50 IS NOT OLD | BOHO STYLE, FRINGE AND BANGLESHow has your summer been? It has been really hot here in Virginia, with temps being in the 100’s. I love the summer, but I have been finding myself starting to look at some fall colors. NO, I am not ready to make the transition. But this is August, time for the kiddos to start school, and that means fall is just around the corner.50 IS NOT OLD | BOHO STYLE, FRINGE AND BANGLES

I went to a Dollar store the other day, looking for some decorations for an upcoming workshop I am planning. I turned down one of the aisles, and there it was. Thanksgiving decorations!!! That is crazy? What happened to Halloween? I have heard of Christmas in July, but never Thanksgiving. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | BOHO STYLE, FRINGE AND BANGLESI think fall must have been on my mind when I picked out this outfit. Purples and mustard are two fall colors that I love. One of the things I like best about fall is the rich colors. Everything is dark and rich, and the colors are almost jewel tones.50 IS NOT OLD | BOHO STYLE, FRINGE AND BANGLESSpeaking of jewels, I tell you what I have on. Lol! I have on a Lolita necklace , which says, “She walks by faith, even when she can’t see.” The key necklace is called Quincy. I am a big fan of the vintage style keys, so this necklace is fast becoming a favorite. Remember, I have a contest for the month of August. Everyone who makes a Plunder purchase from me, will be entered for a $25.00 gift certificate that I will give away. Here is the plunder website: that will have you shopping with me. Try copying and pasting this in the address line, and hopefully it will work. If not, then type in my stylist number 241007 in the stylist box at checkout. I have started an online party, and there is a dropdown box where you can choose Tania’s P Party at checkout also.50 IS NOT OLD | BOHO STYLE, FRINGE AND BANGLESMy favorite part of this look is the vest. The vest is several years old, and the best part is, it is reversible. I bought two of these vests at a woman’s club convention, and I have worn them several times. With it being reversible, it gives off a different look, and makes a different statement, when you wear it the reversed. The underside of this vest in more in the beige family, with just hints of purple. I admit, I like the purple side better. You know I love color.

Fringe Vest: Brown | Blue | Multi/teal50 IS NOT OLD | BOHO STYLE, FRINGE AND BANGLESThe mustard color tank top is by Van Heusen. I bought it last year on my way to Atlanta for a vintage fashion show. It was a strange color for me to choose. I normally like brighter, more vibrant colors. But, something about this muted shade spoke to me. I bet I end up wearing it a lot this coming fall.

Mustard Top: Spaghetti Strap | Similar | Plus50 IS NOT OLD | BOHO STYLE, FRINGE AND BANGLESIt has been a while since I have worn jeans. Other that to go motorcycle riding, I don’t think I have had on jeans all summer. I only have a pair or two that are capri jeans. One pair is a boyfriend cut, and they look so baggy on me, so I hardly ever wear them. The other pair is a girlfriend cut, I like the cut, but they are extremely distressed. This is a pair of Earl Jeans, and I think I bought them at Ross. I just did a large cuff on them, and I think they look great for summer.

Skinny Jeans: Similar | Distressed | Plus50 IS NOT OLD | BOHO STYLE, FRINGE AND BANGLESI could just see me wearing my converse sneakers with these jeans. The red ones that I had monogrammed are adorable, but not for this look. And the gray ones with the polka dots are cute, cute, cute. But, again, not the look I was going toward. I felt more of a boho vibe with the vest, so I decided on the fringe sandals by Sole Society. I am leaning toward wearing these also to the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam in Panama City this Labor Day. What do you think? Will these go with the country atmosphere? I am thinking there will be sand everywhere, so I thought sandals would be easier to shake the sand out than a boot or sneakers. Click on the ad to the right to find out more about the event.50 IS NOT OLD | BOHO STYLE, FRINGE AND BANGLESI have had this fringe purse since last December. I never took the tags off till today. It was also a Ross purchase, and it was only 29.99. Here’s the kicker, it is leather. I thought the color of the purse and the sandals are almost identical. I am naming them fawn.

Fringe Purse: Similar | Similar | Similar50 IS NOT OLD | BOHO STYLE, FRINGE AND BANGLESI ended up wearing the vest open for the most part of the day. I liked it both ways, but it was a pain to keep tied. Since I was all in the boho mood, I added four of my plunder bracelets. They were the Frances, the Halsey, the Odette, and the Skye. I like how this look all bunched up together, but I also like them worn separately.

I wanted to thank everyone for all the great suggestions about concert wear. I have a lot of ideas swirling around in my mind. I went through my closet, and found several items that will work. I will only have to add a few “country” touches. I am going to try to add a song everyday till the concert from one of the artists that will be in attendance. Be sure to stay tuned to see how YOU can win tickets to come and have fun with me!!! How about a little Jake Owen to get you in the mood for a summer concert?


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  1. Love the outfit – love the blog. So excited, finally plunged into Plunder!

  2. I am loving all the mustard colors I am seeing in the stores this fall! I love your yellow shoes and need to look for some that color!

