The Best Warm Winter Pajamas To Keep You Cozy

Not long ago, I shared pajamas that help us stay cool at night. While I still like to be comfortable when sleeping, with the drop in temperature, I need a bit more warmth. Today, I’m sharing the best warm winter pajamas to keep you cozy and looking cute. Wear them at night, and keep them on all day, I’m not judging!

I love festive pajamas! Did you see my post on matching Christmas pajamas for the family? That had a lot of fun pajamas, but if you have a Grinch or two in your family who refuses to have fun, you can still be festive. I love all these pink Pjs, and the Feeling Festive set is too adorable to pass up. The fuchsia soft Fuchsia Plush Sleep Robe looks great with all the pajamas in this post, and it comes in many other colors.

Here are two more pajama sets that are super cute and colorful. We spend a lot of time in bed; we should look cute while doing it. Lol!

The Best Warm Winter Pajamas – from Kohl’s

If you haven’t owned Cuddl Duds, then I have a treat for you! They are incredibly comfortable and oh, so, warm! This set has three pieces – pants, a top, and a headband. I love the fact that these have pockets! There are several different patterns available, and they come in sizes XS to XXL Long.

Another cute set of PJs from Cuddl Duds! You can’t tell from this photo, but they have a kangaroo pocket on the top. I like this pattern, but there are several others if these are sold out. The banded hem/cuff is a nice detail because I really don’t like it when my pants hike up my leg in the middle of the night.

The Best Warm Winter Pajamas – From Amazon

Well, it doesn’t get much warmer than these! It is a stretch to call these pajamas unless you sleep without any heat or blankets. Lol! These fluffy PJs look small, but they are actually oversized! (Click the link to see them on a model.) They are double-sided fleece and rated to 14 degrees. They come in several colors and styles, such as a button-up top or a pull-over.

Aren’t these snuggly? Maybe I’ll get these for my sister, lol. She told me years ago that she sleeps in a hat during the winter. When I visited her one December, I understood. Her house was very COOOLD. These super soft pajamas in fleece have a hood so she can leave the hat behind and still keep her head warm. I think I might get these to lounge around in the mornings while having my cup of coffee.

Here’s a pretty option! Let me say upfront that I love this color. Lavender is on trend this year, but I’d wear it even if it wasn’t. Still, if you’re not a fan, it’s available in 17 others. The velour is soft, but not as thick as fleece. The fit is relaxed, and of course, it has pockets and a banded cuff. I think I need this in every color! Lol!

These have the look of sweatpants but are very chic. I love the fuzzy material, which reminds me of Barefoot Dreams, and the drawstring pants. They are loose-fitting, and while warm, they are actually lightweight. Yes, I’d wear these all day long around the house and out.

You don’t have to wear thick pajamas to stay warm. That’s what blankets are for! These are 95% Modal/5% Spandex, which makes for super soft PJs, and they feel great against the skin. Available in 15 colors, including a cute black and white buffalo plaid.

This outfit is super cute and a lounge set that could be worn around the house or while running errands. They look so elegant, and the model is carrying a purse, lol. I decided to show this in short sleeves for those of you who are always hot, but it’s also available in long sleeves. There are actually 27 options at the link, so you’re sure to find something you like.

Okay, Gurls! Let me know what you think. Comment with the current temperature in your neck of the woods and your favorite PJs.

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  1. Hi Tania,
    I have been on an off-and-on quest for a few years now searching for reasonably priced classic white cotton pajamas. They seem impossible to find. I am not looking for satin or cute little patterns — just white, cotton classic pajamas. Any ideas?
    Thank you,

  2. MukLuk velour pajamas – they’re buttery soft and make great loungewear too!

  3. I absolutely love Cuddl Duds. They are so comfortable. I need to make a stop at Kohls to get some new ones.

  4. Pam Stiles says:

    I’m not sure what happened but I am no longer receiving your emails in my inbox. I always looked forward to reading and going through all the great inspiration from you every morning. I tried re subscribing with no luck. Thank you for all you do and all the informative content.

