A blonde woman in the snow with a bright pink coat with a faux fur hood and bootsUpdate I am working on the photo loading issue. We have reset the system, so it might take a few minutes for everything to load. I appreciate your patience. If the photos still do not load, please comment below and include what type of device you are using, and also if you are using Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc, so that we can see if it is limited to one area. Thanks so much for helping!!!

I cannot even begin to tell all of you how much fun I had in Nashville at the Blissdom Conference. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that it would be as great as it turned out to be. There were a lot of people who attended the conference, and the broad scope of their “job” was incredible. You had people who owned Etsy shops, podcasters, authors, photographers, and of course, bloggers like me. The classes/sessions were great, and my head is spinning from all of the information that I am still trying to process. I am going to start narrowing down my focus on a few things that I consider on my priority list. Most of the items on my list will be “behind the scenes” issues, so you won’t even be aware that I am tweaking stuff. But, as great as all of that was, it was not the best part of the trip.
5 Fashion Bloggers over 40Finally, getting to meet all of these fabulous bloggers was more that I could have hoped it would be. I am going to take a wild guess that you already know that I am the one in white, then you have Deborah Boland (Fabulous After 40) Jennifer Connolly (A Well Styled Life) Cyndi Spivey and Jo-Lynne Shane. Jennifer and I roomed together, and it was amazing how we were like long lost friends. There was constant talk, laughter, and there wasn’t ever a moment of awkward silence. We all ate dinner together every night, and Dawn from Just Doing My Best joined us for lunch and dinner one night also. These ladies are precisely how you would imagine, except they are even nicer and more beautiful in person. The stories flowed, and one-night Jo-Lynne and I both had tears rolling down our cheeks from laughing so hard. I am already looking forward to the next conference or a girl’s trip that will give us an excuse to all get together again.
A blonde woman in the snow with a bright pink coat with a faux-fur hoodYou might have noticed the gorgeous wool jacket that I am wearing. The bright pink color is hard to miss; it is so striking. The faux fur hood is what I love the most about this coat. The fur frames your face, and it keeps your head and ears nice and toasty warm. For those of you who are not keen on fur, no worries because it is detachable. The coat is bright and cheery, and I will promise you that you WILL get lots and lots of comments. So, if you would rather fly under the radar, then this is not the coat for you. Lol! The material in the jacket is 80% wool and 20% nylon, and you will have to have it dry cleaned if it gets dirty. I bought a large (and it is roomy) because I wanted to be able to wear sweaters under it without it feeling too tight. I will warn you; this coat is more expensive than items that I usually put on the blog. But, it seems to be great quality, and I think it will last you for years and years and years. Here is the link.
A blonde woman in the snow with a bright pink coat with a faux fur hoodThis is not your husband’s type of flannel shirt. The material is 100% cotton, but it is not the brushed feeling that I expected when the description said that it was flannel. This is much nicer and more polished than what I had pictured. The fit of the button-up shirt is more toward the fitted side instead of the boxy side. Be sure to consider that if you decide to buy one for yourself. I am wearing a medium, and it fits great. I bought it in a smaller size so that it could be worn under a sweater for a different look. Here is the link to the shirt.
A woman in the snow with a bright pink coat with a faux fur hoodI am crossing my fingers that my photos upload today correctly. On Friday and Saturday, I saw several of you mention that you were having issues, so I called my hosting company and asked them to see if they could fix the problem. They did a reset of the website, and then they still have a few things that they are going to try and tweak over the next week to try to help with loading speeds. If you did not see all of the photos of the leopard coat, then do yourself a favor and check it out here.
A blonde woman in the snow with a bright pink wool coat with a faux fur hoodMy jeans are a relaxed girlfriend/boyfriend style that I have had for a while. They look extra baggy because I made the mistake of not putting on a pair of nylon socks over the bottom part of the jeans so that my knee boots could slide on easily. The boots pushed the jeans up, and that made them look baggy. Note to self…don’t do that again. Lol!

I am wearing my chunky heel leather knee-high boots for the first time this year. I love this pair of boots, but they are several years old and are no longer available for purchase. This pair is fur-lined, so that makes them perfect for wearing in the winter months. The bad thing about these boots is that the calf width is about an inch smaller than I would like. I doubt it is the boots’ fault; it is probably more a food consumption issue. Lol!

A blonde woman in snow with a bright pink coat with a faux fur hood

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  1. Omigosh, that night was so funny. I tried to relay it to Cyndi when I got back to the room, and I ended up in hysterics again. So fun spending time with you this weekend.

    No problems with pix loading for me. Maybe they fixed it?

  2. I am feeling so lucky that I have not had any issues at all. I am using a tablet that only lets me use explorer. go figure, usually the worst. Love both coats!

  3. So glad you you teamed up with Jennifer. I follow her blog too. So glad you all had a good time!

  4. Nancy Walden says:

    I didn’t have any issues yesterday or today. Loved the pink coat! I’d want one if I lived in a cold climate.

