50 IS NOT OLD | TRANSITIONING INTO FALL THE EASY WAY | FASHION OVER 40Who read my blog on Monday??? If you didn’t, then go here and read the blog before you go any further; you will need the back story for what I am about to talk about. As I was saying on Monday, I went to the store and bought a crap ton of things, and some of what I bought was three new round baking pans so I could bake my red velvet cake. The recipe I had called for three layers, with cream cheese icing between each layer. I have some pans, but two of them were larger than the third one, so I thought I would buy some new ones, and that way all of the layers would be the same size.
50 IS NOT OLD | TRANSITIONING INTO FALL THE EASY WAY | FASHION OVER 40Well, the pans were the same size, but the layers didn’t turn out to be the same size. They were the same size in circumference, but the thickness of ONE of the pans was off a little. I poured the cake batter into the pans and was careful to get the same amount of batter in each pan. I put them in the oven and shut the door. I heard the door clang, so I turned on the light in the oven to look at everything, and it all looked good. So, I started making the cream cheese icing until the timer told me that the cake was finished. When I pulled out the first pan, I knew what had happened when the oven door had shut. The door slid the pan in front up onto the ledge of the other two pans. It was only about a quarter of an inch, but it made a huge difference in the thickness of that layer. It was thick on one side, and then thin on the opposite side. I decided to put the layer on the bottom reasoning that the weight on the other two layers might smush it to the same height, but I was wrong. Instead, the other two layers kept sliding off the first layer. I would push them back up, and I even tried adding a little extra icing on the thinner side to prop up the other two layers. That didn’t work either; it smushed the extra icing out from the layer. I finally gave up and finished icing the cake.

I propped up the cake pan on the slopped side so that the layers wouldn’t keep sliding off. From the front, the cake looked perfect. But, if you looked at the cake fro the side, you could see a ski slope. Lol!!! Joe declared it the best red velvet cake that I have ever made! The only difference, besides the sloped layer, was that I used my convection setting on my oven. I have had that oven for ten years, but I never used the convection part before. I guess I learned my lesson and will not force an oven door to close, and when baking, I’ll use the convection setting. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | TRANSITIONING INTO FALL THE EASY WAY | FASHION OVER 40I couldn’t wait to show you this sweater that I just purchased from the Loft. This is a perfect transition piece from summer to fall. I know a lot of you don’t want to be buying heavy clothing right now, especially with the temperatures still being so warm. This top is going to be a perfect transition into the cooler mornings and evenings, and not be so sweltering during the day. I love the lazily relaxed style of this top, and the split neckline is a great detail. This was my first purchase of a Lou & Grey item, and I now understand why everyone loves this brand so much. I will be buying more! Here is the link to this gorgeous neutral top, and it also comes in white and rose. Oh, I about forgot to tell you that it is also on sale!!!
50 IS NOT OLD | TRANSITIONING INTO FALL THE EASY WAY | FASHION OVER 40When I start thinking about fall, I start wanting to wear more and more animal prints. I added just a touch of leopard to the outfit with the Charleen earrings. These are cute as can be, and they are very lightweight and affordable. The Lucille bracelet, (large cream circles and gold bar) has been one of my favorite pieces of jewelry this summer. It is so easy to put on, and it matches everything. I also added the Ramona, and one bracelet from the Plunder Posse set. The necklace is this month’s Plunder Posse. The Posse set was this necklace and a pair of earrings that I didn’t wear. Each month you will receive between one and three jewelry items for the price of 25.00, which includes tax and shipping.
50 IS NOT OLD | TRANSITIONING INTO FALL THE EASY WAY | FASHION OVER 40I added another animal print to my look with the Steve Madden snake print loafer. I think these shoes are super cute, and I love the added detail of the studs. I ordered my usual size, but I wish that I had sized up a 1/2 size just in case I want to wear socks in the winter. Who and I kidding, I never wear socks. Lol!  Here is the link to the shoe.
50 IS NOT OLD | TRANSITIONING INTO FALL THE EASY WAY | FASHION OVER 40The flare leg jeans are by Leith, and I linked to them in my Fall Must-Haves post. I love these jeans, and they are the ones that I will reach for first. I like the flare at the hem, and I can’t wait to wear them later this fall with ankle boots. Here is the link to the jeans.
50 IS NOT OLD | TRANSITIONING INTO FALL THE EASY WAY | FASHION OVER 40You guys, I have been reading the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and I have to admit that I have had the wrong mindset for all of my 59 years. My take on the book so far is that we are taught by schools and society to get the best education possible and then get a good-paying job and retire with a healthy 401k. According to the author, this is a crazy way to think. His theory is that we need to make money work for us, instead of working for money. That sounds easy, but it is hard to get in our mind. We can buy one house and live in it for a lifetime, or we can purchase several homes and rent each one that will produce a steady income monthly for years and years and years. The problem is that we have a mindset of “I can’t afford” instead of asking, “how can I afford.” Can you see the subtle change? Our mind will shut down when you say things like, I can’t afford, but it will start throwing out solutions when you stary saying, How can I afford. MIND BLOWN!!! I love this because I understand how that relates to my business with Rodan + Fields. I made a one-time investment, and now I bring in a monthly income. If I had saved that money and put it in savings, do you know how much I would have? My money would have barely grown. He said that we let fear keep us from seeing opportunities that come our way. This time, I want you to use fear to your advantage. I want you to say what will I miss out on, instead of will I fail? Quit doubting yourself and letting this opportunity pass you by. You are capable, you are smart, and you have what it takes. Now, invest in yourself, and see how your life in a whole different way! I can’t wait to see who will recognize this opportunity; most sadly won’t. Email me at [email protected]

