Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a green palm print blouse and dark indigo girlfriend jeans with camel loafers

The days are getting shorter, and I can feel fall in the air. It seems like it is coming early this year, but maybe it is my imagination. I have been looking online for fall transition clothing, and also, some fall decor items. I have already bought a couple of things to decorate with for fall, and I’ll share those with you later in the blog. You would think that my home would be all decorated since I love “decorating” with clothing, but home decor does not come easy to me. So, I have a hodge-podge of furniture that is hand-me-downs, or yard sale items. But, I am feeling the need to change and update. Would you gurls please comment the name of some decor bloggers that I can check out? My style is the “lived in” look, I don’t want to have anything that the grandchildren are afraid to sit on or touch.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is leaning against a door and wearing a green palm print blouse and dark indigo girlfriend jeans with camel loafers

The blog post yesterday was all about the mess of remodeling. Before you get the “after” look that you are wanting, you have the ugly mess that is called…remodeling. I am taking the same approach to remodeling that I do with my clothing. I am going to pick some essential items (furniture), and then I am going to start adding accessories. In clothing, accessories are the items that can “make” the outfit, and they usually are not expensive. With decorating my house, I feel like the accessories of a room would be the rug, curtains, lamps, pictures on the wall, and the nick-nacks that sit all around. Maybe if I approach decorating the house in this way, I won’t feel as overwhelmed and will have a home that looks “put-together.” That would be a first for me! Lol!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a green palm print top

When you are ready to transition your summer to fall, there are a few things that you will want to consider.

1. Pack up summer clothing

I know that some people take their summer wardrobe and pack it away to make room for fall and winter items, but I want to make sure that you leave your tank tops, tee shirts, and sleeveless tops in the closet. These are perfect for layering with cardigans, denim jackets, blazers, and coats. Plus, you won’t have the bulk from the sleeves that long sleeve items can have.

2. Darker Colors

Jewel tones are now going to be the color of choice. So, slowly starting adding caramel, burgundy, deep teal, and charcoal to your summer wardrobe. The bright floral looks can be toned down if you pick a darker colored print and add a sweater in that color. You can still wear white pants, but add a darker top like burgundy instead of a bright color like hot pink.

3. Adding Animal Prints and the Colors of Leaves

Anything animal print is perfect for fall. Leopard print in all shades is fabulous for fall. I love wearing leopard print, but for those who aren’t as big of a fan, then maybe add a small amount like a scarf, earrings, or even loafers. Also, start to think of the colors of the leaves that will soon be falling. Rust is a great color for fall, as well as mustard golds, deep maroons, and caramel colors. In this outfit, adding a touch of animal print was my first hint of a fall transition look.

4. Open-toe and Ankle Boots

I have already started to pull out a few open-toe ankle boots and wedge shoes. You can wear a cute swing dress, and adding a pair of taupe ankle boots will immediately transition the look to fall. Ankle boots are fabulous when worn with cuffed jeans, that is probably my favorite look.

5. Denim Jacket

Fall usually means that it is time for high school football to start. That may not be the case this year, but wearing a cute denim jacket is still my go-to fall items. You can add a denim jacket, a wrap or poncho, a leather jacket, or thick cardigan with dresses, or tee-shirts and leggings, for a cute fall transition outfit.

6. Vests

Vests are also an easy fall transitional piece. A vest adds just a tiny amount of warmth, but keeping your core warm can make all of the difference. You can wear puffer vests, waterfall vest, utility vests, or fur vests in the fall, and all of them will make the summer transition to fall easy and fashionable. Here is a great example of me using a waterfall vest to look fallish while wearing a sleeveless top.

7. New Makeup

If you didn’t see my Friday Favorites post, then you need to check it out now. Changing up your makeup makes a big difference when you are ready to transition from summer to fall. Summer colors are brighter, pinker, and for fall, you need to go more for nudes or mauves. I even like changing up my hairstyle also, and for some reason, I tend to go shorter in the fall and winter, and longer in the spring and summer.

8. Keep Your Legs Warm

Fall will bring cooler weather, so keeping your legs warm is a priority. Most of us will choose jeans as our go-to fall leg-warming item, but there are other choices available. I like wearing my maxi dresses or skirts in fall and winter to keep the colder winds from giving me a chill. Plus, if you add tights to your look, then you will have an extra layer of warmth. Leggings that are lined with fleece are another way to keep your legs from turning blue, and unless you are a Smurf, blue legs aren’t in style.

