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Classic White Button Down Shirts for Women Over 50

There is nothing more versatile than a crisp, classic white button down shirt for women. They can be worn with suits, jeans, and tucked into skirts. These tops can easily be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. I make sure I always have one in my closet because this timeless clothing piece never goes out of style. White goes everything, and almost everyone can wear this color!

I have been needing a new white button down, so I placed a big order of some popular styles from some of our favorite retailers. Today, I am sharing my try-on with you and what I like and dislike about each shirt. Let me know in the comments which button-down is your favorite.

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White Button-Down Shirts for Women to Buy

While a classic white button-down certainly has a place and time, I also love a shirt that incorporates a little personality. This Ruffle Pintuck Shirt from Banana Republic does just that. I love the ruffle collar, buttoned cuff, and the pleated placket on the chest. It brings a feminine touch that sometimes button-downs are lacking.

I styled it untucked for this try-on, but it would also be cute tucked into a pair of high-waisted trousers or a high-waisted skirt. Until the weather warms up, you could add a blazer or moto jacket and the texture of the ruffle collar and ruffle on the end of the sleeve peeking out would be such a fun touch.

This top is currently on sale at 40% off, with an extra 14% off at checkout. I’m wearing a large, and it fits true to size. It feels very well-made, and it has a nice weight to it. I think I need to keep this one, but what do you think?

Next up is this button-down Boyfriend shirt from Talbots. This is a tunic length top, and I’ve been seeing tunics everywhere lately. This shirt length is great for covering up the rear, which allows you to pair it with a legging. I might try dressing it up with my favorite faux leather leggings.

Be aware that the reviews say it needs to be ironed after washing. I love my handy garment steamer for getting rid of wrinkles fast, so that isn’t a worry for me. I sized down from my regular size and got a medium when ordering because the fit is oversized.

I am a big fan of the Spanx brand’s products. They make my favorite every day bra, my favorite strapless bra, the best faux leather leggings, and now maybe my favorite white button-down! It’s a good length to wear tucked or untucked, and the material is very stretchy making it very comfortable.

There’s nothing worse than a shirt that gapes open at the chest, and this shirt may be the solution to the problem! It is designed with no-gape construction, meaning the placket is sewn down. This means you do have to put the shirt on over your head rather than buttoning it up like a typical button-down.

In case you’re wondering, I’m pointing to where the buttons stop.

If you don’t love to iron, this white button-down from Chico’s is perfect for you! It’s made with wrinkle-free fabric, which keeps you looking effortlessly put together. If you travel a lot, this would be a great option to pack in your suitcase without worrying about wrinkles. This top isn’t a true button down, but a popover style instead, which means you put it on over your head.

The v-neck opening on this popover style top gives you the perfect blank canvas to showcase a beautiful necklace, especially a colorful one! This 3/4 sleeve length is great for keeping you cool during the spring and summer seasons. I ordered it in a size 1, which is an 8-M. I think it runs true to size.

The next shirt I decided to try was the Loft Oversized Everyday Shirt. This top is currently 30% off, with an extra 14% off with the code LOVEU. This shirt is a far cry from a tailored, stiff button down. It’s lightweight and comfortable. The oversized look makes it feel a little more casual and puts a modern twist on an old classic.

I can easily see myself making this versatile top a staple in my wardrobe. It would look great with jeans and sandals to run errands, tied with a skirt or over a dress, or under a cardigan. I ordered a medium, and it’s roomy, so if you are in between sizes, I would size down.

The last white button-down I tried on was this tailor-fit easy care shirt from Banana Republic. This top is currently also 30% off, with an extra 14% off at checkout. I ordered a size 10 in this, and if you can’t tell from the gaping in my chest in the photo, I should have sized up. Isn’t it funny how women’s sizing is all over the place from brand to brand? Needless to say, this one isn’t a keeper for me but had it have been the correct size, I think this could have been a classic and chic addition to my closet. It is well-made and constructed with sturdy material, so I think it will be a piece that will last you for many seasons.

Which of these white button-downs is your favorite?

Do you have a favorite white button-down? If so, where is it from? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I like the last one you have on.

  2. I love white shirts! However, I notice when I gain weight, I can no longer wear them comfortably. They feel too confined if they fit just right, and if I buy them a little roomy, they make me look much bigger. I’ve lost some weight now, and finally feel comfortable wearing them again. Just bought 3 new ones this month! I will need to check out the Talbot’s; it’s beautiful!

