50 IS NOT OLD | BODACIOUS IS THE COLOR FOR FALLI am on the mend! I want to thank all of you who said a prayer for me. It is crazy how something so small, can render you helpless. When you tell someone you have a stiff neck, I can just see them thinking, “you need to put on your big girl panties.” I probably have been guilty of thinking the same thing myself. This has been one of those life lessons about walking a mile in someone’s shoes.50 IS NOT OLD | BODACIOUS IS THE COLOR FOR FALLI love today’s outfit. I actually loved it better when I first got dressed this morning. These pictures were once again taken after I had worked all day, so please excuse the wrinkles and the shorts that are no longer tight. I also forgot to use my Urban Decay Setting Spray, and my makeup is a little washed out looking. Other than all that, I look great. Hahaha!50 IS NOT OLD | BODACIOUS IS THE COLOR FOR FALLI am wearing a little “Bodacious” today. Bodacious is the color for fall, at least according to Pantone. You surely didn’t think I would use a word like Bodacious, unless I was talking about Hank Williams Jr, did you? Oh, wait, that is Boceiphus, not Bodacious. Hahaha! I call this color orchid, but I will admit that Bodacious has a little more flair. I bought this shirt at Old Navy a couple of weeks ago, and I fell in love immediately with the colors. It buttons up half way, and it has a really long tail. I had planned on wearing it untucked, or the new half tuck way (I’ll show you that look later), but it was so long in the back that it did not look good with the shorts. It would look better with pants, but I wanted to get as much wear out of my shorts as I could. Fall will soon be here, and we will have to retire the shorts till next year.

Old Navy Bodacious Top: Plus | Similar | Similar (I almost bought this one instead)50 IS NOT OLD | BODACIOUS IS THE COLOR FOR FALLThe reason I didn’t take my pictures this morning, was the tripod leg was messed up. My camera actually fell, lens first, on to the tile floor in the kitchen. I just about died! Thankfully, the camera was fine, but I had to wait till Joe came home for him to work on the leg. I had already taken off my jewelry by the time he came home. He fixed the tripod, and I threw my jewelry back on, but I can see that I didn’t make my Rosalie necklace short enough in these pictures. It looked better today, I swear!!! At least you can see the matching earrings, named Margaret.
50 IS NOT OLD | BODACIOUS IS THE COLOR FOR FALL I don’t know why I am even showing you this close-up of the Shelena necklace. You can barely see the necklace, but the words say, “God Is Within Her She Will Not Fail.” I absolutely love that!!!50 IS NOT OLD | BODACIOUS IS THE COLOR FOR FALLI bought these orchid shorts earlier this year at the Loft. I liked these because they had a little longer inseam than most of the other shorts in the store. I was really drawn to this dark purple color, and I have worn them before. When you pick out items with colors you like, then when you look in your closet, you will almost always find something that matches. Because I like this orchid color, I have several items in my closet that will work with the shorts, or the shirt. Buy what you like!

Shorts: Similar | Similar | Talbots50 IS NOT OLD | BODACIOUS IS THE COLOR FOR FALLI wore my fringed flats by Sole Society. I have worn them with a boho look (here and here), but never with a more “preppy” look.

Fringe Shoes: Paprika (perfect for fall) | Ankle bootie | Moccasin 50 IS NOT OLD | BODACIOUS IS THE COLOR FOR FALLI thought I was supposed to announce the winners of my giveaway today, but it is on Saturday instead. Lol! That gives you another day to enter. Go here to see how to enter. TODAY really is the last day to enter. Hahaha I thought you might like to see the upcoming fashionista in the family. Look who was doing some “poses” for NeeNee.50 IS NOT OLD | BODACIOUS IS THE COLOR FOR FALL50 IS NOT OLD | BODACIOUS IS THE COLOR FOR FALL50 IS NOT OLD | BODACIOUS IS THE COLOR FOR FALLMiss Emersyn is a doll baby. She makes me smile. I just love how she puts her hands on her hips, and shoes you her shoes. Lol!