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  1. Beautiful sweater and loving your jewelry and shoes! Cake story sounds alot like my baking encounters. Ha

    • Tania Reply

      Haha! Baking can be an adventure when I am cooking. Lol!

  2. Your hair is adorable styled this way! love the outfit (leopard earrings are so cute and I just picked up a pair of snakeskin shoes so similar!) have a great day Tania.

    • Christine Irvine Reply

      I love that sweater. Great outfit.
      And your hair looks good like that!

      My husband baked me a birthday cake…once. It came out all lopsided like that and he ran out of frosting! It was so ugly, but still tasted pretty good.

      New Hampshire

  3. I absolutely love the purse. The whole outfit and accessories are great, one of my favorite that you have shown.

    • Tania Reply

      Yay!!! I actually liked the outfit a lot too. I am loving neutrals which is surprising for a girl that loves color.

  4. This outfit looks so pretty on you! I really enjoy following you. It’s become a morning ritual…coffee and reading your blog. Love your style and all your stories. You’re so real, and don’t pretend to be anything you’re not…so refreshing! I have to admit, I almost spit my coffee out when I read you bought a “crap ton” of things on Monday! ? You’re the best, Tania!

    • Tania Reply

      I love having coffee with you every morning, Linda. I figured out early in my blogging, that I might as well be me. If you like me, then stick around. But, if I am not your flavor, then keep scrolling. It was way too hard trying to pretend to be someone that I am not.

    • Dana Buckingham Reply

      Nice outfit, Tania. And I like the slight curve/curl to your hair today too.

      • Bridie Nelson Reply

        Your hair looks amazing in these photos, really soft and pretty styled this way x

  5. I am crazy about every piece you are wearing! Pinning this! I am not a great baker so have had my mishaps but one year my husband tried to make a three layer cake and wouldn’t listen to me. Ended up with the leaning tower of Pisa he had to hold together wirh a skewer until dessert was served. Still have the picture. Hysterical! ?

    • Tania Reply

      Your husband’s cake sounds like mine. Lol!!! I thought about adding toothpicks to hold it in place, but I was afraid that someone would take a bite and get a toothpick instead of cake.

      • I LOVE everything about this outfit, great look on you♡ Funny cake story, I think we can all relate!!

  6. My favorite outfit for transitioning to fall too! You look stunning and I love how you’ve styled your hair! Everything is perfect! Being in California, your expressions are so much fun and you are so down earth!! Thank you for making every morning a joy!

    • Tania Reply

      Thank you, Rhonda! I am sure that you have never heard some of my “southern slang” before. Lol!

  7. I really like your bag. Did I miss the link? I agree with Linda T, I love how real and down to earth you are and that is why I continue to follow your blog. Also because I love your outfits and style (and we are about the same size!). Thanks for keeping it real. 🙂

  8. I love how you style clothes! Hinestly, though I just enjoy reading your blog so much I’d read it even without the clothes! Loved your cake adventure!

  9. I love this sweater. It looks so good styled like this. I know me if I buy this sweater, I will put a long sleeved Tee shirt under it and wear it all Winter. I live her on the MS Gulf Coast so we don’t need much to keep us warm most of the winter. This is a perfect layering piece. Will you layer it’s?

  10. Ugh! There is nothing worse than seeing one of your posts and falling in love with one of the pieces only to see that it is sold out! Happens to me a lot!

  11. DEANNE HOPE Reply

    Love the outfit jewelry and shoes!!! Your hair looks really cute too!!

  12. When my mother and grandmother made multi-layer cakes they put toothpicks in them to hold in place! No slipping!

  13. Charlcy Green Reply

    Hi Tania. Lately I am always a day late reading the blog – seems I’ve been so busy running around lately. But I LOVE this outfit on you! SO beautiful & it makes you look super skinny! But of course you’re taller than I am & have long legs & that always makes a person look thin! I love the Plunder jewelry with the outfit too & I love animal print as well! You really do a good job of pairing jewelry w/each outfit to emphasize it! The cake story…we’ve all had one of those! And luckily you’re married to a very smart man who knows when to give you big compliments! Well I am off for my Mammogram so wish me luck!

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