  3. Hi Tania – on the Plunder site, do you know what the Coco necklace says? I can’t make it larger on my screen to view the wording. Thanks!

    1. It says “All I need is a little bit of coffee, and a whole lot of Jesus.”

  4. Very cool look! I bought a great fringed sweater/poncho and skinny jeans earlier in the season, just waiting for the weather to be cool enough to wear it!

  5. I love this outfit and it would be great to wear to the concert your are attending. I have attended many and this looks great on you!!

  6. Karen Marshall says:

    Cute, cute, cute outfit!!! Love your blog and all of the adorable outfits and ideas. This summer, some friends and I (all of us are over 60) have been bargain shopping at local thrift stores and creating some great outfits; it’s a fun challenge as well as getting great, name brand clothes at a fraction of the cost. Thank you for all of your inspiration! -Karen

  7. I know fall is coming when Hobby Lobby has CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS up the day after the Fourth of July! Now THAT’S crazy! ?

    1. I love the colors in this outfit & it looks so awesome on you! You always put the best things together! This is the perfect outfit for the beach concert! I just love your bag & shoes – what a find! I am so excited to see you ride motorcycles! I knew you were a woman close to my heart! Enjoy!

  8. Love these colors together – and they’re so pretty on you! I haven’t had jeans on this summer either!

  9. I think this would be great for the festival.

  10. Rebecca Purdie says:

    Another gorgeous outfit! I’m not a fall/winter person at all but I love the colors. Tania when I’m out shopping I find myself looking for things that you have styled in your blog.
    You have impacted my style.

  11. Melesa Garrison says:

    Yes, I suggested fringe sandals to wear to your concert, and when I saw you wearing these today, I thought, these are the sandals! Super cute and way cooler than boots. You rock whatever you are wearing 😉

  12. jaymieashcraft says:

    I LOVE your vest!! So pretty!

  13. Love Love this outfit! It is so me! You look gorgeous as always.

  14. Beautiful vest and I just love it is reversible! Your fringed sandals and bag were a perfect way to complete this colorful boho look.

  15. robjodiefilogomo says:

    I love reversible items—it makes them seem like you’re getting more for your money!!
    And the fringe detail is one of my faves lately!! Especially on shoes!

  16. This is my all time favorite! Every thing is perfect! I want every piece you have on.

  17. This outfit is great, so flattering on you, I love it all. There is nothing better than a cute vest to add a little edge to an outfit. I have never heard of Plunder before but I really love the pieces you’ve featured. Maybe I need to be a consultant, hmmmmmmm.

    1. I had only seen Plunder catalogs, but had never saw any of their items in person till recently. They are so much nicer in person!!! I really love the jewelry. If you are really considering being a stylist, email me and I will fill you in on some of the details.

  18. Love the colorful vest and having the shoes match the purse really pulls it all together- I find too many colors distracting – so I try to limit outfits ( including bag/shoes) to 3 colors in the same family- 4 if the shoes/purse match.

  19. Wow! Love the colors. What a great transition outfit! Have a question. Quite a while ago you showed how you made a vest out of tying a scarf a certain way. I couldn’t seem to quite figure it out. Could you do one of your videos on it?? Please?? I’ve watched your other ones & you are great, such a sense of humor! I’m not really ready for fall because I know what follows that & here in Northeast PA, it sometimes lasts a REALLY long time! However, I love the seasons & fall is one of my favorites. I love the colors they are showing for this season as well. So I’m getting ready, as its a- comin!!

    1. I’ll try to do a video of the scarf. It would be more helpful than just taking pictures. Thanks for the idea.

  20. Bobbi Jones says:

    beautiful as always. Love that you love color! I had gotten away from it after following another blogger but you have made me “see the light” and made me realize that I need color and pattern in my life…..Thank you for that! <3

    1. I love this Bobbi! I have brought you over from the “dark side.” Hahaha

  21. Glenda Braun says:

    Love this look. I think sandals would be better daytime than boots. Too hot lol

  22. I love this outfit! Such pretty colors. They’ll also work so well when it cools down and you’ll be transitioning your wardrobe into fall.

    Thanks for the link up!

  23. shelbeeontheedge1 says:

    Tania, THIS VEST! I so love it! I love the colors, the print, the flow, the fringe. Everything! And the mustard pairs so beautifully with it, plus mustard is a fabulous color on you! One of my favorite looks!


  24. I love this look!!! I also love boho style!! looks great on you! now I need to find more vests LOL

  25. This is the perfect look for your weekend concert venue. Chic, boho and comfy.

  26. I really like the color combo and the boho look on you. Yes, I think your fawn sandals will look great for the Pepsi Jam. I’m looking forward to seeing what outfit you choose for that exciting event. ~Lisa~

    1. It is so fun to hear about everyone’s weather. I tend to think it is the same for all of you, but everyone’s is so different.

  27. Love this outfit and the reversible vest if fabulous. I’ve been to a similar type weekend long event here is SoCal and comfort is key, especially with footwear. While it’s fun to do the whole country theme for your outfits, the one in this post would also fit in great with the festival atmosphere.


    1. That is what I was thinking Rena! These sandals would be perfect!