50 IS NOT OLD | GLUE THAT BINDSI want everyone to tell me, what was the first thought that came to your mind when you read the title of this post. If I hadn’t known what I was going to write about, I would have guessed I was talking about a mother. To me, the mother of the family is the glue of the family.50 IS NOT OLD | GLUE THAT BINDSBUT, that is not the type of glue I am talking about. Instead let me tell you a little story about what happens when your nail technician goes away for two weeks to visit his mother. Do you know how long it has been since I had my nails done? It has been WEEKS!!! They are super long, and are driving me crazy. I don’t have tips on my nails, but they do put the gel overlay on my nails because they are so thin. The gel keeps them from breaking and splitting. When you go for so long between appointments, the gel starts to grow out and will “lift” from the cuticle of the nail. Normally when this starts to happen, I go and have the nails redone. However, do to circumstances beyond my control, I have not been able to have a Saturday free to get them done, and now I find out that Bill (my nail guy) will be out of town for another week. I have been doing what I can do keep the nails from coming off. I have worn a bandaid around the nails to help hold it on, and then I finally resorted to using super glue. I keep a bottle in my desk drawer, so I put a couple drops under the lifting part, and then hold it down till it sticks. This has been working great. I have had to use it four or five times, because they keep coming loose. Yesterday I had one nail that was almost completely off, so I used a few more drops than normal. In fact, a few drops even spilled onto my computer desk. I grabbed a kleenex and wiped up the spill, all while holding the glue bottle with my other hand. You guessed it! When I went to put the glue bottle down, I had my thumb and pointer finger glued fast to the bottle. Then when I tried to pull them loose, the pointer finger on my other hand attached. Holy Crap!!! Here I was by myself, Joe had gone golfing, and I was thinking how ridiculous I was. I finally got the one finger loose, but could NOT get the other two loose. I went to the medicine cabinet and found some rubbing alcohol and poured it on my hand, but it did nothing. Finally I soaked my fingers in a bowl, and was able to pry one loose. It did not let go easily. When I got the other one loose, I think I might have left a little DNA on the bottle. My fingers were sore all night long. For the record, I did finally think about using nail polish remover, but not until much later that night. Hahaha! I will be much more careful in the future!50 IS NOT OLD | GLUE THAT BINDSThis top continues with my gray theme of last week. I loved the twist tie detail at the collar of the top. I started not to wear a necklace, and just let the twist detail stand alone, but as I was leaving out of the bedroom this necklace was laying on the dresser. I took that as an omen, the tassel looked so cute with the top, that I just had to keep it on. The top is from Talbots, and I am sure I purchased it at the Prime Outlet Mall in Orlando, Florida.

Twist Detail Top: Nine West | Anne Klein | PattyBoutik50 IS NOT OLD | GLUE THAT BINDSHere is a better look at the print of the top. It is also a closer look at my Trudy necklace by Plunder, and my Retro Glam square rhinestone bracelet from Chloe & Isabel. Chloe & Isabel is having a HUGE sale right now. There is a ton of products on sale up to 65% off, only till they are sold out. If you have ever wanted to try some of their jewelry, now is the time. Just remember to type my name (Tania Stephens) in the Find A Merchandiser box. If you purchase any of the Plunder jewelry, just type my stylist number in the box when you go to checkout (241007). I have started an online party, and there is a dropdown box where you can choose Tania’s P Party at checkout. If you would like to have an online or FaceBook party, contact me and I will help you set everything up.

But, what I really wanted to show you in this picture, was these nasty grown out fingernails. See why they are killing me! Bill (my nail guy) better come home quickly or I will have these things completely taken off.50 IS NOT OLD | GLUE THAT BINDSThe blue/green color in the top might not be a “perfect” match to my pants, but I think they look fine together. I believe the top is more toward the blue hue, and the pants are more toward the green. I could have said that it was the lighting in my bedroom, but truth is, I thought it looked good enough. Don’t you just love thinking you look “good enough?” Lol! I would have preferred to think I looked fantastic, on fleek, smoking hot, or even to-die-for. But, instead, I went with good enough. Hahaha

Mint Jeans: TJ Maxx | Kut from the Kloth | Talbots50 IS NOT OLD | GLUE THAT BINDSI didn’t get a close-up photo of my other Plunder bracelet. It is similar to the feather and pearl bracelet, but the pearl drops on this one are a pale blue/green, and it is called the Mara. PERFECT for this outfit! I went with my Marc Fisher cork wedge shoes. I just thought the outfit needed a different color. Since they are a neutral color, they “go” with the look. I could have worn a pair of white shoes that would match my white tote, but white on my feet make them look huge. I already wear a 9 in shoes, I don’t need any extra help making them look bigger.

