Can You Have To Much (1)Is there such a thing as too much jewelry? I don’t think so, but if there was…….How much jewelry is too much? Anyone out there got an answer? You can only wear 4 or 5 necklaces at a time, just one pair of earrings, (unless you have multiple holes), only 8 or 10 bracelets, a couple of ankle bracelets, and we won’t even talk about piercings Haha c2daf243-3369-4453-9 You gurls have been asking about my jewelry storage, so today you are going to get a couple peeks into my jewelry world. I had a photo already loaded and ready to go, but it was one of “those” days yesterday. I woke up with a stiff neck for the second day in a row, and today it decided to go crazy. I can’t move my head up or down, side to side, and I can’t even open my mouth very wide. The muscle that runs down the side of your neck is in a spasm, and the one that runs across my shoulder blades, decided to be its buddy. Writing is painful, sleeping is painful, and eating is painful. Whine, Whine, Whine.

Instead of writing a long post with tons of links, I am uploading a couple video’s and some pictures that I took today of some new Plunder that just came in. I hope you enjoy the video’s and the pictures. BTW, I was blown away at all the wonderful comments you gurls left for me. Some made me smile?, some made me laugh out loud?, and some made me cry?. Reading the comments were a bright spot in my otherwise hurtful day. Did I mention that I also woke up with a sore throat, and I can barely swallow?

The picture above is what my vintage jewelry is stored in. This is what it looked like when Joe bought it for me off of Ebay. It was a printers chest, and perfect for all my jewelry.


I told you I had a lot of vintage jewelry, I have collected it for 10 to 15 years. Let’s move on to some of the jewelry I keep on my bathroom counter. I bought the white jewelry cabinet from the outlet store in town, that has QVC items. I didn’t find this one, but I found another one similar. The outlet store had that one also, but I wanted a white one.


Here is the last way I store my jewelry. It is on a old man’s tie/belt rack. I hung it on the wall, and have proceeded to overflow it’s capacity. Haha


And now, because I do not have enough jewelry, I am going to show you me unboxing a new Plunder Design Fall supplement kit that just came in.


If you don’t like jewelry, then skip ahead, because there is a whole slew of it coming your way. Lol!

IMG_1943The Skylar necklace.IMG_1944 IMG_1945 IMG_1946 IMG_1947The Waverly bracelet.IMG_1966The Casper necklace.IMG_1967 IMG_1951The Destiny necklace.IMG_1938The Celine braceletIMG_1952 IMG_1953The Pray pendantIMG_1955The Tylie cuff bracelet.IMG_1956 IMG_1957The Jemma Earrings.IMG_1948The Jacqueline necklace.IMG_1958IMG_1950The Cecelia bracelet.IMG_1959The Dotty earrings. IMG_1942The Dalia necklace.IMG_1960IMG_1940The CarmenIMG_1939 IMG_1962The Eliza necklace.IMG_1963 IMG_1969

This was a BUNCH of Plunder!!! And here is the kicker, I got it all for free. Hold a party, and they will give you free purchases, depending on the size of the party. If you are interested in buying Plunder go here. http://www.plunderdesign/taniastephens or type in my stylist number 241007 at checkout. If you are interested in having a party, then email me and we will earn you some free items.

Anytime you would like to share my posts on Facebook or Twitter, I would appreciate that. It helps get my blog out to more people, and I am sure you just want to spread the entertaining sayings I have. Lol!

The comment section is at the end of the post, so keep scrolling. I look forward to reading all the comments, they make my day.

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  1. I’m looking at all the beautiful jewelry with some envy…it’s a shame they only ship to the US (although my bank account thanks them, I’m sure!). It is all just so lovely!

  2. I love it all! I can’t wait to see you style the Eliza necklace. Love the Waverly bracelet too. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Melesa Garrison says:

    Tania, I’m so sorry you are feeling under the weather. I would suggest going to a chiropractor. Maybe you are out of alignment. Soak in a hot bubble bath too 🙂
    I think you always have great ideas for your posts and you may of talked about this before, but I look at your posts almost daily and I haven’t seen it. My suggestions are worth about nothing, but I do think this would be good. I grew up thinking that it was a total taboo to wear white after Labor Day. Would you consider doing a post on that topic? I have white jeans and lots of white pants and I want to continue to wear them in the extreme heat, but something in me says “You know better than that!” Lol
    Thanks for any input on the subject. Feel better, my friend (that I’ve never met personally) Lol

  4. Oh goodness! Feel better soon! Neck pain is just the worst, and with a sore throat…ugh. Take care of yourself!

    I’m obsessed with the printer’s chest. I literally love re-purposing old things. I’ve been doing it since before HGTV was even a channel. LOL

    Your jewelry is gorgeous. My mother has collections like that. Literally tons of pieces, some costume, some not. I tend to be a little more conservative. I have a few statement necklaces I wear some, but most of the time, I wear my grandmother’s locket.

