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2024 Spring Trends I’m Seeing

Get excited with me gurls, because I’m loving the 2024 spring trends I’m seeing so far! This season is all about embracing bold, bright colors, charming rose prints, statement making metallics, and chic, timeless white dresses. These trends are what I’m seeing based on my research and what’s available at stores! Let me know what you think about these trends in the comments.

Bold and Bright Colors

You know how happy this makes me?! The color lover in me is thrilled!! Bright colors seem to be coming back in a big way. I shared quite a few green finds in this post and then some colorful winter outfits in this one that can transition to spring.

If you have been wanting to try Peach fuzz, this spring will be the time! This color looks great with white denim and will be a great option for your Easter dress. If you’re looking for outfit inspiration and tips on how to style the 2024 Pantone Color of the Year, check out this post.

White Dresses

We saw a lot of sheer white clothing on the fashion runway during fashion week! I think mainstream brands will take this as inspiration to release more white dresses and tops… just hopefully not sheer, LOL! I always try to keep some white staple pieces in my closet because they are so versatile and mix and match with all of my other pieces so well.


Florals are always trending for spring, BUT this year’s IT flower is the rose. This year, designers are giving rose prints a modern twist, making them bigger, more abstract, and found on everything from dresses to accessories. It’s a versatile trend that can add a touch of romance to your everyday look or make you stand out on a special occasion.


Metallics have been trending for quite a while now, but with the Olympics happening this summer in Paris, I don’t think it will be leaving anytime soon. I am expecting that we’ll see iterations of gold, silver, and bronze! I think the easiest way to incorporate this trend is with your jewelry and shoes. I’m personally on the hunt for a pair of silver shoes that I can actually pull off!

High Rise Trousers

I’ve been seeing the younger generations wear these, and they’ve now made their way to us! Pair them with a tucked-in blouse for a polished office look, or dress them down with a casual tee and sneakers for a trendy street-style vibe. I’ve shared a few ways to style trousers in this post if you need some inspiration on how to incorporate them into your own wardrobe.

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  1. I am absolutely loving all of the bright colors!

  2. Jenniffer Groski says:

    Ready for spring!

  3. sue ann koren says:

    Love the big floral dress – can’t wait for warmer weather!

  4. I like the roses!
    I love the metallic madewell bag!!

  5. I love the spring styles. I also love that you have your great aunt’s picture hanging in your house I also have memory items hanging on my walls or just sitting around it makes me feel good to see my wonderful memories daily.

  6. Diane Holley says:

    Thank you everyday for your posts. I need to look in to some new flats for the spring. I bought the cute red heart purse from Amazon. It is so cute. My hubby will take me out for Valentines. Have a blessed day and kept the posts coming. So glad I found you!!!

  7. Phyllis Martin says:

    Lovely for Spring.

  8. Love the bright prints and metallic shoes.

  9. Roberta Schwandner says:

    I love the bright colors. I’m ready for spring.

  10. Roeli Lutz (Canadian) says:

    Love all the bright colours (especially pinks).

    Love white pants too.

  11. Cant wait to get down my spring clothes. Spring cant come soon enough. The spring colors just make people happy

  12. Love all the bright colors but I also like the white and the high waisted pants.

  13. Paulette M Renault says:

    Ah! Warmer weather – cannot wait!

  14. Pam Bowling says:

    Oh I love all these bright colors for spring!! Flowers are also one of my favorite prints. You gave us such great options today. I never wear white on the top. I feel it makes me look larger. I liked the white options though.

  15. So looking forward to Spring. With a few weddings to attend in 2024, I love seeing the pretty dresses you show case.

  16. I sure love the beautiful colors of the spring trends!!! Thanks for all the great ideas!!! Love the painting you inherited from your great aunt!! Those are the things that make a house a home! Wonderful memories!!!! ❤️

  17. I like the look of white dresses but they tend to make me look washed out. Maybe this is the season I will find one that flatters my complexion. I also love the metallics and roses trends.

