Three Ways To Wear Pantone’s Color Of The Year

If you haven’t already heard, Pantone’s color of the year for 2024 is Peach Fuzz! The reason that you should care about the color of the year is that you will see it popping up everywhere in the stores. In fact, you are probably already starting to see hints of this color already. I’m here today to show you three ways to wear Pantone’s Color of the Year, and I think you’ll love these casual looks.

According to Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute:
“In seeking a hue that echoes our innate yearning for closeness and connection, we chose a color radiant with warmth and modern elegance. A shade that resonates with compassion, offers a tactile embrace, and effortlessly bridges the youthful with the timeless.”

Ways To Wear Pantone’s Color Of The Year – Casual Sweater Look

Honestly, peach is not one of my favorite colors. I like more vibrant and rich colors, and I tend to shy away from pastels. But, I love to participate in the latest trends, but in a way that is true to me. So, I ordered a pair of “peachy” colored jeans, and I’m showing three ways to Pantone’s Color of the year with them.

Peach and navy is one of my favorite color combinations! I ordered this Cable Hooded Sweater last year, but made the mistake of getting it in a large. This sweater looks like something I would wear to the beach in the spring when the weather is still a little chilly. I love the casual vibe, and navy is a neutral that goes with pretty much everything.

The sweater has a hoodie which adds to the casual look. But, it is also an asset if the wind starts to blow while you are walking on the beach. When doesn’t the wind blow on the beach? Lol! The sweater would be cute worn with leggings, and I know it will look great with a pair of white jeans this spring.

Ways To Wear Pantone’s Color Of The Year – Tunics

If you are like me, then you like wearing a tunic for a casual look. I love wearing them with leggings, but also with shorts and slim leg jeans.

This floral tunic is adorable! I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package because the top was brighter than it looked on the website. The coral or orange flower is bright, which suits me fine since I like vivid colors. The embroidered trim at the neck and cuffs are a nice design detail and give the top a more expensive look.

Ways To Wear Pantone’s Color Of The Year – White Shirt and Blazer

You probably already know that my favorite way to dress is what I call elevated casual. It is a casual outfit that looks put together and polished; like you put thought into what you are wearing.

I’ve had the Original schoolboy blazer for a couple of years. This is a classic style blazer that you can wear for years. It is also available in camel and black, and all three colors are classics. You can wear this blazer with dresses and skirts also since it can be dressed up or down.

Finally, the Slim Leg Jeans fit like a dream. The color on the website is light red clover, but I’m going with peach or light coral. I’m not sure what light red color looks like, but I don’t see anything red in the jeans. I already have these jeans in white and Delray wash. Black will be my next purchase.

Do you think you could wear Pantone’s color of the year?

More Pantone’s Color Of The Year Items:

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  1. Kristin B. says:

    I like how you paired the peach jeans with the blue sweater. Looks great on you! I’m not much of a peach girl either so will be looking for ways to feel comfortable in it this season.

  2. Janice Nagle says:

    peach and orange are not good colors for my skin tone, but I did find a way to wear peach fuzz….my nails! the base colors of my wardrobe are navy blue, black, taupe and brown. peach nails work with these colors. it’s also possible to find tops in these colors with peach fuzz in the print or design.

    1. Janice, that is a perfect way to wear the trend. I have a dress in tomorrow’s post that has peach fuzz (or similar) in the print.

  3. Elizabeth Ty says:

    I’m not a fan of peach but you found some great ways to style it. I wouldn’t have thought of navy but it is perfect.

    (And by the way I love your painting!)

  4. I have been going through my closet and forcing myself to get rid of some things. One of the things I had removed was a peach top that I wore with a navy cardigan. I went and put it back in after reading this post. Your blog has always been a great source of inspiration for shopping my own closet.

  5. I wondered why you never had J Jill on your shop list, I can always find something there unfortunately lol 😉 There is a gorgeous, what I call spring green light weight sweater with navy dots. A must, and I think it would look great on you too!! Also check out their Navy sweater with tiny pink hearts!!! Lets shop!!

    1. Pattiann, I can’t believe they weren’t on my list. I quickly fixed that!

  6. Jenniffer Groski says:

    Peach reminds me of high school in the 80’s. I do like it with the white for a crisp, fresh look!!