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  1. Just love your blog, we are so alike. You are such an inspiration, thank you for being you. Love light & blessings. Erika ~ South Africa

    1. Aww, thanks Erika. It is so wonderful to hear from gurls in other countries ?

  2. Thanks for the info. I will look again

  3. Hi Tania! Found your blog and you are an inspiration to me. Your outfits are spectacular and have given me new ideas of mixing and matching accessories and clothes in general. On another post you mentioned a vintage fashion show you would be attending in Marietta. I looked online and could only find one in Marietta. It is November 7 at the Winwood retirement village. Is this the show you are referring to?

    1. That was last years. This year it will be October 14th, if that is Saturday, at Winwood Retirement. I will be sure and let everyone know on the blog, and it usually runs in the papers. It is free, no admission to get in. It will be a lot of fun. I hope you can attend.

  4. Tania,
    Your blog is my favorite “go to” for cute styles. Your cute outfits, stylish hair, beautiful jewelry and purses. You have the whole package! I also enjoy your comments, they make me laugh sometimes!
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Karen. I laughed at your use of “sometimes.” What???? Don’t I make you laugh all the time?

  5. Stunning colour! I need this! Glad you are on the mend. A hot pack and Advil helps my neck.

  6. Hi Tania glad you are feeling better! Stiff necks are the worst! Your granddaughter is just precious! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

  7. Lynneferd says:

    Emersyn is a sweetie! She must follow in the steps of her NeeNee after all! So glad you are feeling better and getting back to your sassy self. The blouse is very pretty and looks great on you. Continue to mend and a prayer and best to you.

  8. The color looks great on you! Any shade of purple is my BFF’s favorite. I’ll have to let her know about Bodasious! Purple may be the only color I don’t wear lol . Your granddaughter is so precious. Such a cutie.

  9. Mary K Havelka says:

    Finally some Pantone “purple” which seems hard to come by in most stores!! Thanks for modeling this
    outfit; love the color on you. What a adorable grand with her blue eyes & blonde hair modeling such a cute outfit!!

  10. Tammy Dodson says:

    Very cute! love the color.

  11. Wow, your granddaughter is a natural following after her NeeNee! And she’s beautiful! Just like you! I love that look – very flattering!

  12. MY favorite blog is the one about denim with pearls! I have lots of pearls I love to wear and yours looked great with denim.

  13. Denise from south FLORIDA says:

    Hello there I am glad your feeling better. I do know that feeling of helplessness and I don’t like it! However once recovered I see life much clearer. I tend to be extra grateful for all I have and all I am. But yes let’s talk fashion! I love the look I will have to shop for something as deep and glorious as that purple you look great ! You look happy and bright?
    God bless you have a super weekend.

  14. Melesa Garrison says:

    Bodacious NeeNee…I love it!

  15. Sharon Hallgrimson says:

    So glad you are feeling better, Tania. I love your blog and your down to earth, this is who I am comments. Love the color. It looks great on you. Although I wore capris for a little bit yesterday, up here in Canada it’s starting to get too chilly for shorts?

  16. Is so hard to pick a favorite – but I think your “Stepping Into Spring – Outfit 2” spoke to me the most. Spoke to me so much that I bought the purse and the t-shirt! I am a jeans & t-shirt kind of woman with an addiction to bracelets & purses. LOL! I love your versatility and style and I look forward to your blogs each morning! Thank you for sharing your beYOUtiful with us and thank you for the tips!

  17. Dottie Taylor says:

    Great outfit! Love the colors! I have literally felt your pain. I woke up on a Saturday morning back in the winter on Super Bowl weekend with a horrible crick in my neck. . Of course, my chiropractor’s office was closed. I literally could no nothing but lie still because anything you do requires you to move your neck!! I toughed it out until I could get to my chiropractor Monday morning. That was the longest 48 hours of my life! I missed going out to dinner with friends, church, Super Bowl party. It was not fun. Glad you’re finally on the mend!

