50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO COORDINATE A LOOKIf I had to describe this look, I would say it is “overall pleasing.” The colors are bright but at the same time, they are muted. Nothing is neon or glowing. All the articles in this outfit just flow together. And the accessories tie in beautifully with the overall color scheme. This is how to coordinate a look, 101.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO COORDINATE A LOOKWhen Joe was in college, we always put 101 in our “how to” talks. That was the course number associated with whatever we were attempting to explain. The more complicated the subject, the higher the course level number would go. This is pretty simple coordination, so I am staying with the 101 level. 50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO COORDINATE A LOOKI started this look with a pair of shoes, we will get to those later. I could have just as easily picked out this scarf, and started with it. So go to your closet and pick out a scarf, a printed top, or a pair of shoes. I’ll wait right here for you to get back. Haha! Now look at the item and name all the colors you see in the item. In looking at my scarf, I see pink, coral, white or cream, yellow, purple, and bright green.
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO COORDINATE A LOOKI could have chosen any top that was one of those colors, and the outfit would still work. The first thing I picked was the coral (or melon) 3/4 cardigan. I was wanting to stay with ONLY the colors in the scarf and shoes, so I picked a pink v-neck t-shirt to go under the cardigan. This look flows, but if I had wanted the look to be more “in your face,” I would have chosen a top that was navy. Wouldn’t that have “popped?” My cardigan is by Maurice’s.

Coral/Melon Cardigan: Similar | Loft | Plus50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO COORDINATE A LOOKI don’t have on a lot of jewelry with this look, but I did add a few bracelets. This one by Plunder had a lot of the same colors as the outfit, so I knew it would go with the coordination theme. There is a matching necklace, but since I had on the scarf I chose not to wear it.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO COORDINATE A LOOKMy hot pink leather tote by Vera Bradley worked perfectly with this outfit. This has been my go-to purse this summer. I never thought I would carry a purse that was this bright. But, I have carried it with almost everything, from dressy to casual.

Hot Pink Tote: Reversible | Two-tone | Leather50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO COORDINATE A LOOKI know your eyes have feasting on these shoes. How cute are these pumps??? Nina Shoes contacted me back in the early part of the summer about styling a pair of their shoes. I jumped on the opportunity, (companies like Nina Shoes doesn’t come along everyday) and I immediately started looking for a “smart” pair of shoes. I wanted to pick a pair that I would be able to wear all summer long, and that is exactly what I did. Here is the post where I told you how I came to pick out my “Virginia” sandals.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO COORDINATE A LOOKThen the other day, Danica from Nina Shoes emailed me, wanting to collaborate again. YIPEE!!! For one thing, I LOVE their shoes and couldn’t wait to pick out another pair. Secondly, it meant they liked my first post in order for them to want to work with me again! I felt like Sally Fields, “They liked me, they really liked me!” Lol! And thirdly, I knew this time I was going to pick out something with a little more pizzaz, a little more oomph, and a little more sass. 50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO COORDINATE A LOOKThis pair is called “Agenda,” and they were exactly what I had in mind. I love all the different colors, this makes this pair very versatile. Let’s see if I can get all the colors mentioned. I see shades of orange, yellow, pink, salmon, green, white, and I think brown. Just imagine the possibilities. I have already worn this pair three times since I received them just last week. The heel in 3 1/2 inch, but they do not feel high. AND, I wore them to work one day, and they were quite comfortable. When I came home, my feet did not hurt me at all. They do have a padded insoles, so that may be the reason they are so comfortable. When I ordered this pair, I ordered my true size, and they fit perfect.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO COORDINATE A LOOKA pair of new white  crop pants was what I chose to wear with this look. I like the white, but the pants are too big. I probably will not wear them again. They are by Jones New York, and I don’t know if I didn’t try them on, but they do not fit. They are my normal size, maybe some of you know if they run big. I wish I had worn one of my other white pants, my butt looked saggy all day long. I am glad I had on so much color that everyone’s eye was not on my rear.

White Crop Pants: Similar | Similar | Petite, Misses, Plus
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO COORDINATE A LOOKYou caught me, I was admiring my shoes again. You will not be disappointed if you decide to purchase these. The ruffle short scarf is one that I bought last year. I think it was a Ralph Lauren, but I always tear the tags off of my scarves (I hate those tags to show) so I can’t say for sure.