  18. Janice Gleisner says:

    These bright colors are so exciting. I love the combinations I’m seeing. They bring a smile to my face. I especially love the Avara bright, bold dress that’s included. This is perfect for vacation or an evening out with friends. The whites I’ll have to work on…maybe I can break in slowly and start with a white shirt or two. I love white but tend to be a klutz with anything that can ruin white. 🙂

  19. I love white pants, roses, and metallics. Sounds like this spring is going to be my time to shine! 😀

  20. Love all the bright colors!

  21. I just love bright colors, so this post makes me happy! Thanks for providing so many options, Tania. I will take a look at your post on how to style trousers; if this trend continues, I will need to see what kind of tops work with the wide leg. I really appreciate that you share options at a wide range of price points. A splurge is great, but most of my wardrobe has to be less-expensive items, and your options give me a choice. Yay!

    1. Ruth, with wide leg pants, you want something that has a slim fit, and preferably cropped or tucked in the pants. That helps you legs to look longer. Also wearing a pair of platform shoes really helps.

  22. Tracey Elliott says:

    Great Post! Have you ever noticed there are different trends in the South than in other parts of the country? LOL, just a fellow southern lady’s perspective!

    1. I’m sure there is depending on the area.

  23. I LOVE the gold tennis shoes! I will have to find a pair! Thanks for all of the work you do to find these for us!

  24. Alexia Maben says:

    Bold colors will be nice for spring and summer.

  25. I’m wearing the high rise trousers. Stripes is another trend I wear. I bought a metallic gray crossover purse. I like bright colors in solid T-shirts or cotton tops. White tops too. No white dresses for me. I would worry about getting it dirty.

  26. I love white clothing as long as it isn’t too see through. It’s a great color for mixing and matching.

  27. I enjoy your posts and would like to know what brand id the brown and white flowered blouse in this post. Thank you!

    1. You can click on the photo or the highlighted words and it will take you straight to the store.

  28. Love the floral dress! Any ideas for a cruising wardrobe would be helpful. I’m going on a 15 day cruise to Hawaii in March and there will be three formal nights. I always look forward to seeing your posts. Thanks!

    1. How fun!!! I would look for clothing for travel. I know that J.Jill and Talbots both have travel lines, and possibly even Chico’s. The fabric is wrinkle free, and is easier to pack and wear.

  29. Sheryl Szostak says:

    I love the new bright colors but the wide leg pants are a dilemma for me. I’m 4’11” and the wide pant legs make me look even shorter.

    1. Sheryl, if you chose to try the trend, wear a cropped top or tuck your shirt in the pants. You want to make your legs look as long as possible. Plus, if you can wear platform shoes, that helps too.

  30. Janice Nagle says:

    Yay for roses!! I LOVE roses in any form…especially beautiful rose prints. thanks for spring trends!

    1. This trend will work great for you.

  31. Gabrielle says:

    I love all the metallics, especially in New Orleans this time of year I am looking for GOLD, GOLD, GOLD – gotta represent on the parade route!

  32. Love the painting. It has a Van Gogh vibe to it. My daughter is artsy (I am not at all), and her favorite artist VG. I took her to an exhibit once, and now I have a big appreciation for his work!

    1. My daughter and I went to an exhibit too, and it was go good.

  33. I think Topsy Turvy takes the prize for funny, unusual names. I have a friend whose name is Bunny Lynn. I Think it fits her, but she uses the Lynn now days. My 2nd grade teacher’s given name was Leafy Fern Yard! I think that rivals Thelma’s name.

    1. Paulette, most of the family had odd names. My grandmother was a twin, and their names were A.G. Neoma and Q.X. Quillard.

  34. I love those classic white dresses! But I do think everyone needs a reminder that wearing one to a wedding or bridal shower is a serious breach of etiquette. The bride should be the only one in white!

    1. Cherie, I figured everyone knew that “rule.” Although, I’ve seen some wedding where everyone wore white, EXCEPT the bride. She wore blush pink.

  35. I love the spring colors and can hardly wait for spring to get here.
    I am petite, so I don’t know if the large florals would work for me.
    I love what you do for us and appreciate the time you devote to bring us the latest styles and fashions.

    1. Diana, since you are petite, you need to pick a petite print. You can still participate in the floral trend, just pick smaller prints.

  36. I love bright colors and love white pants. I would love a good pair of white pants (so hard to find). This is a great post!

