50 Is Not Old | What To Wear For EasterToday I am joining Jo-Lynne Shane and Cyndi Spivey, for a “what to wear for Easter” post. I can’t believe that they are letting me play along with them! To me this is like meeting a movie star (rode in an elevator with Bob Hope), or a Vice-President (met Al Gore, he just wasn’t the V-P then), only way better. I love looking at blogs, but one of the reasons I started a blog was I couldn’t find a lot of blogs that I could relate to. Jo-Lynne and Cyndi were two however, that I really, really, loved. Since, I started my blog, I have found lots and lots that I now follow, but these two ladies are still my idols. So, being able to join up with them, is earth shattering!50 Is Not Old | What To Wear For EasterEaster will be upon us soon. It is just a little over a week away. I have great memories of Easter as a child. Easter baskets, chocolate bunnies, and coloring eggs were Easter favorites. Going shopping for a new Easter dress was a yearly tradition. I am not one to break traditions, so I still buy a new dress for Easter. Hunting eggs at church was something the children looked forward to. And afterwards we would go to my Grandmothers and eat dinner. This was not a special dinner, we went to Granny’s all the time. 50 Is Not Old | What To Wear For Easter

One Easter, my mother helped organize an Easter egg hunt, with the Historical Society, for adults. This was one of my favorite memories. It was held at a State Park in Tennessee, and my daughter and youngest son went with us. I remember them talking some of the older ones by the hand, to make sure they didn’t stumble on the rocks, and helping them locate the eggs.50 Is Not Old | What To Wear For Easter

When my children were young, they would color eggs, but I would paint them an egg for their basket. I love painting, mostly acrylic and watercolors. So every year I boiled each of them an egg, then would paint an easter scene on the egg in acrylic. They were really cute, but because they were real eggs, they never lasted more than a week.50 Is Not Old | What To Wear For EasterThis Easter, the grand baby next door, will come over for an egg hunt. Since, she is not quite 3, the eggs will just be in the grass, on the chairs, and on the steps. Hopefully, we will be creating memories that will last her a lifetime. 50 Is Not Old | What To Wear For EasterI can’t decide which shoes I like best. I love the ankle boots, I think they are really cute, but the navy and cream pumps look more like spring. Here is a similar pair. Either shoe will work, it will just depend on which one I pick up first. This is a real fashion tip, wear the shoe you pick up first. Hahaha50 Is Not Old | What To Wear For EasterHere is a look at the back of the outfit and hat. I am carrying a candy apple red vintage patent leather purse for some added color. Here and here are similar purses. My navy peep-toe ankle booties are Marc Fisher. The zipper details are really nice.

My jewelry is 3 stretchy pearl bracelets, a retro glam square cut bracelet, and a pearl and crystal necklace from Chloe & Isabel. I am a merchandiser with Chloe & Isabel, so if you don’t already know someone to purchase through, please type in my name, Tania Stephens, in the find a merchandiser spot.
50 Is Not Old | What To Wear For Easter

The navy and white polka-dot swing dress is one that I purchased at Classy Closet, a little boutique here is southwest Virginia. I will be collaborating with Classy Closet soon to offer you gurls an online only item or two. I love their clothing, so I can’t wait. This dress is stretchy and extremely comfortable. I really like the pockets on both sides. I always wear a dress to church, that is just the way I was raised. I know a lot of you probably now wear pants to church, but I just can’t make myself. I told you that I was someone that kept traditions. Here is a stripe swing dress from Old Navy, and here is a polka dot halter plus size dress. Here is a pair of white pants (misses), and here is a pair of white crop pants (plus). A polka dot top, with the white pants, will give you a very similar look. Here is a top (misses), and here is the same top for plus size.

Where I go to church, you will probably see several hats for Easter. Sometimes I wear one, but not always. I buy my hats at the vintage fashion shows I attend. I already had this hat, it just just happened to match perfectly. Here and here are some super cute hats.50 Is Not Old | What To Wear For EasterDon’t you just love my hat hair? Lol! After church, the egg hunting festivities will start. To take this dress to a play outfit, I am taking off the hat, ditching the pearls, and pulling on a pair of navy crop leggings. Here is a pair of leggings in several colors. I will then put on these navy ballet slipper shoes by Isaac Mizrahi. The QVC outlet is having a sale, Isaac Mizrahi shoes, and winter shoes are all 15.00. It would be worth your making the trip, but they are going so fast, they will probably be gone by the time you arrived. Here is a similar pair of shoes.50 Is Not Old | What To Wear For EasterI hope you enjoyed my Easter dress that can go from Church to play. Be sure to check out Jo-Lynne Shane and Cyndi Spivey, and tell them I sent you. They are wonderful ladies for letting me join them.

