50 IS NOT OLD | BLACK & WHITE WITH A TOUCH OF YELLOWI am so thankful to all of you for the many prayers and messages that you sent me the past couple of days. I feel kind of silly now, it was only a stiff neck and a sore throat. There are lots of people who are in way worse condition on a daily basis, so forgive me for whining just a little. I have on my big gurl panties now, so let’s get this party started. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | BLACK & WHITE WITH A TOUCH OF YELLOWI missed a couple days of work, so I played catch-up all day on Friday. I think everyone there was saying prayers for me also, because Friday was payday. Guess who does the payroll? Hahaha Yep, I felt those get well quickly vibes coming my way all day Thursday. They must have worked, because I woke up on Friday and felt much, much better. I even forgot that my neck was sore till Joe asked me something, and I started shaking my head no. That was a mistake!!! Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | BLACK & WHITE WITH A TOUCH OF YELLOWMy dress is really, really old. I have no idea even where I bought it, and I don’t ever remember wearing it before. Did someone leave a dress at my house? Too bad, it is mine now. I love the small check print, and who doesn’t love black and white? CLASSIC! This dress is a tank style, so I added a little warmth with my bright yellow cardigan.

Black & White Dress: Similar | Similar | Plus

Yellow Cardigan: Mustard | Similar | Similar50 IS NOT OLD | BLACK & WHITE WITH A TOUCH OF YELLOWBoth of my necklaces are new. The short one is called the Isabelle, and the long one is the Blanche. The Isabelle has several charms that hang from a vintage key, and also a piece of lace tied to the chain. The Blanche has a little metal heart attached to the pendant that says Bless Your Heart. Did you read my post about what us southern girls mean by “Bless Your Heart?”50 IS NOT OLD | BLACK & WHITE WITH A TOUCH OF YELLOWHere is a better look at the pendant. It is hard to take a picture without the camera glare. Sorry! I have forgotten to tell everyone HOW to order Plunder from me, and several of you have messaged that you purchased something, but didn’t think I got the credit. If you have ordered anything this month, send me a quick message to let me know. [email protected]50 IS NOT OLD | BLACK & WHITE WITH A TOUCH OF YELLOWMy bracelet is also new, it is called the Brenda. The saying is, “With brave wings she flies.” If you wish to purchase anything from Plunder, I would appreciate it if you went to my website. You have to type in or you can enter my stylist number in the “box” when you go to checkout. #241007 Also, there will be a spot where you can pick a party, please pick Tania’s Party.  I am blown at how nice you gurls are. You could buy Plunder from another stylist, but you choose to buy from me. That is unbelievable!!! I have decided to not be like the cell phone companies, they only give rewards to “new” customers. I think the customers who have been loyal and stick with you also need rewarding. So, I am going to be giving away a necklace this month to two of my customers. I just want to randomly say thank you.50 IS NOT OLD | BLACK & WHITE WITH A TOUCH OF YELLOWI had to “punch” it up just a little with this hot pink tote by Vera Bradley. This tote is going to be perfect in October. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I will carry this most of the month. I usually put pink in my hair, (see here) but I don’t know if I am going to do that this year. What do you gurls think?

Hot Pink Tote: Dooney & Bourke | Leather | Clutch
This is a super easy way to transition a summer outfit into fall. If the weather was a little cooler, (today it was in the high 80’s) I would have put on closed-toed shoes or booties, but instead I liked the laid back look of the sandals. I don’t feel like wearing high heels EVERY day, so this was a nice change.

Black Sandals: Similar | Similar | Similar50 IS NOT OLD | BLACK & WHITE WITH A TOUCH OF YELLOWI wanted to show you how buttoning one button on the cardigan changed the look of the outfit. It looks more business like, or it would have had I put on a pair of dressier shoes. Little details like that are how you can take a work outfit, and make it a casual outfit.

Now, for the WINNERS of the $25.00 Amazon gift certificates. Tracey Baxter, you are the lucky commenter, and Janet Merkel you are the lucky email subscriber. You ladies will be getting an email from me later on today.

I want to thank EVERYONE for being a big part of my blog. It would not happen if it wasn’t for you gurls!!! I hope that one day I will meet some of you, that would be fantastic. I know I will be going to a vintage fashion show in Marietta GA in October, maybe some of you will be able to come and visit. ?

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  1. What a lovely dress, unfussy and easy to wear. It looks as though it’s been cut on the bias giving it that nice shape and the colour of the cardigan gives the black and white a fresh look. Have a super weekend and don’t shake your head too much! ?

  2. Good to see you all well and cheerful! Warm yellow cardigan doing justice to the classic check print. You just know how to pull off extraordinary with ordinary.

    More power to you! 🙂

  3. I’m glad to hear that you are feeling better and you look good in that dress. Your story on not remembering where you bought the dress or that you even had it was just too funny. I love the black and white and yellow combo. Hope you are back to 100% by Monday.