  37. I absolutely LOVE bright colors and metallics! I’m not so sure a white dress is for me… Happy Monday❤❤❤

  38. The bright colors and metallics scream spring

  39. I love color too and will be glad to stop wearing all the dark winter colors! I’m always searching for some bright colored sweaters this time of year that still give me some warmth till Spring arrives. Loving all the trends you mentioned!

  40. Amy Alexander says:

    Love seeing all of these bright colors – so ready for spring! And I have always loved pure white, so I’m excited that that is a trend for spring. Thank you for sharing these!

    1. There is a white dress on tomorrow’s post, and I love the way it looks.

  41. I love all the bright prints. I’ve been going neutral for the passed few years, but I think I’ll try some of these soon.

  42. Oh my goodness Tania!! You outdid yourself on this post. So many cute things. A white dress is on my wish list and I love all the feminine blouses.

  43. Ginger Hiller says:

    This is my 3rd time writing my comment due to technical difficulties. Tania, I am so excited about being the winner of a $50 Amazon gift card. This really brightened my day as I continue to recover from cervical surgery. I love the bright colors and metallics for spring. I have a pair of silver Ryka sneakers that will continue to add a special touch to my outfits this spring and summer. Have a great day!

    1. Ginger, I’m thrilled to see you are doing well after your surgery! I just ordered a pair of silver Ryka sneakers and I hope they fit. Lol!

  44. Louise Logan says:

    Love these Spring fashions you found! Especially the roses. Very romantic!🥰

  45. Well, I am in trouble. I don’t like florals, they scream old lady to me and I am trying not to look ancient yet…..lol. I don’t like metallics, but my 85 year old mama loves them. I don’t like white pants, I think they make people look fat and I have seen too many fashion disasters on others. I do love bright colors. I remember weeks ago you shared that preppy was coming back. That epitomizes my look. Maybe a try on haul with that theme in mind? Happy Monday!

    1. Teresa, I understand you have a long list of things you don’t like. But, I’m going to encourage you to expand your comfort zone and to try new things.

    2. Teresa your comment made me laugh. My name is Teresa too and I agree with you about florals. Lol. I finally did buy white pants. It depends on how they’re made and if they’re not too tight. I like metallics only in accessories.

  46. So good to see the bright colors

  47. Love the bright colors for spring but the classic white dress is my fav.

  48. Stella Gustafson says:

    Loving the bright colors

  49. I love the white and the bright colors! Spring is on the way!

  50. Krista Harendt Rogers says:

    Good Morning!!! At what point should we consider metallics a neutral that isnt going away and less of a trend?

    1. I’ve always worn metallic sandals, etc., and I do consider them a neutral.

  51. Hello Spring! Excited to see florals and bold colors!

  52. Love some of the trends! Love the rose floral trend. Think it will look great in a beautiful top. Also I always embrace the white trend! Might add some cute metallic sandals with those!

  53. Karen Daniel says:

    Rises and metallics… looks like a beautiful season. Our daffodils are coming up so spring is on the way!

  54. Dottie Kinnaman says:

    Love all the spring looks!

  55. Carol Jablonski says:

    Glad that there’s bold colors this spring. The Asymmetric Tiered Beach Maxi Long Dress is pretty but the lack of pockets and spaghetti straps make it a “no”. Since going grey, I find that bright colors look better on me. Honestly, I don’t care for puff sleeves on my big arms/body.

  56. I love a white blouse. It goes with everything and looks sharp. I do need to go through my closet and week out some white tops that have seen better day and replenish. Ha!

  57. You are one blessed lady to be born into the family you have! Loved the name of your aunt, so funny, probably not for her but I bet it made her life interesting! So many good choices here, loved the loft blouse. Thanks for doing what you do!

  58. Bring on the spring! I love the cheery, bright colors!

  59. Beth Crawford says:

    I am looking for a white cardigan. Can you tell me what you think of the one you are wearing from Amazon. How is the sizing, does it fit well, do you think it will hold up to washing ?
    I hesitate spending a lot on a white cardigan, they always seem to get a stain and I don’t wear them often.
    Thank you !

    1. Beth, this cardigan is very nice. It fits well, and has washed up nicely. I’m wearing a large since I know I’ll be layering it with other clothing.

      1. Beth Crawford says:

        Thank you, I appreciate the quick reply.