The comment section is at the end of the post, so keep scrolling. I look forward to reading all the comments, they make my day.

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  1. First visit today, but I’ve signed up as well! Love your fresh take and, like you, I still adhere to some rules!

  2. Great outfit! Look forward to your posts.

  3. Adorable outfit. I love navy and white. Polk dots are one of my favorite prints! xx-S

  4. Your outfits are adorable! They are so cute.

  5. Cathy Bentley says:

    Tania……I noticed that you say you live in Southwest Virginia and the boutique is in Richlands, VA…..I am from Gate City, VA and live in Kingsport, TN now. I follow Jo-Lynne and Cyndi and have seen your blog several times.

    Love, love this outfit and the kitten shoes versus the booties.

    1. Cathy, I live in Grundy, just a hop, skip, and a jump away from you. Haha

      1. Cathy Bentley says:

        Yep…..I had a feeling you were close by. So nice to see someone local that’s blogging. How did you get started?

  6. I think the best look is the casual one with the leggings. I love the pops of red! And polka dots are always fun!

  7. Well, I think your church to play dress is fabulous. I, too, always wear a dress to church – for exactly the same reason – it’s just how I was raised. I love the polka dots and all the red accessories. Really like your blog. I’ll be back!

  8. I love this outfit. Not sure which shoe I’d pick either. That bootie is CUTE!! But they pump sure is churchy. 🙂 Both are great.
    I’ve been following you for a while now and really enjoy your posts.

  9. I I found your blog through laurie at stylesavvy. She ended her blog, but a suggestion was to follow you and I’m glad I did. Although I cannot spend 42. dollars for leggings (lol), I am glad that you also suggest places such as old navy to copy your look. Keep up the great blog!

  10. Sherry Schillaci says:

    Love love love thi dress on you. Perfectly accessorized! I love that it can go from a “regular”dress to a “play” dress. So glad you paired up today with Cyndi and Jo-lynne. I just nowstarted following you on Instagram…and I wil follow your blog. Very classy outfits…like you! Happy Easter!!

  11. I like wearing a dress to church also, and having a new one for Easter! Love your style!

  12. Is the dress you are wearing available for purchase? So cute!

  13. Just popped over from Cyndi’s post. I also just subscribed to your posts by email.
    I like the kitten heels best for the dressy option, but I’m loving the leggings/flats option too! I think that would be the look I’d copy. Nice to meet you!

  14. Oh pshaw!!! You are awesome, and we are thrilled to have you join us today! I love the dress with the kitten heels best, I think. Those are too cute. xo

  15. Amy Mershon says:

    Just read your blog and am looking forward to seeing what you have to bring for us 50 gals! Signing up now! Great Easter dress/Sunday wear. Thank you for sharing your Easter tradition. We do the same thing here ♡♡ Amy

  16. Love that dress on you. Much classier looking with the navy and cream sling backs. I Ike my dresses just a little closer to the knee. Then when you matched it with the leggings, Wow! That made you look so cute. Love your style

    1. Mary, the length of the dress was pushing me a little out of my comfort zone. I asked several people for feedback before I posted this. It is plenty long, but not my normal length. Besides, my legs are not what most of you want to see first thing in the morning. Haha

  17. Love the outfit……love finding people my age with a lot of style!!!!Thanks for sharing

  18. Stopped by from Cyndi’s. You are awesome. Love it with leggings.

  19. Sheree Ozier says:

    Love!!! the outfit! Gotta have one of the dresses. Of course my favorite part again is the vintage purse. I love it when you mix in a little vintage!
    I love your style!
    Where can I find a “vintage fashion show?” sounds awesome!

  20. Seriously love that dress, but I think I’m more impressed that you found not one, but 3 pairs of shoes that are perfect color matches ~ and cute! Congrats on teaming up with the ladies as well!

  21. Whilst I personally would pair this adorable dress (it has pockets!!) with hat and booties, I do think you look best with the kitten heels. You have a very relatable style, one which easily transcends age groups and that’s a lovely thing!!