9. It is all about Layering

Fall weather can be cold in the mornings and at night, but the daytime temperatures might get almost hot. So, layering is the best option that you can make. Pick your outfit for the hottest part of the day, and then add layers that can be worn in the mornings and evenings, but easily removed during the day. A lightweight blazer, jacket, or cardigan is the easiest option. You will get bonus points if the blazer, jacket, or cardigan can be tied around your waist for a cute look. No one wants to have to keep up with the removed layered item, so tieing it around your waist is a fantastic way to keep up with the clothing and look fashionable at the same time.

10. Forget about Rules

There are no hard fashion rules that you have to abide by. Wear what makes you happy and comfortable. I like distressed jeans, but that might be a hard NO for you. I love wearing white all year long, but that might stress you out. So, in the words of my daughter, “You do you!” Take my suggestions, and make them work for YOU!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is holding up her hands while wearing a green palm print blouse and dark indigo girlfriend jeans with camel loafers

I almost sound like I know what I am talking about, don’t I? LOL! You can take everything that I say with a grain of salt because I am not trained in fashion. I just love clothing, and I love sharing, so blogging is a perfect way that I can do both at the same time. Today, I am sharing about this gorgeous tie-front blouse that I adore. I bought a pink version of this blouse and liked it so much that I bought this deep green palm print one also. This blouse is a transition item for me because of the color, and also because of the longer sleeves. I do not want to go from short sleeves to a winter coat, so 3/4 sleeves is a great way to start the transition.

This is an oversized blouse because of the dolman sleeves. But, I love the way this top hugs your hips, and I think that it has a very slimming effect. I am wearing a size 1 in this blouse, and it fits me great. Also, this blouse is on sale for $50.00 off!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a green palm print blouse and silver jewelry

The lightweight oversized earrings that I am wearing are the Val silver hoops. These earrings have small crystals on them, and I love how thin these are. The earrings make a statement, but they aren’t overpowering. My Jae star choker necklace is a necklace that I only bought a month ago, but I love it already. It is dainty, and it fills the void in a v-neckline perfectly. You can’t see my Zorte bracelet very well in this photo, but it is a hammered metal double-bar cuff bracelet that is on Final Sale. It is a thick heavy weight bracelet, and large is the only size available.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing the side view of a green palm print blouse and dark indigo girlfriend jeans with camel loafers

Here is a look at how the blouse has a high-low hem. I like it when my rear is covered, and I don’t have to worry if I wear this with leggings. The jeans are So-Slimming Girlfriend Ankle Jeans in Deep Indigo. I have soooo many of these girlfriend jeans that I can’t even start to count them. I have become utterly obsessed with the fit of these jeans. A size 10 is usually the size jeans that I wear with most brands; however, I wear a .5 in these jeans.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing dark indigo girlfriend jeans with camel loafers

This camel suede loafer by Steve Madden is a perfect fall shoe. I love this soft neutral color, and these shoes are super comfortable to wear. They are also part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and they are under $40.00! They recommend sizing up a 1/2 size, and I did, but they are loose on me. I think that sizing down might make them too tight, so I think that I’ll stick with this size. If you wear socks with your shoes, then sizing up a 1/2 size will probably be smart.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a green palm print top and dark indigo girlfriend jeans with camel loafers

Here are a few fall decor items that I got from Kirkland’s. I am loving the white pumpkin look and everything neutral.

Grateful Tobacco Wreath

Thankful Pumpkin Pillow

Give Thanks Plaque

Thankful Door Mat

Hey There Pumpkin

Rustic Thankful Plaque

Cream Pumpkin Floral Arrangement

I bought this tray to set the arrangement inside:

White Antique Wooden Tray

Some of this has already arrived, and some are going to take longer to get in. I hope that they come before fall is over. Lol!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old has her hand in her pocket and is wearing a green palm print blouse and dark indigo girlfriend jeans with camel loafers

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  1. Holly wrote:

    I have been thinking the same thing about fall coming early this year.
    I like the little change you did to your hair.

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  2. Edith (Penny) Weldon wrote:

    I like StoneGable, Southern Hospitality & On Sutton Place, as well as a Randi Garrett blogs. They are all down to earth and are Southern gals! They are very creative and their looks are so up to date but classical too‼️

    I just adore your clothing purchases! You keep me current fashion wise although my clothing budget is quite small, since I retired and am living on a budget. But a girl can dream.

    Keep dazzling us daily because we need you so much during this pandemic! You BLESS us all❤️

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  3. Kenzie McConnel wrote:

    Gosh that green colour really suits you and I love the way you are wearing your hair. Makes you look younger!

