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The Best Products for Keeping Lips from Being Chapped

I’ve posted so often about lipsticks, lipstains, and lipglosses, I thought today we’d talk about products to keep your lips looking good UNDERNEATH all of those products. Winter is coming, and the wind and cold can make lips dry and painful. Here’s a list of the best products for keeping lips from being chapped.

The Best Products for Keeping Lips from Being Chapped – Masks

I’ve used Laneige Lip Masks off and on for years. I love how the product feels on my lips as I sleep. This is a Limited Edition set of the bestselling Berry flavor, plus two-holiday flavors: Caramel Apple and Mango. I love sets like this since you can keep one and use the others as stocking stuffers.

This product has 4.6 stars after almost 6,700 reviews. That is impressive! It’s hard to get a group of people to agree on anything, yet Burt’s Bees has managed to do just that. The product info claims this lip treatment moisturizes, conditions, smooths, and helps support your lip’s natural moisture barrier while you sleep. Since this is under $10, I say, why not join the other 6,700 people who’ve tried it???

We have been using masks on our faces for years, but lip masks are a relatively new product. They are easy to use. Apply the mask to your lips and leave it on for ten minutes to hydrate and moisturize. If you’re concerned about irritation, it’s always a good idea to do a skin test. There are 20 masks in a carton and just $7.

This is a mask of a different sort. Instead of placing the mask over your lips, this includes an applicator to apply the mask. That’s a nice touch, as it will help keep the product clean, plus no gunk under your fingernails! This mask is intended to stay on while you sleep so you can wake up to freshly moisturized lips.

The Best Products for Keeping Lips from Being Chapped – Lip Repair

Sometimes, you need a little something more than your basic chapstick. This Ultra Repair Lip Therapy contains oatmeal and shea butter to protect and antioxidant boosters to stave off “environmental aggressors.” This product contains no artificial fragrances, which I love since I am highly sensitive! It’s a great buy at $10.

This Lip Replenisher from Revision Skincare uses Hyaluronic Acid to deliver intense hydration to your lips. Why do we want hydrated lips? Because hydrated lips don’t just feel better than dry, cracked lips. Hydrated lips are also plumper and more youthful-looking. Over 1,300 hundred people have reviewed this product, and it has a 4.5 star rating!

For those who like to carry a stick in your purse, this lip conditioner from Bioderma should do the job nicely! Sometimes, lip balms can make your lips feel even dryer, but this lip conditioner keeps them moist all day. The reviews are great, with over 6,000 people commenting; they have 4.5 stars. The sticks are a little bit more expensive at $10, but you can buy two for $15.

The Best Products for Keeping Lips from Being Chapped – Exfoliating

This is probably one of the most expensive products on today’s post, but it is on sale for 15% off! I have this sugar scrub balm, and I love how the scrub feels as you apply it. It then melts into your lips, leaving you with the hydrating balm. I carry this in my handbag to use when my lips are feeling chapped. It has a nice taste and adds a bit of color to your lips.

It makes sense to exfoliate our skin, so why not our lips? This sugar lip scrub combines an excellent lip exfoliator with a lip moisturizer. Made with Hawaiian Cane Sugar, this treatment gently removes dead and dry skin. It’s cruelty-free and formulated with all-natural ingredients. Plus, it has over 4,000 reviews and 4.6 stars!

I’m a sucker for anything coconut, and then when they put the word SEXY in the title…well, what can I say? Even with the coconut yummy title, this product is fragrance-free. I get excited when a thousand people review a product so you can imagine how I feel about this one since over 20,000 folks have taken the time to write a positive review! This scrub is just $10 dollars and has a 4.4 star rating!

I have almost every beauty tool, but evidently, I’ve been missing one! This lip scrub exfoliating tool has two sides. One is to use with sugar scrubs like the ones above, and the other is to massage your lips. I’d put this in my toothbrush cup to remind me to remove the dead skin. It’s not going to break the bank either as it’s just $3 dollars!

Who’s ready for some luscious lips? Let me know in the comments which of these products you’ll be trying.

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  1. Diane Swanson says:

    My lips are always looking for something soothing. Thanks for this post

  2. Amyra Sani says:

    Very welldone post.Chapped lips are always irritating and embarrassing. Will definitely try the lip mask.

  3. I use Laneige all the time but need to try some of the others you show. Thanks

  4. great stocking stuffer ideas for a the girlies on the list. I have the first aid beauty lip balm on my night stand. Highly recommend!!! I also like Burt’s bees products. I hate ChapStick. It’s so waxy. That what my husband uses😜

    1. That is good to know, Nicole. I love first hand recommendations.

  5. I’ve used Berts Bees forever. I have them stashed everywhere – purses, kitchen, nightstand – anywhere I can grab them. However, I have never tried the overnight lip treatment. Guess that’s next on my purchase list!

    1. I hope you enjoy it! 😊

  6. sue koren says:

    Never knew about alot of these products!

  7. Years ago, I used a cream before putting in lip color. It was great and held the lip color on even through eating or drinking. Do you know of products that do this?

    1. Ann, I’m not sure what that product would be.

  8. I’m going to try Burts Bee because their products are clean. Also Ultra Repair since I use their moisturizer. The lip tool definitely sounds useful. Thank you for this because my lips get very dry no matter what season but especially winter.

  9. linda shearer says:

    Im going to try the lageine scrubs and the bioderm lip moisturizer. These all are great

  10. Rhonda Ragain says:

    you can’t beat SEXY!

  11. My daughter turned me on to Laneige. Love their products!

    1. She is one smart girl!

  12. I will have to try some of these thx

  13. I am loving the post on the lip scrubs and lip scrubber brush! My husband is about to get ideas from this post for my stocking stuffer ideas! lol

    1. I thought they would come in really handy!

  14. Louise Logan says:

    Great selections for upcoming winter months. I always need something for my lips in winter!

  15. Christal Maria Yowell says:

    I’m not surprised Burts Bees made the list- it’s one of my favorite products. Healthcare staff take lip care and hand lotion very seriously!

  16. Burt’s Bees has been a go to brand for me for many years and I can always count on it to be consistent.
    I have never heard of a lip scrubber brush- think I will give it a try.

    1. I had never heard of it until recently. I’ve got them on order because I have one spot on my lips that always seems chapped.

  17. Is there any tinted lip balms you have tried for daytime use?

    1. There are a lot of tinted balms out there. I have several different ones. Here is a link that shows you a ton you can choose from: https://bit.ly/45Ket87

  18. I have to have something on my lips at all times so this is a great post for me.if I don’t have something on my lips I lick them so much in no time they are chapped. Great post, I have not heard of some of these items. Will have to try.

    1. Let me know how the products work for you! Thank you for commenting. ❤️

  19. I’d like to try the Holiday Hydration Gift Set (love your idea of stocking stuffers – one for my daughter and one for my daughter-in-love), and also the Sugar Scrub Sweet Exfoliation. I have very dry skin, especially in the colder months, so I’m loving these recommendations for lips. 🤗

    1. Cindy, you sound like me. I lather up all the time because I have such dry skin.

  20. Definitely that time of year!!!