Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is bright and colorful in a tie-front pink blouse, white girlfriend crop jeans, floral navy ruana, and navy sandals

GURL’S!!! I am so thrilled! I have been striving for this goal since I started blogging, and yesterday it happened!!! Just ignore me while I do a little celebration dance. Thanks to everyone who has signed up for my daily email, shared with your friends about the blog, shared my posts on Pinterest and Facebook and has followed along with me on Instagram. Be sure to read today’s post all the way to the end to see how I am celebrating!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is bright and colorful in a tie-front pink blouse, white girlfriend crop jeans, floral navy ruana from Chicos, and navy sandals

Happy August everyone!!! August is a fun month, and it is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the last remnants of summer. The weather is usually mild, warm, and sunny if we can keep the Hurricanes at bay. The nights might start to cool off which makes for perfect weather for roasting smores on the patio. While August doesn’t have any “official holidays,” it does have a lot of fun National Days.

I can’t believe that I have already missed National Sisters Day, (whoops, sorry sis) National Watermelon Day, and National Girlfriends Day! But, I did manage to celebrate National Underwear Day and National Work Like A Dog Day, even though I didn’t know that was a day. Lol! For all of you, cat lovers, (????) today is International Cat Day. I’ll show you my fat cat below who is the Queen around my house. She is my cat/dog, which means she comes to the door when she wants in, and she looks out the door when she is ready to go outside. I even caught her trying to reach the doorknob to be let outside. Lol! And, for those of you who celebrated National Work Like A Dog Day, make sure that you also celebrate Lazy Day which is Monday, August 10th. Hahaha!

When I went to fix breakfast, she grabbed my nice warm seat. But, evidently, the light must have been bothering her sleep, because she had to hide her eyes. Lol! And, did I mention that she snores….loudly. Hahaha!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is bright and colorful in a tie-front pink blouse and a beautiful floral navy ruana

I thought that I would show all of you who purchased this top that I wore in this post, a different way to style it. This bright front-tie blouse is eye-catching, so you want to style it differently every time that you wear it so that people don’t think you are constantly repeating the same outfit over and over again. I don’t care how bright, colorful, and gorgeous and outfit is; if you wear it over and over, then it becomes boring and blah. Don’t be boring…switch things up a little. It is as easy as changing the bottom and jewelry, or by adding one item such as a cardigan or jacket to your look.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is bright and colorful in a tie-front pink blouse with silver jewelry

Because I wanted this beautiful floral kimono (more on that later) to be the focus of this outfit, I added jewelry that would enhance my look, not overwhelm the look. The silver Val earrings are large hoops, but they are thin and not a statement like my AVI large hoops. These hoops are dainty to be so large, and they are perfect for you ladies who are on the fence about wearing large earrings. They are entry-level statement earrings, and they will help to get you over the fear that someone might look at you. Lol! The delicate JAE star bracelet is one that I love and will leave on for days at a time. It goes with everything and gives each look a tiny bit of added bling.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is bright and colorful in a tie-front pink blouse, white girlfriend crop jeans, and navy sandals

I love the flowy, oversized look of this front-tie blouse in the color Summerberry. The color is bright and summery, but this will also going to be a blouse that I can wear into fall. I love wearing pink with gray, black, camel, and navy. I am wearing a size 1 in this blouse, and I think it fits and looks great.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is bright and colorful in a tie-front pink blouse and white girlfriend crop jeans

I love how the high-low hem allows your rear to be covered, so I could wear this with a pair of faux leather leggings this fall for an edgy look.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing navy sandals

I am trying to wear my sandals as much as I can before the weather gets too cool. I know that a lot of you have to wear close- toe shoes, so fall is the time of the year that you love. I have caught myself eyeing booties lately, so I am looking forward to getting those out from under the bed. Lol!

All of the stores have their summer items marked down trying to free up space for incoming Fall fashions. You can take advantage of these great sales, but sizes will be limited since the most popular items sell out first. Be sure to check the sale section on each brands website when you are placing orders. I know that you are not in the mood for sweaters, be sure to check out the #NSale tab in the menu, because I just added a Favorite Sweaters and Cardigans post to the dropdown menu.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is bright and colorful in a tie-front pink blouse, white girlfriend crop jeans, wide open floral navy ruana, and navy sandals

No, I am not flashing all of you. Lol! Instead, I wanted you to see how gorgeous and vivid the pattern was on this Floral Kimono. This is called a scarf-front kimono jacket, and I love how the front of the kimono is shorter than the back. I think that this is a flattering look because it “hugs” your hips and then flows away. I am wearing the S/M size, and it is perfect for me. This kimono is on sale for only 29.98!!! A Kimono is an easy way to add so flare to an outfit, and since it is the star of the show, it takes the attention off of an item that you might have worn recently. It takes something special to take the attention away from this blouse, but I think that the Kimono did a good job.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is bright and colorful in a tie-front pink blouse, white girlfriend crop jeans, floral ruana, and navy sandals

I told all of you that I am hooked on girlfriend jeans. These No Stain Slimming Girlfriend Crop Jeans are a pair that I love. I can’t swear that No Stain technology works because I’ve not dropped any big stains on my white jeans. But, so far, every pair of the No Stain items that I’ve purchased still looks brand new. Like me sandals, I am wearing my crops and shorts as often as I can. All I have to do is add a pair of booties to any of my crops to make them “fall-ready,” so I will wear them for months to come. I am wearing a size .5 in these jeans, even though I normally wear a size 10 in other brands.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is bright and colorful in a tie-front pink blouse, white girlfriend crop jeans, holding a floral navy ruana, and navy sandals

I am still over here dancing and late tonight I might even have a small glass of wine to celebrate. And, I want all of you to celebrate along with me, so I am going to be gifting a Kate Spade circle necklace to five lucky commenters over the next week. I truly enjoy reading all of your comments, and you are my most engaged and loyal readers. So, I want to show my appreciation to you.

