50 IS NOT OLD | FAVORITE LOOKS FROM JULYI can’t believe July has already come and gone. Where has this summer gone? It is crazy how fast everything is happening. I bet some of you are already buying Christmas presents and sticking them back. I am just not ready to let summer go yet. I was looking back over my July blog posts, and it almost made me sad to think that the leaves will be falling soon. You gurls who are teachers probably hate to see August come more than most of us. Hahaha

I did a roundup of my 10 favorite looks from June, so I thought I would continue that into July. This is in no particular order, just when I came on one that I liked. Let’s see if your favorites were also mine. Be sure to click on the highlighted posts to see the links for the outfits.

50 IS NOT OLD | FAVORITE LOOKS FROM JULY1. Monochromatic Fashion

I love dressing in a monochromatic style. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of will this go together. All the colors are versions of the same basic color, so they match well.50 IS NOT OLD | FAVORITE LOOKS FROM JULY2. Celebrate 4th of July 

Red, White, and Blue. I love the color combination in this look. The cute little dress, the crop leggings, and the necklace and bracelet set from Kay & Star make this a top 10 for me.

I really like the hem style on this top. It is such a cute design detail, and it sets this top apart. The colors are also very much what I consider “summer” colors. Coral and turquoise are staples in the summer months, almost as much as white pants.50 IS NOT OLD | FAVORITE LOOKS FROM JULY4. Good Morning Sunshine 

It is not really often that a dress is one of my favorite looks. I really think it is the sunny color, instead of the style, that I like. I also liked the embellishments around the neckline. So for me, this made the cut.50 IS NOT OLD | FAVORITE LOOKS FROM JULY5. The Glue That Binds

This is an all around color scheme that I like. I had never owned mint jeans before this year, but I am so glad that I decided to try this color. I have worn them several times this year, and I can foresee wearing them again next year.50 IS NOT OLD | FAVORITE LOOKS FROM JULY6. Whether the Weather

The maxi dress makes the cut, at least it does for me. Joe has never been a fan of the maxi, so I bet it would not have made his list. Maybe next month, I will let him do the choosing. That would give me a different perspective. I like the pairing of pink and coral, and the turquoise adds a little pop of color.50 IS NOT OLD | FAVORITE LOOKS FROM JULY7. The Perfect Way to Start the Day

Here is another top that I like. It is a summer poncho, and I love the way it hangs. The colors and the print are also a stand-out feature. The gladiator style shoes add an “on-trend” element.

I love navy & white. It is one of my very favorite color combinations. This top has an added detail of rhinestones that gives it a shimmering effect. Of course I added a small amount of yellow, it would just not be right without it. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | FAVORITE LOOKS FROM JULY9. Labor Day Plans Revealed

I love this look. It is probably my favorite of them all. I really like the pleated hem and also the soft gray color in the tank top. The lace in the cardigan has a little peek-a-boo effect, and the pants fit perfect. The bright green of the satchel is the perfect pop-of-color. Yep! This one is my favorite.50 IS NOT OLD | FAVORITE LOOKS FROM JULY10. Coordinate a Look

I really think my favorite part of this look, is the shoes. I like the scarf, the tote, and I hate the pants. But, the shoes are what makes this outfit a top 10 for me.

Well, what do you think? Were these your picks? Did I not include one that you liked? If I had to do an honorable mention, it would have been the, “what to wear on a motorcycle” look. I liked it because it was comfortable, and the jeans fit perfect.

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  1. Janjoyz wrote:

    Tania, I love all your looks. Unfortunately, I am afraid I can’t pull off many of them because I have crappy hair (fine, thin). Your hair is awesome! Have you ever considered suggesting styles for those of us with not so great hair? I feel like it really makes a difference. And what can I do? That’s the way I am, thanks to both of my grandmothers. God Bless you.

    Posted 8.26.18 Reply
  2. Cindy wrote:

    Tania, i love your style.

    Posted 7.31.18 Reply
  3. 3, 5 & 7 are my favorites on you…

    Posted 7.5.18 Reply
  4. Angela Buckingham wrote:

    I would wear everything that you are modelling but live in the UK, where can I buy your beautiful clothes?

    Posted 4.16.18 Reply
  5. Christy Thompson wrote:

    Love your blog. Could you please tell me where you get all your spring and summer light weight sweaters?

    Posted 3.19.18 Reply
  6. Ann wrote:

    Love #7…can you tell us where you found it? Great fashion ideas.

    Posted 1.8.17 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Ann, the summer poncho was from Belk and the pants are pixie pants from Old Navy. Thanks for following.

      Posted 1.9.17 Reply
  7. Shirley wrote:

    I love all the looks! I’m a newcomer to your blog and would like to know where the clothing can be purchased.

    Posted 8.7.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Shirley, I post links in all my posts. If you click on the title of the post for the outfits, you will see links to each one.

      Posted 8.7.16 Reply
  8. Martha wrote:

    Love all the outfits!

    Posted 8.7.16 Reply
  9. Lori wrote:

    I can’t WAIT for fall & winter to get here. When you live in Texas and July and August means 100 – 105 degree weather, cold weather can’t get here soon enough! All you do here is sweat! It’s not a pretty sight! I love all your outfits! You always have such great tips! Thanks!

    Posted 8.2.16 Reply
  10. Love all the looks, but especially number 10. Gorgeous shoes!!