  22. You are rocking Easter with all of these options Tania! The colors are fantastic and not just because blue is MY favorite : ) The first dress I sewed in home ec class ( now I am dating myself ) was a navy polka dot! Always, always a classic…

  23. Lynneferd says:

    Thank you, thank you for styling the dress multiple times! I have so much trouble seeing the possibilities. I love these cute combinations! I’ve just started following your blog. I’m happy to see you use lots of color in your wardrobe. I am not a huge fan of black and that is what I see in so many 40+ blogs. Plus a lot of edgy styles that are simply not me. So I’m happy to drop in and see what you are wearing!

  24. I, too, read three blogs – you, Cyndi and Jo-Lynne. What a treat that you are joining up with them! I love all the looks with the polka dot dress. You are such a great blogger, I love your fashion and stories. Thank you for sharing with us!

  25. Hi Tania,

    I love your polish color. It looks like maybe acrylic with a nude shade? Beautiful….I’d love to know the name of the color.

    Love your dress too….super cute on you!

    Lisa ?

  26. I love this dress! I went to the link for the Classy Closet website but didn’t see the dress. Is there a way to order it online?

    1. Darlene, she may have this dress in the boutique. You can email her or phone 276-202-5407. Ask for Amanda, and tell her that you saw the dress on my blog.

  27. Melanie W. says:

    This dress is so cute!!!! I love polka dots! 🙂

  28. This is such a pretty Easter look! I loved the dressed up swing dress and then really loved it with the leggings! I’ve been helped so much by Jo-Lynne and Cyndi and I’m looking forward to following your style too.

  29. I just discovered your blog and also follow Cyndi and Jo-Lynn. I am so happy I found your blog. I LOVE your style. The dress looks wonderful for Easter. With the leggings it gives an entirely different look. I agree with the other comment about prices. There are some blogs that I can not relate to due to pricing however your style and lifestyle I can relate to. Greetings from Tenn.

  30. I read 3 blogs, YOU, Cyndi and JoLynne! Love all of you! Love the dress with the leggings!

  31. Love your carefree original style , don’t change.

  32. Mother Henn says:

    I love the booties with that dress! All variations look great and I think you are right where you belong. I appreciate your stories, memories, your take on fashion, and your smart budget sense. I’ve always heard an old saying that some people have more money than sense, but I feel like you know what items are worth a splurge and which ones to save on. It’s refreshing in a world full of consumerism. Keep it up. I enjoy that you “keep it real”. (Do people say that anymore?)

    1. Thanks so much, Mother Henn. I love that name, how cute!!!

  33. Cute outfit!! Could you also give info on your outfit posted this past Sunday??

    1. I will Lori, I actually forgot to give those details yesterday.

      1. Thanks SO much!! I LOVED that dress too…

    2. I loved that dress as well. I thought it would be something I could wear this summer!

  34. Love your blog! I found it through Cyndi and Jo-Lynn! May I ask what other blogs you follow? Have a great day!

    1. Carmen, I follow a few, not as many as I would like. Since I started my own blog, I don’t have the time to visit the other blogs? I am hoping I will get better at blogging, at that it will not take me so much time to get a post together, so I can start looking at blogs again.

  35. I watch a lot of QVC so it’s fun to see everything that you buy at the outlets 🙂

  36. You deserve to be with the other ladies. I find over 50 bloggers often wear a sort of uniform, lots of black, high end clothes I can’t afford, or too edgy. Your style is refreshing. Love it from here in Australia.

  37. You definitely belong with the other ladies. The dress with the booties, or with leggings are my favourites. I find over 50 bloggers either wear a uniform of sorts, too much black, high end outfits above my budget, or things too edgy for me. Your style is very refreshing. Love it from Australia

  38. Love ..love this outfit. ..smart and sassy too..

  39. I think your dress is cute with the leggings, for a casual look. But I like my dresses to hit right at the knee, or just slightly above the knee.
    I too, am a fan of Cyndi and JoLynne. 🙂

    1. Oh Miss Tania, I am so excited to have found your blog! (through Cindy Spivey). I am a Michigander, but a Southern girl wannabe! I will be spending the better part of today reading through your blog. Love your sense of humor, and your love for Jesus! I have subscribed to receive your daily posts. Thank you so much! Julie

      1. Thanks so much, Julie! I am thrilled you stopped by?