Printed Scarf: Similar | Similar | Similar50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO COORDINATE A LOOKThe pink https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=533045039&pid=uid2761-32973931-86t-shirt I have on is by Ralph Lauren. I bought several of these shirts one day at TJ Maxx. I like that they have a v-neck, a small sleeve, and they fit close to the body. A shirt that fits close to the body, without being too tight, makes you look thinner. They also are easier to wear with a cardigan or sweater. 50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO COORDINATE A LOOKI am going to leave you with just one more shot of these pumps. Head on over to Nina Shoes, and pick out two or three pair. Use the code 50isnotold at the checkout to receive a 20% discount. If your husband asks what you are doing, tell him you are taking a 101 college class that requires you to pick out new shoes. Hahaha!

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  1. Diana wrote:

    One of my very favorite outfits you have every worn!

    Posted 11.9.18 Reply
  2. Maria Mas wrote:

    Excelent!! And beautiful outfit

    Posted 12.3.17 Reply
  3. SUSAN wrote:

    Hi Tania, Just going through my inbox and catching up on posts and articles I missed when they first came in.

    Quick question, can you do a video tutorial on how you tie your scarf so lovely.


    Posted 11.26.16 Reply
  4. Love this outfit, the colors are great and the scarf is perfection along with those great shoes! Just found your blog and as I was reading through some of your older posts I was surprised to see you started last September! I’m inspired because your site looks so professional and well done. My friend and I recently started a blog and I feel so overwhelmed, you give me something to hope for!

    Posted 8.2.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I has been an adventure, that is for sure. I had no idea what I was getting into, but it has been wonderful!!! I am meeting so many wonderful “gurls” along this journey. If I can do this, then anyone can. ?

      Posted 8.2.16 Reply
  5. She’s like a rrraaaiiiiiiiiinnnnbowwwwwwwww 🙂

    What is the gold bracelet on your right wrist? That looks interesting.


    Posted 7.30.16 Reply
  6. Great outfit! You described it perfectly! And the shoes are truly beautiful!

    Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  7. laurieopop wrote:

    Your hair is just amazing!

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  8. Susan wrote:

    I love those heels. Very smart outfit.

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  9. Jane McMillian wrote:

    LOVE! This outfit screams summer! And the shoes… WOW! Gorgeous!

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  10. Lori wrote:

    LOVE IT!! I love these colors and they look great on you! How you do you stay so tan?!!

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  11. Fab-dab-tab-ulous!! Shared the heck of it, too. Rockin!

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I saw that you shared, thank you very much! As much as I try, I can just not get into Twitter. Maybe one of these days:)

      Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  12. Mary wrote:

    Its hard to go wrong with pink and coral. Those colors look good on so many women and are fabulous on you! The shoes are adorable. Hope they are available in a wide width. It can be challenging to find cute shoes that fit my short but almost flat feet, ha!

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  13. Naomi wrote:

    Tania this is one of my favorites outfits ever! The shoes are dreamy and all the elements you put with it are gorgeous together!

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Thanks so much Naomi!!!

      Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  14. jaymieashcraft wrote:

    Those shoes are so fun!!

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  15. Danica wrote:

    We love you! Thank you Tania!

    For all you ladies asking about the shoes, we would like to offer you an exclusive offer for being Tania’s amazing followers. From now until 8/7 you can shop http://www.ninashoes.com 20% Off Sitewide with code “ninashoes” at checkout!

    Happy Shopping!

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Thanks for the discount for everyone!

      Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  16. Sheree Ozier wrote:

    Love the outfit!!! The shoes really make an awesome statement! I agree with Debbie from Memphis, a gurls! meeting would be fun, especially since I too live in Memphis.

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  17. Kathe wrote:

    Those colors are amazing together! The shoes are GREAT!

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  18. robjodiefilogomo wrote:

    I’m in awe of those shoes Tania!
    Usually taking in pants that are too big, is a pretty easy alteration. I’ve done it myself by taking in the inseam a half inch all around—that could be an easy fix for you?

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  19. Patti wrote:

    Great color combo. Perfect outfit for the office on a summer day.

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  20. Rebecca Purdie wrote:

    This has to be one of my favorite outfits this summer! I’m a girl that loves bright colors. Now I’m being nosey but only because you always look so pretty and put together. What size do you wear ( pants, dresses, shoes and tops ). I see things on you and think I’m to large short and stubby to look as good as you.
    I’m 5 3 1/2, 173 pounds ( gained 10 pounds since school has been out) size 9 shoe. Squeezing in a 10. Hope to loose that 10 once school starts back.
    I’m curvy.
    Any suggestions?

