DSC_0019 - Version 2Hi everyone! Guess what??? Today is my blog anniversary, it has been 10 whole months. I started the blog on September 6th just on a whim. My sister had been after me for a year to start a blog on something, but I held back. I didn’t know anything more than anyone else, I was not an expert in any field. Why on earth would anyone read what I had to say, or how would they even find me? I live in a very remote part of the country, at least two hours from what most people would call civilization.50 IS NOT OLD | HANDKERCHIEF TOPBut for some odd reason, on that day in September, I threw my hat into the blogging atmosphere. I figured no one but my sister would ever see the blog, so what the heck! I would just “go for it!” I thought about talking about family, friends, aging, makeup, and a whole host of other things. However, when I sat down to a keyboard, I quickly find found out that I had nothing to say. Lol! So, I just took a picture of what I was wearing and put it on the blog. Not a lot of talking, I had no idea where to even go with this thing. I had to call my sister and have her tell me how to even “link” to clothing. It was pretty uneventful.50 IS NOT OLD | HANDKERCHIEF TOPI didn’t tell a soul, with the exception of my sister. Not my friends, mother, children, or my husband. No one in town knew, and I thought it would stay that way. In my mind I had decided that if I was still blogging by January 1st, then telling everyone close to me would be my resolution. Turns out my secret didn’t stay secret that long. I finally fessed up to Joe when he was getting concerned as to why I was taking my picture everyday. My daughter “stumbled” upon my pictures on Instagram and told her brothers. Pretty soon the cat was out of the bag, and everything was in the open. By that time, I was a little more secure in what I was doing, and not afraid of looking like a fool. (That will be when I post the video’s I took today, you just wait!) 50 IS NOT OLD | HANDKERCHIEF TOPSo, ten months later, here I am. Learning as I go, and hopefully getting better every month. Let’s talk about today’s outfit. Do you like it? I love the colors in this top! The coral, teal, navy, tan, and white all flow really well together. I’m not sure, but I think this type hem is called a handkerchief. If it’s not, it should be. Lol! This one is by HeartSoul and I bought it at TJ Maxx a couple months ago. This is the first time that I have worn it. I put it with a pair of tan bermuda shorts, and a pair of teal shorts, but I didn’t like it with either one. I had almost decided that it was the way the top was made, and that I had made a bad purchase.

Handkerchief Top: Similar | Similar | Plus50 IS NOT OLD | HANDKERCHIEF TOPBut, when I put it with these blue jean capri’s, I immediately liked the look. I bet it would have looked adorable with ankle skinny jeans, rolled with a cuff. I will try that next time! These cuffed capri jeans are several years old. They are an Izod brand, and I like that they are not a skinny jean. I love skinny jeans, but it is nice to occasionally mix it up a little.

Cuffed Capri Jeans: Vera Wang | Kut from the Kloth | Style & Co. (plus)50 IS NOT OLD | HANDKERCHIEF TOPI warned you that this top was not what it seemed. I feel a tad bit exposed in this top without the cardigan. There is nothing indecent about the top, it is just laking some extra material. Haha This would be fine for the beach, or on vacation. BUT, I think that if I am running around town, I’ll just keep my cardigan on. My cardigan is a Joan Rivers that I bought at the QVC overstock outlet, but you can find a navy cardigan almost anywhere.

Navy Cardigan: Similar | Similar | Plus50 IS NOT OLD | HANDKERCHIEF TOPI have on a Plunder necklace that is not in the catalog. It is a special item that will only be for sale untill it sells out. The tassel on the necklace is the “perfect” match for this top! This necklace is called the Trudy, and there is a matching necklace called the Stevie that looks great when worn together. If you purchase any of the Plunder jewelry, just type my stylist number in the box when you go to checkout (241007). I have started an online party, and there is a dropdown box where you can choose Tania’s P Party at checkout. If you would like to have an online or FaceBook party, contact me and I will help you set everything up.50 IS NOT OLD | HANDKERCHIEF TOPI have carried this Dooney & Bourke Patent leather satchel several times this years, go here to see the last time and a link to a very similar one. My Sperry Top Siders sandals are extremely comfortable. Here is where I wore them last, and a link.

