And just like that, another year has quickly past. Six years ago, my sister, published author of Last in a Long Line of Rebels and Hope in the Holler(available as a pre-order), tried to talk me into starting a blog. She was the writer of the family, and I had no real expertise in any area, so I basically ignored her. She kept on and on trying to talk me into doing it and even went so far as to buy me a domain name to get me started. Still, I did nothing. For some reason, though, she had planted a seed, and I kept thinking about getting up the nerve to start a blog. I mean, how hard could it be? Lol!!! Talk about naive; I had no idea what I was getting myself into.


I couldn’t believe that people found my little blog! I hadn’t told anyone, not even Joe, about the blog. I was afraid that people would laugh at me and make fun of me. It was probably some time in November when Joe demanded to know why I was taking pictures of myself in the mornings. He was dumbfounded when I said, “I might have a blog.” I brought it up to show him, and I told him that I actually had ladies who were looking at it. I don’t think he was very impressed at the time. Lol! Especially when I told him that I wanted a pair of Hunter Boots since all the “bloggers” were wearing them. Hahaha! I tried to be like everyone else who blogged; I wanted the boots, and I wanted to wear clothing like they did, but it just wasn’t me. I finally settled down and just decided to be me. Amazingly, I started getting comments that said, “I like that you are a real person.” So all that time I had tried to be like everyone else was for nothing; you gurls saw right through that.
Back in February 2016, I was already starting to push you gurls out of your comfort zone. I can’t believe I waited until I was in my mid 50’s to start a new career. I didn’t know that blogging could be a career or even how to make money from the blog, but I knew that I was looking for something that I could do from anywhere in the world. I wanted to be able to retire one day and still have an income, and this was an avenue that I wanted to pursue.
50 IS NOT OLD | HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY TO MEI started introducing you to color. I had no idea that so many of you were living in a black, gray, and navy world. I probably should have known that since I am describing my sister. I love wearing color, and I am not afraid to push the boundaries sometimes. Granted, there have been times when I look back at some of my photos and think, “what in the world were you thinking???”


Bodacious Is The Color For Fall

This photo was in 2015. Things have changed, and yet things have stayed the same. The biggest thing I notice is that I didn’t have any eyelashes back then. Lol!!! Of course, I would notice that. Hahaha!

Plans Sometimes Get Cancelled

This photo was back in 2016. I still love wearing a denim jacket with a summer swing dress, but the red highlights in my hair are no longer around.

Boyfriend Jeans And A Jacket

As you can see, 2017 was the year that I grew my eyelashes. Lol! I started using lash boost back in October of 2016, and they were starting to get crazy long. The red is gone from my hair, and I’ve started to go more toward the blonde look that I have today.

Trendy, Fashionable, and over 50

2018 came and went quickly. I loved this outfit, and I still have all of it in my closet. Lol!

A Denim Jacket and Knee High Boots

I must have cut my hair last year, because, in this 2019 photo, it looks pretty short. This is one of my favorite looks since I’ve started blogging. I love the knee boots with the skirt and denim jacket.

I have introduced you to my family and invited you into my life. I hope you have enjoyed being a part of 50 Is Not Old as much as I have enjoyed bringing it to you. I look forward to celebrating many more years with you if you will have me.

You know that I have to have a giveaway to celebrate this occasion. Since Kendra Scott is my latest passion, how about the McKenna Necklaceand matching Margot Earrings as a prize? They are what I am wearing in the photo below.

To enter the contest, comment below. I would love to hear “why” you follow the blog and maybe how long you have been a reader. I will announce the winner on Saturday’s post to give everyone a week to enter.

If you are enjoying my blog, I would appreciate you signing up for my daily emails. Also, please share my blog with others that you know. There are ways that you can help me, and some of them is by making sure that you “pin” something daily or that you “share” my post on FaceBook and Instagram. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for making five years fly by and for becoming my friends.

The comment section is at the end of the post, so keep scrolling. I look forward to reading all the comments; they make my day. Be sure to follow me on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

To God Goes The Glory!!!

Ephesians 3:20-21

20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

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  1. Nancy wrote:

    I follow because of the positive vibe of your blog. Started following you around this time last year.

    Posted 2.18.21Reply
  2. Leslie wrote:

    Hello Tania, I am a newer follower. I love your style and fashion. You put a smile on my face every time I read your blog. You are classy and inspirational. I am a Christian too and I love your scriptures at the end of each blog.

    Posted 1.27.21Reply
  3. Tricia wrote:

    Congrats on 5 years! I am a new “gurl!” I’ve only been following around 3 months. I love reading your posts, and I love your style. I hope to come up with a polished yet comfortable style for myself following some of your pointers.
    I also appreciate hearing bits of your life, and that you are not afraid to speak of your faith.
    Thank you for sharing! Blessings to you and your family!

