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How to Have a Comfortable New Year’s Eve at Home

New Year’s Eve looks different for everyone! When I was younger, I always wanted to do something. But now, I’m happy being asleep before midnight. If you’re in the same boat and planning on celebrating New Year’s Eve at home this year, there are a few things you can do to make it more memorable and special than just your average night. I’m sharing all of my tips (and favorite products) for how to have a comfortable New Year’s Eve at home.

Decide what type of vibe you are going for.

Do you want to be cozy in your loungewear or pajamas? Or would you prefer to have a relaxing dinner at home with loved ones? There’s nothing wrong with either! Once you decide, you can start to plan a little bit more.

How to Have the Ideal Cozy Night In

If you decide to go the route of the cozy night in, then you’re going to need all of the essentials. This is a great time to treat yourself to a new set of pajamas or loungewear if you didn’t get any during the holidays. After a busy few weeks of holiday gatherings and events, I am ready to unwind and spend an evening treating myself to some self-care!

My Essentials for A Cozy New Year’s Eve at Home:

PS. If you gurls are planning a cozy night in, you might want to check out these posts to help you kick your self-care skills up a notch: How to Have the Most Relaxing Shower and Bath, How to Give Yourself an At Home Pedicure, and The Best Warm Winter Pajamas To Keep You Cozy.

How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Home with Dinner

New Year’s Eve is a great time to reflect on the year. Invite your best friends or closest family members over for a delicious meal, and set the mood with a few inexpensive New Year’s decorations and your favorite candle!

I shared this idea last year, but I thought it was still a fun idea to try! If you’re tired of being in the kitchen after a long holiday season, I have a fun trend for you that I’ve been seeing on social media that I think would be a hit! Just grab a charcuterie board (like this one) or platter and have each friend bring a different themed food board. Some ideas I’ve seen: a french fry board with various dips, a hot wing board, a sushi board, and even a s’mores board!

My Essentials for a New Year’s Eve at Home With Friends:

I hope you have fun and stay safe no matter how you choose to spend your New Year’s Eve! Do you have any plans for NYE? Let me know in the comments below!

Shop for More Essentials for a Comfortable New Year’s Eve At Home:

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  1. Catherine says:

    Early dinner reservation at our favorite “ splurge “ steak house, then after dinner cocktails at a pub close to our home, then home by 8,830. Bed by ten. Exciting, right?

  2. Nice. We joined the Stay At Home set a few years ago, and now, as charter members, we strive to be asleep by 10:00 pm! Thus, I think that new PJs will help me usher in the New Year in the manner I love – asleep! 🤣

  3. sue koren says:

    Love the themed food board idea!

  4. We’re definitely staying in. Will try some of your suggestions to amp it up a little!

  5. Janice Nagle says:

    Yes! we have always had a stay at home new years eve. we had snacks and played board games. we wore hats and had noise makers. we popped popcorn and and watched a rented movie (back in the day). we watched the ball drop in new York on TV. sometimes we went to see the midnight fireworks. now that all the kids are no longer kids, my husband and I spend a comfortable evening at home with each other.
    Thanks for the good ideas!

  6. I like the wide leg sweats

  7. Cozy and comfy for New Year’s Eve is perfect!!!

  8. Christal M Yowell says:

    I agree, when I was younger I would make plans to go out for a New Years Party. Now I’m a 55 yr old widow, and staying in or maybe a small gathering is more my speed. Friends, memories and preparing for the year ahead- seems more important than a loud crazy party. I’ll leave the partying to the youngins.

  9. I may not make it to midnight but then I will get woken up by happy new year texts.

  10. Will be staying in with my daughter and 1 year old granddaughter! We will probably be asleep by midnight!!

  11. LORIE KELLEY says:

    Several years ago we started switching up our New Year’s Eve. Between New England weather and traffic we now tend to go out for a Happy Hour then come home for a late dinner. Sometimes with a group of friends. My mom used to say “anyone invited New Year’s Eve could bring their PJ’s”.

  12. I’m definitely wanting to stay in. So cozy loungewear for sure for me!! I’ve hinted on another one of your post so maybe I’ll get a new set. lol If not – I’ll buy one!! 🙂

  13. We are usually in a church singing the New Year in but this year we’re doing an early service and should be sitting in my recliner before midnight. Happy New Year Tania

    1. Debra, we hardly ever make it to midnight. Lol!

  14. Loving the black sweatsuit and the pajama set. An at-home, comfy-cozy celebration is my jam! 🎉

  15. The Hotel candle sounds lovely!

  16. Great idea themed boards and everyone bring a different one. Do have any suggestions for games for adults to play?

    1. Joan, I haven’t played board games in so long that I can’t even think of any.

  17. It has been years since we went out for NYE. And I’m good with that