  3. Susan Mariotti says:

    Really like the Chicos shirt. A white shirt is so easy to dress up or down. The shoes look good.

  4. Janus Emory says:

    Hi Tania. Yes, a white shirt is a wardrobe staple. I like the very first one with the ruffle accents. I wish you would have dressed one up instead of showing them all with jeans. Keeo up the good work.

  5. Tamara Kennedy says:

    Call me crazy, but I can always tell a Talbots piece on you! Don’t even need to read the caption, it’s as if you were the fit model for the brand! Talbots is a winner on you, top notch. Thank you for doing all the hard work.

  6. The Spanx shirt was the bomb! More tailored look, very nice!

  7. Andrea Pollard says:

    Thank you for this, Tania! I struggle with classic white shirts as they’re mostly too thin and too short on me.

  8. I really really liked the shirts from Banana Republic and Talbots. Like LBDs, a girl can never have too many white shirts!

  9. Roberta S says:

    I love the white shirts.

  10. I love the Talbots blouse. I like that it buttons down all the way and hangs nicely. White blouses are great. So crisp and fresh.

  11. Lynda Brown says:

    Loved the Spanx and the Chico’s, but I’m afraid I’d get makeup on them when pulling over my head:-( Doing makeup with them on would also be a problem for me. I’m kind of messy. lol! They all look great on you!

  12. Melissa Waters says:

    I’ve actually been looking for a white blouse and these choices are wonderful. Thanks for the share!

  13. Connie Eckert says:

    I liked the Chico’s white shirt best. Can you do a segment with a white collared shirt, jeans, and accessories?

  14. As much as I see white shirts on models and bloggers, I just can’t get into them. I’ve tried…
    I find that they’re either too stiff, or too much static, if I buy a non-stiff, non-crisp one. And heaven forbid I try to layer one under a sweater! I’ve tried that too, and I just can’t wait to get everything off!
    I know they’re a classic and recommended to have in your wardrobe, but they are not for me.
    You look wonderful in every one of them though!

  15. I like the shirt from the Loft, looks most comfortable and versatile. I may have a Loft shirt very similar in stripe.
    Chicos no iron shirts are also fabulous. Most recent purchase was a blouse from Athleta, was supposed to be a bright white. Turned out a little more off white, I kept it, it is super comfortable and that color is very useful.

  16. So many wonderful options!

  17. These white shirts look really good on you! I like white shirts that button down and have collars. I find really nice ones at a local consignment store called Fashion Exchange.

  18. Spanx! It looks so nice on you!

  19. I hate to iron so that shirt is for me😂

  20. I kinda like the Loft oversized shirt. They are all great options.

  21. I like the Banana Republic ruffle/pintuck shirt and the Banana Republic classic shirt is my favorite. I have one from Walmart (Time & Tru possibly) that is kind of similar to the classic style. It needs to be steamed or ironed. It is crisp but not too stiff. It wasn’t expensive, less than $20. It has handled several washings and still looks good.

  22. my favorite is the Spanx one! the placket sewed down is a good feature as i have trouble with that! a bit too pricey for me though.
    it was fun looking at them all!
    thanks Tania.

  23. Gina Luebke says:

    I have the Spanx shirt and as someone who is “chesty” I love that it’s no gap!! I also have an older white button down from loft, I like that it’s lighter material but mine does wrinkle.

  24. The spa x is my favorite!

  25. Brenda Ruck says:

    I like the Chico’s shirt. What’s not to like when there are ruffles on the neckline. Thanks for all your styling help.

  26. Susan Radtke says:

    The first one is my favorite. Will have to look into buying it.

  27. Like all the tops. But, my favorite is your puppy! Adorable!

  28. I like the Spanx and Chico’s tops! Thank you for modeling these as I am looking for one now.

  29. Debbie Titus says:

    I struggle with this so I am glad to see your choices here!

  30. Diana VanWinkle says:

    You should probably just keep them all! Thanks for the white shirt try-on. I love this classic piece, and they do vary so much that I keep several different styles in my closet. I’m currently loving tunic styles, and have a large one that I wear as a bathing suit cover-up.

  31. I’m a big fan of Chico’s no-iron, I have several in different colors. I have several white shirts in my closet, I like wearing them with jeans. I enjoyed this this post.

  32. I think the Spanx is my favorite. I’ve got a couple from Chico’s and don’t wear them often because they are a little boxy. White shirts are the best!

