50 Is Not Old | No Frumpy Shoes AllowedI will be the first to tell you that I have never been a “shoe” person. If I owned a black pair, a brown pair, and a blue pair of shoes I was set. That was all I thought I would ever need. I would wear those shoes until I wore them out, and then I would replace the worn out pair with another similar pair. That almost seems impossible to fathom, but shoes were not important to me. Boy oh boy, has that changed!!! 50 Is Not Old | No Frumpy Shoes AllowedThere are now all kinds of shoes in my closet, of all different shapes and colors, but the one thing you will not find in my closet is frumpy shoes. NO FRUMPY SHOES ALLOWED! Don’t start groaning already, I know some of you have feet issues. I promise you there are frump-less (is this even a word) shoes available for even you. My goal is to step (haha) up your shoe game. I know a lot of you have changed your dressing habits, and many of you have shared that you’ve received compliments from women much younger than you. You go gurls!!!! Now we are starting at the bottom and putting some sass in your step (haha, I did it again.)


I would dare to venture that most everyone has a pair of sneakers in their closet. Running or walking shoes, or just throw on to run around town shoes. Converse shoes are everywhere in the fashion scene anymore, not just on the basketball courts. You can now wear sneakers with a dress and that is high fashion. You might get some strange looks in church, but if that floats your boat, then go for it. Here are some of the ones in this category I liked.

Open-Toe Booties

I have several pair of open-toe booties that I really like. This is another trend that is really strong. They are the perfect blend of boot and shoe, taking you out of the winter knee high boots. These cute little numbers can be worn for day or night, and look great either way. If you do not already own a pair, here are a couple that you might have a gander at.

Chunky Heel

This years HUGE trend is the chunky heel shoe. This can be in a sandal, a boot, or a dress shoe. Either way, this shoe tells everyone that you are on point, that you know the current styles, and that you care enough to try to look nice. I try in all the shoes I pick to stay as inexpensive as possible, and I try to pick at least one or two “comfortable” shoe brands.


The wedge is the most comfortable heel out there. It gives you the most support, while looking super chic. You have espadrille and cork heels that are extremely popular at this time. Some of the wedge shoes may have a platform, this gives extra height to you more petite ladies. It always takes me a few minutes to get used to the extra height in the front. I will stub my toe or stumble when I first put them on. This old dog takes a while to learn a new trick. Haha


What would summer be without sandals? I am not including flip flops in my picks below, you can visualize those yourself. I almost always go buy me a new pair of white rubber flip flops from Old Navy every year. They go great with a bathing suit and to just throw on quickly to run out the door. The ones below are for a little nicer occasion, like work or going out.

Let’s be honest ladies, we all want to look out best. It just takes a tiny bit of effort, taking an extra 5 minutes to pick out a piece of jewelry or a nice pair of shoes. I would hope that is not asking a lot for you to do to make the most of your outfit. Add some sass to your life!50 Is Not Old | No Frumpy Shoes AllowedSpeaking of sass, guess who is playing with Nee Nee today? Little Miss Emersyn has come over to play. You can tell there is a cold snap going strong. She is still a little fashionista mixing her patterns and rocking a leopard print hat. Haha I have on a comfortable, run-around-town outfit for a Saturday. A white t-shirt, a pair of girlfriend distressed (really, really distressed jeans), a cardigan, and some monogrammed sneakers.50 Is Not Old | No Frumpy Shoes AllowedThe cardigan in a Liz Claiborne that I bought at the QVC outlet when they were having a 1/2 price sale. I paid 6.00 for this little gem. Here is a similar one. I already mentioned in a previous post, everyone needs a good white t-shirt. Here is a nice one. 50 Is Not Old | No Frumpy Shoes AllowedI am sure all of you are dying to know where I got the girlfriend jeans. I bought them last summer at Cato’s. Here is where I wore them before. These are a little too distressed for most, but in case you are brave here is a similar pair. I bought these cute shoes on my trip to Atlanta at a place called the Glitzy Chicks. They sold the shoes, and I had them monogrammed with my initials. No, they are not converse, but I think they are adorable. Here are a pair of converse, and here are a look alike pair. Me and baby Em are celebrating her deciding to start using the potty. After months of her saying “No, I don’t want to”, she all of a sudden said it was time. Boy, is she going to be a handful. 50 Is Not Old | No Frumpy Shoes AllowedNee Nee is still celebrating!!!!The comment section is at the end of the post, so keep scrolling. I look forward to reading all the comments, they make my day.