  5. donnanonnasgramma says:

    Hoping you’re feeling better already…if not soon, then I hope you’ll get yourself in to get some help with this.

    Enjoying your collections and beginning to think outside of my old box I’ve been stuck within! Thanks!

  6. Christine Lomasney says:

    I received my first Plunder necklace yesterday. LOVE it! My plan is to treat myself to 1 or 2 new Plunder pieces per month! It’s just so hard to decide what I want next!

    1. I am thrilled that you like the necklace. I think everything I have gotten looks so much better in person. I would have a hard time picking out my favorite pieces.

  7. Kathy Terry says:

    Okay…I thought my collections..and storage was a lot…but you win!!!! Great stuff. I want one of those vintage cabinets.

  8. Edit Jeremias says:

    Get well soon! I enjoyed watching your videos. What a collection, what a cute gal!

  9. Sorry you are not feeling well. This happened to me a couple of years ago. I got to the point I could not swallow it hurt so bad. I went to an Urgent Care and got a muscle relaxer and some heavy duty pain medication (which I never take) and was on the road to recovery. I will keep you in my prayers.

    1. Thanks Joyce. I am trying that, but so far it is not helping:(

  10. Hi Tania, Thank you for showing how you organize your jewelry today! I have been wondering about this for some time. Now my intense curiosity is solved and I can settle down now. Plunder jewelry is so beautiful – wish I could purchase everything! I hope you don’t have strep throat coming on; that was going around here awhile back. Feel better soon dear!!!

  11. So sorry you are not feeling well!! Prayers for healing. I love all your jewelry. These are pieces that I wouldn’t pick out on my own, but then when I see them on you they look great so it helps me to make better selections:)

  12. Hi Tania, First off I sure hope you feel better soon!
    I just love love the PRAY bracelet, I didn’t see the actual name of it on your post so I could look it up, and (i dont mean to sound tacky)do you know how much it is?
    Love your blog-your always smiling face, and your style. 🙂
    Have a great day & again, feel better soon.

  13. Haha, I feel like jewelry weighs me down. I have one necklace that I wear everyday and never take off from Kay Jewelers, and I supplement with something else that I like or that might match my outfit for the day. I love watches and bracelets, but they drive me nuts because I am on a computer all day. I love me some dangly earrings too. LOL

  14. I’m sorry you are not feeling well, and I hope you’ll be all better real soon!

    Wow you own a LOT of jewelry! I love that you showed us how you store your jewelry! That printers chest is beautiful!

    I also loved all the new pieces of you got! Fabulous!

    Thanks for the link up!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  15. Gurl !! I’m showing my husband your collection. Why? So he will stop telling me I have too much! LOL
    Hope you feel better soon.

  16. robjodiefilogomo says:

    I’m sorry you’re not feeling well—I always say the only thing good about being sick, it the appreciation of how good you feel all the other times!
    As for jewelry—it’s extremely important to have too much—how else are we going to cover up all our scars & wrinkles?
    Thanks for hosting and congrats on the first year blogging (I didn’t comment yesterday because there were already so many)

  17. I’m sorry you are feeling under the weather. Must be going around – I have a sinus infection that has brought me to a standstill. 🙁
    Anyway I love the GRACE necklace or bracelet in your blog – however I can’t find it on Plunder, will you help me please? My little schnauzer “Grace” passed away last week and this will be perfect rememberance (?)of her.

    Thank you and feel better soon!

    1. Sandy, that is the hang tag on the Skylar necklace. I just thought it was so pretty, that I wanted to show it up close. I am sorry about Grace. I know how much our little fur babies can mean to us.

  18. Gina D from McKinney says:

    I’m so sorry you are not feeling well. Those neck spasms are horrible (take it from someone who knows). If you don’t have any muscle relaxers I’d suggest getting to your doctor and get some.

    Praying it all passes quickly!

  19. Enjoyed your jewelry storage, such a beautiful cabinet. I need a Jewelry armoire or something to organize mine, thank you for ideas! I’m praying for you today! I hope your neck pain goes away quickly.

  20. What a nifty collection of costume jewelry . . . something for everyone and for every style, both casual and dressy !
    So sorry you are under the weather. Needless to say – hope you have a doctor’s appointment today ! Rest up and feel better soon.

  21. So sorry you feel bad. Hope you feel better soon. Love starting my day with a cup of coffee and your posts. Wow! What a jewelry collection!!! You always look beautiful and you sound so upbeat in your posts. You have inspired me to buy things that are waaaaaaay outside my comfort zone, so, thank you for that. Hope you have a blessed day.

    1. I hope you like your new items. I have also stepped outside my comfort zone, I figure if I encourage you to try new things, I should too. Lol!

