50 Is Not Old | White Boyfriend BlazerHave you noticed how everything seems to have “boyfriend” in the name of women’s clothing? Boyfriend jeans, boyfriend watch (not clothing), boyfriend cardigan, and boyfriend blazer to name a few. What’s up with that? Did some male designer come up with this because he thought women were always stealing their boyfriend’s clothes? I will confess that I was guilty of wearing my boyfriend’s sweatshirts or jackets when I was young, but NEVER their jeans. Haha 50 Is Not Old | White Boyfriend BlazerWhen I think of the boyfriend style clothing, I think oversized, worn, soft, and comfortable. This white boyfriend blazer is two of those, soft and comfortable. When Stephanie of Glamour Farms contacted me about a collaboration, this was one of the items I picked out. I am one smart cookie!!! This white boyfriend blazer (c/0) is ridiculously soft. But since I couldn’t feel the material through the computer screen, that is not why it was chosen. A white blazer is one of those essential piece EVERYONE needs in their spring and summer wardrobe. Let me repeat that, EVERYONE needs a white blazer in their wardrobe. Did you get that? Don’t make me say it again. Lol!50 Is Not Old | White Boyfriend Blazer

It goes with literally everything. To make my point I styled the blazer two ways, dressy and casual. You can judged for yourself the results. If I dare say so myself, cute and cuter. Haha Not me, the outfits. Here are a few of the details about the blazer. I already told you it is soft, but I mean very, very soft, and the fabric is nice and thick. After my little fiasco with my unlined jacket, I am now quick to check for a lining. I like the 3/4 sleeves with the messy looking cuff. It is actually sewn so that the cuff stays that way. It reminds me of Don Johnson when he was on Miami Vice. Haha The longer length is also something I like, I can wear that length better for some reason. This jacket does not have a button closure, but instead a hook and eye. You can leave it open, or fasten it closed; either way it looks good.50 Is Not Old | White Boyfriend Blazer

Why buy from Glamour Farms, and not someone else? A couple of good reason come to mind. Quality, price, and the fact that these are real individuals, are some of the reasons I like them. Because I have the jacket, I can feel the quality, so on that point you will just have to take my word. On the price, I looked for similar blazers on Old Navy, Cato’s, JC Penny, and Nordstrom. I really couldn’t find anything that was close, but the items I found ranged in price from 30.00 to 350.00. The lower end items were cropped and unlined. And lastly, it is shopping a real mom and pop store, except it is a mom and daughters store. I like that I can see who I am buying from.50 Is Not Old | White Boyfriend BlazerI chose to accessorize with some bling jewelry. The necklace is from Chloe & Isabel and I just got this with my kit when I signed up to sell C&I. However, I could not find it on their website tonight, so it might have already been replaced, or I am just blind. Probably a toss-up as to which it is. Here is a similar one though. You can’t see my earrings here, but they match the necklace. I know people say you are not supposed to match, but I sometimes like matching. Whatever! Here is the matching earrings to the similar necklace. Boy, that was a mouth full. Haha50 Is Not Old | White Boyfriend BlazerI am carrying a cross body light gray purse that I bought at TJ Maxx on my way to Tennessee. I like the gray color, as you can tell by my fingernails. Lol! The bling bracelet is Chloe & Isabel and the link bracelet is Stella & Dot.50 Is Not Old | White Boyfriend BlazerI wore a navy & white stripped Ralph Lauren Polo t-shirt in both photos. The jeans are an old pair, that were a little too tight, by Izod. I like the pink in the cuff, I think it gives them a little character. Here is a similar pair in misses, and one in plus.50 Is Not Old | White Boyfriend BlazerThis pleated maxi skirt is striking. I am totally in love!!! This may not be something I would wear to work, but for a night out, this is great. I will probably take this outfit with me to a woman’s club Convention in May, so if any of my GFWC Virginia friends are reading this, just act surprised. Lol! I bought this Saturday at Classy Closet, a little boutique in Richland’s VA, on the clearance rack. I paid $5.00 for this. Before you ask, no there was not anymore of them. Sorry! The purse is hot pink, although it looks more red in the photo, and I bought it in Atlanta from a little lady selling vintage items to my mother.

I hope your Monday is off to a good start. Remember, if you are going to purchase something from Glamour Farms, use the code Tania01 for $10.00 off your entire order.

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  1. Anne Leask says:

    I kinda liked the GlamourFarm site…I have been losing weight lately and feeling kind of blah about clothes and not finding anything that was interesting in stores or on the web. Went to that site cuz of the white boyfriend blazer on your blog and saw lots of things on that site that I could actually wear so I may order from them. Yay! And the prices seem reasonable so hope the quality is as good. May order the white blazer too!

  2. Sheree Ozier says:

    Ahhh! Love both outfits! and Love the way you put both together!!! Gotta have a white blazer

  3. Love that skirt! I need to start looking on the clearance racks more! You certainly brighten my day! It’s 36 degrees here on Long Island – rainy, dreary & cold. You give me hope for sunnier days!

  4. Love your blog! You have such a sweet spirit!! You are always so stylish. But, you need to ditch that color on your toes. ?? Everything else is on point! Blessings to you sweet lady. ?

  5. Donna Huberty says:

    I love the boyfriend blazer and would like to find one similar to the one you are wearing. I need to find a site for petite women. I’m 5’2 and generally wear a petite small or xs. Any suggestions?