  7. Tania, you look great in absolutely everything!!

    I myself, will not wear anything even remotely orange unless it’s heavy on the pink side.

  8. I want to see more of this color but not so $$$…..

    1. I’ve got another “peach” post coming up soon with affordable prices.

  9. I’m with you, peach is not a color for me. But that navy blazer outfit looked good on you!

  10. Sabre Cofer says:

    I’ve the peach color! So many ways to complement the pants!

  11. I love the color peach. In fact many, many years ago, I had my colors done and peach is one of them. I can shop my closet because there are peach items already there. I like the picture also; it looks good. Thanks for all the work you do on the blog each day. I used to read more blogs but have cut it down to mainly yours. We got several inches of snow recently but now the temps are supposed to be in the 50s. Strange weather for January in Iowa. Looking forward to wearing my peach clothes in warmer weather.

  12. I love your painting. I think you should pursue painting again.

  13. I also like to paint, and mine aren’t fabulous, but it gives me pleasure. It is good to create something.

    Peach fuzz is a color I would like, if not too pink.

  14. I’m impressed by your painting. I think it should be hung up where all can see it. You are very talented. I like the peach color on you in the pants with the navy blazer. But it is not a color I would wear…especially on my bottom half.

  15. sue ann koren says:

    Such a pretty color combination!

  16. Ginger Hiller says:

    Great scripture verse! All three outfits look great on you. This Pantone color is one I can wear.

  17. Phyllis Martin says:

    I love the slim leg peach pants with the navy blazer. Very sharp. Don’t think wide leg pants would achieve the same level of classic elevated casual.

    1. I love the slim pants too. They are very flattering.

  18. Love the Navy and peach combination! Great look for pre-spring!!

  19. It’s a great painting; I could only do abstract paintings but never on purpose!

    I love the peach color but I’d never think to wear it with blue. It looks wonderful!

  20. I’m not drawn to peach because it makes my complexion look sallow. However, I really like the way you styled it with navy on the top and the peach on the bottom. I could wear any of those outfits!

  21. Roberta Schwandner says:

    I like your painting. I’m not a big fan of peach but I think it looks nice on you.

  22. I like your painting. I regret buying bright green pants last year so no colored pants for me. I can wear peach but I like it darker like salmon. When I wear color it’s in a top. I normally just wear colors that suit me even if not on trend.

  23. I love all these outfits. Peach is one of my favorite colors. I also love your painting. I hope you know where it is and will hang it in your home with pride. I know I would if I were this talented.

  24. Nice color I have not seen any of this yet in the stores

  25. Loved your painting.
    The peach color is a pretty one.

  26. I’m not a fan of peach either, but I like the navy blazer with the jeans!

  27. I love peach colored clothes, especially when I have a tan. I’ll have to “shop from my own closet”.

  28. Janice Nagle says:

    I could only wear peach fuzz away from my face. oranges and peach colors make my skin look yellow. I appreciate the looks you created with peach jeans. Perfect for me!

  29. I like the first look, but I don’t think I’ll be jumping in on the peach trend. Just doesn’t do anything for me.

  30. Dang, the pants in peach are sold out in my size.

    Painting is a hobby for me and great for reducing stress.

  31. Laura Garrett says:

    Great job on the painting! I used to paint as well, many moons ago, and have thought of taking it up again, too. Love the peach jeans on you. It truly is a color that most anyone can wear nicely. Thanks for the beautiful options.

  32. Diane Holley says:

    The painting is beautiful. I am not sure how that color will look on me. I will have to hold it up in the store to see. I am going to buy those jean from J Jill. I use to buy from them all the time. In fact I still have some jewelry I purchased from there back in the early 2000s. I love the fact the jeans come in petite. Have a blessed day!!!

  33. You are very talented! The painting is beautiful. Peach and navy blue are great color combos. Perfect for spring.

  34. I would hang your winterscape painting in my house. It’s beautiful.

  35. Roeli Lutz (Canadian) says:

    Wish you could find your painting, maybe worth money now…lol

    Love the Pantone/peach colour pants, I just happen to have a pair
    that colour, who would have guessed it would be in fashion.