  22. Yolanda Hanna says:

    I love your collection! I can’t believe I had never heard of plunder before! Love the style and the price point is decent too! Will definitely be looking into this! Enjoying your blog immensely!

    1. If you’ve never heard of Plunder, you might be a good candidate to be a stylist yourself. Haha Sounds like an open market for you!!!

  23. What a collection you have Tania! I feel sorry for you, hope you get better and start rocking! 🙂

    1. Thanks Patricia. I have been collecting vintage jewelry for a very long time. It is so affordable, as a lot of my items only cost a few dollars.

  24. I am so sorry you’re in pain. After having my car rear-ended by a Mack tractor trailer about ten years ago, I know how painful back and neck pain can be. Hope you have a good neck and upper back heating pad. The one I own from Sunbeam has helped get me back to being sane again. Or at least I think so!

    Your jewelry collection is amazing! Makes me want to play in my armoire today and get creative.

    1. Yes Audrey, I agree that the heating pad helps. If it doesn’t take away the stiffness, it at least keeps me warm. Lol!

  25. Sorry you are feeling so bad! I know neck problems are miserable so hope you get relief really soon! Loved watching you open the jewelry! ?

    1. Thanks Fiona! It is pretty miserable, but it could be worse.

  26. So sorry you’re feeling so bad. Hoping for a speedy recovery. WOW that is a collection. Some fabulous looking items and you put it together so well. I used to wear more layers of jewelry but I find myself, as I’ve gotten older and life is casual and hot here in south Florida, I tend to be minimal. During the winter !! I wear more. Have a blessed day and thanks for sharing.

    1. The first thing I do when I hit the door is start taking off jewelry. I love it during the day, but I don’t like wearing it at home. Haha

  27. WOW!!!! What a jewelry collection. I really like the refinished printers chest to store your jewelry. I hope feel better soon. ~Lisa~

    1. Can you believe how bad it looked to begin with? Lol!!!

  28. I hope you feel better real quick! That is some stock of jewelery! Beautiful items.

  29. Oh wow Tania, my hubby’s aunt once gave my daughter a vintage waverly bracelet just like the one you have but the stones are a lighter blue colour.
    As you are such a vintage jewelry fan I am afraid you simply have to visit Beaune in France one day – this is where you find all the Channel, Hermes etc vintage jewelry at affordable prices (almost – smile)…check out:

    Hope you feel better real soon. Gargle with warm water and salt – perfect for the throat.
    xx Yvonne

    1. It looked beautiful Yvonne! The almost affordable prices would probably not even be close to my pocketbook. Haha And, I tried to gargel with hot salt water, but I can’t tip my head backwards because of the stiff neck. Lol! It was quite comical to see me try.

  30. Wishing you a speedy recovery from what ails you and thank you for sharing your jewelry storage. The re-purposed printer’s cabinet is brilliant and I love the spinning counter-top chest. I’m going to look for one of those for myself. I have a wall mounted chest plus 48″ drawer devoted to my jewelry and I need more space. And in response to you inquiry of “how much jewelry is too much?”, I say “I don’t understand the question”.


    1. I’m wth you Rena, “I don’t understand the question!” Lol!

  31. Wow, that is some collection! It was like Christmas morning watching you unwrap all those goodies ? I hope your neck gets better soon. If my neck is sore I spend an extra 5 minutes in the shower and let all the hot water pummel down directly onto it. It’s like having a nice massage but yours might be a bit too sore to try that yet.

    1. It FELT like Christmas morning! And, I have another 4 or 5 items still coming that didn’t ship with that “haul.” I tried the shower routine already, the heating pad, ice, and Joe even used this old massager that is probably 35 years old on it, but still nothing is helping. I hope that just trying to relax will help.

  32. Mary Lu Belote says:

    Oh my goodness, Tania. I am so sorry you are feeling so badly. I am praying you will receive some relief and rest (if not a whole lot of pain killers!). Take care of yourself.
    I struggle when adding jewelry to an outfit as I want to keep adding more and more! I love lots of silver and lots of bling! You have an amazing collection and always accessorize beautifully!
    God’s peace, Mary Lu

    1. All my stuff is just costume jewelry. But it still has lots of bling. Lol!

  33. Hello Tania, I admire your jewelry collection, especially your necklaces. I also have few of them, but they are now all hanging on metal IKEA tree and I cannot wear them now, because my baby girl is always pulling everything 🙁 I had also bought a vintage printers drawer to store my jewelry or nail polish collection into it, but I was outvoted by my boys and I had to redesign it into their Hot Wheels collection exhibition drawer. So maybe next time will be my turn…Anyways, here is the result:

    1. One day that chest will be all yours, but until then I bet those boys LOVE their exhibition chest. Can’t you just see them telling all theri little friends about their storage chest. Lol!