Purple coat and blue boots in the snowI hope you ladies can see today’s photos. Yesterday was not a good day for me as I spent hours on the phone trying to figure out what was going on with my photos. I am not tech-savvy, so I have to tell them to talk to me in “plain” talk. It is never easy when you are talking to these web people, and since they have hundreds of thousands of clients, I am not a high priority for them. For me, it is a HIGH priority, but for them, it is a “we’ll get back to you within 72 hours.”

A fitted purple wool coat with blue bootsI don’t think that they understand (or care) that 72 hours for me is an eternity. I tried to occupy my time by unpacking and doing some laundry, but that didn’t work. Every time that I would see a new comment that said they couldn’t see the photos, I would freak out again. Lol! Patience is NOT my middle name. Haha! So, I decided to spend my time on something that I could control…I took some pictures of my cats. I had put up a small Christmas tree on my hearth, and my cats decided that they needed a Christmas card made with them being the star. First up is Thomas. He is my daughter’s cat that is now my cat. Doesn’t he look like he is posing for his picture?White cat in front of firepalce This cat is Snowflake. She was my daughter’s cat also, but she is now my cat. Do you see a pattern here? She has to be at least 12 years old, and she is as big around as she is long. Lol! She is the perfect description of a “fat cat.”
A purple wool coat for winterI figured that since I took a set of three photos of me playing in the snow, that I might as well post them all in a row. It will probably be a long time until I get snow again, and I think that it was divine intervention since I had these coats that I needed to photograph. When I am shopping for clothing, I don’t always have in mind the way that I will style them. This coat is the perfect example of the look coming together ten minutes before I took the photo. I knew that I wanted a purplish colored top to wear under the coat, but I didn’t know if I had one in my closet. Once I located a top that would work, I started thinking about what shoes to wear. From there, everything else fell into place. That is how you should style an outfit; pick the main item, and then keep adding and subtracting supporting items until you are satisfied with the look.
Staying warm in winter with a purple coatIf you didn’t see all of yesterday’s photos of the pink coat with the detachable faux fur trim on the hood, then click here. For those of you who thought that the bright pink color of yesterday’s coat was too bright for you, here is another option that is just as pretty. I love the soft purple hue, and I think that it is a beautifully flattering style. Like yesterday’s coat, this is made of 80% wool that is crafted in Italy and 20% nylon. It will also have to be dry cleaned when it gets dirty. You can see in the first photo that I folded the collar down, but you can also let it stand up like it is in this photo. I am wearing a large because I want to be able to wear a heavier sweater under the coat, but this coat does run a tiny bit smaller than the pink one. It still fits great, but just be aware that it is more fitted. Here is the link to the coat.
Purple coat with a fitted styleYou can see the seams in the back that help to give the coat its fitted style. Also, this coat/jacket does not have a hood, so I added a mint green beanie that I received as a gift last year. This is the C.C. beanie style, and these can come in a wide variety of colors and styles. You can find them plain, like this one, or with one or two poms, or with a hole in the top for your ponytail. They are very warm, and they have plenty of stretchiness so that they will fit your head. I have a big head (no comments, please ?), and this fits me great.

tiffany blue hunter boots for snowOf course, all of you just happen to have a pair of mint green/tiffany blue rain boots lying around, right? These were also a gift, but these were from Joe for Christmas a couple of years ago. I really wanted this Tiffany blue color, but I soon found out that they were a rare color, which meant that if you could find them, you were going to have to shell out more money than I thought they were worth. So, I told him to buy me the red Hunter boots instead of the Tiffany blue pair. I even saw the red pair had been ordered, so I didn’t think a thing about it when Christmas morning rolled around, and I started to open my gift. Low and behold, inside the box marked RED Hunter boots, were these gorgeous blue boots instead. He had bought me BOTH pairs and then switched the boxes to surprise me. Joe is not the kind of guy who does “surprises,” so I was shocked when he pulled that off. But, I didn’t need two pairs of rain boots, but I wouldn’t have told him that for anything. Now, two years later, you can buy these for a third of the price that he paid. UGH! If you love this color, then click on this link.
Purple wool coat and blue accessoriesAre you needing any gift ideas? I am going to be coming up with a couple of gift guides, and someone messaged me about gifts for babies. What else are you interested in? Also, be sure to leave a comment telling me what gift you would like for yourself that is under $50.00. I will be picking one lucky reader to receive her wish! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment, and make sure that you are following me on Instagram.Red Christmas PonchoUpdate For those of you who loved this poncho, it is now on sale for 30% off. Here is the link.

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  1. Rhetta Seeger says:

    I am a turquoise and pink kinda girl. I love those boots and now am on the hunt for them! Thanks for always being that beautiful woman who always looks good. I love your blog.

  2. I have enjoyed seeing your postings on coats for fall and winter.

    I would enjoy a large, paisley or plaid scarf that I could drape over my shoulders when I am inside or fold and wear around my neck under my coat while outside to keep the chill away. Thank you!

  3. Such a pretty coat. A gift for me? Gift cards are always great. Or some Plunder would be fun too!

  4. Every thing clear today. Love,love the kitties! Living in South Carolina, I wear more vest than coats. Bit likes them all, the reversible was my favorite!

  5. Barbara WIlson says:

    Love all the colors that you put together in your outfit!! You are so talented in putting things together

  6. I love the way you’ve decorated your mantle, Tania. It’s gorgeous and very YOU! And those cool cats – what hams! I’d love anything by Rodan & Fields. Hope you’re enjoying this special season! p.s. I never had a problem seeing your photos on any of my devices – HP laptop, Samsung android or my tablet.

  7. Tammy GRavis says:

    Pictures look great and load fine.I’d like $50 worth of Plunder jewelry just not the Alora necklace or Dallin earrings for Christmas. Lol!! That’s be awesome!

  8. Ginger Jackson says:

    Yep, all pictures bright and clear, better than ever actually! Love both coats, and both are my colors. Wish there was room in the inn, uh closet, for a few more!
    I want a nice dust buster for use in quilt studio to grab all those loose threads and scraps of fabric. It also would be handy for a quick sweep of my car.

    Thks for keeping us all in the loop on both FB and instagram!

  9. Sandy Smith says:

    I could see the pics just fine all 3 days. Would love a Victoria Emerson bracelet as a gift for me. Course I have way too many already! ?

    1. Sandy, you get an A+ for reading the entire blog post, and commenting for a giveaway!!!

  10. As always, you look fabulous in these colors. BUT Snowflake and Thomas for the win in this blog AND your gorgeous fireplace décor. You’ve raised the bar for decorating.

  11. Hi Tonia! I love your mantle decorations and the Gorgeous Cats!!!! The pictures didn’t load for me for about 2 days, but I was having other issues with my phone, so I thought the problem was my iPhone. Everything was puurrfect today!!!

  12. Cute outfit today!! If your thinking about gift ideas, I’m looking for some for my sons and their spouses- a “couple” gift. Thanks!!

  13. Brenda Lynch says:

    Pictures have been fine for me–No problem whatsoever!! And I love the coats!!

  14. All of the pics loaded today and I’ve loved all three coats!! One thing I did notice about your page is all of the advertising and interruptions aren’t there and it made for very pleasant, good flow reading. Before, everything was loading all the time I’d be reading and would jerk the page around. Not a very good description. Ha!! Anyway, it was very pleasant reading your page today without all of that advertising going across the page and all of the interruptions. Joe sounds like a real sweetheart!! Love your mantle decorations too….oh, and of course….the cats! Lol

    1. You are right, Sondra, about the ads not being on the page. BUT, they will have to come back because that is how I make money. Obviously I have to make money, or I have to go back to work and quit the blog. ?

  15. Sherli Morgan says:

    I like this coat a lot as well – very cute. Honestly not crazy about the boots & hat together with the coat, but you look adorable.

    1. Lol! I love the bright mint blue with the coat. You know that I love color. Hahaha

  16. Your hard work paid off. The pictures all loaded instantaneously and your outfit is beautiful as usual.?

    1. I am glad to hear that all the photos loaded.

  17. Fear not, for the first time in quite a while your pictures came through loud and clear. I so enjoy your sense of humor and was really missing your daily inspiration. Thank you for brightening my day : D

    1. Yay! We are still working on issues, but at least we are moving in the right direction.

  18. All pictures loaded. WooHoo? Two bright, beautiful & colorful coats two days in a row. This lilac wool coat is awesome.

    1. Kathy, I am glad that you loved the coats.