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  4. Love your blogs. As far as house decor goes the houzz site has numerous pictures for ideas and even sells items. They are a bit pricey but the pictures are incredible and all done by interior designers. Every room in my house inspired from their site.

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
    • Sandra.c wrote:

      Cute outfit today and always love your hair. As far as decor, blend your old things with new things you love and it will be much more interesting and reflect you. You don’t want your home to look like it came from a showroom-it should reflect your family’s journey.

      Posted 8.17.20Reply
  5. Anita Karl wrote:

    I follow Southern Hospitality,Savvy Southern Style blogs. On Instagram my very favorite is to_mimishousewego

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  6. Holly wrote:

    On Instagram, follow: My.cozy_corner. Calm interior decor. Love your hair pulled back today…super cute! Also, search decor ideas on Pinterest.

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  7. Melony Cross wrote:

    Your hair looks great like that. That color top is great on you.

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
    • Roxy wrote:

      I love your hair pulled back like that! ❤️

      Posted 8.17.20Reply
  8. Ann Bushle wrote:

    I agree that “fall is in the air.” I love your hairstyle in this post. It really showcases your eyes!

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  9. Sondra wrote:

    First of all….I love your hair this way. I think it makes you look much younger!! I also agree with all of your suggestions on how to approach Fall and embrace it. Even though I LOVE summer, Fall is another favorite season of mine and I’m with you…I said the very same thing yesterday that you did. I can sense an early Fall this year! Great minds run along the same channels. LOL.

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  10. Lynn C Woodruff wrote:

    Love your hair pulled up like that! And that green is beautiful on you!!!

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  11. Kathryn wrote:

    Love your hair, very youthful look! Hard to think of Fall when it’s 110 degrees ????.

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  12. Chris wrote:

    Love your hair like that! Love all your Kirkland’s fall finds! I turn to magazines for home decor inspiration, Better Homes and Gardens, Country Living, Southern Living! If something speaks to you, get it, you will find a place for it. Those things will make your house feel like home!!!

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  13. Tracy Abraham wrote:

    Love the green blouse!

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  14. Sharyn Burnett wrote:

    Always love your fashion and home ideas. So ready for Fall!!

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  15. ARNA B BRONSTEIN wrote:

    So many great ideas to transition for fall. I can do so many of these from my closet.
    Love your hair!

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  16. Denise wrote:

    Your hair style looks awesome in these photos!

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  17. Susan wrote:

    Oh I love the way you are wearing your hair! Makes you look younger! Thanks for the tips!

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  18. Terry Tatar wrote:

    Love the fall inspiration..LOVE your hair! Happy Monday and keep up the great work!

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  19. Linda wrote:

    Love your fall decor items! ????

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  20. Lynette wrote:

    I enjoy searching Houzz and Pinterest for ideas on decorating.
    Love your green top and the hair today!!

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  21. Patti wrote:

    I always get tricked into thinking fall is coming early …. usually never happens. But fall is my favorite time of the year. Always so beautiful.

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  22. Kim wrote:

    I love your hair like that!

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  23. Nancy Onorato wrote:

    Tanya, I love the new way you’ve styled your hair! It’s very flattering and, as always, you look great! Fall is my favorite time of year, although here in Southern California, it doesn’t really start until the end of October. August is our hottest month & we have summer weather right up until just before Halloween, but your fall decor items have me longing for autumn!

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  24. Angie Pennington wrote:

    I love this look on you….love everything about it!!

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  25. Barb in PA wrote:

    I think you will enjoy Maria Killam’s “Color Me Happy” blog as much as I do. She is an advocate for decorating with timeless pieces and accenting with color. I have followed her for years and have learned so much!

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  26. Gwendolyn Coleman wrote:

    Please send info on skin care.

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  27. Kathy wrote:

    Love your blog! You’re a hoot! As far as home decor I like Ann on Sutton Place, Stonegable, Southern Hospitality. All are down to earth, mature ladies like me! I also like My Texas house, although she uses a lot of whites, creams, she has great taste and I’ve used some of her ideas. I know it can be overwhelming, just pick the foundation and go from there with your accessories.

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  28. Nancy Lawrence wrote:

    Love the post today. I have to have those shoes. I love fall and winter clothes but unfortunately live in Texas and rarely get to wear winter. Love the fall decor too.

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  29. Joy wrote:

    Our days are still warm and humid, but our nights have been being much cooler. I have started to notice that the trees are already starting to turn. While I do like fall, I’m not a fan of the winter that follows. Your hair is so flattering pulled back like that!

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  30. Marlene Pannkuk wrote:

    I really enjoyed the book “Cozy Minimalist Home” by Myquillyn Smith. It really helped me make our home cozy without a lot of clutter but yet very homey. I highly recommend it.

