Have you heard of a shacket? Over the last couple of years, you’ve likely seen many women, maybe even a daughter or granddaughter, wearing this latest trend. I first learned about it from someone I talk to monthly about my business who lives in London. She asked me a few years ago if the shacket was a thing in the US, and I told her no. It’s now everywhere in stores. But, as a woman over 40, you may be thinking, “Can I even wear that?” or “How do I wear a shacket?” Today I will be addressing what is a shacket, and can you wear it over 40.


Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a shacket and showing how to wear it after 40

* This post was originally published in September 2021 and has been updated.

What is a shacket?

Don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard of a shacket. I showed my photos to my a friend and mentioned that it was the first time that I had worn a shacket on the blog. “What is a shacket?” was her question. So, I’ll give you the same simple explanation that I gave her. It is a cross between a shirt and a jacket. It is thicker than a normal shirt, so you can wear it as a jacket, somewhat like you would a cardigan.

Can you wear a shacket after 40?

Short answer…YES! I will give you a few style pointers for wearing the shacket after 40. If you are young or a construction worker, you can wear a shacket any way you want. But, when you are over 40, you need to take a little extra time in your shacket outfit.

How to wear a shacket when you’re over 40

I have to be honest…I resisted ordering a shacket because it reminds me of the workers who worked for my dad in his construction business. The updated shacket look is way more polished, and the material is so much nicer than the ones that his workers wore. Theirs were usually quilted for extra warmth, and since they were oversized and relaxed fitting, they could move and work easily.

Wearing a shacket with leggings or slim-leg jeans will help to balance out the look. A shacket is relaxed and loose, so the tighter fitting bottoms will look more polished. Also, a super-easy way to look more polished while wearing a shacket is to wear it with a monochromatic outfit. Monochromatic is a classy look, and it gives the illusion of being taller. The monochromatic look allows the shacket to shine and be the star of the outfit.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a shacket with a black top

Now that I’ve gotten used to wearing and styling a shacket, I’ve grown to love them even more. They are a great additional layer and so easy to throw on. I realize that you may also not want to spend a lot of money on them if you’re just trying the trend out. Luckily, I’ve got you covered with the best ones from Amazon below that are budget-friendly!

My Favorite Shackets for Women Over 40

Cropped Plaid Shacket

I bought this shacket in a light grey color! While it says it’s cropped, I don’t think it’s too short. You can see in the pictures that it hits right at my waist, even an inch or two shorter than where the end of my shirt is.

Cropped Plaid Shacket || Black High Waist Ankle Fray Jeans || P448 John Sneakers || Kendra Scott 14Kt Gold Necklace || 18 Kt Gold Vermeil Chain || Large Cross Charm || Bangle Bracelet || Michele Bracelet Watch || David Yurman Cable Loop Bracelet


Cropped Plaid Shacket || Black High Waist Ankle Fray Jeans || P448 John Sneakers || Kendra Scott 14Kt Gold Necklace || 18 Kt Gold Vermeil Chain || Large Cross Charm || Bangle Bracelet || Michele Bracelet Watch || David Yurman Cable Loop Bracelet

Long Corduroy Shacket

The shacket that I am wearing is longer than most that I’ve seen. I like the corduroy material, and I love the colors of this shacket. I am partial to this one since it covers my butt and could be worn with leggings! It is the most neutral of them all. I’m wearing A1 Brown, but there are a lot of colors available.

Long Corduroy Shacket || Black High Waist Ankle Fray Jeans || P448 John Sneakers || Kendra Scott 14Kt Gold Necklace || 18 Kt Gold Vermeil Chain || Large Cross Charm || Bangle Bracelet || Michele Bracelet Watch || David Yurman Cable Loop Bracelet