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I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Was re-reading this because I’m trying to figure out if platform wedges are too “young” looking for us 50 – somethings? Thoughts?

    I tried on a pair yesterday but just felt silly. I don’t know if that is just me or if we shouldn’t wear them at our age. :-/

    I always look forward to your posts.

    1. I wore a pair to church yesterday and received a couple of compliments. I don’t have too many platform shoes, but that is because of my height. It takes me a little getting used to them, because your foot doesn’t go down as far as it is used to because of the platform. Just be careful not to stumble in them.

  2. LISA GREENE says:

    I just love your blog and wish we could go for coffee (and shop!). I have found two brands that I don’t think are frumpy but are great on your feet – Vionic and Antelope. They feel great on my legs and my feet while still giving me a few inches of height that I need on my vertically challenged body.

  3. Ruth Robbins says:

    you rock Tania! Keep it real girlfriend 🙂

  4. Here’s a tip for women with arch support problems, etc, when wearing shoes and end up with ‘frumpy’ styles just to get the comfort. I discovered the Vionic brand on QVC a few years ago and half my shoe wardrobe is now all Vionic. This might sound like free advertising for the brand, but having high arches along with leg and back pain when standing for long periods, then an arthritic hip to top things off, …I can say these shoes and sandals are like a miracle!. I will only wear this brand when I know I’ll be standing for most of the day or long periods of time. My hip problem didn’t disappear, but the pain decreased tremendously! The brand is not inexpensive but worth every penny in comfort and style. I have found a few styles very discounted at TJ Maxx.

    1. I have seen a lot of very cute Vionic shoes at Belk. I had heard they were a wonderful brand for people with feet issues. They are on the expensive side, but if they decrease your pain, they would be worth every penny. Thanks Diana for the testimony, it is always helpful when someone can speak with first hand knowledge.

      1. The Vionics are great for everyone, even if one doesn’t have feet issues. If you ever see them discounted, at least, give them a try! Everyone I’ve turned them on to, love them!

  5. Oh my gosh! Frumpy shoes are a pet peeve of mine!! Seriously, even if you have foot issues, you can find a cute version with correct support. LOL My poor sister has the flattest, most narrow feet. It takes forever to find the right shoe, but she always does.

    Chunky shoes are not my favorite look, however, I really like the nude ones above and the brown sandal. FYI, I can literally teach all day in my TOMS wedges. I have 3 pair and one of those needs to be replaced from so much wear. (YIKES!)

  6. Raise your hands in the air like you just don’t care! I have always been a shoe person. When my kids were teens I was lucky enough that one of them wore the same size I did and we could share. I now have shelves and shelves of shoes but I constantly want more. There is always a style lacking…

  7. My daughter and I read this in the car, so we made my husband stop by a shoe store on the way home. Found cutest red sandals ever. Too bad it has turned chilly again. But I will look really cute when in warms up!

    1. This made me laugh, Susan. Be careful, your husband may delete me from your newsfeed. Hahaha

  8. Sheree Ozier says:

    LOVE! the outfit! I just bought my 1st pair of red converse, thanks to your outfit from way back….. thanks for the inspiration! I totally agree on the “no frumpy shoes” they do complete the outfit. There are so many cute ones out there for ladies with feet issues, so dress from head to toe ladies… the sky’s the limit!

    Went to my my 1st vintage fashion show today! It was so much fun!!!

    1. Fantastic Sheree! I hope you found a couple goodies:)

  9. Debbi Faust says:

    Tania, I love the pictures….especially the one of you with your hand on top of her little head. I want to get some converse shoes in gray soon. You are so precious to all of us.