  4. So glad to hear all of our prayers worked( there was no doubt about that) and you are feeling good again. Cute dress and sandals. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. So glad you are feeling better. I’m happy to pray for someone, whatever the need, since I believe God is concerned with anything – small or large – that bothers us. So, don’t hesitate to ask us.

    Such a cute outfit! I’ve been watching your pink Vera for a while and finally bought one with sequins that is adorable. My mom had breast cancer so I am a big supporter of visual reminders in pink to enter into a conversation with others to remind them the importance of a mammogram. I never thought of pink in my heart…. can you hear the wheels turning in my head?

    Have a wonderful day. Your posts always make my morning as I sip coffee.

    • Tania, I have been in love with the Nellie cross necklace and decided to finally treat myself. Hopefully you will receive credit for the order. Your number and party came up at checkout so think all is good.

      Do you happen to have the Esther necklace? I love the wording but 17 inches seems a bit short.


    • Tania Reply

      Audrey, I think I have a scarf that has pink ribbon on it, and I am going to tie it on my purse during October.

  6. Black and white is always right! Love the yellow cardi with it and the pop of pink purse. Fun and sassy as usual! Keep feeling better☀️☺️

    • Tania Reply

      I need that sunshine Naomi. Who doesn’t like being fun and sassy? hahaha

  7. Nice dress! Could even wear it with tights, a chunky sweater, scarf and boots when the weather turns cold. I love 4 season clothing!

    • Tania Reply

      I will have to remember to try that combo this year. I have all those pieces. Thanks!

  8. LaVanda Gibbs Reply

    I like this look, especially with the pink tote. I found a hot pink purse at Steinmart this summer and now you have given me an idea how to style it. Thanks. And I say 60 is not old in my house.

    • Tania Reply

      Good to hear from you Leslie! I am glad you commented. I look forward everyday to reading what my followers have to say, they make my day. ?

      • Well you are looking quite chipper in that outfit ?!!I need to get some dresses like that ?stay well

  9. Michelle Mosteller Reply

    I’m always looking for a reason to go to Marietta Fish Market! Add a fun, vintage fashion show and that’s icing on the cake! I love black, white, and yellow! I have a similar dress, and I love to rotate my bright colored cardigans with it.

  10. Hi Tania……No hurting is too small to ask God for Help…He is our Healer, Deliver & cares about every single need we have…..So Thankful that You are so much Better…..Your outfit is lovely…..I love the Yellow with the Black & White & I also Love it buttoned up…..YES, I would put a little Pink in my hair again……I am seriously thinking about doing this Myself this October……Thank You for ALL You do……Have a Wonderful Everything & YOU GO GIRL!!

  11. First comment I have ever left. Enjoy reading your blog every morning while I drink my tea. Have also received my first plunder order and Am very pleased with it. I am sure I will be ordering more

    • Tania Reply

      Fantastic Jean. I worry a little when I recommend items that someone might not like the product. Just because I like something, does not mean EVERYONE will.Lol! Thanks for commenting.

  12. mommyhon333 Reply

    Follow and drool over your pics on Instagram. So glad to visit the blog. That dress is mine. You can just send it on over. No need to launder it, I will take care of that. Anxious to get it back again!!
    On second thought, it was tight on me. And you wear it so well. Go ahead and enjoy it. Glad to read your neck is on the mend. I have had two cervical spinal surgeries on my neck…no bueno. Neck pain is a pain in the neck. XO

  13. Love the Blanche necklace! As a Southern girl it’s one of my favorite sayings. On the website however it doesn’t t appear to have the little heart charm attached to the necklace. Is it added separately?

  14. II’m glad you’re feeling better and are out and about. I was wondering what caused the stiff neck. Just curious.

  15. Heidi Mackey Reply

    I would love to hear more about the fashion show in October. I live in Marietta/Roswell and would love to attend.

    • Tania Reply

      That would be wonderful Heidi. My sister works with Winwood, and we have a show there every year. I know it is the Saturday of the weekend of October 14th. I will have a starting time later. There is usually an hour of early shopping and food, (jewelry and clothes are out in a room for immediate purchase) and then the models come out. The clothing, purses, jewelry, hats, etc., are described. Then they tell the price of each item and if it is something you wish to purchase you hold up your paddle. If more than one person wants the same item, then it goes up for auction. I will post pictures from previous shoes as the times grows closer. We ALWAYS have a lot of fun!!!

  16. Denise from South Florida?
    Oh la la that dress would awesome with touches of red too. As always you look cute! You go girl !

    • Tania Reply

      Red is what my normal choice would have been, Denise. Because of the blog, I try to stretch my range a little, and show a different look. But, wasn’t that a cute dress? lol!

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