Since today is the 10th anniversary, that means we have to have a give-away!!! I have (2) gift certificates to Plunder Design Jewelry to give away. A $25.00, and a $20.00 certificate! Here’s how to enter.

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That’s simple enough! Now, get to sharing……

It’s time for Wednesday’s Wardrobe!!! Let’s hope everything goes well on today’s blog link-up. Please feel free to join me.

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  1. I absolutely love this outfit. The necklace gets lost in the print. I wonder how a gold or silver or metallic necklace would look? One that fills the neck area, but doesn’t drop below the blouse neckline.

  2. Vickie Guidry says:

    Love ur style Tania!!!!! My kinda look!! Enjoy checking to see how U put things together!

  3. Patti Karshis says:

    Shared on Facebook!

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    Shared on Pinterest!

  5. Deb Hackney says:

    Shared on Twitter!!

  6. Joanne Claypoole Mann says:

    Shared you on my Facebook Timeline 🙂

  7. I shared on Facebook. I love your blog and look forward to reading your post each morning. Doing a daily post has to be hard- I appreciate what you do!

  8. I love your blog! I am a ministers wife and have trouble staying stylish and classy with my dress. I love getting ideas from you. thank you

  9. I love reading your blog! It’s my favorite read each morning when I check Facebook.

  10. Read your blog every day! Shared with my friends on Facebook!

  11. Donna Pratt says:

    I shared to Facebook today. I really enjoy your blog and your style tips. Your personality just shines through each and every post. I’m way past 50, but your style can fit nicely into my lifestyle. Thanks.

  12. Pam Richings says:

    Good morning! I shared on Facebook. I love your tips and your video tutorials. I admire that you are willing to go naked-faced in front of the whole world. I’m thinking of trying the Reverse line by R&F. Love your blog!

    1. I really like the Reverse line, but I know it is quite a lot of money. Joe will even remind me at night to “Go do your face.” He can see the results, so he knows I want to keep up the routine.

  13. Paula krouse says:

    Shared on my Instagram!

  14. kristin Giaimo says:

    Love the outfit! And the blog! Just shared on

  15. Penny Cannon says:

    I shared to Facebook. I just love, love your blog!

  16. Love the top! Shared on Twitter!!! Love
    Plunder jewelry! ?

  17. Michelle Mosteller says:

    Shared on Facebook! Love the outfit?

  18. Gretchen Schawe says:

    Shared your post on Facebook. I feel you represent me closely for faith, values and fashion.

  19. Susanne Braconnier says:

    I shared on fb! (Not sure if my first comment went through.) Love your ideas and fashion, thanks for bringing this to all women!

  20. I shared on fb! Love following you and all the information and fashion that you share!

  21. Carrie Peters says:

    Love this outfit. I shared it on Pinterest.

  22. Karen Johnson and says:

    Facebook sharing

  23. I shared on Instagram love your blog

  24. Tracey Martin says:

    Shared to Twitter ?

  25. Liked and shared on my Facebook timeline!! Fingers crossed?

  26. I shared to Facebook. Love the pictures on your wall of hubby and grand kids. Love your blog! I start my day by reading your blog. Btw: would love to see your closets or tell us how many you have. My closet is stuffed but nothing comes out of it that is as cute as your outfits. You have an awesome style!

  27. Shared on Pinterest . Happy anniversary , love to start my day with your blog and sometimes end the day as going to sleep….not as easy as it used to be.

  28. I shared it to Facebook!

  29. I love the top!!! Shared on Facebook

  30. Shared on FB, love your style.

  31. Great outfit, and I just found your blog – I’m super excited to see the outfits you put together every day! As a fellow blogger rapidly approaching 50 it’s definitely time to revamp my style – what suited me ten years ago definitely doesn’t fit the same way today!

  32. I shared on Facebook! Let my friends know i’m a ‘closet’ fashionista! LOL! Love the top, don’t do sleeveless but the cardi works wonders. And, i am in love with the Trudy Plunder necklace!!!!❤️ Thanks, Tania. You do a heart and a day good. debs ?

  33. Aline Trussell says:

    Shared on Facebook.

  34. Shared to FB. Look at your blog daily!

  35. Kathy Ivory says:

    I love your blog! I shared your post on my Faebook page.