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  31. Debra wrote:

    Love your hair pulled back.
    You look young and fresh and happy!
    Your tips for fashion are great and enjoy your Sunday blogs also!!

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  32. Kathy wrote:

    You should your hair like that more often. It is super cute! It makes you look younger!!

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  33. Nancy wrote:

    We painted our 2 story foyer gray and with white trims, looks so clean and fresh. Might do LR and DR too! Love your blog! Read it most days.

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  34. Jennifer wrote:

    Love the blouse!

    StoneGable is one of my favorite decorating blogs.

    I also find inspiration in magazines such as Country Living, Southern Living and Traditional Home.

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  35. Tonya wrote:

    I struggle wearing the colors of fall. I am a deep winter and the fall colors don’t look good on me. What do you recommend?

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  36. Ken wrote:

    I LOVE this look. I’m not sure if I could pull off that top with the large sleeves. I’m afraid they may make me look larger? I am definitely ordering the loafers!

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  37. Laura wrote:

    First off, you look fantastic with your hair pulled back! Secondly, for an easy and totally inexpensive decor option go buy some Krylon spray paint. I recently redid my house in grays and off-white and instead of buying all new nic-nacs and vases, I spray painted a lot of what I had already with either Krylon Specialty High-Gloss Silver Mirror Spray Paint, Krylon COLORmaxx Satin Ivory Spray Paint and Primer In One and for a soft gray I used Krylon Chalky Finish Matte Misty Gray Spray Paint. So simple and with a neutral color on everything they grouped together in an elegant way!

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  38. Julia Hill wrote:

    I love the whole outfit. The top comes in another print that would be nice for fall too. It’s a tropical print with browns and teal. I’m really enjoying your blog.

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  39. Nancy Freitag wrote:

    It will be 114 here in Las Vegas today, so it is difficult to think of fall wear yet! As for home decor ideas I love Pinterest. You can look at any style. We just remodeled our bathroom and almost all my ideas came from posts on Pinterest.

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  40. Kara wrote:

    I like your hair styled this way. My favorite home blog influencer is Traci at Beneath My Heart.

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  41. Lori wrote:

    Love this blouse in both colors, too! P.S. Your hair looks great like this,too!

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  42. Cyndy wrote:

    Your hair looks adorable today! Also love your fall decorating finds. Fall is definitely NOT in the air in Scottsdale, Arizona where today’s high will be 116 degrees ????

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  43. Diane wrote:

    I have followed you for several years — love your style! Different hairstyle is so cute!

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  44. Pam Wood wrote:

    LOVE your hair pulled back ❤️

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  45. Kellie Johnson wrote:

    I am loving the pants/jeans/crops from Chico. I have bought two already and plan to buy jeans for fall. Thanks for sharing.

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  46. Kristina Tandy wrote:

    I like the white leaves on the beautiful green blouse, but I love, love, love your hair. I like the straighter style….I think it pulled back is so cute and youthful! Have a magnificent day! ????

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  47. Jill wrote:

    Love your hair pulled back. It is extremely flattering on you. You look darling and so inspire me!! I look forward to your daily posts. Mixing old with new. I like a home that doesn’t look too curated. Comfortable and liveable.

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  48. Deanna wrote:

    I love your hair pulled up and back! Gotta get those Steve Madden loafers. I like looking at PINTEREST for decorating inspiration. The Homes I Have Made has some great organizational ideas. I redid my kitchen pantry during the spring isolation using her ideas. For simple decorating with a pop of color, I like the blog In My Own Style. However, she does lots of hands on projects if that is your thing, or you have the time. LOL.

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  49. Karen wrote:

    What is the name and brand of paint you fell in love with??

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      It is Mountain Boulder and that is a Valspar color.

      Posted 8.17.20Reply
  50. Marcia wrote:

    I really like that top and absolutely love your hair like that! I agree with everyone else….very youthful!

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  51. Charlene wrote:

    Love this outfit!! And so LOVE your hairstyle today!! (I love your hair everyday by the way!)
    I just recently started following you and I so enjoy it! It’s funny because I’ve just hired a painter to paint interior of our home as well. I’m excited but also dread all the prep, but I’m hoping to get rid off a lot of clutter!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  52. Sharon Musgrove wrote:

    SUPER CUTE! From your hair to your shoes, I think this is a home run! This blouse looks so much better on you than the Chicos website (I don’t know what they were thinking!)

    There’s no way you haven’t heard of @thenester by now, for home decorating help. But I said it anyway ????