Thanks so much for following me on my blog. Be sure to follow me on PinterestTwitterInstagramYouTube,  and Facebook.

To God Goes The Glory!

Luke 1:14-17

14 He will be a joy and delight to you, and many will rejoice because of his birth, 15 for he will be great in the sight of the Lord. He is never to take wine or other fermented drink, and he will be filled with the Holy Spirit even before he is born. 16 He will bring back many of the people of Israel to the Lord their God. 17 And he will go on before the Lord, in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the parents to their children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous—to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.”

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I would love to hear from YOU!

  1. JENNIFER E wrote:

    Just found your blog. Chico’s should pay you to model..the clothes look so much better on you than the website!!

    Posted 12.24.20 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Thanks, Jennifer. I am so happy that you found my blog!

      Posted 12.24.20 Reply
  2. julie c wrote:

    a kate spade necklace? as if your posts and scripture aren’t enough? thanks for the opportunity to win.

    Posted 9.9.20 Reply
  3. María Guadalupe Venegas Arredondo wrote:

    Me fascina tus consejos tu alegría tu luz tus palabras de aliento tus versículos bíblicos y con el buen gusto de vestir aprenderé mucho de ti ????????

    Posted 8.27.20 Reply
  4. debbie shepherd wrote:

    Tania, I discovered you on pinterest last week. You have given me a whole new appreciation for clothes and style. I have been stuck in a rut of black leggings and t-shirts. I might add those are mostly black too. I have been clicking on your links and shopping. I love your inspiration and your upbeat attitude, along with the amazingly priced walmart flats. I am able to follow your lead to put things together together. Thank you! you are adorable.

    Posted 8.17.20 Reply
  5. Jody Edwards wrote:

    I love reading your blog everyday! I ordered the cute pink top that you wearing from Chico’s and can’t wait to get it! You have great taste and it’s the same as mine lol!

    Posted 8.10.20 Reply
  6. Joanne wrote:

    I love this outfit! Definitely a class act. I so enjoy reading about Joe and family I feel like I actually know you through your stories. Thanks for always being down to earth and transparent. Your fashion, beauty and spirituality bless me daily.

    Posted 8.10.20 Reply
  7. Deborah Wade wrote:

    I started reading your blog early in the spring and I love it! I look forward to it every day. Your upbeat personality is very uplifting. Love all of your fashion ideas plus your hair and skincare help. Thank you!

    Posted 8.10.20 Reply
  8. Jana Sutherland wrote:

    I am confused about what you are celebrating, but whatever it is I will gladly celebrate with you!
    Woo Hoo!!!

    Posted 8.10.20 Reply
  9. Julie wrote:

    I love front tied shirts. No need to front tuck then. Looking great as ever.

    Posted 8.10.20 Reply
  10. Lynn Furr wrote:

    I love that kimono. Chicos has been my go-to store for about 15 years!
    Congrats on reaching the goal; I assume it was reaching a certain amount of subscribers?

    Posted 8.9.20 Reply
  11. Lara Jane Pavel wrote:

    I love the way you put together outfits and that you, like me, love color!!!

    Posted 8.9.20 Reply
  12. Pat wrote:

    I love the blouse both alone and with the wrap. I recently was thinking of getting one but don’t know if it would work for me (large bust). I tried a winter one on at Chico’s and it was too boxy. I usually need a tailored look.

    Posted 8.9.20 Reply
  13. JoAnn Marzolf wrote:

    Love that you are not afraid to wear colors. And that you always share a bible verse! Love looking at your blog to inspire me and take a look at what I may already have in my closet. It’s helped me on more than one occasion! God Bless!! Jo

    Posted 8.9.20 Reply
  14. G. Leanette Flentroy wrote:

    Great look Miss Tania, as usual. Thank you. I notice that you very seldom provide us a rear view of an outfit, one shot of which would be nice. Have a wonderful week.

    G. Leanette Flentroy

    Posted 8.9.20 Reply
  15. Tracy Abraham wrote:

    Love the kimono and pink shirt. I might have to get those myself. I love Chico’s!
    Love your bible verses too! ❤️

    God Bless!

    Posted 8.9.20 Reply
  16. donna92864 wrote:

    I love your blog, and you were my “first”! lol You were the first blogger that I subscribed to, and now I follow three others, but you are my favorite and the first one I click on each morning. Your personality is just the best! You always make me smile…. thank you.

    Posted 8.9.20 Reply
  17. Terry wrote:

    Congratulations on achieving a huge personal goal! I look forward to your post every single day…you are always positive, humorous, humble and entertaining…all in a way that makes everyone reading and viewing feel like you are a dear friend! And yes, I love your styling ideas, too! Please continue to inspire those of us who are style challenged..with the added dose of joy that you provide!

    Posted 8.9.20 Reply
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