  36. I love your painting!!! Beautiful!!

  37. You always give me inspiration! I have a peach colored denim skirt in my closet and now have updated ideas how to wear it and I love the shoes!!

  38. Love the peach and navy combination. It looks great together!

  39. Rhoda Clark says:

    Girl, that is a wonderful painting! You should definitely start up again. I love the Pantone color, but it’s not in my wheel house. Accessories or bottoms would be my go to.

  40. Peach by my face washes me out. I love a bright pink-coral but rarely find that color.

  41. So excited that peach is the color of the year! I already have so many peachy items since I like it so much. It may not be your favorite color but you sure look amazing wearing it!
    The painting is wonderful and would definitely be hanging in my house if I knew you were giving it away!

  42. Gloria Miller says:

    Thanks for showing us different ways of incorporating this color in our wardrobe! I appreciate your posts!

  43. Tania you are a wonderful painter. Just love that scene. Peach can be a hard color on some. Looks very nice on you. Love the peach pants.

  44. I tried to wear this color! I ordered a sweater that was called peach. It came and it was definitely pink. I love pink, I kept sweater! And as the saying goes the rest is history! Peach isn’t really my color either, so I am not going to try too hard. I do like some of the other colors pantane predicted for this years colors.

  45. Your painting looks so pretty. I don’t wear peach, because I look best in cool colors, but wearing it below the waist like you did is a good idea since the color around your face can still be a cool color.

  46. Donna Ward says:

    Your painting is beautiful. I wish I was that talented. I love your website. I really enjoy your Bible verses.

  47. Peach is one of my favorite colors so I’m excited about this color of the year. The peach pants do look good with navy! I’ve already purchased the peach top from J.Jill.

  48. I love that painting of yours!
    Start painting again don’t wait!

  49. Tania, your talents are endless!!!
    The painting you did is beautiful.
    What other talents are you hiding from us?
    I would definitely wear the peach/coral color. Very pretty and different.

    1. Lol! I doubt if I have any other hidden talents.

  50. Tania~
    Loving this post, and the Pantone color of the year!
    My favorite color is apricot, peach, orange, and every version thereof. 🧡

  51. I love your snowy picture! So pretty!

  52. You’re painting is beautiful, such talent. I think you look pretty in the color of the year. It doesn’t look too pale in the photos. (I like the color peach if it isn’t too light.)

  53. Love the second outfit. The navy and peach look so good together.

  54. Peach is not a great color for me, but I like the idea of wearing it in the pants.

  55. I like the peach with the navy. Cute ideas! 🙂

  56. Brenda Lynch says:

    I like all three looks! And I do like the new color of the year!

  57. Peach and navy…who knew! Your painting is precious!!! Happy Tuesday❤❤❤

  58. Peach is a good color for me but I agree you look better in bright colors. I will e looking for peach outfits for Spring.

  59. Peach looks great on you!

  60. Nancy Ranski says:

    Those are your colors.
    Blue brings out the color of your eyes and highlights your complexion
    Gorgeous on you

  61. Pat Tenuta says:

    Hmmm, the peaches are lovely on some, but I think I’ll stick with my pinks 💕

  62. You look great as always!

  63. Your painting is great! You’re very talented!

  64. Gina Moore says:

    I love the painting. I also love the outfits. I have pants that color and that gave me some ideas of what to pull out of my closet. I love all your posts . I love the way you branch out with color.

  65. Krista Preston says:

    I am not a fan of the peach color but I want the style of pants in white! The navy hooded sweater is fabulous.
    Keep painting, too😀

  66. Pamela Marvin says:

    Peach Color has never been a color I could wear and look my best in, so I’m excited about the way you paired it with navy. I think I will try a scarf with that color, predominantly navy. I really enjoyed looking at your painting. I think you did a great job. The perspective and the colors were great. I paint also, but not as much as I would like or that time permits. I enjoy acrylic and watercolor. Have a great day.

  67. Donna Brown says:

    Love love this peach color…so fresh looking….and especially like all the different styles you showed for how to wear this… Ordered a pair of the peach and also the black on your recommendation… Thanks, Tania!

  68. Deborah D says:

    The painting is beautiful, you are very talented and should keep it up!
    Love the peach color but I also prefer jewel tone colors.