    Posted 8.1.16 Reply
    • Kay wrote:

      Love #1, 3, 7 & 8. Best fashion blog of all 5 that I’ve been checking out since I discovered them. Back to #1 (monochrome) is a look I especially like to elongate my 5’4″ frame. Look forward to your post every day since I found you 2 months ago!!! Thank you.

      Posted 8.1.16 Reply
  11. Penny wrote:

    5, 8 & 10 are my favorites, I love them all though! Soooo ready for Fall, my favorite season of all. I too live near Savannah and it has been terribly hot!

    Posted 8.1.16 Reply
  12. Cheryl Records wrote:

    My favorites are 3, 6, 7, & 10. Although I like all of the looks, these 4 really stand out for me. As a matter of fact, I liked 7 so much it inspired what I wore today even before I saw your post. I got a really cute top at Marshall’s over the weekend and work it today with a tassel necklace! 🙂 Thanks for putting all the hard work into your blog, I enjoy reading it everyday and have gotten so many good tips from you. Have a great Monday!

    Posted 8.1.16 Reply
  13. Melesa Garrison wrote:

    You look amazing in all of them, but I really like 2, 3, and 7

    Posted 8.1.16 Reply
  14. jaymieashcraft wrote:

    All fantastic looks!!!

    Posted 8.1.16 Reply
  15. Steph W wrote:

    I love them all. I think my favorite is the monochromatic look. It’s so classy and chic. Also, I love the Plunder jewelry that you incorporate into your outfits. Can’t wait to see what you do for August.

    Posted 8.1.16 Reply
  16. Susan wrote:

    The only outfit I WASN’T hoping to find in my own closet was the July (#2?) – only because I’ve never felt comfortable wearing red. I look forward to seeing your posts. The way you use color is a fashion statement that inspires a whole bunch of us, so many thanks from those of us who need a gentle push !

    Posted 8.1.16 Reply
  17. Rebecca Purdie wrote:

    My favorites are 2, 3, and 10. 10 being my absolute favorite.
    Yes I’m beginning to get a little sad because I am a teacher and we only have about 2 weeks left before teachers return for workdays.
    By the way are you going to the Haven Conference?

    Posted 8.1.16 Reply
  18. Lori wrote:

    1, 5, 8 and 10. Those were my favorites.

    Posted 8.1.16 Reply
  19. Toni wrote:

    August? Wasn’t it just June! Why does July go so fast and January so slow! This teacher is hanging on to summer as long as she can! Love #10! Have a great day gurl!

    Posted 8.1.16 Reply
    • Rebecca Purdie wrote:

      Hi Toni,
      What grade do you teach? I’m a first grade teacher in Greensboro NC.

      Posted 8.1.16 Reply
  20. Debi wrote:

    Love all the looks and color mixes…can you post a collage of the months fashions onto a one page printout? I would like to print out for easy reference!

    Posted 8.1.16 Reply
  21. Linda Thompson wrote:

    I love them all but 9 is my favorite!!

    Posted 8.1.16 Reply
  22. hinesley7 wrote:

    I love them all! #2 is my favorite, but not by much. Summer is such a great time to wear a lot of color, and your blog has really pushed me in that direction. Thanks!

    Posted 8.1.16 Reply
  23. Connie R. wrote:

    Hard to choose. 5 and 8 for me. Can’t say I want be glad to see fall. Hottest summer ever in Savannah. Back to school shopping for my grands yesterday. Leaving the outlet my car read 110!

    Posted 8.1.16 Reply
    • Kathryn wrote:

      One, four and ten are my favorites. Love, love, love summer…never want it to end! Longer days, barbecuing, fresh veggies from the garden, swimming at the lake and the list goes on :).

      Posted 8.1.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      OMG!!! That is crazy hot! I have seen it 101 and 102 here this year, but that is all. I don’t envy you. Haha

      Posted 8.1.16 Reply
  24. Brenda (Holly Springs, NC) wrote:

    10 & 6 are my faves. ?

    Posted 8.1.16 Reply
  25. Audrey wrote:

    I enjoyed the recap. For me, 8 and 10 were my favorites. I am looking for a top similar to the one in 8. It’s lovely.

    The LOGO vest from July 21 intrigued me and was able to find one on clearance. it just arrived and looks like a nice addition to my closet. Without seeing their brand on you, I never would have tried that line of clothing.

    Have a great day.

    Posted 8.1.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I had never tried that brand till this year. Almost everything seems really comfortable, and so far, everything is washing up nicely.

      Posted 8.1.16 Reply
  26. Debra Smith Schramm wrote:

    I have two favorites – 1 & 10.

    Posted 8.1.16 Reply
  27. Lisa wrote:

    I am so ready for fall as it is my favorite season. I’m looking forward to seeing your summer transition into fall outfits. You look great in all of these. My favorites are #9, #8 and #3. ~Lisa~

    Posted 8.1.16 Reply
  28. Sandra wrote:

    I love them all but especially No 7 ….I love the top! X

    Posted 8.1.16 Reply
  29. You are always looking good! But my favorite is nr.10!

    Posted 8.1.16 Reply
  30. FunkyForty wrote:

    How nice – a fab summary of your cute looks – I love them all – you put so much love into carefully selecting every detail…
    I posted my very own choc caramel slice yesterday – you might like to try this recipe 😉

    Have a fabulous Monday!
    xx Yvonne

    Posted 8.1.16 Reply
  31. Loryl wrote:

    3,6 and 10 are my favorites!

    Posted 8.1.16 Reply
    • Jodi wrote:

      Yup, 3,6 and 10 for me also!!

      Posted 8.1.16 Reply
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