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Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a blue terry lace up hoodie and gray loungewear pantsI had a wonderful day yesterday because I finally feel like I have some power. I don’t know about you, but I have been feeling extremely helpless when it came to this COVID-19 virus. I was starting to feel like it was more a matter of when, instead of if. However, my sister shared a video with me that gave me the information I had been wanting. It gave me practical tips on what “I” can do to protect myself and my family members and to make sure that we don’t catch this virus. Plus, it also gave great tips on what to do “if” someone in the family does catch the virus. Do yourself a favor and watch the video. (I found a shortened version) I’ll link it at the end of today’s post.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a bright pink t-shirt and navy crinkle wide-leg loungewear pantsI surveyed what everyone wanted to see next for my try-on session, and loungewear won! Maybe I should change the name “loungewear” to “work at home wear.” Yep, I like that much better! So, today, you are going to see a lot of work at home wear, and as usual, the video showing the items will be at the end of today’s post. The crew neck t-shirt is not part of the session, but I thought that you might like to hear where it is from. It is one that I bought when I reordered the white t-shirt that I wore (here) in a bigger size. I am wearing a large, and I am much more comfortable with this size so that it doesn’t show my lumps and bumps. Here is the link to the t-shirt, which comes in several colors, but I think that the color that I am wearing is not available.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pink t-shirt and navy crinkle wide-leg loungewear pantsI love these crinkle knit wide-leg pants by Anybody. This is the first time that I have ever ordered anything from this brand, but I have been impressed with the items that I got. These pants are so lightweight and flowy, not to mention cozy and comfortable. The fact that these pants have pockets is a huge plus to me. I am wearing a size medium in these pants, and you can see that they are plenty roomy. I already have plans to wear these as a bathing suit cover-up this summer!
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a bright pink tee and navy crinkle wide-leg loungewear pantsHere is a close-up photo of the color and the material of the pants. The pants have a fold-over waistband, and it is not tight at all. It sits right below the belly button like a mid-rise pant. Here is the link to these pants, and they are under 30.00!
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a bright pink t-shirt and black and white paisley wide-leg loungewear pantsHow cute are these black paisley wide-leg pants? If I didn’t tell you that these were loungewear, you wouldn’t know that they weren’t a normal pair of pants. These are lightweight and silky feeling, and they are very flowy. I love the paisley print, but they also come in several other prints. This pair of pants is much thinner than the navy pair, so they are not for cold weather wear, but they will be great for in the house and once the warmer weather hits. Those of you in warmer climates will love these pants.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pink t-shirt and black and white paisley wide-leg loungewear pantsI am wearing a size medium in these pants, and you can see that I still have plenty of room in them. Like the navy pair, these also have pockets, which are a huge plus for me. I am not sure why I want pockets since I never put anything in the pockets. Lol! The pants are 100% rayon and are machine washable. These are perfect for working at the house, but you could easily run errands in these, especially if you add some cute jewelry to the look.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a bright pink tee and black and white paisley wide-leg loungewear pantsHere is a close-up view of the print of the material. Also, the waist is elastic, so you won’t have anything cutting into your stomach as you sit down. These are pure cozy and comfortable. Here is the link to the paisley wide-leg pants that are under $30.00.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a lagoon/animal print maxi dressYou gurls are going to love this maxi-dress. It is a fabulous heavy knit dress that feels sooo good. I love how this looks and acts like a dress, but it feels like a nightgown. It is as cozy and comfy as any pj’s that I own. I picked the Lagoon/Animal design, but the dress also comes in several other colors if you are sick of animal print even if it is this beautiful blue-green color.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a lagoon blue and animal print maxi dressThe dress has pockets and a slit up each side. The website calls this dress semi-fitted, but I feel like it is very relaxed and generous in size. I am wearing a medium, and it is very roomy on me. The dress is 88% polyester/12% spandex and is machine washable and tumble dry.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a blue animal print maxi dressHere is an up-close look at the animal print and the color of this dress. You will find lots and lots of ways that you can wear this dress. It is dressy enough to wear anywhere you choose, but comfortable enough to just lounge around the house in it. Here is the link to the dress. Did I mention that it is under 30.00???