  36. Happy Anniversary! Love your blog! You have the cutest outfits. Love your sense of humor too! Shared on Pinterest.

  37. I love the top, I may have to go look for one! I have very pale skin and feel kinda over exposed when I wear tops like that so I would have to wear a cardigan also,plus it looks adorable ! I enjoy your post every morning.
    I shared to FB. I love the jewelry and you can never have too much!

  38. Shared on Facebook ☺️

  39. Shared on Instagram, love the top. Your always a winner in your outfits!

  40. Sharon Fox says:

    Hello! I shared your post through email with my sister! She will love your sense of style….much like hers!

  41. Denise C. says:

    I shared the. Facebook. Thanks.

  42. Congratulations! Love your blog! I shared on Pinterest.

  43. Susan Radtke says:

    Shared on pintrest

  44. Mitzi Vincent says:

    Always enjoy checking your new looks with clothes I would wear! All about style with simplicity and a lil flashy but classy.

  45. Shared on FB. Happy 10th! I really enjoy following you. All though my school years I wore uniforms and then work used to be suits and dresses. Now every thing is much more casual but it’s almost harder to look professional without being overboard or stuffy. Following you is helping me.

  46. tamiblackfranklink12gaus says:

    I enjoy your blog everyday! I have tried to duplicate several of your outfits. I am interested in knowing more about becoming a Plunder Stylist. I have fallen in love with that jewelry. I purchased one piece ( the necklace you have on with the white lace dress) which I went right out and found one for myself (not exactly the same one, but close) and ordered the necklace, had shoes already. Please keep doing what you do!

  47. Happy 10 months of blogging! Somehow your blog seems much more “mature” than 10 months! You are doing a fabulous job!

    I really like the top! The hemline is very flattering! And I love your bag – I think I think/say that every time I see it!

  48. Sharon Hurley says:

    Love the outfit! Thank you so much for your blog! I am turning 50 in a few months and felt like I was in desperate need of a fashion makeover, that’s when I found your blog. You have amazing style and you have helped me tremendously. Keep up the awesome job! Thanks again! ☺️ Btw, sharing on FB.


  49. Love this ! Love the colors. Shared to pinterest. I enjoy reading your blog every day.

  50. V Kingsley says:

    Since I’ve started reading your blog, I have stopped getting up and “putting clothes on” and started “getting dressed.” Until I started reading your blog, I didn’t really know the difference. Now I make a choice to dress head-to-toe, wear jewelry, and look nice. I want to thank you for that! You have made a huge difference in my life. I feel happier, more confidant and more comfortable with who I am. Thank you for your 10 months of guidance!

  51. This top is so adorable! Love it with and without the cardi. Can’t believe you have only been blogging for 10 months! It’s been almost 2 years and I still fee so far behind the curve!

  52. Robin Gossman says:

    Shared on Twitter!

  53. Sandy Ladd-Russell says:

    Thanks for great fashion looks, a sunny outlook each day and a realistic look for those of us who are now on the ‘best’ side of 50. Keep blogging!
    I shared on Twitter by the way.

  54. Shared to Facebook. So enjoy your blog!

  55. Hi there. Congrats!
    I just “found” you on IG. I am really enjoying your posts. Keep up the great work for women in our demographic.
    Best Wishes, Kristen

  56. I love your blog and style. I am in my 40s and enjoy fashion. I have been considering a blog as well.

  57. Love it! I am also your age and started blogging in August! Love the outfit and shared it on instagram!

  58. Happy anniversary! Your a pro at blogging. Love your outfit pictures.

  59. Happy Blogoversary – seems like you have been busy for these past 10 months and looks good!

  60. Congrats!!! Had no idea you hadn’t been doing this forever 🙂 Love the outfit with and without the cardigan and look forward to reading your blog first thing every morning.

  61. LOVE this top!! And congrats on your anniversary! I love your style.

  62. Congratulations on 10 months!!! I enjoy your blog very much especially your Sunday post! Looking forward to tomorrow! God Bless

  63. Congrats on your 10th anniversary. Love you outfit, and enjoy your blog very much. Share on facebook and pinterest.

  64. I shared this post on Twitter. I’m so glad you started this blog,Tania! You really inspire me to take care of myself and to make an effort to keep myself looking nice, even though it’s a bit harder now and takes more time than it did when I was in my twenties and thirties. ha! Love this top with and without the cardigan! You’re getting so tiny!! Have a great Wednesday!