  6. Robin Haupt says:

    Wow, that pink pleated maxi on you! In fact, that’s exactly what I said when I scrolled down the image, “wow”! You look stunning. Love your blog. Love your style. Such an inspiration.

  7. Love the pink skirt!!!!! $5???? #jealous The jacket is cute too and a great price.

  8. Wendy Hoff says:

    Tania, I just happened upon your blog from reading Cyndi’s blog. I just love your style, honesty and humaness. Thanks for being a bright light to my mornings!

  9. Tania I love the d skirt – but must confess to loving the jeans version more! Great styling either way! I have been mulling Glamour farms site now trying to decide what initial item I want to get….choices choices. Tania how long is your code good for??

    1. I’ll ask Stephanie and get back to you on that.

    2. Jules, the code is only good till midnight. She said if you wanted an extension to let her know. See why I like dealing with people you know???

  10. Ruth Hamel says:

    I am so happy I found your blog! And thank you for including info for plus sizes. I’m working on getting back to Misses but still want to look stylish at my plus size.

  11. How tall are you ? I am only 5 ft and look terrible in cropped pants. What can I wear? Are shorts ok? I’m 56

    1. Robin, I am 5’6″ tall. If cropped pants don’t look good on you, try Bermuda shorts. They are shorter without being SHORT!

      1. Tania, you may want to link to this for these petite ladies. If you google Diamonds for your crop pants to end it will bring up the information under Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend (from Image Truth) with the information and photos about how to wear crop pants. The information comes from Shari Braendel the Christian image consultant I trained with. It explains where the hem should be on crops so that you don’t look dumpy. I think it will be helpful to everyone no matter what there height or size.

    2. Robin, the key to wearing ankle pants or crops is to make sure that the hem ends in a diamond part of your legs. Let me explain. When you stand with your feet and knees together, your legs will form openings that resemble diamonds. If you want your pants to flatter you, be sure that the pant legs end in that area. You might be able to find this on the internet. You will look dumpy if they end where your calves or ankles touch.

      1. Thank you Sharon for this info. I, too, am on the shorter side. I don’t like Bermuda shorts on me. They look wonderful on taller ladies, but I have never been able to pull them off. Your info will help me style cropped pants much easier.
        Thanks so much! 🙂

  12. I just discovered your blog and LOVE it! I am 57 and love seeing how fashion CAN be done at my age! You are so inspiring both inside and out. I’m a little afraid of color and not always sure how far to go. You make it look so inviting and easy! Thanks for sharing your God-given talent!

  13. I have always worn cardigans but you have inspired me to look for a new blazer. I love your style!

  14. I love that Spring is here…all the fabulous colors! You look wonderful! I have a request…it seems like you mentioned playing golf in one of your posts. I play golf a lot with my husband and my friends. We’re lucky enough to live on a great golf course so it’s easy access. I do struggle with coming up with cute golf outfits for us over 50 gals. The shorts, skorts and skirts have gotten to be way too short for these legs… Yikes! But when it’s warm outside, we still want to look cute. Help!!!

    1. I haven’t played golf in about 20+ years. But, I would go for the bermuda shorts. Stylish and a little longer in length. ⛳️

  15. I like both outfits on you but the second one, with the capris is my favorite. I can’t believe you got that skirt for $5.00. Lucky girl.

  16. EvaMarie Blanton says:

    I LOVE your fashion sense and your love for the Lord! A wonderful combination! Keep going girlfriend!

  17. I want this blazer but it doesn’t come in plus size.☹️

  18. You are on a roll with your style this spring! Both outfits are fabulous and look super nice on you : ) You now have us scrambling for the perfect white blazer!

  19. Melanie W. says:

    oh and P.S. I bought the pink checked shirt at Maurices on Saturday. (They didn’t have the aqua in my size) You’re right…it is SO soft and I love that is has snaps and not annoying buttons lol.

  20. Melanie W. says:

    Super cute!!!! What size blazer did you get? I’ve been looking at them on their site ( I buy quite a bit from GF…just love those girls!!) but wasn’t sure about the sizing. It looks awesome styled both ways!!! I have a striped shirt and of course capris so I’m thinking I could pull off that second outfit super easy. Adorable!!!!! 🙂

    1. I am wearing a large, Melanie. It fits perfect.

      1. Melanie W. says:

        Awesome, Thank you!!

      2. Melanie W. says:

        DANG!!! Large is sold out. 🙁

        1. I HATE when that happens?

      3. Laura Harmon says:

        Would a large fit someone size 14?

        1. It might Laura. I usually wear a 10 or a 12.

  21. You’re right that a white jacket is a great spring addition. Brightens up and gives a fresh look to an outfit. Both of yours today look fabulous on you. Always love to read what you have for the day.

  22. LOVE this outfit; the colors just “pop”!! Wish Glamour farms offered the jacket in curvy too ☹️

    1. They offer a a lot of curvy options. Maybe they will see this and try to get one.

  23. You look stunning in that pink skirt! I would never have thought to put the striped shirt with that, but that looks fabulous and that is why you are doing a fashion blog, lol! Thanks so much, look forward to your posts every morning!?

  24. Connie Owens says:

    Tania you always look beautiful. And your sense of style is awesome.