    1. Pam, I checked on your subscription, and it tells me that it BOUNCED. That can happen for a couple of reasons, but it might mean you need to contact your provider. I’m probably not the only thing that is bouncing, and you could be missing emails that are important.

  5. Love some of these but wish the would make them in short lengths for us “ shorties”!

  6. sue koren says:

    These all look so soft and comfy!

  7. sue koren says:

    I may have to order something from this post!

  8. Laura Garrett says:

    Those lavender pj’s look so wonderful. May have to try a pair. Don’t you just love soft, cuddly loungewear?

  9. Jenniffer Groski says:

    With the nights being so long I spend a lot more time in jammies for sure! Will be adding more to my dresser drawer.

  10. Stella Gustafson says:

    Like the lounge set

  11. It was only 25 this morning in Ohio so I could sure use some of these adorable pajamas. I especially like the Cuddle Duds.

  12. So many of these pjs are just adorable!! I am one of those women you were referring to that is HOT all the time!! The quandary is I love seasonal pjs!! I usually put the warm-ish pjs on in the evening and morning before I actually get dressed, but wear summer pjs when I’m actually sleeping 🤦‍♀️🥵. I will definitely be buying several of these pjs!! Thanks!

  13. Ginger Hiller says:

    Here in south central Georgia it’s in the 50’s (mid afternoon) and our lows are in the 20’s – low 30’s. I love cozy pajamas and I always wear soft socks to bed, allowing for the Aquaphor to do its job in keeping my feet soft. Our heated blanket on the bed works great, but I can’t stay underneath it all day. Your wreath looks very nice!

  14. Phyllis Martin says:

    It’s 54 and sunny right now at 2:40 pm but this morning was a 26 low!

  15. I love cozy pjs. I have some of those fleece ones and they are definitely warm. I had to laugh at your comment on the legs roiling up – I hate that too.

    1. That drives me bonkers!

  16. The wreah’s in the window’s look great.
    Love the pj’s, I also have worn my all day too. lol
    It going to be 59 today in OKC.
    We have had mild one so far.

  17. I love Cuddl Duds. I’m picky about PJs. they have to be soft and not shed. I can’t stand fuzzies on my clothes or sheets or house. Some materials shed a lot.

  18. My daughters, granddaughters and I wear matching PJs on Christmas Eve but I can’t get my scrooge son-in-law to join in the fun!!

  19. Very cute pajamas! And great options to coordinate with the whole family!

  20. A couple of these must be for people who sleep outside. HA! All super cute though. I wish my windows were ones I could do that with. I love the ribbon holding wreaths. I did it one year (but I forgot how I did it!).

  21. Roberta Schwandner says:

    I really like these warm cozy pajamas.

  22. Pajamas are my favorite! i definitely want to try the cuddle duds. Thank you for sharing the wreath hanging idea, it’s certainly no fun putting suction cups back on in the cold.

  23. I could own a 100 pr of pjs!! Love to get off work and take makeup off and put on a cozy pair – especially this time of year! These are cute!!

    1. It sounds like you and I are alike.

  24. I love cozy pajamas! Great choices! Your tree and wreath are so pretty! Happy Wednesday❤❤❤

  25. 31 and sunny here in PA! For sleeping in, I like pj’s that are a not too heavy velour. Makes it easy to move around at night. I really do like the sweats in the fuzzy barefoot dreams look alike though. The color is really pretty, and I’d wear them for lounging at home for the day. The wreaths in your windows look great! I used to do that when I lived in our old house but since my upper windows in our current house are crank out windows, I can’t. Have a great day whatever the weather is in your neck of the woods!

  26. Linda Shearer says:

    Great Pajamas. I love joy spun.

  27. Carole from Canada says:

    Ohhhhh these pj’s look so comfortable.
    I LOVE your christmas tree and those wreaths with the red ribbon must look stunning in all your windows.

  28. Who doesn’t love cozy pajamas!

  29. Louise Logan says:

    Great cozy choices!!

  30. Dana Smithmier says:

    I love pjs and these are all great choices!!

  31. Love pajamas! Your choices are great!