  65. Just shared on Twitter! Love today’s outfit! I’ve just recently started following you, so maybe you have addressed this before, but I have a quick question… How tall are you? I am quite tall, 5’11”, and am just wondering if the proportions that looks so good on you would look as good on me!

  66. Congrats on your 10th! I tweeted and pinned you! Love your blog!

  67. Congratulations on your anniversary! Love this top on you – the cut is perfect and I love the colors. So pretty! Have a great day :)!

  68. Loved this post, shared with friends on FB

  69. Melesa Garrison says:

    Do you feel like a celebrity? I think you kind of are 🙂 In the blog world, you are! Anywho, congratulations on taking this leap of faith bc it definitely worked for you. I love this top, with the jeans and cardigan, but you look great without the cardigan as well. Once again, thanks for sharing your fun stories and your closet 😉

  70. Congrats! Shared on Facebook and Pinterest.

  71. Shared on Facebook. By the way, you are looking good in this outfit. I would, also, call it a handkerchief top.

  72. Shared on Facebook! Love your blog!

  73. Susan Stancliff says:

    Shared on FB. Love the top and Love you! Adorable as usual!!

  74. What!?! Only 10 months old? Inconceivable! I really appreciate the “dressing” on the porch…helps with a seasonal frame of reference. You and ur blog are rock stars. BTW you can definitely rock the top alone. -Julie

  75. Sheree Ozier says:

    Happy Blog Day!!! I Love your outfit! As I Love them all everyday! So glad you decided to blog, it’s such a happy freshness on my fb page!!!

  76. Happy Anniversary! Keep up the great blog!

  77. I love this top & I love your blog!! I shared on Pinterest as I do just about every day!!??

  78. Shared to Facebook! Congrats on your blogiversary! I always enjoy reading it!

  79. bellsonme says:

    What a great look! I’d totally put this with my navy work slacks.

  80. Deanne Lasky says:

    I shared this post on facebook. It is the first email I read every morning when I get up. 🙂

  81. Every morning I read the news (which can be very depressing) and my very next stop is your blog which makes me feel a lot better and puts a little spring in my step. My favorite day is sundays ! I love all your outfits. Some I can wear, others i cant pull off because of my body shape, but i love them just the same. Keep up the great work. I have shared your post with friends, now fb

  82. Rebecca Purdie says:

    Great look!
    I look forward to your daily post. You have great style. Would you share what you are doing to lose weight?
    Congratulations on your blogversary!
    Today i only received one email from you.

  83. Glenda Braun says:

    Shared on FB. Congrats to you. Love your post more and more? That is southern for sure!!!

  84. I love this top. Just my style also. So super glax you decided to blog. Dont stop now.!!

  85. Mary Ann Tinsley says:

    Shared on FaceBook. Cute outfit!

  86. robjodiefilogomo says:

    I love this kind of hemline—the asymmetry of it makes it so interesting!! And I agree with Sandy—you don’t need the cardigan, especially if it’s boiling outside. Your upper body rocks!
    thanks so much for hosting

  87. Cheryl Records says:

    Shared to Facebook. Tania, I love this top and your blog. You are so down to earth and fun to read! Your style has inspired me. I even took your picture to my hair stylist to show her how I want mine cut! I’m not a crazy stalker, I promise! I just really admire your look. Happy Blogiversary!

  88. Joey Belcher says:

    Love the purse. Shared to Facebook!

  89. Congrats to you, shared on Pinterest!

  90. Susan Conaway says:

    Today I am linking up with Tania for wardrobe Wednesday. Also shared on FB, Twitter and Pinterest. Love your Bob! Congrats on your anniversary.

  91. Posted on FB. Love the outfit and the colors. One of my favorite color combinations. Looks really good on you! You can wear sleeveless very well. Great arms!

  92. Shared it to Pinterest. Would love to try out Plunder jewelry. I have never seen that brand til you have been wearing it. Love it!