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a gray flounce loungewear pant setThis two-piece set is the coziest thing ever! It is very lightweight and thin, so even though it is a sweater knit material, it is not hot. This outfit is so soft and comfy that you will find yourself wearing this all of the time. Don’t worry about wearing it often; it is cute enough that no one will give you any grief about what you are wearing.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a gray loungewear pant setI am trying to show you how the top covers your rear and has a split side. The top features a flattering v-neckline (my favorite) and dolman sleeves. The top is cut very generously, and I am wearing a size small in this outfit. I wasn’t sure about the sizing, but this fits me great.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a gray flounce loungewear topThe outfit is a heathered gray, and it also comes in black. You will be able to wear these separately for different looks, and this top will look great with jeans. This outfit is machine washable and tumble dry, but I will probably lay flat to dry because I hate things to shrink in size on me. Here is the link to this 2-piece set, and it is under $45.00.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a black tank top and a gray loungewear pant I simply switched out tops so that you could see this V-neck tank from Cuddle Duds. I really like this tank for a couple of reasons. I like that it is a stretchy knit, but not a clingy knit. This does not cling to my body and show all of my imperfections. I also like that the straps are nice and thick so that you don’t have to worry that your bra strap is showing.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a black tank top and a gray loungewear wide leg pantThe length of the top is also nice because it is long in the front and even longer in the back. This is semi-fitted, so it looks nice on you and doesn’t look baggy. I wasn’t sure what size I would need, so I ordered this black one in a medium, and I ordered a lilac one (below) in a large to show you the difference.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a black tank top This black tank will be your go-to top this summer, whether you are going to sit in the sun, do some gardening, or running to the bank. It is a perfect top to layer with, and adding a touch of jewelry would make a huge difference. Here is the link to this tank, which comes in a ton of colors and prints, including the lilac one below.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a lilac tank top and a gray loungewear pant This is the lilac-colored tank, and I am wearing the large in this one. I really can’t tell a lot of difference in the sizes other than this one might be a tiny bit bigger through the tummy area (yay) and a little bit bigger under the arms.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a lilac tank top and a gray loungewear wide leg pant This color would look better with a darker colored pair of pants, and also better if I had a tan—it kind of blends in with my pale arms since I haven’t added any faux tanner lately. I should have lathered up before I took these photos. Lol! The link to this top is the same as the black one above. They are each under 20.00.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a lilac cardigan and a gray loungewear pant I put the black tank back on so that you could see this gorgeous cardigan better. This is a heavy knit material that is soft as can be. The description calls it “ultra-soft,” and it lives up to its name. I love the drapey collar and how it has a relaxed look.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a black tank top with a lilac cardigan and a gray loungewear pant The cardigan also has my favorite detail…pockets. Lol! This is perfect for the cooler temperatures that we are experiencing right now, especially with the long sleeves.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a black tank top with a lilac cardigan This cardigan can be worn open or closed, and it has a magnetic closure. I love that feature, but honestly, I’ll probably wear mine open since I like that look better.Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a black tank top with an open lilac cardigan I am wearing a size medium, and I think that it fits me perfectly. You will love this cardigan! It is a great color, but it also comes in other colors, it is super soft and comfy, and it UNDER $20.00! Here is the link to the cardigan.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a bright blue terry lace up hoodie and gray loungewear pantsI am all the time saving the best to the last. I love, love, love this terry lace-up hoodie! I wore this to the lumber company the other day, and a girl tried to get me to take it off right then and let her have it. Lol! It really is super cute, and this bright blue color is amazing.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a blue lace up hoodie and gray loungewear pantsYou can see how long this top is in the back and the cute hoodie in this photo. This top is a mid-weight top, not too heavy and not too light. I love the 3/4 length sleeves, that is my preferred length.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a blue terry lace up topThe wide lace-up design is a real eye-catcher. I can see wearing this with jeans, white jeans or shorts, etc. this summer. And it will look great with the Sperry or Rothy’s white sneakers. The only thing that I was disappointed with when I first took it out of the bag was that it wasn’t soft to the touch. However, it is soft on the inside of the top that touches your skin. I can’t wait to throws this in the washer and see if it is soft once it is washed and dried. Here is the link to the top that is under $25.00, and it comes in several other colors.