    Posted 1.26.21Reply
  4. Rose wrote:

    Happy Anniversary! I have been following you for about one year now. I love your style and have fun shopping your outfits! Like you I buy different colors of the same shirt/sweater. Thank you for all you do. Happy New Year!

    Posted 12.30.20Reply
  5. beauty wrote:

    you look fabulous, thanks i will be bolder in my dressing!!! i m 51

    Posted 12.29.20Reply
  6. Mary Ruth Harden wrote:

    I’ve been following for a couple of years. You give me ideas and courage to try new styles .

    Posted 12.15.20Reply
  7. Marsha A Lamberth wrote:

    I have been reading your blog for several months. I was happy to find a person close to may age and from what you share about sizes, close to my size also. I love to look stylish on a budget. I enjoy your stories and look forward to seeing your outfits.

    Posted 12.3.20Reply
  8. Julie Lewis wrote:

    I found you on Pinterest about a year ago. I look forward to your blog everyday. Your sense of fashion is perfect for me and you’ve introduced me to affordable fashion at Walmart, which I may not have considered or even known was available. We’re the same age, and I feel as if I’ve found a new friend. :>

    Posted 10.17.20Reply
  9. kim granzella wrote:

    One day, I was feeling blue and decided to google what life is supposed to be at 50 something. I do believe it was when you had just began blogging. I can remember seeing you and your mom and sister. You, shared that your sister had just written a book, and it all caught my eye. I like the freshness of you and that you are not afraid to be open and honest about your fears, etc.

    There have been many posts from you since I have been following you and times will go by and I will have missed reading them for week(s) and then I will go and binge read them all in one evening.

    Just saying, you have been a refreshing twinkle that has truly inspired me to go beyond the fear of life’s hurdles.

    Thanks for the wonderful blog. I will be reading your blog until I can no longer see the computer. lol.. and at this rate, the darn eyes are going fast!

    And thanks for sharing your life, your makeup tips (I’ve watched some of them twice!), and you make the world a little bit brighter each day!

    Sending much love from Napa, California.

    Kim Granzella xoxox

    Posted 9.22.20Reply
  10. Jill Kindred wrote:

    Congratulations on your fifth anniversary of blogging. I so look forward to your daily posts and especially love the scripture at the end. I started following several years ago when I wanted to see what other women my age were wearing to stay current and classy! I found that in you and your site. Plus I enjoy your family stories and fun sense of humor. Thanks for inspiring me to strive to be the best that I can be!

    Posted 9.13.20Reply
  11. Liz wrote:

    Hi Tania! I found you on Pinterest about 2 years ago while searching for fashion for over 50. I love reading your posts each day and I have even started shopping at a few places I hadn’t ever shopped at before! I love your Sunday devotional posts too!

    Posted 9.13.20Reply
  12. Penny wrote:

    I’m pretty sure I’ve been reading your blog from close to the beginning. I love the way you are so real! Your stories make me chuckle. I love the fact that you like a bargain and most of your clothes are fairly affordable. Thank you for sharing your love for the Lord as well! Take care and God bless!

    Posted 9.12.20Reply
  13. Kimberly wrote:

    I am fairly new to following you and love you suggestions. I always come away with some new things to try!!

    Posted 9.12.20Reply
  14. Elizabeth wrote:

    Love reading your blogs! I found you through a rank & style interview. Love seeing all the old photos. You are great both as a redhead and blonde.

    Posted 9.12.20Reply
  15. Rita wrote:

    I love your blog! I will be 69 next week, but still feel and act and DRESS like I’m 39, so — your looks help me immensely! Thanks!

    Posted 9.12.20Reply
  16. Jeanne wrote:

    I started following you about 4 years ago on Pinterest, and with Plunder. I stopped for a while and recently came back for my fashion ideas.

    Posted 9.12.20Reply
  17. I can’t remember how I found you, but I liked the title of your blog! I am a survivor of cancer twice, have had a life saving bone marrow transplant where they found ONE person out of almost 5 million people that matched me, and I am alive today because of Gods grace and mercy. I fell into a coma when I got pregnant 10 months after breast cancer treatment,…was transferred to Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit where infectious disease doctor told me they had me on every antiviral, a antifungal and antibiotic they could think of and a day or two before I was going to die, my body just “kicked back in!” I give all the credit to my Lord and Senior, Jesus Christ! He has been with me thru my entire life, protecting and carrying me thru some horrific situations. I lost my baby, but got to travel to Cietnam to bring our adopted daughter home at 7 months, 11 pounds,….when she was a year and a half, we discovered I had a graft versus host disease from the bone marrow transplant. GVHD, as it is called, is when your bone marrow recognizes it’s not in the right body and attacks your tissues. Mine attacked my lungs, giving me 30%! I asked the Lord to let me raise my daughter because she’s already lost contact with her birth mom and shouldn’t lose me too! She is now in 8th grade, and He has preserved me thus far! I love reading your blog and fun ideas for clothes!