  69. Wow , if I had your painting it would be on my wall. Love the peach pants and navy/white shirt combo. Looks so good on you!

  70. Jeri Hoag says:

    I love your blog so much! I’ve found some really cute outfits and its helped feel more confident. The encouragement verse is always spot on too! It’s what I needed to hear that day. Thank you for being a light in this dark world.

  71. LOVE this color! Thanks for the different looks.

  72. Tania, add painting to one of your many talents! You should paint holiday scenes for each of your grandchildren and frame them. I’ve had a pair of peach jeans for a couple years and they never seem to get worn. Love the combination with navy and now I need to buy a cute new navy top and coordinate some outfits. Thanks for your post!

  73. I like your painting, it’s cheerful! Learning to paint has been on my list for several years, maybe this is the year to do it. I have some peach items in my closet, so this spring when it’s warmer they will be worn, or donated. Have a blessed week!

  74. Seems to be a fine line between peach/coral and orange. Love them both but will depend on the shade of the color. Love the slim jeans!

  75. Susan Mckenzie says:

    I love how you paired navy with this peach color— extremely compliments the color!!

  76. I love this color! And navy and peach/coral are a perfect combination.

  77. I love then new color for this year. I would never have thought to wear blue with the pants, but it looks so good on you. Thanks for the idea!

  78. 2024 12/31 to 1/6 131.1 1.4 1/7 to 1/13 129.4 1.7 1/14 to 1/20 130.3 -0.9 1/21 to 1/27 Patti says:

    I love then new color for this year. I would never have thought to wear blue with the pants, but it looks so good on you. Thanks for the idea!

  79. Beautiful painting. Peach is hard color and you showed some great options. Thank you! I like the pants, good way to incorporate it.

  80. One of my favorite colors! I love how you styled it!

  81. Gay Manning says:

    I like the way u wear the peach color on the bottom and wear brighter tops. Peach is not a good color on me!
    I am enjoying my $50 Amazon gift card🤗. Thank you!

  82. I just love this color and have several items in my closet close to this shade.

  83. I had my eye on those jeans last week when I was in the JJill store. Waiting for a sale to grab them.

    Love your painting, so talented.

  84. Jennifer Steadman says:

    This color looks great with navy. Thanks for the ideas

  85. Kathy Rupff says:

    Tania, Love the peach on you. 🍑 You are not only gorgeous, but an awesome painter!! Thanks for sharing your work – LOVE it!! (Your fellow artist 🙂 🎨

    1. Thanks, it is fun, but I’m not that good at it.

  86. Jane Martin says:

    I love the Pantone color of the year and love watching a color show up throughout the year.
    I could never “get away ” with peach colored pants but would have years ago.
    The pants look great on you, Tania. Keep these.

  87. Linda Neveu says:

    I love the peach pants in todays post, however the link doesn’t seem to be working 🙂

  88. You don’t give yourself enough credit with your painting!

    I never would have thought to put peach and navy together but it looks great!

    1. Alison, those are two of my favorite color pairings.

  89. Nice painting. Love the peachy jeans especially with navy.

  90. Thank you for doing a blog on peach! It is one of my favorite colors to wear. You’ve given me some great ideas to expand on!

  91. Love those peach jeans and tunic! Your painting is really good. I know it was special to your parents.

  92. Very fun spring color! I will probably wear this color, as you do, in pants or shoes or accessories as the color doesn’t usually go well with me on top. As you show, navy looks really cute with the color!

    1. I love wearing it this way.

  93. Hi. What color is your blush ? It’s pretty

  94. Tania you should definitely go back to painting. That picture is gorgeous and the depth and colour combination is great! I very much like this year’s colour choice.
    I’ve had a peach too in my drawer for a couple of years. Have been meaning to give it away but always think I will ‘wear it someday’. Now is my chance.
    Thanks for posting every day.

  95. I’m gonna have to think a minute about wearing this color

  96. Alicia Wilson says:

    Your painting is beautiful. Show us one of your color paintings please.

    1. I don’t have a lot of paintings still around. But, I’ll show a couple more of them soon.

  97. Joyce Van Koevering says:

    You have a real talent and gift for painting. It’s beautiful

  98. Your painting is amazing!

    1. Thanks! That painting is probably 30 years old. Lol!