All of these clothes are from QVC, and nothing is over $45.00, and that is a 2-piece set. I looked a long time to try and bring you versatile items that are affordable and practical for this strange time that we are experiencing. I hope you enjoyed the post, and please share it on FaceBook if you did.

Here is the COVID-19 video, and then the videos for the clothing will be under it.

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  1. Where can i find that circle diamond necklace you are wearing, i LOVE it and cannot find one anywhere. thanks,

  2. Vicki Trial says:

    What size is the blue sweatshirt you’re wearing?

  3. Julia Purtill says:

    I really needed to hear that video. Please Thank your sister. I sent it to my daughter and my husband. It’s easy to get oneself worked up, especially at night when fears multiply. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  4. That blue sweatshirt is a great color for you. It really brings out your blue eyes!

  5. Great video; I plan to share it with friends and co-workers. Love all the comfy outfits too. I told myself I was putting on a pair of jeans tomorrow to see if they still fit! UGH. Stay safe Tania.

  6. hartzncol says:

    Thank you SO much for the COVID video!! ?

    1. I am glad that you liked the video.

  7. hartzncol says:

    Tania, I love all the outfits! Thanks for styling down for us while we’re all stuck at home. The blue hoody looks great w your eyes!

    1. I do love this shade of blue because it does go great with my eyes.

  8. Kim Gargano says:

    Hi Tania – I just watched your video showing lounge wear and I have to say your ADORABLE!!! I haven’t put on real pants since 3/12/2020 (last day I went to work)! It was awesome to hear the voice that belonged to the face! Please stay healthy and safe!

    1. Lol! Kim, loungewear is great, but you need to put on some real pants too.

  9. Gurl….did you get your hair colored and cut? It looks adorable! My roots are giving away my natural color (my husband says that I’m looking “kinda brownish,”…thanks), but my hair has no style or shape because I was due a color and cut on March 20, but, alas, the salon has closed temporarily. I love your comfy clothing….you look so cute! The lilac cardigan is my favorite piece. Be careful and stay healthy.

    1. I got my hair done right before everything shut down. Whew!

  10. I love pockets & USE them. I have sinus/allergy problem & tissues are my security blanket. So either pockets or I tuck tissues up my sleeve. (My SIL laughs at me all the time.) I try to empty pockets when I put clothes in the laundry but sometimes I forget. You have no idea how many tissues have shredded in my dryer! It seems that just the time I run to the mailbox or the basement without a tissue, I have a sneezing spell & … I need my tissues!!!

    The work-at-home-wear looks SO soft & comfy. You always look cute no matter what you wear! Stay healthy!

    1. I have a friend who always has tissues tucked in her sleeves also. Lol!

  11. KELLY NORTON says:

    Thank you for posting the video from the doctor. It did make me feel more at ease.

    1. I am glad that the video made you feel better.

  12. Enjoyed your videos today. So comfy!! Thank you for your daily posts!! When this virus goes far far away….I am going to have a manicure and get some pretty nails! What do you use? Thanks!

    1. Betty, I had my gel taken off the blog about a month or so ago, so I do not have anything on them now.

  13. Carole Fletcher says:

    Thank you for being a bright spot in my day, look forward to your blog and your Sunday good news.