    Posted 9.12.20Reply
  18. Diane M Kenney wrote:

    I have only been following your blog for about a month. My 50 year old sister-in-law told me about it even though I am 71!! Love, love it! I am retired from a professional job and dressed up each day but now my wardrobe is much more casual. But I still want to look nice and in style! So that is what is so fun about following your site!

    Posted 9.12.20Reply
  19. Diane Dean wrote:

    Congrats on 5 years! I’m a newbie as I have only been following you for about six months, about the time our lives changed because of Covid. Your blog gave me something to look forward to each day of quarantine. I lost 55 lbs in 2019 and I’ve enjoyed your posts to help me restyle my wardrobe. I also love my R&F products!

    Posted 9.12.20Reply
  20. Sheri Fancher wrote:

    Hi! I’m new to your blog, started this summer! Our style is a lot alike❤️ I LOVE Chico’s, Target and Kendra Scott! I started noticing I was missing some great pieces from Chico’s when I would see you wearing an outfit that I loved! And I would go back and click on it…..and wonder how I missed something so cute! Kendra Scott has become another obsession that I’ve had to curb myself back from ha! I was getting a package almost every day, and the hubs started noticing???? But I enjoy you blog and read during my quiet time, before my grandkids get here in the morning!

    Posted 9.12.20Reply
  21. Judy C wrote:

    I have been following you since early this year and must tell you I love your style and I’ve done quite a bit of shopping too. Lol. Congratulations on 5 years of doing such an amazing job helping us all with our style
    Issues. I so love reading your blog every single morning. You put a smile on my face each day.

    Posted 9.12.20Reply
  22. Susan wrote:

    I pull your post up 1st thing each morning, I love to see what you’ve put together and make it seem so effortless! Your Joe stories crack me up, it seems he is like so many of our husbands! ????
    Thank you for doing what you do and here’s to many more years!

    Posted 9.12.20Reply
  23. Karen wrote:

    I found you originally on Pinterest and noticed over time that I pinned lots of your looks so I began to follow! I’m also an R and F girl (how about our new Brow enhancement formula?❤️) so of course that sisterhood immediately made me love you even more. Your looks are classic, yet fun and I kind of feel like you could just be my neighbor, over for a cup of coffee and some laughter.

    Posted 9.12.20Reply
  24. Tammy wrote:

    What an inspiration you are to me! Thank you for all you do. I read your blog everyday before getting up; what a great way to start my day!!

    Posted 9.12.20Reply
  25. Sonya wrote:

    Congratulations on 5 years. I have been following your blog for a little over a year now. I enjoy your down to eathness and show how we can be budget friendly and still look great. God bless.

    Posted 9.12.20Reply
  26. Tammy Burlbaw wrote:

    I’m so glad I followed your suggestion and became one of the girls! I enjoy your daily email and love your style! ~Tammy

    Posted 9.12.20Reply
  27. Lynn C Woodruff wrote:

    I don’t know how long I’ve been following you…maybe 2 years? I think I stumbled on you from Cindy Spivey’s blog. I enjoy reading your thoughts each day and seeing what fashion combos you come up with!

    Posted 9.12.20Reply
  28. Sheri Chenault wrote:

    Happy anniversary! I love hearing stories of your family and get lots of outfit ideas and inspiration. Thanks for adding scripture and I love reading your Sunday posts!

    Posted 9.12.20Reply
  29. Jan wrote:

    Congratulations on your successful blog!

    Posted 9.12.20Reply
  30. Tammy Brown wrote:

    What an amazing 5 years for you! Congratulations! I’ve read your blog daily for several years and love the time it saves me. I can see a look you’re rocking and simply click the link, have it for myself in a few days without having to do the shopping. Thank you!

    Posted 9.12.20Reply
  31. JoAnne wrote:

    I have been following your blog since 2016 when I was home recovering from surgery and cancer treatment! I’ve purchased many fashion items that you modeled and joined the jewelry club! My favorite part of your blog is your spiritual comments! Thank you for being true to your trust in God????

    Posted 9.12.20Reply
  32. Karla Gray wrote:

    I’ve actually loved your fashion style for several years on Pinterest. Just this past week I’ve discovered and joined your blog. I love it! Congratulations on stepping out of your routine and creating this fun and informative blog! My first email from you was your 5 year anniversary day!

    Posted 9.11.20Reply
  33. Pam wrote:

    I love your style. Love your humor! Reading your blog has definitely improved my wardrobe or maybe expanded it to trying different pieces together when before it was only whatever I bought as an outfit stayed together. Thanks for all your hints and ideas! Love you!

    Posted 9.11.20Reply
  34. Myrna wrote:

    I found your blog through Pinterest 4 years ago and I love it! Congratulations on 5 years!!

    Posted 9.11.20Reply
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