It looks beautiful on you! I like the blue one on you, too. That’s a beautiful blue color.

    1. Dawn, my son is actually bigger and taller than Joe. That photo is from the website.

  52. Jane Martin says:

    I like the chambray shirt dress from Loft. It seems easy to wear.
    I’ll pass on ruffles and puff sleeves. To me these styles are not great for older women. I would definitely look like an old “grannie” if I wore that kind of dress.

    1. Jane, that’s funny because I think just the opposite. Those details are trendy and they make you look modern.

  53. I love your honesty and the stories you tell us about your life and marriage, they make me laugh. I do appreciate the try-ons too but the everyday things that happen to you and Joe are so real, I love it!

    1. It is always an adventure with Joe and I. Lol!