Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a navy cardigan with a navy tank top and blue and white ankle pants

I have something to tell you that might come as a shock to some of you. No, I am not pregnant, and I am not quitting blogging. But, for Joe and my children, my news is just as shocking as either of those two statements. It has been five years, but I finally took down my Christmas tree yesterday. Lol! Some of my newer readers might be surprised to know that I’ve had a Christmas tree up for so long, but you gurls that have been with me on this journey already knew of my tree issue.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a navy cardigan from Talbots with a navy tank top and blue and white ankle pants

I want to thank so many of you who commented about home decoration websites and bloggers. I have a feeling that my house is going to be turned upside down for a while since I am trying to declutter, and that requires me dragging everything out from hiding spots. We have a local store in town that takes donations and then gives them out to people in need. I have a feeling that they might get a delivery from my house regularly for a while. Some items might hit my Too Much Stuff Facebook group, so if you are interested in joining that page, request to join by clicking on the highlighted link.

Doesn’t my poor Champagne colored tree look sad sitting out on my back porch? What do you think, should I leave it there for the next five years? Lol!!!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a navy cardigan and a navy tank top

I’ve been painting the inside of my house, and that got me to thinking about all of the different neutral colors. What I consider great neutrals for the walls in my home, isn’t the same colors that I would consider as neutrals for my clothing. Whites, creams, and grays are beautiful neutrals for clothing and the walls of your home. But, darker neutrals like Navy, burgundy, or black aren’t quite as home friendly. The darker neutrals make a great statement wall in your home, but I wouldn’t want all of my rooms painted in those colors.

Creams and grays are great neutral colors, but they can sometimes leave you washed out. White and black are great neutral colors also, but they are stark and harsh, and they can age your skin if they are up around your face. I love navy blue for most people, and I think that it is the perfect neutral color. Navy comes in a wide array of colors and can be paired with almost any color. Most of us tend to stick to “safe” color pairings, but Navy is a color that can go with nearly anything. Here is a recent post where I paired Navy with several different colors and showed it versatility.

Navy is a classic and timeless color. Navy looks great with silver or gold, and that makes picking jewelry easy since you can’t go wrong. You will see Navy as accent pieces in a lot of elegant homes because of its classic appeal. I love the blue and white vases from the Ming Dynasty, and you will find lots of home decor now with that same look, but a much more affordable price tag. There is a new jewelry website that I found that has a blue and white chinoiserie collection that is gorgeous. I ordered the “earring of the month to try this line out since I’ve never ordered from it before. I’ll let you know my thoughts once the earrings arrive.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a navy cardigan with silver jewelry

I do wear gold jewelry most often with my Navy blue clothing, but I decided to show you how nice it looks with silver. (Ignore all of the dings and missing paint on my door, it is going to get painted also.) The AVI large silver hoops are my go-to when I am wearing silver jewelry. They are lightweight for such a nice statement piece, and they don’t make my ears hurt. The shorter necklace is the 18″ double link silver chain. This is a recent purchase for me, and I bought it because I was looking for a mid-length chain that I could layer with others, or wear by itself. I think this necklace would look great with a pendant attached to it also. Here is an easy link that will work for my necklaces so that you can easily add a pendant. The matching double link bracelet is 7″ with a .5 extender. The long metallic rope necklace is one from Loft, and you can grab it for $15 with the code WANT. There are some nice Kendra Scott items on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I’ll list those below.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing a side view of a navy cardigan and blue and white ankle pants

The Navy cardigan that I am wearing in today’s photos is from Talbots. It is the Everyday Girlfriend Cardigan, and I like it because of its length. I like a longer cardigan, and especially one that will cover my rear. However, this cardigan has been on sale for quite a while, and I saw that XS is the only size available. The great thing about Navy is because it is the perfect neutral color; you have a LOT of choices available. Here are some of my favorite cardigans, and a lot of them are on sale, so be sure to check them out.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing blue and white ankle pants

These scallop print pull-on pants are so cute, and they fit like a dream. I have found that I need to size down when I am wearing pants from Talbots, so instead of my usual size 10, these are a size 8. I love the cropped length of these pants, and I think that they will look great with a lot of other colors besides Navy. Just picture these pants with white, pink, yellow, green, and even red to see how much wear you will be able to get from them.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is looking down while wearing a navy cardigan with a navy tank top and blue and white ankle pants

The Navy ribbed tank top did not come with the cardigan, and I thought about wearing a contrasting tank instead of the Navy. But, I wanted to emphasize how Navy looked softer than black against my complexion, so I went with the overall Navy look. This ribbed tank top is a perfect basic top for any time of the year. You can wear this in the summer without a cardigan or jacket, and then it can be layered for the rest of the seasons. I am wearing a size large in this tank because I wanted not to feel self-conscious if I wore it without a cardigan. Plus, ribbed items tend to run small, so I sized up, and I think that it fits me great.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a navy cardigan with a navy tank top, blue and white ankle pants, with cork heels

These neutral cork heels are my favorite neutral shoes to wear with anything dressy. I bought these shoes a couple of years ago, and they are by G.I.L.I. which sells on Q.V.C., but they are no longer on the website. I did find some that are incredibly similar so that you can have the perfect neutral shoe also! Click on one of the photos to be taken to the website.




Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a navy cardigan, a navy tank top, and blue and white ankle pants

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  1. June Zimmerle wrote:

    Girl you rock in these pics…first class style and your hair is fabulous.

    Posted 9.12.20Reply
  2. Margiemi wrote:

    Love the navy on you. Since my hair has changed to white from blonde, I find that black is just too harsh next to my face. Just purchased another navy cardigan from Talbots and hoping they don’t disappoint me by saying it’s out of stock. You mentioned you wear gold with navy; and, for some reason, I’ve always liked silver or pearls with navy. I’m going to give the gold a try. Great blog, Tania!

    Posted 8.19.20Reply
  3. Lori wrote:

    Love your hair today! And that outfit is definitely my style.

    Posted 8.19.20Reply
  4. Mary wrote:

    You look beautiful in this navy outfit!

    Posted 8.18.20Reply
  5. Elizabeth T wrote:

    Navy is your color!

    Posted 8.18.20Reply
  6. G. Leanette Flentroy wrote:

    Very nice; well done, as usual.

    Posted 8.18.20Reply
  7. Nancy Onorato wrote:

    Tanya, we left our tree out for three Christmases awhile back, which was actually more like 16 months, but I think we are soul sisters! We have Frazee “Siberia” on our walls & it’s the perfect neutral, a blend of gray & beige. Although Frazee doesn’t make it anymore, here’s a link to the same color. (It actually looks a bit lighter on our walls.) https://www.myperfectcolor.com/paint/280208-general-paint-cl-2852w-siberia
    Have fun redecorating. As amazing as you are at putting great outfits together, I bet your home will be ready for “House Beautiful” when you’re done!

    Posted 8.18.20Reply
  8. D wrote:

    Tania, whatever you are doing- it suits you well. Your hair looks great, your skin is fab, and you are looking slimmer or fitter these past several posts.

    Posted 8.18.20Reply
  9. Sharolyn wrote:

    At this point I think I would have left the tree up till January. HA !! Love your hair.

    Posted 8.18.20Reply
  10. Janet Williams wrote:

    Yes, navy is a versatile colour and I really like it.

    What I want to know is whether you will put up another Christmas tree this year. ????

    Posted 8.18.20Reply
  11. Nicole wrote:

    Yes, navy is a great color one that I always go to. It’s a classic color and sometimes friendly than always wearing black. I love navy and grey colors. Your outfit looks very nice in navy with the silver jewelry. My house has different colors of blues with grey. It is calming to us…Thank you for your blog … sorry the tree is going down Christmas is almost here!

    Posted 8.18.20Reply
  12. Joanne wrote:

    I love navy. My favorite pairing is navy and olive green. Great post Tanya! Good luck with your house renos 🙂

    Posted 8.18.20Reply
  13. Marie wrote:

    Love how you are wearing your hair! Looks very classy!

    Posted 8.18.20Reply
  14. Cindy wrote:

    So happy to see a blogger who doesn’t wear black all the time, that I have finally signed up for your emails! As you and others have pointed out, navy is more forgiving on our older complexions.

    Posted 8.18.20Reply
  15. Sandra wrote:

    Love this outfit

    Posted 8.18.20Reply
  16. Chris wrote:

    Love the navy blue! Always sharp! You are right it is not as stark as black. Really nice outfit! It won’t be long and your tree will be back for Christmas! I admire all the hard work you are doing around the house! Can’t wait to see pictures !!!

    Posted 8.18.20Reply
  17. Ann wrote:

    Love this look and you look absolutely beautiful!

    Posted 8.18.20Reply
  18. Navy is a fantastic neutral… and this looks fabulous with your coloring! I also like olive as a neutral – adds a little punch (I especially like in the fall) and looks so good! Can’t wait to see what else you share as we go into this next season. 😉

    Posted 8.18.20Reply
  19. Sandy wrote:

    Navy is a favorite color of mine for sure….so versatile! Your hair is cute again today. Could you please do a video of how you are doing it now with the “tuck” behind the ear and of how you had it pulled up yesterday 🙂 I’m sure it’s easier to remodel having your tree down!

    Posted 8.18.20Reply
  20. Sara wrote:

    You get more beautiful every day! Navy is a perfect color for you!

    Posted 8.18.20Reply
  21. Cheryl Meyer wrote:

    You have me beat regarding the Christmas tree! I just took mine down May 25! I love Christmas just like you do! You are so real; I just love you and all your stories.

    Posted 8.18.20Reply
  22. Lori wrote:

    I am also a big fan of navy over black. I find black is too harsh for my fair skin. Navy has been my color for 40 years! So happy to see you blog about it this summer. And by the way, you look fabulous. Still miss seeing your gorgeous collection of handbags.

    Posted 8.18.20Reply
  23. B. Wilson wrote:

    Love that outfit on you!!

    Posted 8.18.20Reply
  24. Anne wrote:

    You look so pretty!!

    Posted 8.18.20Reply
    • Nancy wrote:

      The navy looks great! Glad you got rid of the Christmas tree!

      Posted 8.18.20Reply
  25. Lynn Hill wrote:

    Love love love your new hairstyle!

    Posted 8.18.20Reply
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