  93. Heather Beasley says:

    I read your blog everyday. I’m addicted to seeing what you’re wearing that day! LOL. I shared this post on my Twitter account – I would LOVE some Plunder jewelry. I hope I win!

  94. Where is the suntan? When I saw you Sunday you were darker! I think you should wear this top around town without a cardigan! You look great?

  95. Tania, I love your hairstyle. Would you consider having someone take pics from different angles so I could show my stylist. I’m sure others would appreciate as well. Love your blog!

  96. Vicki Collins says:

    Love this top!! Now I will be searching all the TJ’s. I read your blog the first thing everyday and it helps me decide what to wear each day.
    Thank you for your inspiration!!

  97. Shared on Pinterest! Love your blog and outfit! Start my day reading your blog! Awesome!!!

  98. Shared to Facebook. Love your blog!

  99. Shared on pinterest and insta. Love the top but agree too much skin for me! How would it look with white skinnies?

  100. Love your blog, look forward to reading it every morning. Shared on Twitter. Congratulations on your anniversary!

  101. Shared on Pinterest. Start every day by reading your blog!

  102. It is called a handkerchief hem and it looks adorable on you. Understand about the wearing a cardigan because of the skinny straps. Like it with the jeans. And as always great choice in accessories. Hope you have a fabulous day and I shared on pinetrest.

  103. shelbeeontheedge1 says:

    I also started my blog at my sister’s insistence! So funny. And June 24 was my 10 month anniversary as well! How funny that our beginnings are so similar! Your shirt is amazing! I believe it is called a handkerchief hem and it is super flattering! I just got a really adorable asymmetrical hem tank top at Cato’s yesterday that is so cute. I will be styling it soon! Really great post. I just shared on Twitter @ShelbeeEdge!


  104. Vicki Johnson says:

    Shared on Facebook.

  105. I enjoy reading your blog every morning. Always uplifting and encouraging and I love how you share your faith and love for God. I always look forward to your Sunday posts. I shared this post to FB.

  106. Shared on twitter. (@llm67). Love your top today and congratulations on blogging for 10 months! You are doing a fabulous job!

  107. kristin Giaimo says:

    Just shared to Twitter… congrats on a great 10 months! Just found your blog, but it already one of my favorites.

  108. Really loving the casual outfit today it seems you always have the perfect jewelry to match the bracelet and the necklace go beautifully

  109. I shared it to FB. I share you posts every morning with my girlfriend, Wendy, so we can up our style for the day!

    Congrats on the blog milestone. It’s definitely one of my must visit sites every morning with coffee.

    Great outfit. Love the top!.

  110. Wendy hoff says:

    Shared on Facebook! Love your blog. Love your outfit today!!!!

  111. Hi Tania, great outfit, the colours are very fresh and complement you beautifully. The bag is just an icing on the cak

  112. Happy Blogversary! I love your fashions — cute top! Thanks for posting everyday, as a former blogger, I appreciate all the work that goes into this. Looking forward to reading you for many more blogversaries!

  113. Hi Tania,
    As always, I love your outfit! I shared to Pinterest. I look forward to your blog each morning…it’s the first thing I look at when I wake up!
    Happy Blogversary!

  114. hinesley7 says:

    I love this!!

  115. Joan Kirk says:

    Love your style,and colors you choose. Have been following you for about 6 months.

  116. vanityandmeblog says:

    I meant to say Happy Blogversary xx

  117. Congratulations on your ‘blogiversary’! I can’t imagine how scary it must be to put yourself out there for the first time, so glad that you did! I love today’s outfit!

    1. Shared to facebook. I have looked at other blogs but yours is still the BEST!

  118. Joanne Scantlebury says:

    Hey Tania, shared it to my timeline on Facebook. Friends in New Zealand Like your posts?

  119. Love the top and I would also wear it with a cardigan unless it was exceptionally hot or I was just hanging out. And congratulations on the upcoming milestone. Your venture into blogging sounds a lot like mine, even the part of keeping it on the down low at first, although I didn’t have anyone urging me to start a blog. August is my 1 year anniversary and I waited until October to ‘go public’ with family and friends.


  120. Debbie Grissom says:

    I shared it to FB. I share you posts every night with my girlfriend Pam.