Long Corduroy Shacket || Black High Waist Ankle Fray Jeans || P448 John Sneakers || Kendra Scott 14Kt Gold Necklace || 18 Kt Gold Vermeil Chain || Large Cross Charm || Bangle Bracelet || Michele Bracelet Watch || David Yurman Cable Loop Bracelet
Long Corduroy Shacket || Black High Waist Ankle Fray Jeans || P448 John Sneakers || Kendra Scott 14Kt Gold Necklace || 18 Kt Gold Vermeil Chain || Large Cross Charm || Bangle Bracelet || Michele Bracelet Watch || David Yurman Cable Loop Bracelet

Wool Blend Plaid Shacket

If you’re looking for something a bit heavier, this Khaki wool blend plaid shacket I’m wearing is it. It’s currently 30% off, making it under $30. This shacket comes in quite a few colors. I like that it’s an excellent in-between length and looks like an updated version of a flannel. You could always button this one up and wear it like a shirt if you wanted. Definitely keep in mind that it is oversized, as you can see on me!

My Favorite Shackets for Women Over 40
Wool Blend Plaid Shacket || Black High Waist Ankle Fray Jeans || P448 John Sneakers || Kendra Scott 14Kt Gold Necklace || 18 Kt Gold Vermeil Chain || Large Cross Charm || Bangle Bracelet || Michele Bracelet Watch || David Yurman Cable Loop Bracelet


My Favorite Shackets for Women Over 40
Wool Blend Plaid Shacket || Black High Waist Ankle Fray Jeans || P448 John Sneakers || Kendra Scott 14Kt Gold Necklace || 18 Kt Gold Vermeil Chain || Large Cross Charm || Bangle Bracelet || Michele Bracelet Watch || David Yurman Cable Loop Bracelet

Shacket Outfit Inspiration

I’ve styled shackets in a few different blog posts that I’m linking below. If you’re looking for more inspiration on how to style one, these are a great place to go.

Shop My Looks and Additional Shackets for Women Over 40:


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  1. I like the cropped shacket, but I love the faux leather one!

  2. Mary Carol says:

    Love the khaki corduroy shacket on you. Looks great!! (My phone won’t let me spell shacket correctly.) ❤️

  3. Laura Evans says:

    I screenshot all your outfits so I can refer to them while I’m shopping and while getting dressed.

  4. Debbie Monroe says:

    Hi Tania,
    I still don’t feel the shacket. You look really cute in all the styles but I just don’t think it is my style.

  5. Jenniffer Groski says:

    I love my shacket outfit you styled in the original post last fall! I get so many compliments on it.

  6. Jan Canapp says:

    What size are you wearing in the shorter plaid shacket from Amazon?

    1. I’m wearing a large in all the jackets

  7. Loved the Khaki wool blend plaid shacket from Amazon. I added one to my Amazon card immediately! Thank you for the ideas!

  8. Janet Rector Bryant says:

    I am 5’1”. The cropped one is perfect for me. Thank you.

  9. Cheryl Wencel says:

    Those look like they are really fun to wear.

  10. I like the shirt tail hem ones more. The plaid is cute!

  11. Lori Gorenflo says:

    Thanks for the post on shackets as I have been looking at them and needed some ideas.

  12. Maria Kozan says:

    I have three shackets. I love them all. Thanks for showing all the options!!

  13. Roberta S says:

    Nice selection of shackets. I have to admit I’m on the fence about them. I see some I do like but others no thank you.

  14. Love, love, love! The black, brown, and white look is a classic! One of my favorites that never goes out of style. You always look chic and beautiful. Thanks for “giving me permission” to wear the comfortable shacket. They are fun.

  15. Love the shackets….thanks for posting the longer one. Have been looking for one!! Have a blessed weekend

  16. I like shackets but can’t really wear them. I feel so frumpy in them. Would have liked to see the lights from your trip.

  17. Leslie Bizzell says:

    Thank you for sharing about Shackets and how to wear them well – over 40
    I have a solid cream one my daughter gave me from Aerie and I haven’t worn it as much as I would like so this post is very helpful!!
    Might have to add another one to my wardrobe:)

  18. Thank you Tania !! You truly look great in everything you wear. I find I look like the construction worker when I try them on though. I’ll keep trying. You inspire me to branch out in my wardrobe so thank you!
    Happy holidays:).