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  53. Donna Ingalls wrote:

    Love your hair this way. So smart!
    Southern Hospitality Is a blog that has great decorating tips.

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  54. Marry cupp wrote:

    Beautiful as always decorating on Facebook creating a home you love. I love this page.

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  55. Sharolyn wrote:

    I bought my first jeans from Chico’s last week. They were the embroidery ones. I absolutely love them ! Thank you for sharing those. I also love the Bible verse you post every day now. Thank you, again.

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  56. Kim wrote:

    Love your hair style today!
    You look absolutely so slender in this outfit!
    I am basically the same size as you, 5’6
    157lbs size 10 usually in jeans, I can’t imagine ordering .5 in those jeans. I’m kinda thick in the legs. What would you suggest, thanks ????

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Kim, I would suggest ordering two sizes. I do that all of the time and just send back what doesn’t work. The girlfriend jeans are bigger than a normal jean.

      Posted 8.17.20Reply
  57. Pat Ferguson wrote:

    Your blog was chock full of great “stuff” today!
    I have to ask….is your front porch fern real or faux?
    If faux, please share info.

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      They are real, and they have been the prettiest that I’ve ever had.

      Posted 8.17.20Reply
  58. Elizabeth Tyminski wrote:

    Absolutely love this outfit and your hair! Green is your color.

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  59. Martha Williams wrote:
    Amy Williams Waco, Texas

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  60. Lisa wrote:

    Your hair looks so cute pulled back. Shows off your pretty face????

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  61. Loretta I Weeks wrote:

    I saw that many of the comments are about how cute your hair looks on your blog today and I totally agree. If you fix your hair like this again, I would love to see a picture from the back. I have told my hair stylist that I would love for her to do some type of workshop to teach how to put up your hair in an every day style and make it look good. You definitely nailed it on this hair style! Thank you Tania!

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  62. Sandy wrote:

    Oh I love your hair like that! Do you have a side photo to show us how you pulled it back like that. Cute blouse too!

    Posted 8.17.20Reply
  63. Kim Dambach wrote:

    Love your hairstyle! Can you show us how you did it?

    Posted 8.18.20Reply
  64. Gail Salyers wrote:

    I love your hair like that. How did you do it? I am always trying to pull mine partially up but can’t get the look I want!

    Posted 8.18.20Reply
  65. Rebecca wrote:

    I love your hair! This style and where you straightened it both make you look so much younger. As far as home inspiration I really like Yvonne at Stonegable, Ann at On Sutton Place and Traci at Beneath My Heart.

    Posted 8.18.20Reply
  66. Catherine F. wrote:

    I can”t wait for fall. It’s my favorite season. You look great in green and I especially love your hair pulled back.

    Posted 8.18.20Reply
  67. Hair looks so pretty and youthful. Linked to Chico’s and bought your blouse in the green leaf, pink berry and floral, plus 2 other sale blouses. Also previously bought the girlfriend cuffed crops you have in all 3 denim colors. I should have known to order the .5 as I’m your size (5’7”, 155) – the 1 was too big.

    Posted 8.19.20Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Sorry to laugh, but I know how you feel. I always freak out when I choose the .5 size, but it has only failed me once since I’ve been ordering. Lol! Use me as your guide, and then listen to me. Hahaha!

      Posted 8.19.20Reply
  68. vmk21045 wrote:

    Tania; I just want to personally Thank You for the link to The Chosen last fall. I have watched all 8 episodes of season 1 a gazillion times and laugh, cry and rejoice at the way Jesus is so passionate, especially in the episode with “The Woman at the Well”!! Season 2 is almost complete at least episode 6 is almost complete and I can’t wait for it to be released for us to watch! I love your blog and all the cute clothes you share with us. I have to smile cuz it reminds me of myself when I was a young ‘gurl’ and bought a new dress- top – or slacks and couldn’t wait to get home to prance around in my new clothes!!! You inspire me with your sweet spirit and very informative blog! I’m 75 going on 30 ???? and love life! Again “Thank You and keep up the good work!, Virginia in Arkansas ????????

    Posted 8.19.20Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Virginia, I am with you on The Chosen series. I loved every single episode and cried like a baby while watching them. I can’t wait for the second season to be finished! I have a Chosen t-shirt but I need to get me a sweatshirt for this fall. Comments like yours are what keeps me going, thanks so much.

      Posted 8.20.20Reply
  69. Christine Curtis wrote:

    What do you think about a Petite (5’1″) woman wearing girl friend jeans or capris? I have been told, “No, don’t do this as it makes you look shorter.”

    Posted 8.28.20Reply
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