Snakeskin top with Knee BootsIf you did not receive your regular email alerting you that a new post is waiting on you, then you might need to re-subscribe. I have had SEVERAL (way more than I care to count) ladies email me that all at once they were no longer receiving my daily emails. I have been using a free program that takes care of that service, but they aren’t doing a great job. So, yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and go with a service that isn’t cheap. Not only is it not cheap, but it has a HUGE learning curve associated with getting started. I spent hours and hours trying to get everything working to no avail, so I finally chucked the laptop and went to the lumber company to help out for 4 or 5 hours. There is a good reason for the saying about teaching an old dog a new trick. ?
Knee Boots with snakeskin topBut, you see this smiling face? Yep, after I got home, I sat down and did what I always do…I Googled and YouTubed that sucker. I know that I am not the first, nor will I be the last, to have a problem. So, I research and research until I finally find a step by step tutorial to see what I had been missing. I was so proud when it finally told me that I had successfully signed up for the email, and then it showed up on my new email provider. I sure hate the learning curve associated with learning anything new, but there is no better feeling than knowing you can conquer anything if you strive long enough. And, providing you don’t throw the laptop out into oncoming traffic. Lol!
Snakeskin tank and cardiganHow did you like my coat series? I loved all of them, but I couldn’t afford to KEEP all of them, so I am interested to hear which coat you think that I kept. Give that some thought, and comment at the end your guess. In the meanwhile, take a gander at this snakeskin camisole by CY. I bought this at a local boutique in town, and I bought this one in brown tones, and a different one in gray. I know some of you can’t stand the thoughts of wearing snakeskin, but I think it is pretty cool. This is a flowy top, so it doesn’t show any of my lumps and bumps. If you are larger chested, then you might prefer something with more structure. I know some of my friends say that a tank like this would make them look like they were wearing a tent. One way to fix that problem is to wear a belt or do a half tuck into your pants. You know your body best, so buy what looks the best on you. These boutique clothing brands are hard to find on the internet, so I found some that are similar for you to see.

Gold HoopsThese gold hoops have been my go-to this entire fall. I love the textured metal, but the size of these hoops is what I love the most. The Randee set consists of 4 beaded bracelets on an elastic cord. The large wooden bracelet is part of that set, and the other three bracelets are part of the Wilkinson set. Plunder jewelry makes excellent Christmas presents since it is affordable, and the quality is nice. The beautiful long wooden necklace with the tassel was c/o  Kay and Star on Etsy. I have had this necklace for over a year, but they always have gorgeous pieces.

Long Brown Tassel NecklaceThe long cardigan was one that I bought a couple of months ago with Nordstrom had their Anniversary Sale. I love the golden color and how the length hits right above my knee. I can wear this length cardigan with a dress, and it usually looks perfect.

Suede Knee High BootsGurls, these boots are gorgeous, and they are on sale! I love my suede over the knee boots, and I find myself wearing them all the time. I like the lighter color, and I haven’t had any problems so far with keeping them clean. These have a chunky 2 1/2″ heel, and they fit true to size. I am wearing my usual size nine, which fits me perfectly. Here is the link, but hurry because these won’t last long. Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom of my post. Now, I have two questions to ask you.

Question 1:

Which coat do you think I kept? The Leopard print, the Hot Pink with faux fur, or the Lilac wool coat?

Question 2:

What gift would you personally like to receive that is 50.00 or below?

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  1. I love today’s look it looks really good on you I love the boots ,I the you kept the leopard coat .

      • I think you kept the leopard coat. I bought the pink one! Like this outfit. I bought a similar top recently.

    • You had to choose between those 3?????? What a tough choice!! I am not sure you have much need for the long cozy animal print one so I’m guessing it’s between the pink and purple one. I think the purple is one you would grab a lot. Its dressy, classy and has beautiful lines. The pink one is your colour and the fur trim is so fun….my gut says it’s that one.

  2. Hi Tania,

    I think you should keep the Leopard print as it is so versatile or buy two and keep the pink one too! 🙂

  3. Keep the leapord/black coat. A $50 Amazon gift card is a wonderful gift.

    • I’m guessing the leopard print coat. It looked great on you! As for what gift: a gift card.

  4. I hope you kept the leopard print – it was soooooo you.
    An Amazon gift card is always a good idea.

  5. Monica Ercanbrack Reply

    I like the leopard print, but my favorite was the pink one it just made your skin look beautiful.
    Yes I agree gift card would awesome.

  6. I liked the leopard the best but if you don’t get much snow than maybe the pink coat.
    Gift cards are good.

  7. Renee Butler Reply

    Leopard print it looked fabulous on you! The pink coat would be Emerysn choice because it’s fun!

  8. Problems are just another chance to pass the “test”. Walking away from frustration, and doing something good for someone else is always the answer. I think you kept the Leopard coat as well. All of them were adorable, but my favorite was the lilac one. As for the gift, I’d take the R&F eye cream.