  33. I will say that I love Chicos! I have that shirt in navy blue and love it! It truly is no iron! I never put anything in my dryer, so all I do is wash on gentle and then tumble dry on air no heat for 30 seconds and it is perfect! I also have another Chicos white shirt button up shirt which I love. Have tried Banana Republic but not impressed. And I don’t Spanx products.

  34. I love the Spanx shirt. You mentioned you’re wearing a size 10, but they don’t come in numbered sizes. Is it a M or L? I am your size, so what fits you, fits me

    1. Ann, with SPANX, I am always a large.

  35. The first one is my favorite!

  36. Rosalinda Salcedo says:

    I really love a white shirt. Like you said white shirts go with everything. My favorite one is the one from Talbots, second Chico’s and third probably Spanx because of the no gape. I have that problem also. Have an amazing Wednesday!!

  37. LeeAnn Barnard says:

    I added a few classic button downs to my wardrobe last year. I usually wear them casually, thrown on over a tee with jeans or shorts. So versatile!

    1. Donna Ingalls says:

      The Talbots and Chicos are my favorites. I have the Talbots shirt and find it washes very well.
      Great post as I love a white button down.

  38. Melaine O says:

    Tania, I love white shirts, especially the Chico’s. Nice that your husband Joe takes care of you. I have a handyman also 🙂

  39. I love the first one with the ruffle – unfortunately it’s sold out in my size in the US, and they don’t even carry it in Canada.

  40. I like the Chico’s one.

  41. Cheryll Sampson says:

    I have the Chico’s shirt and love it, very comfortable.

  42. Belinda Self says:

    Have you tried Lands End white shirts?

    1. I have in the past, but not recently.

  43. I have the Chico’s no iron you show as well as another that is regular length. Love them both! They are fairly expensive but great quality and last a long time. I have a couple from Banana Republic as well and love them. The ruffled one is a bit too busy for me as I prefer a more traditional look but it looks great on you!

  44. Tania, I loved the first Banana Republic white shirt….I’m going to get that one! You looked great in all of the shirts.

  45. They are all wonderful. But my favorite is the first one. It is a good reminder to get a fresh white shirt. I usually need talks, but some appear to have longer sleeve lengths and are longer overall.

  46. Jan Canapp says:

    Always love a crisp white shirt and I have many. Gotta say, my favorites are the Chico’s no iron. However, I do prefer the button down shirts rather than the pull over the head ones. The Loft oversized shirt really looked too baggy for me. Thanks for all the great info. Love your blog.

  47. I like the Banana Republic or the Chico’s on you!

  48. I love the look of a white blouse, but for some reason, I never seen to buy them. I would probably go with the Chico’s top. I like how it’s a pullover with the side slits. And not having to iron it is definitely a plus for me.

  49. I have a Chico’s no iron and it is so nice to pull out and wear. I have brought it to our cleaners after washing for a professional press, but then after that, I don’t have to worry between washings

  50. I love the style of the pintuck but I am all about the Chicos no iron shirts!

  51. Melissa Palmer says:

    You totally read my mind today. I’m wearing a white button down that I don’t really love. As I was getting dressed, I said to myself, “I really need to replace this top.” Then, moments later, I saw your post. Now if that wasn’t our great Heavenly Father looking out for me! I’m going with the Chico’s pullover. I love that style and would really enjoy a wrinkle free fabric. Thanks for a wonderful post!

  52. I love your Spanx jeans! What size do you wear?

    1. I always get a large in almost everything SPANX.

  53. The Loft oversized shirt looked sloppy, almost as if you had on your husband’s shirt. The others were very pretty. I really liked the first one, but I don’t usually do ruffles. My favorite was probably the one from Chico’s, but it is probably the most expensive. Talbots is my usual “go to”. I didn’t realize that Spanx made clothing items, but I wouldn’t like a stretchy button down. Lots of great options. Thanks for sharing!

  54. Would love to know if in your travels you have ever found a slightly “thicker” white shirt? Once that stays wrinkle free and that you cannot see through? xo

  55. Donna Dye says:

    I love the white Chicos no-iron button down tunic! It is crisp and clean looking that hangs well without being too loose or shapeless. I am a busy Registered Nurse and haven’t been out shopping in ages, even prior to the pandemic. I love Chico’s but I get so many emails from stores that I don’t usually stop and browse. So your newsletter has been extremely helpful. I am 53 and we are the same height and weight. It makes visualizing the items on me easier. I also love your comments about sizing up or down and how a garment feels. You are a gem! Thank you!

  56. Danette Greenfield says:

    I love white button downs! My favorite was the one from Talbots