  18. So happy you feel better! Love this color story and your lil fashionista is the CUTEST!!!

  19. Gorgeous color on you and your little Miss is such a cutie! Glad you feeling better and I hope you have a great weekend!

  20. So happy to hear you’re feeling better!! Miss Emerson is ADORABLE!!! I can only think of one top in my fall/winter that is bodacious….I better go shopping!! Looks great on you, but you can wear any & every color. Have a blessed Friday!

  21. Hi Tania, so please to read you are feeling better. Love the colours in your outfit and as for your grand daughter – she is simply adorable!!!

    Have a wonderful Friday.
    xx Yvonne

  22. Susan Winham says:

    Soooo adorable and she has ALL your moves and poses : ) love that purple!!

  23. Mandy Baker says:

    Cute outfit! You wear it well! and looks like someone might be following in Nene’s footsteps!

  24. Cute as a button, both you and your grand baby! I love that you wear a lot of color and look so cute doing it?.

  25. I love this Bodacious color! I would call it purple, but let’s go with Pantone…they do seem to know best. Anyway, my favorite post of your so far is your Best Looks of July one. So many cute clothes in that one and I love seeing your hair styled over several days. So, so, so happy I found your blog while searching on Pinterest for fashion inspiration.

  26. Bodacious – what a fabulous sounding name. I see your little sweetie is modeling it as well. You both look great. Glad you’re feeling better.

  27. Michelle Mosteller says:

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better! I’m convinced you can wear every color in the rainbow:). I’ve been going back through your posts from last fall and winter to help the creative juices flow because I’ve been blah so far about gearing up for the changing seasons. Could be the 95 degrees with 85% humidity is affecting my mood.

  28. Glenda Braun says:

    Glad you are better. I know what you mean. I got into an ant bed weeding and they ate my feet up !! Two weeks later they were still driving me crazy. Bad spots and iching. I told people ant bites and it was like ok and pull up those big gurl panties and go. Lesson for me tooo.
    Love the color and such a cute grand.

  29. Love this colour, looks great on you. What a cutie she is! Nothing like gran-kids, love them to pieces. xx

  30. Lanita Anderson says:

    Oh my goodness, she is TOO cute and I love her purple outfit!! Glad to hear you are feeling better. Enjoy the weekend!

  31. Mary Boyum says:

    Glad you’re doing better! Trust me….I know you’re no whiner! It really hurts! I honestly have gotten so many new ideas on how to wear items I already own, I feel like I have a brand new wardrobe!

    1. Great Mary! It is a matter of looking at what you already own, in a different way. I am so glad I could help.

  32. So glad you are feeling better, Tania. Just in time for the weekend.

    The outfit is great on you. I will have to find something in that color combination.

    Miss Emersyn has a flair for clothes. Good job training the next generation! Have a wonderful day.

    1. Thanks Audrey. I am sooooo glad to be feeling better. I have been moving my head from side to side all morning, just testing how far I can move. Lol

  33. So glad you are feeling better. I have a couple things that are in my closet that resemble bodacious and seeing you wear that color makes me want to wear it. Ms. Emersyn is a natural baby doll. Have a great weekend. ~Lisa~

    1. Go for it Lisa. It is a gorgeous color and perfect for fall.

  34. Well thats a little model! Cute. Good to read that you are feeling better. Those colors are fantastic! Hope to see you today at Fancy Friday linkup!

    1. Thanks Nancy, I hope to be stopping in.

  35. So glad you’re starting to feel better. The power of prayer, I didn’t doubt it for a minute. Miss Emersyn is one in a million, you have truly been blessed. Now I’m off to search for some bodacious!!

    1. I agree Caroline, she is one in a million, and the power of prayer is unstoppable!

  36. Bodacious is a fabulous name for a color and that color looks great on you. I’m glad to here that you are feeling better and your little fashionista is adorable.


    1. I just love the colors in this outfit! Off to Old Navy.