50 Is Not Old | Keeping You ClassyI am often asked what I consider my style. When I first started this blog, I asked myself the same thing. I didn’t think I had a distinct style. I did a blog post about finding your style, and I asked my husband his take on mine. Classy with a little trashy was his answer. Since I know, and love, my husband; his answer did not phase me. That was right down his alley. Haha  He did go on to explain that he would think my style is on the classic side, but with just a hint of sexiness thrown in for good measure. Lol! So, today I am all about keeping you classy.50 Is Not Old | Keeping You ClassyMaybe that explains one of the reasons I like a little boutique, that is right down the road, so much. It is named The Classy Closet. OMG, how cute is that? I have been shopping at this boutique for several years and have loved everything I have gotten from them. Here, here, and here are just a couple of items I have worn from Classy Closet. BTW, here is the link to the dress/tunic I wore for my Easter post. Amanda is the sweetest thing ever, and if you visit the store, you can’t help but fall in love with her. While I was shopping there a week-or-so ago, she asked if I would be willing to do a collaboration. Heck yeah!!! I already shop there, so getting something for free, just to show you, was a given. Especially since I would show you anyway. Hahaha50 Is Not Old | Keeping You Classy

The big difference is, most of the time the purchases I make are not always on her website for you to purchase. That is NOT the case this time. Amanda picked out a couple things that she thought I would like, and this time she made sure they would be available on the website. This burgundy print dress/tunic is awesome. It is fully lined, no see through issues here, and a beautiful rich color. I love that this dress/tunic will be perfect even till this fall. I chose to wear navy crop leggings with the tunic, which by the way I purchased at Classy Closet probably a month ago. 50 Is Not Old | Keeping You ClassyI like that you can see a close-up of the different colors in this picture. Magenta and dark teal, along with ivory are the three main colors. I can see a hint of purple also, but that may just be the magenta and teal combining to make purple. Red + blue = purple. Yes, I used to paint. I am wearing a Stella & Dot Zuni layering necklace with ivory semi precious howlite stones, and a monarch inspirations initial necklace with crystals. Here is a similar necklace.
50 Is Not Old | Keeping You ClassyI thought the turquoise Dooney & Bourke purse looked great with the tunic. It helped to bring out the blue. Here is the Dooney purse and here is a similar (but less expensive) version. I am wearing a pair of navy espadrilles from Gilli. I bought these at the QVC outlet store. The gold braiding is what sold me. Here are some other similar shoes.

50 Is Not Old | Keeping You ClassyThe ivory fringed vest is also a purchase I made a month or so ago at Classy Closet. Are you seeing a trend here? I wanted you to see the vest from the back, it really is gorgeous. This fringy boho look is very in style right now. I have already worn this several times, you just haven’t got to see it yet. Here is a similar vest in peach that is also adorable.50 Is Not Old | Keeping You ClassyI hope you liked my venture into boho. Amanda recommends sizing up on the dress because of the lining, however this is a large (which I usually wear) and it fits fine. Be sure to tell Amanda hello for me, and tell her she needs to put more items on the website. Haha  Her store is packed, waaaay more items than what in on the website.

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  1. I love seeing a real life lady model fashion for us (instead of all the photo shopped 6 feet 100 pound models in magazines.) You are very relatable, and I look forward to your post each day. Good job!!

  2. So cute, I have a vest almost like that , now I know what to wear it with, thanks.

  3. So enjoy reading your blog everyday! I look forward to it with my morning coffee!

  4. Libby Gordon Reply

    This is such a cute outfit, you look so put together (and you always do)! I’ll have to check this little store out. That vest is gorgeous.

  5. Thank you so much for this blog. Classy and fresh both describe your style. I have learned so much from you, especially about wearing jewelry. I have checked other fashion blogs but still like yours best and return here for practical style that I can put to use from my closet. Sharing the plus size fashion is so helpful, too. Keep up the good work. I like meeting your family and friends too.

  6. Lisa C in Dallas Reply

    My dad grew up in the hills of Tennessee and walking in the snow to school was true for him. He says ten words a day whether he needs to or not. (My mom’s the opposite.) Anyway, he loves color. HATES black. (Yes, I was shouting!) He’s 84 and his last three trucks (one he kept 16 years) have been red. I ordered a dress from Nordstrom and took it to their house to try it on. It was for my nephew’s wedding. Fuchsia brocade with some sparkly black and gold threads and the waist had this do-dah (a Texas word) with two rhinestone things on each side. Of all the things to say, Dad said, “I like the bling!” I got dressed at their house to go to the wedding last weekend (I live 2.5 hours away and the wedding was in their town) and he said, “those look like two motorcycle headlights.” To him, it was a compliment. Mom about died! Anyway, my point is that I think your husband was spot on in his own way – you have class with a bit of bling – or trash – or motorcycle headlights – to keep it interesting! Gotta love the men in our lives.

  7. Susan Stancliff Reply

    Love love this outfit! May I ask how tall you are? I am short 5’0 if I stretch and sometimes these vest almost hit the floor on me. Beautiful dress!

  8. Love the boho look on you! I never wore my crochet vest with a tunic! Now I know! Love your necklace! A turquoise necklace would also look nice, bringing out the teal in that pretty tunic even more! Nice outfit! – My “style” is still a work in progress! 🙂

  9. Every time I read “classy with a little trashy”, I giggle! It’s that “trashy” or as I like to think “sassy” spin that you put on your outfits that make them so stylish!
    I am LOVING your outfit today. Bohemian is my favorite summer style and that vest is awesome!

    • Just scrolled through your IG posts! I absolutely love EVERY SINGLE outfit??? Being over 50 and still looking cute, polished and appropriate is my goal. You have done it well?✔️? So many great ideas of how to put things together!???? PS I LOVE your hair!

  10. You are so darn cute. I love your outfit ideas and shamelessly copy them when they suit my style. Btw–love the By the Book bracelets that you frequently wear. And you are so NOT trashy!! Lol

  11. You look great as usual. I love your colorful ideas. You keep us very current. I’d say you are chic. Wish we could shop together and I’d love to see your closet!

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