  9. Lori Trivett Reply

    I believe the leopard coat is the one you kept. It’s like having two coats for the price of one since it’s reversible. A gift card is always a great gift. Have a blessed day.

  10. Cynthia H Adams Reply

    I hope you kept that pink coat and Joe will gift you the other two! Gift cards are great gifts for me, since I am of an age where I’m trying to downsize and can therefore pick what I need.

  11. I think you may have kept the leopard print coat, especially since it is reversible, and you get two looks for one price.

    Gift cards are great gifts! I like simple things, so I am always easy for my family to shop for. I love a new book, coffee, a new mug, Athleta anything, new cozy socks, etc.?

    Your boots are beautiful and look great on you.?

  12. I’ll bet you kept the leopard coat, especially since it was reversible. I’d love a gift card or R&F product or even jewelry!

  13. I think you kept the lilac one. It had very slimming lines and looked great with your boots. You looked great in all of them though!!! Amazon gift card?

  14. Carla Parham Reply

    I think you kept the leopard coat but you should have kept the pink one too. They were both great. As far as a gift under $50, I would say something from your local boutique. A one size fits all poncho or ruana.

    Loved the outfit today. I am not much of a fan of over the knee boots but I liked them on you today. The whole outfit was perfect.

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into your blog. I’ve been a subscriber since about a month after you started and always look forward to starting my day with one of your stories. ?

  15. I think the bright pink coat is the one you kept. I thought the color was perfect for your skin tone. I may be biased since it was the one I would have chosen for myself, lol. Bright pink is a favorite color of mine. It goes well with my fair skin and brown hair.

    I think an Amazon gift card or restaurant gift card would be good gifts.

    I hope the technical troubles are behind you today, They can be so frustrating but good for you for pressing through and doing something new.

    Have a blessed day!

  16. I hope you kept the leopard and the pink coat! both were so great on you….jewelry is always a great gift at any price.

    • Cindy DeBenning Reply

      I think you kept the beautiful leopard coat. I wish I could wear tall boots. My calves are thin so there is a gap and the boots look sloppy.

  17. I think you kept the leopard print coat. I loved that pink one too, for me! Ha! A gift card from just about ANY store would be great!! Have a great day, Tania!! Glad you got your ‘server’ details working. Ugh! I could NEVER do that without pulling all of my hair out first!! Hahaha!

  18. Leopard but I loved the pink one on you. Today’s outfit looks good on you. I love this style and it is comfortable.

  19. I get your email every day, never a miss. ( I also never miss reading one) I love all 3 coats, the Leopard is SO YOU! I checked out your Instagram and it is the BOMB!

  20. Janet Brooks Reply

    I think you kept the leopard.
    Amazon gift card would be great!

  21. The Pink Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Any girft card to esp. Nordstoms!
    Also, you mentioned about putting nylons on over your jeans so they don’t bag when you have tall boots on?
    Please tell me more, I have never done this or heard about this and would love to hear more as I have that

  22. Sheryl Podeu Reply

    They all looked great on you but I’m guessing your snow is gone by now. Lucky you! I loved the leopard coat but my guess in on the pink one!

  23. Cynthia Freed Reply

    I love the leopard coat. It looks fantastic on you! Amazon gift cards are so much fun,

  24. Brenda Jenkins Reply

    LOVE your look today!! The colors are very complimentary and everything flows perfectly 🙂 I think you kept the beautiful pink coat. And a Plunder gift card would be a great gift!! Have a great day & keep doing what you do please.

  25. I love the any animal print and they way you make them look so good. I would also love to see your handbag accessories with your outfits again! Keep up the good work!

  26. Debbie Peel Reply

    Good morning Tania. I think you kept the leopard coat, though I’m sure it was a hard decision. I loved all of them on you! I would like to have Victoria Emerson bracelet or a nice scarf for a gift. Thanks for all your hard work to make your blog so great.

  27. I think they all looked great on you. I think you kept the pink coat. Also can’t go wrong with a gift card,you can use it or gift it yourself.

  28. I think you really liked the leopard although not sure it is practical in your climate. All three coats were gorgeous. I think you kept the lilac coat – it has beautiful lines and is not like every other coat out there I think an Amazon gift card would be nice or a pretty necklace.

  29. No question about it–the leopard coat! Gift cards make both the receiver and the recipient happy.

  30. I think the leopard print coat was absolutely gorgeous! I’m gonna say that’s the one you chose. A gift under $50 I’d like to receive would be a gift card for dinner at a favorite restaurant.

  31. Elizabeth T Reply

    Hi! I vote for the lilac one – that might be because I want it but it isn’t warm enough for Boston. An amazon gift card is great but also a book, stationary, a fun cooking item, food, earrings, leggings, hair accessory, candle, a monogrammed water bottle

  32. I think the leopard coat anytime you can get two for the price of one it’s great.
    A gift under $50? Gift cards are wonderful, then I can get what I need!
    Enjoy your blog and all the great fashion tips for us older gals. ?

  33. Kelly Palmer Reply

    Love the boots! I think that you kept the Leopard coat because it is reversible so it is like getting two coats for the price of one 😉 I would love a gift card to Amazon.

  34. Thank you for persevering with all the computer issues, your readers appreciate it! I think you kept the leopard coat? A handbag, scarf or poncho would be an awesome gift♡

  35. Hoping it was the leopard coat so we can see you wear it again! I think a Plunder gift card would be great…or anything fun from their catalog. Love tassel necklaces!

  36. kristin greene Reply

    The coat series was great. You and your daughter in law must have had sooooo much fun enjoying the snow. You are so brave with animal print. And you like color so I am trying to decide. You had the brightest smile with animal print so I am going with that one.
    There are so many factors for me when deciding in a coat. But here in the northwest a hood is a requirement for all my coats. I don’t buy one with out it. Because of the rain and cold. So if it was me I would get the pink one. It’s always fun to have a splash of color in the winter time.
    If I was to win a prize a gift card to one of the places you shop would be fun.

  37. I would have chosen the leopard so I think that’s the one you kept, lol! I would love to have a few items from Old Navy myself. Thanks!

    • I think you kept the leopard print one! It looked so great on you, as they all did! I did like how the pink one looked on you too. If it were me, I’d keep those two (instead of one). ? As far as the $50 gift, I love gift cards too. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ulta or Sephora, LOFT, Chico’s, Macy’s, Home Goods. As you can tell, my loves are reading, clothes & cosmetics shopping and decorating my home!

  38. Deborah Crunkilton Reply

    Leopard coat is absolutely stunning on you! I think you kept it!

    Earrings or food for gift under $50.

  39. Definitely the leopard coat. A $50 gift card to my favorite restaurant would be on my wish list…love your blog

  40. All three coats were gorgeous! I especially loved the lavender one, and the color complimented your complexion. A $50.00 gift card to Amazon is a great idea!

  41. Kristi Tandy Reply

    I love, love, love the leopard print coat!!! Two coats in one is always a winner in my book. A gift for under $50, will always be a great deal on boots. I am just too rough on shoes/boots to pay more than that. Lol

    Have a wonderful Wednesday! ?

  42. Logic would say you should have kept the pink coat because you also had the cute, plaid shirt to go with it. But emotion tells me that, of course, you did keep the leopard–because it’s absolutely FANTASTIC! Gift cards are great, especially with Christmas coming up. P.S. I always get your notification e-mail, and I could always see your pictures, but it got to where I couldn’t comment, and usually couldn’t see comments. Crossing fingers because it looks like this is going to work today 🙂

  43. I LOVE the hot pink coat, but my guess is that you kept the leopard one. 🙂 Any gift would be special, but a gift card would be especially nice.

  44. Sherli Morgan Reply

    I love the pink coat the most. You’re outfit today is great.

  45. I think the lilac because you have those great boots to wear with it but you can change it up with so many neutral color boots like those today. Leopard is great but I’m already growing weary of it. It is everywhere. Even my husband noticed. I think nice skin creams are always a great gift but as my husband says, you can’t go wrong with money. That’s because he doesn’t like to Christmas shop with me,

  46. I love the leopard coat, AND the color of that cardigan is phenomenal on you!

  47. I hope you kept the leopard coat. It’s a classic and you looked gorgeous in it.

  48. The leopard since it is reversible and just a really beautiful coat. Yes Gift Cards are great but I like relaxing candles, cozy slippers and a good book.

  49. Hope you kept the pink coat. That color really made you look more awesome than usual!
    Jewelry makes a nice gift.

  50. You looked great in all 3 coats. I think you kept the leopard/black coat, it is a 2 for 1 deal.
    I think a gift or jewelry are perfect gifts!

  51. I think you kept the pink coat! I would like to have a $50 gift card from Talbot’s so I can get one too!!

  52. I think you kept the Leopard coat!! My choice for gift would be that sign you had over your fireplace!! I am not sure of the day of that post and I should have commented that day but I LOVE it!! I also love your pictures with the snow, especially since I am a Florida girl!! We travel to Williamsburg, VA quite frequently and have been blessed several times to have snow while we are there!!

  53. Sandy Smith Reply

    The leopard coat looked fabulous on you!! A Nordstrom gift card is a great gift!

  54. Sherry Jackson Reply

    I love today’s outfit !! I hope you kept the leopard coat…

  55. Carla Palmisano Reply

    Has to be the leopard coat! Would love jewelry! Or a gift card! Love the outfit!! ?

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