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I am 5’6″, and I weight around 155lbs. I also wear a size 10 or a large. A 9 is what I wear in a shoe also. I am NOT curvy, nope not in any way. Haha

      Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  21. Kim Crosbie wrote:

    Love love love this outfit. The colors are great and the shoes are awesome. Good job Tania on this selection

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  22. Sharon Cassidy wrote:

    Love the outfit! My favorite color combo☺

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  23. Jessica wrote:

    Love the outfit. The colors are so bright and summery. You always look so put together and have a great sense of style. Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  24. Gail Hoke wrote:

    A great choice for a Monday-lovely and colorful!

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  25. Lori wrote:

    Love. Love. Love those shoes!!!!!

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  26. Debbie wrote:

    One of my favorite outfits! I am headed to my closet now to see what pink and orange/coral I have hiding there!

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  27. Love the outfit today.

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  28. Audrey wrote:

    Love the color combination today!

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  29. Hanka wrote:

    Those pumps are so cute!

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  30. Kim wrote:

    I am loving your outfits. Im liking most of your styles and have adapted my wardrobe to try them as near as but what im looking for is a style for work. We dont have a uniform but i would like to make my own, but casual and professional looking too. I work in an office most of the time but do work on reception also, dealing with the public. I wonder if you have any ideas for me. I wouls value your opinion and help ? x

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Kim, thank you for following my posts. I tend to think of my outfits as work appropriate, because I go to work in them everyday. However, my job is in a pretty relaxed atmosphere. I would just change things up a tiny bit. I might choose dress pants or skirts instead of capris, and a dress would easily work. I always think heels make an outfit more dressy, but if you do a lot of walking that can take a toil on your feet. A blazer or cardigan will hide arms if sleeveless attire is not recommended. Just small tweaks can “upgrade” most looks to professional. I hope this helps.

      Posted 7.26.16 Reply
  31. Lisa wrote:

    Beautiful colors on you. Each day I’m amazed on how you put your outfits together. I enjoyed my fashion 101 this morning. ~Lisa~

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  32. Catherine wrote:

    Love these colours Tania. You have put this outfit together so well! Pink, orange and white are the basis of my holiday (vacation) wardrobe and I do wear them when we get sunny weather here in the UK. They seem to look better in a bright light.
    When it’s rainy and cloudy here, which is A LOT ? I wear more muted tones.

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  33. nancy wrote:

    Ah, I can see it now Tania, this adress is showing, I will use this one then.I think the other one is going to your spam, it must have. You don’t have to respond to my mail. It’s okay to use this one.

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  34. Julie wrote:

    How to make saggy pants look good 101! I always appreciate your blog and will check out Nina Shoes! -julie

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  35. nancy wrote:

    Fabulous colors!

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  36. Caroline wrote:

    Like your other gurls have said, I LOVE everything about this outfit and if those pants are too big on you, toss them my way!! ?

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  37. FunkyForty wrote:

    Love this look Tania – especially mixing pink and orange – one of my personal favourites.

    Have just published simple styling tips for shorts – always handy in summer 😉

    Have a fabulous day!

    xx Yvonne

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  38. I would never ever dare to put together watermelon with pink, I just can’t combine warm and cold shades of pink/red. But for some reason this looks amazing on you and I should definitely think out of my (usual) box. What an inspiration you are!

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
    • Sorry for double post, my first message did not show up even after refreshing the page and now they are both there and I don’t know how to delete on of them.

      Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  39. Love, love, LOVE your shoes! ?

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  40. Marie-Louise Nordberg wrote:

    Love this outfit.

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
  41. Debbie Grissom wrote:

    I have subscribed with my email twice and I don’t get notices. I follow you on FB but I wanted to get noticed in case I missed you. My friend had the same problem. Also, would you consider doing a meet and greet in Memphis? We would LOVE to come see you. Thanks

    Posted 7.25.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Debbie, when you subscribe to receive emails, you will receive an email that you have to verify you “really” want to receive emails from me. If you did not get that message, it probably went in your trash or spam folder. Email services will sometimes classify blogs as spam. Try again, and be sure to look in the trash folder.

      Posted 7.26.16 Reply
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