50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR ON A VALENTINE'S DAY DATE | FASHION OVER 40Happy Friday!!! It’s that time of the week where we are all smiling and in a great mood. I know that I am feeling fantastic and I can’t wait to introduce you to a beautiful lady who is joining me for Friday with Friends. Deborah Boland is a superstar in the blogging world and I am sure that many of you have heard of her or seen her blog already. She started blogging in 2006 when she got frustrated when she realized how hard it was to dress when you are over 40. That is when she declared right then that, “Life is too short to be frumpy!” Oh my goodness, we might be sisters separated at birth. Lol! She is blonde, and I am blonde. She says that everyone should be Classy and Fabulous, and I say that my style is Classy with a little bit of trashy. Lol! Okay, maybe not sisters, but distant cousins. Anyway, she is a very talented blogger with lots of useful information that I know all of you will love. 50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR ON A VALENTINE'S DAY DATE | FASHION OVER 40Yesterday, I had an honor that had me on cloud nine all day long. I was featured in the “Blogger Spotlight” by Rank & Style website, which is a huge honor. Rank & Style is a web and mobile platform that revolutionizes – and simplifies – the online shopping process via unbiased, scientifically cultivated Top Ten lists of the best fashion, beauty and lifestyle products. I was thrilled at seeing my name in the “spotlight” and it was somewhat surreal. When I started my blog back in September 2015, I never told anyone other than my sister. I was afraid of what people would think and what they would say. I was so embarrassed the first time that someone shared my blog on social media and wanted to hide because I was afraid of what the reaction would be. I am thrilled that my blog has become something more than a lookbook for me, and it is all because of those of you who are reading and following. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! ❤️50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR ON A VALENTINE'S DAY DATE | FASHION OVER 40“What would you suggest for a nice Valentine’s Day date” was a question that I got earlier last month. I ordered this outfit with Valentines in mind. I love looking pretty, stylish, and a tad bit sexy, but I don’t want to look….umm, I am trying to find a nice way of saying like a tart. (I don’t think that I succeeded) I can’t believe how much I love this ballet wrap top by 1901. You probably know that I am not curvy and that I have a pretty straight build. That is a nice way to say that my middle is as wide and my top and bottom. Lol! I normally try to steer clear of anything that draws attention to my waistline, however, this wrap top is so flattering that I am breaking my own rule.  I wore a faux wrap earlier this week (see here) but this is a true wrap, and the tie goes around your back to come together and tie in the front. The deep V neckline is very flattering. It is really deep and I do have mine pinned to make sure that it stayed closed. However, wearing a cute lace camisole under it would fix the issue if this is too low for you. I am wearing a medium and this fits true to size. Go here to find the link. 50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR ON A VALENTINE'S DAY DATE | FASHION OVER 40How many times have you seen me wear the Jewel earrings? I can’t even begin to count the number of times because it has been so many. I do love this pair because they are perfect for wearing with something dressy or casual also. It is hard to find something that can serve both purposes. The large silver pearl is surrounded by crystals for a striking look. The Rosemary necklace is composed of tiny pearls that create a floral design. They are strung on larger pearls and the overall look is very elegant. I finished off the look with a trio of crystal bracelets because you can never have too much bling! 50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR ON A VALENTINE'S DAY DATE | FASHION OVER 40I am telling you gurls, you need to have a pair of red pumps in your closet. These babies, paired with some red lipstick, will take your sexy level up by 100%. My pumps are by Michael Kors and I bought them back a few months ago when I caught them on sale. I have been so happy with this purchase and I know that you will be happy with yours also. I even think these will be fantastic to wear this summer with a pair of black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt. Wow! That is on my list to style for the Summer.

50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR ON A VALENTINE'S DAY DATE | FASHION OVER 40This skirt hits at just the right spot on the knee to be super flattering and also conservative. The snug body con fit ramps up the sexy level so there is no need to show any more leg than this. The skirt is made from a dense Ponte-knit fabric and it has a higher waistline. I ordered a medium but a large might have been more comfortable since this is made to fit tight. This comes in regular and plus sizes, and here is the link to order. 50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR ON A VALENTINE'S DAY DATE | FASHION OVER 40Don’t forget to stop by and say hello to Deborah today. Her blog is called Fabulous After 40 and I know you will enjoy it immensely.

I hope that if you are visiting me from Deborah’s blog that you will leave a comment to let me know that she sent you. PLUS, I am having a Valentine’s Day Giveaway of two necklaces, the Lottie and the Claire. To enter simply comment which blog you are from. My readers just need to comment that 50 Is Not Old, and the ladies visiting from Deborah’s blog should comment, Fabulous After 40. I will announce the winner on Valentine’s Day so there will be plenty of time to enter.