    1. I am so glad that you are enjoying the blog, Carole!

  14. Covid-19 video…empowering indeed. Thank you so much. And, the pink and blue tops are so pretty on you; those colors really make your eyes sparkle.

    1. I do love blue because it goes great with my eyes.

  15. The link to the two-piece set in heather gray goes to the maxi dress instead.
    Could you send link?

  16. I loved this blog post because thesis definitely what I am sure that most women are wearing either lounge or leggings. I get tired of leggings all the time but you can always go to jeans but when I walk I don’t won’t to wear jeans, so of course that means you have to change again, too many clothes to wash.

    1. I love loungewear, but I don’t like sloppy wear. Lol!

  17. Thanks for sharing the video. You’re right it was very informative. It definitely makes me feel a bit more empowered to take real steps to protect my family. Love your blog, Tanya!! You’re a beauty inside and out and most especially…..you are “real”!!!!! Stay safe my friend!!!

    1. Awww, thanks, Denise. I thought it was informative also. I am “real” and sometimes a little too real. Lol!

    1. Great!!! I am glad that you enjoyed it.

  18. Loved the video. No drama, just the facts, calmly presented with his credibility. The bright blue hoodie is adorable!

    1. That is what I loved about the video also. It was the information that I needed for me and my family!

  19. Thank you the cheery posts during this difficult time! I look forward to reading them every morning.

    1. I am glad that you are still enjoying my posts!

  20. Janie Calhoun says:

    Thank you for the video, very informative and easy to understand! Could you please link the 2 pc gray set, my link goes back to the maxi dress, not the gray set. Thank you, Tania, I look forward to your email every day!! Janie Calhoun

    1. Normally I will check out the links, but I was sleepy, so I went to bed. Lesson learned!!! I fixed the link, but here it is again:

  21. Robin Brouse says:

    Thank you for the super cute comfy fashion show but more importantly..bless you for passing along the video…informative, soothing and comforting.

    1. I thought all of the clothing was very comfy and cozy, but still appropriate for going outside.

  22. Thank you for the COVID 19 video tips! It does clarify questions I had.

    1. I am glad that you liked the video. I loved his tips.

  23. Kathy McClintock says:

    Tania you look great in all your outfits! I love them all. I too saw that video it was very good. Thank you for sharing. Sincerely, Kathy McClintock

    1. I thought it had great information!

  24. Something is wrong with the link to this 2-piece set, can you please send it to me?

  25. Great video. He explains things clearly, has knowledge based on experience, gives tips on how to stay safe and, most importantly, does it all with a sense of calm. This is what we all need.

    1. That is how I felt also, Alison. I love how he explains everything, and tells us exactly what we need to hear.

  26. I love the 2 piece gray outfit. The navy pants are adorable too!. Thank you for sharing Dr David’s video. It was very educational. I feel much better now about going to the store.

    1. I feel better too, Mary Lou. I am going to start wearing a mask around the house to become more aware of touching my face.

      1. I’m a retired critical care nurse and found Dr. Price to be very encouraging and calming. I’ve had the pleasure of working with docs like him – calm, clear headed and very easy to understand. Thanks for this post. Here’s a tip for anyone who has some blue light blocking glasses of the non prescription type. Wear them when you go to the store. That way you can’t touch your eyes as easily. My worst grocery store habit has been licking my finger tips to get those darn produce bags opened. It was hard to break but here’s how I did it. Slather you’re finger tips with purel lol it tastes horrid. Or wear a pair of gloves. Lol my grandmother never went out without her white gloves and a hat. Let’s bring back those adorable white gloves we wore to parties and first communions (for the Roman Catholics among us – I grew up baptist. But I attended a few. It was popular a few years ago to put on hand cream and wear white cotton gloves to bed. I wonder how easy it would be to find some.

        1. Those are some great tips, Liane! Touching my face is a hard habit to break.

  27. I love the lounge wear. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Love everything about your blog, thank you!?

    1. I am so glad that you liked this post. I loved the loungewear items!