  5. Website loaded up great. I’m on safari with an old iPad too. Usually have problems but they loaded great today.
    Love that pink coat. You look like a princess in a Disney movie. 🙂 I follow most of those bloggers. Love them all. You look so happy and so do the other women. It is so great to have things in common. It’s like church where everyone seems like family.

  6. I’m so happy you had such a wonderful time with the gurls in Nashville! How fabulous you look in that gorgeous pink! Haven’t had a problem with pictures loading at all!

  7. Stacie Kreitman says:

    I had to click on the first photo 2x to get the others to load, but they finally did.

    1. Absolutely LOVE that coat! Pictures showed up just fine for me.

  8. Absolutely love the coat! I think I need it. Glad to hear you had an informative and fun trip.

  9. I had a great time meeting you too! You’re a blast. A girls weekend sounds perfect!! All your photos loaded for me.

  10. Firstly can I say it is lovely to see you meeting up with other bloggers who I also follow – how nice to actually meet each other.
    Now to return to your ‘hot’ pink duffle coat. How can you not feel warm in a coat that colour. Love it.
    Regards – Jill stylishatsixty

  11. This pink coat looks amazing on you and gives your complexion a glow. I love it. I bought a burgundy coat similar in style with a hood with faux fur around it a couple of years ago and love that coat so much. SO i completely understand.

    The entire look is amazing – thanks for sharing.

  12. I think Talbots must have updated the shirt description, as it doesn’t say anywhere that it is flannel. Love the outfit, but don’t have any need for it here in Florida!

  13. Loving this pink coat on you and how you styled it with blue jeans and the camel boots. I really need some boots in that color!

  14. Lisa Lewis Tyre says:

    I see all of them! Looking cute, Sister.

  15. Hi Tania. I’m having the same issue with pics not downloading. I refresh, then some will load but not all…..Glad to hear to got to meet & spend time with the other amazing bloggers!

  16. Phyllis Hughes says:

    No photos for me either.

    1. Phyllis Hughes says:

      The pictures loaded right after I finished my comments. I am on an iPad, if that makes any difference.

  17. Great picture from the conference! You look beautiful in the ivory and gold, and it makes you stand out from the crowd (I mean that in a very complimentary way!). Personally, since my skin tone is not flattered by black and other dark colors, I love seeing you in the ivory and gold.

  18. I also was not able to see all the photos.

  19. Lezlie Gravens says:

    I love the pic of you and the other bloggers. I follow all of them! Beautiful shirt and coat.

  20. No pictures to look at ?

  21. This coat is to die for!!???

  22. Pretty lady in her pretty pink coat love it Tania so far photos loading ok for me ??

  23. Can only see the first photo. Coat is gorgeous and I love the flannel shirt.

  24. Was glad (in a way) to hear that others are having issues with your photos loading..still going on today. Hopefully they will get it corrected soon. The first two photos are the only ones coming through for me ☹️
    The coat looks fabulous in those photos!!

  25. Lisa Owen says:

    I had no issues over the weekend either, but today I cant see any of the pictures. Have a great week!

    1. Lisa, I am busy working hard to try and correct the problem. Thanks for letting me know.

  26. This is a beautiful coat! I am always looking for bright colours like this but they are so hard to find in stores. Glad you had fun at the conference. What a great group of ladies!

    1. I had a blast at the conference! The ladies were terrific; warm and inviting.

  27. For the past few days, your pictures do not show on your home page for over half of your posts. When I try to view any of the last 5 posts by clicking on their title, the new page loads but no photos. I love your blog but if I cannot see what you are posting about then there’s no point.

    1. Heidi, don’t get too frustrated just yet, leave that to me. I have three different people working on the issue, surely ONE of them is going to be smart enough to fix the problem.

  28. Good Morning, Tania. Only the first photo loaded for me.

    1. I am beyond frustrated at this point.

  29. You’re still having issues with your website

  30. Only download one picture.

  31. I have not been able to see all your photos for the past few days. I can only see two or three.

    1. I hope that they will get this issue resolved quickly, Holly. They did go in and clear the cache, etc. from the website. So, you might need to give the photos a little more time so that they will load. After it loads for the first time, you should be good after that.

    1. Cheryl Peffer says:

      Please let us know when Talbots have their winter coat sale. May be a little more than I want to spend.

  32. I saw the comments over the weekend about photos not loading and felt bad for others. I had no issues. Sadly, only the first photo of this post loaded, the others did not. Now I’m feeling bad for me. Love the bright pink coat, Tania. I followed the link so I could look at more photos of it. I used to have a bright pink down parka that I loved. Wore it out. I may need to watch for this to go on sale. Be bold or go home!

    1. Kathy, I am ready to pull my hair out this morning! The last two posts have had the most beautiful coats on them that I have ever worn, and I wanted to show them to all of you so badly!