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The Best Eye Creams And Moisturizers For Women Over 50

You know I love talking about skincare! Several weeks ago, I blogged about moisturizers for your face. There were so many great options, but sadly, all of them said very clearly not to use them on your eyes. No worries! Today I’m sharing the best eye cream and moisturizers for women over 50. All of them are for your EYES, and all have been highly reviewed.

I use three different eye creams. If one is good, then three are better…right!?!

Each of these products is applied at a specific spot. Be sure to read the directions so you know where to apply your creams. The Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex by Rodan & Fields is an under-eye cream. It can be applied closer to the eye than most.

I use the City Beauty Lid Lifting Treatment to try and combat droopy eyelids. I apply this cream in the crease and upwards.

The eye cream that is my favorite is the REDEFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream. If you can only choose one eye cream, this one is my pick. For years, this is the only one I used, but I decided to add the others last year. You apply this cream on the orbital bone, not close to the eye. As the cream heats up because of your body temperature, it will spread, and you don’t want it to spread into your eyes.

Here are highly-rated eye creams. I looked at the reviews and picked the ones that everyone seemed to like the best.

The Best Eye Creams And Moisturizers For Women Over 50 – 3500+ reviews

L’oreal is a great brand for skincare. This eye cream has antioxidants and Vitamin E. Its claim to fame is that it promotes new cells. It’s been reviewed over 3,500 times and has a rating of 4.6 stars!

Here’s another well-known brand. I have used many Estee Lauder products over the course of my life, and I’ve always found them to be effective. This Advance Night Repair Cream is supposed to help with dark circles in as little as two weeks! It has over 3,700 reviews on Ulta and 4.5 stars.

Here’s another dark circle treatment, this time at a little bit cheaper price point. The ingredients of this include caffeine, rosewater & blueberry, which hydrates and cools the skin around the eyes for a fresh look. I like to keep mine in the fridge for extra coolness! Over 6,000 reviews and 4.5 stars.

The Best Eye Creams And Moisturizers For Women Over 50 – 10,000+ reviews

Eva Naturals has a whole host of skincare products. Use this eye gel if you want to reduce the appearance of dark under-eye circles, puffiness, crowfeet, fine lines, eye bags, and sagging eyelids. Yes, please! The cost is under $25 dollars and goes on sale quite a bit for even less. Over 10,000 people have reviewed this, and it has a 4.1-star rating!

True confession, I stay up way too late most nights. There’s so much to do during the day, and I find myself staring at my computer screen into the wee hours. All of that lack of sleep has meant many a puffy-eyed morning! If you have your own issues with puffiness, this Puffy Eye Serum from Advanced Clinicals is for you. This formula includes plant-based collagen, caffeine, gotu kola, and peptides. It has over 18,000 reviews and a 4.4-star rating!

The Best Eye Creams And Moisturizers For Women Over 50 – 20,000+ reviews

I can remember seeing those golden bars of Neutrogena at the grocery store and wishing I could buy them. They were too much for my teenage pocketbook, but I knew that they were the good stuff! The company has been around since 1930, and I’ve always associated them with high-quality skincare. I did laugh at the name of this – Rapid Wrinkle Repair. I mean, who wants SLOW wrinkle repair? Not this Gurl! Apparently, no one else does either because this product is beloved. It has over 20,000 reviews and a star rating of 4.4.

Next up is RoC Retinol Correxion Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles & Puffiness. I didn’t misspell it. The name is actually Correxion. I can tease about the name all I want, but there before and after pictures are pretty impressive. The price is very reasonable, and they have over 27,000 reviews and 4.3 stars. The formula is gentle enough to wear every day, another plus!

And finally, CeraVe. They ALWAYS knock it out of the park. This Eye Repair Cream has been reviewed a whopping 56,000 times! You don’t always have to pay big bucks to get big results. This is under $20 dollars and has a rating of 4.3 stars. CeraVe has a ton of skincare products. I almost always have a jar or two on my counter.

Also, don’t forget that these types of items make great stocking stuffers. Let me know which of these you’ve tried or are putting in your cart!

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  1. Linda Pitts says:

    Advanced Night Repair for eyes is fabulous! I’ve used it for many years and it works! Your skin looks great!

  2. Krista Preston says:

    Cereve is a household favorite

  3. Marilin Neden says:

    Eye opening information!
    Giving me some updated insight as to urchasing , making my money stretch a little further.
    Thank you.

  4. Trish McEvoy Retinol Eye Cream is great for smoothing fine lines and acts as a nice primer for concealer application.

    Your natural brows are lovely! They have a great shape and look very youthful.

  5. I need something for wrinkles on face I’m 65 afraid to invest in something that doesn’t work money is limited.

  6. Carolyn Jones says:

    12;45 at night I found just the info I needed.
    75 yrs old and few wrinkles , want to keep it that way as long as possible.

  7. Multi-Function Eye Cream is AMAZING ❤️

  8. Elizabeth Smith says:

    Great post today on effective eye creams!!!!

  9. Thanks so much for this post. I’m in need of a “miracle eye cream” as over the last few months I have developed the dreaded and unsightly bags under my eyes. So hoping I can find something that will help.

    Absolutely LOVE your new bangs!

  10. Patt Dyal says:

    I just ordered the firming eye gel. Sounds great with great results. I am a product junkie and this is a new product for me. I am excited to try it.

  11. I have used Roc eye cream products for years and like it. But I think I’ll try the City Beauty lid lifting treatment, need little help lifting lids.

  12. Thanks for this list; I think I need to give one of these a try.

  13. I need to try the dark circle treatment.

  14. I’ve been seeing some before and after videos for Peter Thomas Roth’s Instant Eye Fix and it looks incredible!

  15. I’ve been using Neutrogena eye cream for years. It really works!

  16. Great info. I enjoy your posts! Keep up the good work.

  17. Thanks for all the options. The Elf eye cream was helping me. However I have skin issues going on right now so I’m sticking to only castor oil on my face right which is helping. My skin is better in spring and summer.

  18. I am actually looking for a good eye cream. I have been using EL eye cream but when I put on my makeup it seems to cake up under the eye. This is a great post. I’ll be studying several of these. 🙂

  19. Linda Shearer says:

    I use the redefine eye cream from rodan and fields and the este lauder night repair eye cream. I do have dark circles under my eyes and these two products help.

    1. I love the Redefine eye cream, it is the best I’ve ever used, not that I’ve used a lot. Lol!

  20. So many great options. I’m always looking for miracle working eye creams but at a budget price 😉. Thanks for this post.

    1. Kathryn, just remember, any cream takes time to show results. Don’t expect to see results for several months.

  21. Thank you Tania for this post. There are so many products on the market it is hard to know which one actually works. I am going to try the ROC Correxion.

  22. Thanks I needed this post, got some ordered now!