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  1. 50 is not old… love the red pumps

  2. Congrats!! Lookin Hot!! Love the look!!!

  3. Fabulous over 40. Great blog!

  4. 50 is not old. Love this outfit on you. Thanks for sharing.

  5. You look fabulous Tania in that gorgeous Valentine’s Day outfit! What a pleasure to partner with you and meet all your adoring fans! So happy to have you as one of my Styleblazers. You are a shining example that 50 is not old!!

  6. Brenda Ray says:

    Love the outfit and you look amazing Tania!!! 50 is not old!!!!!

  7. Bridget DuBois says:

    50 is not old, neither is 60. And never too old to “classify” our style! ❤️

  8. Katherine Silnutzer says:

    Fabulous After 40. Love the outfit!

  9. I am such a sucker when it comes to accessories and I just adore the necklace you are wearing. It needs to be in my wardrobe. lol. Have a lovely day – Jill stylishatsixty

  10. Teresa Griffin says:

    50 is not old!!! Love the red pumps!!!! You look great!

  11. 50 Is Not Old…classy look!

  12. Lunette Rawlin says:

    50 is not old! i just found you on pinterest and started following you . i love your style 🙂

  13. Maxine Bower says:

    50 Is Not Old! Your blog is a daily must!

  14. 50 is Not Old! Love the classy sharp outfit!

  15. 50 is not old. Great outfit!

  16. Bernadine says:

    You look awesome in that outfit!!!! Has Joe started chasing you around the house?
    Keep on blogging, Tania . I don’t always comment but I do look forward everyday to your stories and outfits

  17. Lori Sharp says:

    50 is Not Old! Cute, cute outfit.

  18. 50 is not old! Love your outfit today♡

  19. Wow, you look great, and NEVER trashy! You dress with style and your style makes it fun! I am much older and I enjoy the co lots and various styles you incorporate!!!

  20. 50 is not Old! Love your style!

  21. 50 Is Not Old!!! Love your blog!!!!

  22. 50 is not old! Love the splash of red❣️

  23. 50 is not old. Love, love, love this outfit! The red pumps are the icing on the cake!

  24. Kelly Palmer says:

    Love this outfit on you! 50 is not old 🙂

  25. Kim miller says:

    50 is Not Old. Love the outfit!

  26. Brenda Domagala says:

    50 Is Not Old, you look great.

  27. Charlcy L Green says:

    OOH, I LOVE that outfit! SO sexy! I know Joe will enjoy it! You have great style & know how to show off your good points & since we are built similar I always love mimicking your style! Those red pumps rock the outfit & I’m thinking of going to get some tho I never wear red & haven’t worn heels like that since I broke my ankle 2 yrs. ago! Happy Valentines’ Day early!

  28. Jennifer Orth says:

    50 is not old! Hottie!!

  29. Sherry Jackson says:

    50 is not old!! Va Va Voom !! Looking good!!

  30. Elizabeth Tyminski says:

    50 is not old. Love the shoes and love that I found this blog through Rank & Style!

  31. 50 is Not Old! I’m getting amthe skirt and red pumps!

  32. 50 is Not Old! Love those red shoes!!

  33. kristin greene says:

    Very therapeutic to type 50 is not old. I just love your blog. I love this outfit you put together. You look fabulous!

  34. Colleen Freedman says:

    50 is not old-love your outfit today and love reading your blogs every day!

  35. Kathy Whitaker says:

    50 is Not Old…btw, you look fabulous!

  36. 50isnotold. Thanks for all your great looks. You look stunning! Joe is a lucky man.

  37. 50 Is Not Old! 50 Is fabulous and you look striking in that outfit!

  38. Lesli Obenschain says:

    50 is not old

  39. 50 is Not Old.. This is one of my all time favorites outfits on you! Love it.. you are absolutely glowing!

  40. 50 Is Not Old! Congratulations on your making the “Blogger Spotlight” Years ago I had red pumps – worn them out and never replaced them – NEED to get another pair! Thanks for reminding me!

  41. 50 is not OLD! You’re the BEST Tania!

  42. ChistChri says:

    50 is not old!
    Tania, when I saw you in that outfit I thought, Wow! That’s a beautiful lady in a beautiful outfit! This is one of my favorites so far. I hope Joe agrees. Have fun on your date!

    New Hampshire

  43. Carla Palmisano says:

    50 Is Not Old. Great outfit!

  44. Kristi Gengler says:

    50 is not old. Thank you so much!

  45. Stephanie J says:

    50 is Not Old and gorgeous outfit! I found you from a pin on une femme d’un certain age’s website. Glad to have found you both!

  46. 50 is not old. Love the pop,with the red shoe!

  47. 50 is not old?

    ? Joe better get the shotgun out, you make this outfit look ????!!!!