    1. I actually bought a pair of gray converse shoes a couple of weeks ago. Lol!

  10. catherine says:

    what a lovely little girl ,what beautiful eyes she s got !!! you re a lucky grandmother !!!nice sunday to both of you

  11. Leisa Kay says:

    Just started reading your blog after my sister told my about how “real” you are! I’m enjoying it immensely!! Us 50 and uppers (I’m 58) need real places to shop and real honest ways to look that are fun, youthful, and affordable. Keep up the good work! Your granddaughter is precious!!

    1. Welcome, Leisa, and be sure to give your sister a big “hug” from me. I love it when a reader shares my blog. That is the highest compliment I can receive.

  12. Love your outfit and your pink accessories!

  13. Love this look! It’s me and my lifestyle. You look great!

  14. Brenda A, North Carolina says:

    I am new to your blog (learned about you on ‘Fabulous after 40), and am greatly enjoying your daily posts. Thank you for sharing your sass, style, and encouraging journey with all us gurls. I am rocking my 50s, so the world won’t be surprised when I hit my 60s. 🙂

    1. Welcome Brenda. Deborah was so nice to include me in her Style Blazers series.?

  15. I think I have loved shoes since high school. Remember wearing shoes that hurt my feet, just because they were CUTE… Thank goodness we have so many “shoe” choices today. Life is good! Enjoy that precious granddaughter and don’t forget to reward with m&m’s ; ) Grandma’s can get away with things like that!

  16. I got me a pair of red converse sneakers for this spring and summer, they make my feet happy.

  17. I LOVE the pic of you and Emersyn with your hands up in the air with big ol’ smiles looking at each other- I call that a ‘frame’ worthy pic. My sister has horrible feet issues and finding her CUTE shoes that she can actually wear has been my challenge- here are some brands I have found that are great- clarks, dansko, birkenstock, vionics, naot, born.

    1. Those are really good brands for feet issues. I really like the clarks and born brands, because you can usually find a cute style in them. I hate Birks, Sandy swears by them, but I loathe them. Hahaha

      1. not a birk fan either- they actually HURT my feet when I have worn them in the past- but what can I do, sissy is a hippie lovin birk fan 🙂

  18. Just found your blog and enjoy your style, you two are adorable!

  19. Love your style! Jeans look awesome and so do tennies!

  20. I am a shoe lover and was heartbroken when I started having foot issues. Finally this year I got serious and purged those I really couldn’t wear but was able to purchase others I could. No frumpy shoes here either. Cute comfy outfit. You and your granddaughter are adorable. Big milestone in her life and a big joy for mom and dad?. Definitely something to be excited over. Have a fab day.

  21. Just started reading you blog and it is so fun, informative and helpful. We all need to be encouraged to step outside our box- or the typical things we always wear. Just because we are older doesn’t mean fashion is not important to our look. Thank you!!!

  22. Such fun the two of you were having. Delightful!

    I am slowly upgrading shoes since I’ve found my feet are no longer wide after dropping quite a bit of weight. So, I’m having fun trying new styles. I have my eye on a floral print Aerosoles slingback at the moment…. just need to step out of my comfort zone.

    I followed the link for your cardigan and see the price is good, as well as colors. I’m not familiar with the brand. Does Luna Flower run small? I’m considering one of the happy colors. Have a great Saturday!

    1. I honestly don’t know about Luna Flower. I have never ordered from them. When I am in question, I will size up. I can handle it if it is a little big, but I HATE when something is too tight.

  23. I love your long necklace!!

  24. What a doll baby! Love the run around town Saturday outfit, looks so comfy, and those shoes are fab. Have a great weekend!

    1. I do love these shoes. Joe however does not. Hahaha

  25. Thanks for all of the wonderful posts! I’m turning 50 this year and I want to bring it in full of fashion. You always look so great! Thanks again! ?

    1. Your just a baby Sharon. Bring it gurl!!!

      1. Just curious…how old are you?

        1. Hi Debra, I am 55 and holding. At least till May. Hahaha

      1. I can’t stand (too casual) faded jeans let alone ripped ones! Can NOT do. Noooooo…
        I also need soft low shoes too – a big change for me but comfort is now most important. No gooey frumpy soles but a good brand with great cushion. Toes covered if dressy.