The Best Walking Shoes For Women Over 50

I’ve written a lot about sneakers and workout shoes, but today I want to take a minute to showcase the best walking shoes for women over 50. I’m not going to lie; walking shoes are notoriously ugly. They are often big and thick and look cheap. Lol. But don’t worry, these are not!

The Best Walking Shoes For Women Over 50 – Sketchers

Sketchers are known for making comfortable walking shoes. These are available in 27 colors! See, walking shoes don’t have to be ugly. How popular are these shoes? They’ve been reviewed 84,000 times! Wow. You’ll be happy to know that they have a 4.7 star rating, too. Wow, indeed!

These are very similar to the pair above but are all about the arch. They have a removable cushioned footbed with “Arch Fit technology” for anatomically designed support. Available in 17 colors, they also come in wide sizes!

The Best Walking Shoes For Women Over 50 – Ryka

I like these because I would never think they were walking shoes. They look like you’re ready to hit the track or tennis court! I like the pink and black, but they have a ton of other color combinations if you’re not a fan. These are also available in wide sizes, so great for people with foot issues.

I love this color! It’s officially called “French Beige,” but it looks oatmeal and metallic to me. The description says that it’s designed for a woman’s foot shape with a narrower heel, roomier toe, and softer cushioning. Sounds good to me! It also comes in wide sizes, so yay!

The Best Walking Shoes For Women Over 50 -Slip On

Nothing ugly or boring about these! I like wearing slip-on shoes. It makes them so much easier to get on and go. These are very lightweight, which works well for walking distances or on rougher terrain. No sense in making yourself tired by picking up heavy shoes with each step. They come in 9 different colors, but sadly, no wide sizes.

Here’s another slip-on walking shoe in classic white. Of course, it comes in a variety of colors if you want something a bit more colorful. It has a Memory Foam Insole for comfort and a moisture-wicking insole to help keep your feet cool and comfortable when moving. Available in wide sizes!

The Best Walking Shoes For Women Over 50 -Specialty

These walking shoes are from Orthofeet. Featuring anatomic arch support and heel cushioning, these shoes claim to benefit 20+ conditions, including foot and heel pain, plantar fasciitis, diabetes, arthritis, bunions, Achilles tendonitis, hammer toes, and more! Not bad! Of course, they also come in wide sizes.

Finally, I had to include something fun. Don’t worry; they also come in white, black, grey, green and a few others. These are the only ones I found that are also waterproof. Don’t let a little thing like wet weather stop you, Gurls! A cute shoe from Sorel. No wide sizes, unfortunately.

The holidays bring lots of food and baked products. Don’t forget your health. Get out and get walking!

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  1. Jennifer Oestrike says:

    Karhu is my new favorite, after 16 years in Brooks. Their stability shoe, Synchron, is amazing! no breaking I. required for me 😁

    1. J friedlander says:

      What is Kahru??

  2. Lots of great info on todays blog.
    I love my vionic’s and skechers.

  3. Jane Martin says:

    Thanks for the walking shoes assortment. I love Ryka. Amazon always has lots of Ryka shoes available.

  4. Julie Lozano says:

    Thanks for the Walking Shoe suggestions. I think we all agree that Skechers are the way to go. Fabulous job!

  5. I just love Sketchers SHOES 👟.
    I have several pairs in different Styles and Colors.
    Also NEW BalANCE Shoes 👟 are also great as well for WOMAN over 50.

    1. Erinah Johnson says:

      i have arthritis and knees joint now l have problems with walking and cycling. l like the shoes y
      ou’ve talked about.

  6. Have you tried the slip ins from Skechers?? Game.changer!!! 😊

    1. No, I’ve not seen those.

  7. Janice Bynem says:

    I have 4 different pairs of orthofeet shoes. A little pricey but worth every penny. Coral is my favorite for working 10 hour shifts. Thanks for the information.

  8. I’ve had Ryka’s before – very comfortable shoes!

  9. Phyllis Martin says:

    I have very bad feet and these are good choices. Thanks

  10. Sketchers and Vionic are my choice for sneakers. Sketchers is not as expensive like Vionic but they are very comfortable and give good support. Thanks for all the choices. I like the beige and metallic sneakers.

  11. Hokas are my go-to shoes. My podiatrist recommended them after foot surgery and I’m hooked. They are supportive, comfortable and cute!

  12. I walk 5 miles a day and I have wide feet, so I really appreciate this post and the wide widths in some of the styles. Thanks, Tania!

  13. I’m a big sketchers fan. I can be standing on my feet all day long with them on.

    1. That’s good to know.

    2. Yes. I volunteer at a clothing thrift store for a church. My feet never hurt when I wear my Sketchers.

  14. Louise Logan says:

    I wear a lot of Skechers!! Love them!

  15. Cute shoes but I’m devoted to my Hokas and just found out that my ortho doctor recommends them for preventive knee health for all ages!!

  16. Love those Sketchers!!

  17. I have experienced 2 problems with knit shoes: my feet get cold quicker, and my feet move around in the shoe easier. That affects support, and my feet hurt after repositioning and bracing my foot often. Does anyone else have these experiences? My best walking shoes are hiking shoes, which give me support, warmth, and balance. To each her own!

  18. Sneakers are my absolute favorite!! I could own them all!

  19. Ryka are great shoes. They are made specifically for women.

  20. Wonderful post, I can vouch for the Ryka shoes, great for people with high arches. I walk 6 miles 6 days a week so I go through tennis shoes!

  21. I love sneakers!! Almost as much as I love boots! Or maybe more because sneakers can be worn all year long!! These sneaker choices are top drawer!

  22. Thanks for this list!
    I’m a fan of Orthofeet. They have a great website and helped all in my family and friends! It’s wonderful to stay active as we age!

  23. I like the Ryka gold ones

  24. Marie Farris says:

    Thanks for the post on The Best Walking Shoes

  25. Skechers have been my go to shoes for several years. They are the only brand I have tried to keep me in comfort after my foot surgeries.
    Because I have small and narrow feet, some shoes are too heavy for me.

  26. Carole from Canada says:

    Wow.. so many choices for walking and they all look good….and a lot of wide choices too….thank you.

  27. Carol Deeb says:

    I am so delighted that shoe manufacturers are addressing shoes for women with common foot issues. Men would never tolerate the shoes that women have been pressured (literally) to wear.

  28. I have a couple of pairs of Skecher Arch Supoort walking shoes and love them, but I’d like to give one of these a try. I like the Ryka and Sorel! This kindy teacher appreciates comfy and good-looking walking shoes. 👍🏼