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This bright red sweater and black and white check pants is a Valentine's date night outfit from fashion blogger 50 Is Not OldOn Monday, my blogger friends and I showed you our favorite looks for a Galentine’s Day party. Here is that post in case you missed it. Afterward, we got to talking about our plans for Valentine’s Day, and we decided to do a post once again together, showing you our date night inspired looks. You may not go out on Valentine’s Day, but you can still use these looks anytime you have a night out with friends or the hubby. So, be sure to check out Jo-Lynne and Deb’s looks when you finish this post.

This red sweater and black and white check pants is a Valentine's date night outfit from fashion blogger 50 Is Not OldSome of you might not be aware of where I live. I live in a small town in Southwestern Virginia, that is in the mountains. My brother once described me as living in a crevice, but most people will call it a valley. There is a mountain in front and behind me, and a river that runs in front of my house. Add a four-lane highway, a railroad track, and a tiny sliver of land to the mix, and you can see why my brother calls it a crevice. Lol!

The advantage of living in this bowl is that we are protected from a lot of weather. We don’t usually get horrible winds, and normally tornados are not something that we have. However, a big disadvantage of living with two large mountains and a river so close is the danger of flooding. It has been raining nonstop for days and pouring the last couple of days. This morning I woke up to our county under a State of Emergency because of the flooding. You can hear the water roaring in the river and hear large trees thumping into the concrete bridge that spans the river. The forecast is calling for a bit more rain tonight that is going to turn to snow by morning. I guess that I’ll be held up in the house for a few days, let’s hope that the rain stops soon!This bright red sweater and silver jewelry is worn by fashion blogger 50 Is Not Old My bright red sweater is a year or so old. I loved the large cowl neck design of the sweater, and I decided to wear it as a semi/off the shoulder look. When you purchase a large cowl neck sweater, you have the option to wear it in the normal way, as a one-shoulder look, or as an off the shoulder look. So, the sweater becomes very versatile, and that opens up a lot more possibilities in ways that you can style the sweater.

Silver jewelry and a red sweater from fashion blogger 50 Is Not OldI love, love, love the Avi earrings by Kendra Scott. They are a statement earring that draws attention to your face. I love the unique twist on the hoop, and I love how sturdy these are. The bracelets that I am wearing are from The Styled Collection. They are Chariot, Charlotte, and the Brinkley cuff bracelets. The watch that I am wearing is by Michael Kors. I like wearing a watch, and I think that they are classy looking, and I am tired of using my phone to tell time. I am wearing a long silver chain with a Valentine’s pendant attached as my necklace.

black and white check pants from fashion blogger 50 Is Not OldThese black and white check pants are one of my favorite pairs of pants. Like the sweater that I am wearing, the pants are also something that I had in the closet. Just because I am a blogger doesn’t mean that I don’t shop my closet for things to wear. I am not a store, and even though I order in lots and lots of clothing to try and show to everyone, I also like to show you how to create different looks from the clothing that you already own. Normally, I wear these pants in the spring and summer, but you can see that they can also be worn in the winter.

A red sweater and black and white check pants is a Valentine's date night outfit from fashion blogger 50 Is Not OldI thought it might be fun to stroll back through the years and look at my previous Valentine’s Day outfits.

February 2016

February 2017

February 2018

February 2019


This bright red sweater and black and white check pants with black pumps is a Valentine's date night outfit from fashion blogger 50 Is Not Old

Make sure that you check out Jo-Lynne and Deborah to see what they are wearing today! I know that they will look fantastic!!!

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  1. I have checked pants and a red sweater. Thanks for the inspiration!! Looks wonderful on you.

  2. This is such a great look on you! Loving those pants and cute necklace!
    Hope the rain slows down!

  3. Tina Butler says:

    You look great in red! I’m inspired to wear more colors, especially red❣️ Just curious…what is the name of your small town in southwest Virginia? Sounds lovely. We have a summer home in Greenbrier County in West Virginia, just across the Virginia border. We may be neighbors! ?

    1. I live in Grundy, Virginia. It is about 1-2 hours away from Greenbrier county.

  4. The sweater looks fantastic on you. I’m not a fan of the pants, sorry. I haven’t quite embraced the latest style of plaid pants. Have a great week:)

    1. Anne, all you need to do is choose to wear a solid pair of pants. Make the look your own.

  5. Wow, that is a sharp looking outfit Tania. I have a pair of pants like that. You’ve just inspired me to go out and buy a cute red sweater. Thanks for the idea! Cheers, Deb

    1. With your long legs, I know that a pair of pants like these will look great! I loved the dress you were wearing today.

  6. I love red! You look great with it! Love the outfits!! Have a great weekend!

    1. I wanted to do a week of red, but I am ready to move on.

  7. I like the off the shoulder look of the sweater. Silly me I never thought of doing that. Stay safe. Praying you don’t get flooded.

    1. Try wearing the neckline like this, it is so much more comfortable.

  8. Linda Tice says:

    I love all your valentine outfits, but today’s is my absolute favorite! ❤️ You look stunning! I love your pants. In fact, through your blog, you have inspired me to step out of my comfort zone. I bought a pair of red plaid pants and guess what? They look great! I’m turning 65 next week, and I have never, in my whole life, worn plaid pants. Wish I had found you sooner! Thank you again for all your great ideas! I hope the rain stops soon and you are all safe from flooding. Have a great weekend!

    1. Your comment made me smile!!! It made my day because I love hearing when women step outside their comfort zone and discover how wonderful it is!!!

  9. How funny that your outfit is the same one I decided last night to wear today! Great minds think alike! Lol

    1. Donna, you will have to send me a photo of your outfit!

  10. Cheryl Meyer says:

    You just keep looking younger and younger with each passing year!

    1. Cheryl, you know the way to a woman’s heart. Lol!

  11. Joe is lucky you look great every day but super cute on valentine’s day. Praying for less rain for you!

    1. Thanks, Mary. It has stopped raining for now.

  12. This is so pretty and unexpected with the check pants. Love the neckline on that sweater!

    1. Thanks, Jo-Lynne. I love that neckline also.