  48. Nancy Sudlow says:

    50 is not (so very) old! Lol! Love the Valentine’s outfit! I am 63! Been doing a capsule wardrobe and always love seeing your blog!

  49. 50 Is Not Old!! ♥️♥️♥️ This look!!

  50. 50 is not old – Love your outfit!

  51. Congratulations on the blogger spotlight! I often order items you show on your blog. I am 50 miles to the nearest grocery store and 150 miles to the nearest shopping mall. It’s like you are my personal shopper! Lol.

  52. Forgot to congratulate you on your focus by Rank & Style. Way to go!!

  53. 50 is Not Old! Love Love Love the outfit!

  54. As soon as I saw your picture I thought WOW! You look great. You don’t have to show everything to look sexy and this look shows just enough to keep it classy. Definite thumbs up. I too have straight figure and this type of look helps me have curves. Of course I’m a 50 is not old fan but will check out Fabulous at 40 although I’m way past that. Lol!!

  55. Dawn Hagerty says:

    50 is not old…you look simply beautiful!

  56. I went to the link and purchased the black skirt! Thanks for the tip. Can’t wait to receive and accessorize. You’re the

  57. 50 is not old!! Love you!

  58. I just joined your blog! I have been a subscriber on Fabulous Over 40 for YEARS…. and joined YOUR blog yesterday as a result of RANK & STYLE. Congratulations on that recognition!

  59. 50 is not old…LOVE your hair!

  60. Sandy Smith says:

    50 is not old. Love the red pumps!!

  61. annie vanderven says:

    You never look trashy, love this outfit, congratulation on the nomination

  62. Libby Lancaster says:

    50 is not old. You just get better looking every day!

  63. Kerri Leffert says:

    50 is not old! You look amazing!

  64. Tania, I love today’s outfit!! You look wonderful. Gotta get some red heels!!

  65. 50 is not Old….and the way you look in that outfit proves it!!!

  66. 50 is not old !!! Especially at 62!! Love the outfit Tania

  67. Sandra S. says:

    50 Is Not Old—That skirt is wonderful. It’s going to be something that will look good with lots of different tops.

  68. Joe is one lucky fella!! 50 is not old

  69. 50 is not oled, either is 72!!

  70. Shea Hill says:

    50 is Not Old! And never too old to be a tad bit sexy!

  71. Janet Batchelor says:

    LOVE, love, love this outfit!! It is classy and perfect for Valentines. I also love the clutch. Do you have a link for that? The necklace is perfect too. Love 50 is not old!!

  72. 50 Is Not Old…love the red shoes!!

  73. 50 is not old is why I started following your blog! you look amazing.

  74. 50 Is Not Old……You have proved that!

  75. Sheri Chenault says:

    50 is not old, love the top!

  76. You look positively smashing!! ❤️

  77. Tara Skeens says:

    50 is not old. You look classy!

  78. 50 is Not Old. I really like your new lighter highlights.

  79. Celeste B says:

    50 is Not Old You look fabulous

  80. 50 is not old! You look fantastic! Your my inspiration everyday,thank you!

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    50 is Not Old. I love the red shoes and red lipstick. When I wear those two things, I just feel happy. You look terrific!

  82. Connie R. says:

    50 is not old! Any age would look great in this outfit.

  83. 50 is not old! Great outfit love the red shoes.

  84. Fabulous Tania. I really need to get myself some red pumps!! I subscribed to Fabulous over Forty. I have that many updates coming into my in box I cannot keep up lol. You are still, by far my favourite though..

  85. Karen Miller says:

    50 is not old! I love your look today! Very sharp!

  86. Michelle Ferrante says:

    50 is not old, and you look Marvelous!

  87. Fabulous Tania. Need to get myself some red pumps… Checked out Deborah at Fabulous over 40 and subscribed, thank you for sharing. I have so many updates each day now I cannot keep up lol. You are by far my favourite though.

  88. 50 is not old……..another winning outfit ?

  89. 50 is not old. Loving today’s look.

  90. 50 is not old! Love the outfit! Have a great weekend !

  91. 50 is not old….another gorgeous outfit!

  92. ? Love everything about this outfit!!! That pop of color from those pumps looks great and that lovely handbag!!? I like the way you built the outfit in the photos, very clever. It gives you different looks.

  93. Debbie H. says:

    50 is NOT old! Neither is 60!

  94. 50 is not old ….. you look fabulous Tania sexy and classy love the red heels ?

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    50 is not old….love yr outfit…❤

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    50 Is Not Old I do love the red heels! Very sexy.

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  98. 50 Is Not Old! Love the top. Very flattering.

  99. ELIZABETH says:

    50 is Not Old! You look fabulous.

  100. 50 is not old! I love your outfit!

    1. Patti McDavid says:

      50 is not old…putting red pumps on my list!

    2. REBECCA E PLAZA says: