Leopard coats can be a versatile choiceWe got a tiny bit of snow on Tuesday, so I took advantage of all of the white stuff to show you my new coat. When I first walked outside, it wasn’t snowing at all. I went next door and asked my daughter-in-law if she would take some photos for me since I had a couple of new coats that I wanted to put on the blog. She got dressed, and then we walked outside to a winter wonderland!
Reversible coats with trimWe didn’t get much more accumulation, but I sure appreciated the beautiful backdrop that the snow provided. There is not a large amount of snowfall where I live, so when we get the chance to play in the snow, we take it quickly. Every once in a while, it will dump a three-footer on us, and you should hear everyone complain. Lol! When you live in the mountains, the roads can be dangerous in the snow. But, thankfully, I live on the main road that gets cleared as soon as it snows, so I never have any problem. I love the snow, but I try not to say that out loud here. Lol! My house might get snowballed! Hahaha
faux fur coat in the winterI know that I have your attention! This coat is a real show stopper and attention-getter. This faux fur leopard coat is the perfect combination of style and warmth. It turns up the glamour button a notch or two. You might have noticed that the coat is reversible. That is like getting two coats for the price of one.
leopard print faux fur coatThe black cowl-neck sweater is something that I picked up at Old Navy last Sunday when I went shopping. I love the huge cowl-neck design that is not confining at all. And, I love the casual style of this sweater. I looked on the website, and I found several different colors of this sweater, but not black. Well, I did find one black sweater, but it was a maternity sweater. Do you think that I bought one by mistake? I know that I have gained weight, but I don’t think that I need to shop in the maternity section. Lol!

black coat with leopard trimI remembered to grab a pair of black cashmere gloves. The last couple of times that I took pictures in the snow, I forgot, and my fingers about froze. You wouldn’t think it would be that hard to remember to grab gloves when it is cold outside. Haha!

leopard print faux fur reversible coatThe Walnut teardrop necklace looks great against the black backdrop of the sweater. I didn’t think that I needed any more jewelry than the necklace.long black coat with leopard print I waited until the last to tell you the best thing about this coat. It is on sale for 40% off, but the sale ends tomorrow, so don’t fool around and kick yourself in the behind later. This is the Nordstrom Fall sale (check out this post for more must-have items), and they have a huge selection of clothing on sale for 40% off. I am wearing a large in this coat so that I can wear bulky sweaters, like the one that I have on today. Here is the link to the sale, and here is the link to the coat.
faux fur leopard print coatBecause the Nordstrom sale ends tomorrow, I wanted to give you a couple of my “top” lists to help you navigate the overwhelming amount of choices.

Top 11 Winter

8 Jewelry picks

8 items for your man

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  1. Ann Parsons says:

    Love your new coats Beautiful coats for a beautiful person!

  2. Tammy Smart says:

    I went to order the coat from the link however, it’s not the same coat your wearing. The coat on the link is not reversible.

    1. Tammy, the website does not call the coat reversible, but the tag on the coat tells you that it IS reversible.

  3. Having problems seeing all of your photos, just like some others have mentioned.

  4. You look fantastic in that coat! Stunning! And I’d love to find that cowl neck sweater. Great pictures!

  5. Karen Daniel says:

    You look absolutely gorgeous on that coat!!!

  6. Love that coat!!! What size are you wearing? Do they run true to size?

  7. I’m not seeing pics either…only 2-3.

    The copy on the leopard coat on Nordstrom’s website does not say reversible. Just checking to be sure this is the same coat before ordering. Thx!

  8. Great coat and like always you look fabulous!

  9. I love it but alas, I live on the coast so I couldn’t justify owning it for maybe two or three times a year but it would be mine if I lived in the TN MTS.

  10. You look amazing! That coat is too warm for my area of California, but I can sure appreciate it through you!

  11. LOVE. what else is there to say.

  12. No problem seeing the pictures here! I love the coat, it looks great on you♡

  13. Hi, I love the coat! On-line it doesn’t mention that it is reversible. They say it’s lined. I was just wondering if it truly is…If so, I’d order it….thanks so much.

    1. Lori, I didn’t know it was reversible either. But, when it came, the tag on the coat said it was reversible!

  14. Ironically, when I posted my first comment, the page reloaded and all of the pictures appeared! Technology! ?

  15. Like the others, I can only see the first 2 pictures and the rest of the photos are blank. This happened the other day as well. Miss seeing all you post!

  16. Has anyone else mentioned that some of your photos aren’t loading correctly? I can only see a faint shadow of some of them. Reloading the page doesn’t fix the problem. You photos didn’t load correctly for me yesterday, either. You do look great in that leopard coat, though!

  17. Mary Craig says:

    That coat is gorgeous on you and I love that it’s reversible! The snow is the perfect backdrop.
    Like others have mentioned, I’m not getting all the photos you post, only the first 2.

  18. Yes likewise, I can see the first few photos and then just blank spaces. The coat looks so nice on you, especially with the beautiful backdrop!

  19. The last couple days I have not been able to see your photos – except for the first one. I can see the ads and your linked choices. Is it me? What am I not doing correctly?

  20. LOVE that coat on you!! Here in OK our weather is about the same as yours. I think we get it first then it heads on up your way! Ha! Anyway, wanted to mention too, for two days in a row now, all of your pics are not loading in your emails I receive. I get the first one or two of you then the rest are just blank! Say what??!! Never have had that happen before. Don’t know if it’s on your end or mine but I guess if no one else has noticed it then it must be my end. The other bloggers I follow….their pages load just fine though. That you should know but don’t know if there is anything you can do about it. But I miss getting to see all of your pics!

  21. That coat looks fabulous on you! Nordstrom’s should have used you as the model for it! Perfect with your hair color!

  22. What a lovely coat, as you say, a show stopper. Looks great with those black knee high boots too.

    1. What a terrific coat! It is gorgeous and two coats in one! I’d never tire of it! I’d be happy to send some snow your way if you’d like some!

  23. Wish I could see the photos. Second day they didn’t load

    1. I’m having the same problem. I can see the first two or three and then I don’t see anymore.?

      1. Same here. ?‍♀️Only a couple pics then large blocks of white space.

        Also, the Nordstrom’s website copy on the coat does not specify “reversible”. Just checking to be sure that is the one you are featuring. Thx!

    2. Ginger Jackson says:

      Same here Heidi! Saw first two then no more! Drats!

  24. The coat is darling on you!