White Tote: Similar | Similar | Similar50 IS NOT OLD | GLUE THAT BINDSI hope you have enjoyed laughing at me, and with me. I think laughter is essential. Joe and I have a saying that we use all the time, “In ten years this will all be funny.” Sometimes it is funny right then, and sometimes it takes all ten years. Either way you need to laugh, it makes everything much more tolerable.

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  1. Charlcy Green wrote:

    Tania, thank you for being the kind of woman who can laugh at yourself with us on the blog! Not many woman have that kind of self-confidence & it so endears you to us! I love this outfit – as always you rock everything & make it look so put together & this one makes you look very thin! Thanks for making my afternoon fun!

    Posted 11.29.16 Reply
  2. Mimi wrote:

    Thank you for sharing the nail story -v I have lived it with you! My gal moved away for a year
    and I just could not find any one else that suited me. At least this year she had the good
    sense to move back so I am a happy camper again. I would do without food before not
    having my nails done!!
    Have a great weekend, Mimi

    Posted 7.29.16 Reply
  3. Aly wrote:

    Thank you for the visual picture of your super glue fiasco. We’ve all done it! LOL
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your outfit! I would buy that top, even with my chunky arms.

    Posted 7.27.16 Reply
  4. Stacey wrote:

    Hey, a girl does what she has to do to keep it all together! I would have been right there with you. 🙂

    Posted 7.27.16 Reply
  5. Beth wrote:

    Tania, loved your story…it’s wonderful to know I’m not the only one with a similar super glue experience.? I subscribe to several fashion blogs, but yours continues to be one of my favorites!

    Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  6. Angie wrote:

    Lol! The struggle is real! Thank you for sharing 🙂
    I love this outfit, it is light and bright with some interest, perfect!

    Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  7. Oh Tania, that sounds like something I would do! Made me laugh for sure! Glad you finally got loose! Love the top!

    Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  8. DEB LAW wrote:

    Thank You so much for THE LAUGH OF MY DAY……I so enjoy that You are so REAL & that we can relate with Your Experiences one way or another……So many Folks today choose to be Super Fakes & want everyone else to think that they are bigger & better & because of it some of us Ladies walk around with NO HELP AT ALL!! But, my being REAL You help us ALL to see ourselves in true living & get ideas & great attitudes of how to handle life at it’s BEST & WORST!! Stay Cool & Safe, God Bless You & Your Family Real Good & MAY YOUR NAIL GUY COME BACK SOON!! MUCH LOVE & APPRECIATION TO YOU……..

    Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  9. Naomi wrote:

    Thanks for the giggles Tania! I so totally agree mom is the family glue and laughter is crucial to surviving and thriving in life! ??

    Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  10. Carla wrote:

    I’m still chuckling….you always bring a smile to my face and heart! I love your clothes from Talbot’s.

    Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  11. Lisa wrote:

    Love that top on you! Yes, I can relate to your nail pain. After 25 plus years of wearing nails, I have a back up gal I drive a bit further to see if my regular gal is on vacation etc. There is no way I can go more than two weeks between appointments….a disaster waiting to happen…lol!

    Have a blessed day and hope Bill is back soon!

    Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  12. Sandy wrote:

    You look GREAT even with the fingernail problem!!!!!

    Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  13. EvaMarie Blanton wrote:

    My first thought . . . a church sermon! Love your outfit for such a humid day!

    Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  14. Katt wrote:

    I love all your outfits!
    This one reminded me of a tip I’d found on Pinterest….
    That is to wear a tank top under your blouse, so that your longer necklaces doesn’t fall in between your breasts.
    Thank you for your dedication to helping others.

    Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  15. Denise Pagan wrote:

    Hi it’s Denise ,
    You manage to make me laugh . I too have had nail nightmare. My nail tech happens to be my mom and at times she will go away for several weeks at a time and I hate that. But I want to thank you for keeping your blog light hearted there is enough drama out there in the world. Your outfit is sweet. God bless you.

    Denise Pagan
    Your Latino Sister?

    Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  16. Rebecca wrote:

    I can’t find the necklace. ?

    Posted 7.26.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      That is one of the specials that will only last till they are sold out. When you go to
      then click on the shop tab. Instead of going to necklaces, go to specials. That is where it is located. Sorry I forgot to mention that little fact. 🙂

      Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  17. Karen wrote:

    I love that outfit! I have been looking for some mint jeans to wear. Maybe I can find a deal since fall colors are coming out now.

    Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  18. Joanne wrote:

    What is your secret to such a great figure??

    Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  19. Robin Anders wrote:

    Tania, I must admit the first thing I thought about was Nails…..why, I am not sure. I get mani-pedis, but my fingernails are so hard I can’t cut them myself, and to file them, would be like trying to file cement. I must admit that I laughed at your situation, and I am sure it wasn’t funny at the time. I needed the laughter this am, so forgive me, but Thank you. As usual, your outfit looks great!

    Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  20. Amy Olds wrote:

    I love your outfit, your story and your sense of humor! thanks for getting my morning started off with a smile

    Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  21. Janet wrote:

    You are braver than I am using super glue. If something comes up and I can’t get to my bi-weekly appointment, that’s a problem! Anyway, you can’t tell in the picture and you’ll be on the ‘mend’ soon!

    Although I love you in strong colour this outfit looks great too. Soft, cool and pretty!

    Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  22. Connie R. wrote:

    Been there. Done that. Just like the others I rarely touch that stuff any more! Love your outfit today. The colors are very calming and pretty as we continue with our heat wave in Georgia. I almost hate to put on clothes. LOL Enjoy your day.

    Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  23. Debs wrote:

    Tania, love your tale of woe and your white bag! Who’s is that? Love from FLA…debs

    Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  24. Mary wrote:

    Oh your story made me laugh. The things we can do sometimes! Like the blouse and bracelet. I’ve been continuing to make effort to step up my appearance and appreciate the inspiration you give.

    Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  25. Looking at the pictures, I can’t tell the difference between the blues but I can say that this outfit look really nice on you. I also have the gel on my nails and I carry super glue with me when I travel lollll

    Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  26. Ha ha, the glue that binds – my first thought was NAILS! And then saw your comment about a Mother’s love and I thought OF COURSE, oh my goodness, I’m so shallow, NAILS – what was I thinking? And then it WAS nails! I literally gasped and laughed out loud here 🙂

    You DO have a great jewelry collection. Seeing all your great pieces every day inspired me to buy a repurposed vintage bracelet the other day in a little vintage boutique, I love it! Wouldn’t normally have bought it! So excited to wear it! Thanks for the inspo 🙂


    Posted 7.26.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I am so glad you bought the vintage bracelet. It will probably be one of those piece you treasure. I go through spells with my jewelry. I will only wear vintage for a while, then I will only wear this brand or that brand. It was hilarious reading about you gong back and forth in your mind about the title. You should know I am not “that” deep! Lol!

      Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  27. Hanka wrote:

    Hello Tania, here is my (unrequested :)) piece of advice for your nails: when I used to have my nails done (gel, gelacryl…whatever), I bought from my “nail lady” profi nailfile to be able to shorten my nail tips in case my nail lady is on holiday (or when the lenght drives my crazy and I don´t have time to my appointment by her)
    Have a nice day and greetings from Switzerland 🙂

    Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  28. Nancy wrote:

    Hahaha, I thought it would be a serious conversation about family! But hey, your nails are serious too!?

    Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  29. FunkyForty wrote:

    Adorable top Tania. If it’s any consolation I have also had my glue experience – am terrified of it now and decided from now on whenever anything needs gluing it’s a dedicated “husband job” – hehehe….normally I’m the handy one but when it comes to glue or electricity I leave it up to him 😉

    Have a lovely day,
    Yvonne xx

    Posted 7.26.16 Reply
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