50 IS NOT OLD | MONOCHROMATIC FASHIONWhen you dress in a single color hue, shade, or tint, you are dressing monochromatic. It doesn’t matter which color you choose, it is still monochromatic. It is lighter and darker shades of the same base color. In this instance, my color tone is beige. Probably one of the most boring colors on the planet, and I chose to dress in the color head to toe. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | MONOCHROMATIC FASHIONSome fashion gurus would say that monochromatic dressing is boring, that it doesn’t show any creativity at all. I can’t argue that point, it is a relatively easy way to dress. However, I don’t consider this style of dressing boring.50 IS NOT OLD | MONOCHROMATIC FASHION

When you choose to stay in one color range, you create a pleasing palette. All the colors blend for an eye pleasing effect. I, (me personally), think that this style of dressing is very classic. You did not see a lot of crazy pattern mixing back in the “good ole days.”  I like to look good. Some might not find me on the cutting edge of fashion, but as long as I think my outfit looks good, I am okay with that. I doubt if I am going to be invited to New York’s Fashion Week anytime soon. Haha50 IS NOT OLD | MONOCHROMATIC FASHION
I love this Van Heusen embroidered top! I bought it several years ago, but it is still one of my favorites. Here is how I styled it the last time I wore it. But, today I wanted to keep everything simple, just the top and a pair of pants. The top has a sheer overlay of the embroidered design, with a jersey beige/taupe material underneath. Since this is a neutral color, it could be worn with almost anything.

TOP: Tank top | White top | Khaki top | Gorgeous Lace50 IS NOT OLD | MONOCHROMATIC FASHIONI wanted to wear a Plunder necklace that you might not have seen before. The Olivia necklace is pretty and also versatile. It can be worn long, like I am wearing it, or it can be worn short like a choker. Both ways are nice. This is not a light weight necklace, so be aware of that if you are thinking about ordering. At only $26.00, this necklace is a steal!!! I didn’t wear the matching Paige bracelet since I had worn it here. Instead, I decided to wear the Feather and Pearl bracelet. To order any of the jewelry from Plunder, go to OR just type my stylist number (241007) in the box when you check out.50 IS NOT OLD | MONOCHROMATIC FASHIONBesides the large pearls, I also like the bronze color of the metal in the necklace and bracelet. It is something a little different than silver and gold. It adds another dimension to the outfit. The linen pants are a pair that I bought at Belk this year. They are by New Directions, I have already worn them here and here, and you will probably see me wear them again this summer. I love linen pants in the summer.

LINEN PANTS: Similar | Plus

50 IS NOT OLD | MONOCHROMATIC FASHIONMy purse came from TJ Maxx years ago. I only carry it a couple times during the summer, so it still looks like new. It is a linen canvas material with leather trim, and it is by Michael Kors.

LINEN PURSE: Style & Co | Sondra Roberts | Frescobol Carioca 50 IS NOT OLD | MONOCHROMATIC FASHIONI hope everyone is enjoying your summer. Do you have any plans for the 4th? Joe and I had planned on going to the Greenbrier Classic Golf Tournament, but because of the devastating floods that hit West Virginia, the tournament has been called off. I suppose we will just stay at home, and possibly grill out. Don’t forget all the wonderful 4th of July sales that will be happening. Lol!

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  1. Kim Crosbie Reply

    Really cute Tania. I just love the purse everytime you show it.

  2. That top is so pretty. I really like your nails too. Very cute. Hope you have a great weekend.

    • Tania Reply

      I forgot to mention my wild nails! The color is called Purple Heart ???

  3. I love a monochromatic look. I am not as slim as I used to be and I think it is very slimming. I love the long necklace with this top it repeats the long look. I have a Talbots top which is very similar and didn’t remember it be offered in this color so that is why since it isn’t Talbots. I especially like how you refer back to prior posts. ALso loved the post the other day with many past pictures together. You are really getting so computer savvy.

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks Pat! I wish I had MORE time to put into the blog, I could do soooo much more. However, I try to do the best I can with the time I have available to me. Thanks so much for following and taking the time to comment.?

  4. A newbie here- started following you on Pintrest. Your sense of style is refreshing and spirited. I am a believer that you are what you wear and You my dear…wear it well
    Having fun playing dress up in your closet with a cup of coffee this morning ☕️

  5. I love this look, but then I love every look you put together! I haven’t purchased anything linen in years. It seems like the last time I had linen pants, they creased and wrinkled on me so bad I ended up looking like I was wearing a feed sack LOL!! maybe it was the cheaper quality of the ones I had? I think I’ll try again, because your outfit looks so pretty and summery! once again, love your hair!

    • Tania Reply

      I think it is probably all the technology they have put into the fabrics. Linen is not the same ole linen it used to be. The wrinkles look like they are supposed to be there, not that you need to go iron your pants. Lol!

  6. As a plus size girl dressing monochromatically is very slimming. I will be passing up I 81 this morning on my way home to Virginia Beach. We have been in Bristol visiting family. I’ll hollar “Hey Ya’ll” when we pass Abingdon. You be listening for it. ?

  7. Once again I have to say… look so long and lean in long pants. I LOVE linen pants too and beige looks good with your tan.

  8. This outfit is so pretty on you…..I would say one of my favorites. Happy 4ht of July.

  9. robjodiefilogomo Reply

    My mom (my 70’s model) is definitely a lover of this kind of style. She always argues that the monochromatic look is slimming. (I on the other hand, argue that it’s the fit that’s more important).
    Either way this looks super on you, and I think the fact that the shirt is textured adds some nice interest!
    Happy 4th

  10. Love, love, love this outfit!!! I also love how you mixed different textures together to keep the monochromatic look interesting. You have the most beautiful clothes!! I wish I could hire you to be a personal shopper for me! ha Have a fun and safe 4th of July!

  11. You look absolutely Beautiful!!!!!
    Those colors make you look great, I would go to any GFWC function with you in that outfit. You are a winner again!!! Looking Great BFF!!!!
    Now we need to add some of your heavy BFFs to the Blog!!!
    You pick the colors and the date!!! Love you gurl!!!!

  12. I love, love love this look!! I think the way you have styled the monochromatic look is anything but boring! It very elegant and sleek. You made neutrals pop.

  13. I love this monochromatic look on you and I don’t think beige is boring at all! The designs on the top really add to the beige as does the pretty jewelry. We are home for the 4th, as well. West Virginia sure did get hit with the flooding!! My family members live north of the flooding and got heavy rain but not devasatation like those other folks. Keeping them in my prayers!

    • Tania Reply

      I have been keeping them in my prayers. There is so much devastation ?

  14. Tina Matteson Reply

    Well, your nails certainly aren’t boring!!! I actually love this outfit. Looks great on you.

  15. This is a great look! On my computer, it’s all a very lavender-ish shade of beige, and quite lovely.

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