  19. I purchased a light colored plaid shacket that is lined last year, and a plain un-lined tan shacket this year that I love to wear when driving. It’s not bulky, so it fits well under my seatbelt. I am 68 years old and love wearing them, paired with a nice warm winter scarf, a fun hat, and gloves. bought one for my granddaughter, age 20 last winter, and one for my 48 year old daughter a couple of weeks ago. They are perfect for any age in life.

  20. Joanne W. says:

    Tania, you did a great job of selecting different Shackets! Loved the post.

  21. Nice choices, Tania. They all look great.

  22. Marin Mattingly says:

    Tonia – It looks like you have lost weight. It’s hard to tell around your face because of the collars but from there down, I think it really shows.

  23. Vickie Dudley says:

    I own 3 shackets now and love them all. I’m also well above 40 and never really considered I’d be too old for them. lol

  24. Gina Luebke says:

    It took me a while to get on the shacket trend and now I have 3. I even bought my 80 year old mom one and she loves it!! 😍

  25. Cindy Gunville says:

    your hair looks great!!
    after covid my hair turned white on the sides and super dark in the regrowth.. how crazy.

    I love the cropped Shacket!!

    have a blessed weekend!

  26. Ginger Hiller says:

    I bet the lights in the town square are so pretty. The town that is 13 miles away has the court house in the middle of the square and is where a scene from the movie Back To The Future was filmed. Unfortunately, there are more empty stores than filled, so the town isn’t too pretty. I’ve tried wearing shackets and just couldn’t make them work for me 😥.

  27. Melaine Ott says:

    Cute! I like the cropped plaid for myself.

  28. Cindy Gunville says:

    I love the cropped Shacket.

  29. Jacqueline J Hopfensperger says:

    Loved the post on shackets. I have a hot pink plaid one myself. I am from Wisconsin and had one as a kid. We called them Macs or Mackinaws in those days. I really enjoy your posts.

  30. Ellen McIntosh says:

    Best styling of shackets I’ve seen! You make them look so comfortable and stylish. Thank you!

  31. I have s shacket and love the comfort and casual styles of them!

  32. They all look great the way you styled them!
    I like the cropped one- may have to give it a try!

  33. I just ordered the cropped shacket . I haven’t tried that length so we’ll see….

  34. In the wool blend did you order a M? Usual size? I’m getting ready to place my order, thinking a L, since that’s what I normally wear as a jacket.
    Merry Christmas Tania 🎄

    1. Kim, I never know what size to order in shackets since they are usually oversized. I’m wearing a large in all the jackets and they fit fine, still oversized, but that’s how they are supposed to fit.

    2. Some brands tend to run large, or at least that is what comments on the websites say about them. I bought one that said it ran large so that I could wear a hooded sweatshirt underneath on windy, cold days. Then bought another one on a different website, sized down and cannot wear a heavy sweatshirt underneath. Just depends on the brand I guess.

  35. Jayne Ratyniak says:

    This is one of those looks I like on other people but not me. I’m short and the shackets are too boxy on me.

  36. Cheryl Furey says:

    I love shackets and have several! The new, shorter styles are quickly becoming a new favorite. I just ordered two of your recommendations 😉

  37. My daughter recently educated me on shackets, love her so!
    Your hair looks lovely!

  38. Becky Kerwin says:

    I’m glad you did this post. I have tried several shackets and I have a very hard time finding one because of my height. I am 5’2″ and they make me look so much shorter. Lol! Maybe the cropped one might work though. Thank yoi!

  39. Julie Shutt says:

    My pick would be the Corduroy Shacket.

  40. You look good in everything!

  41. Thank you for the different styling options, Tania! It is popular – went to meet some friends for a late lunch at Olive Garden (wearing my shacket from Old Navy)and before I walked in, three women walked out all wearing shackets!

  42. I love shackets! The cordoroy one looks very stylish!

  43. Laurie Ann says:

    Morning! I really like the post and the way you styled them in different ways. However, I just can’t wrap myself around the idea of wearing a big shirt like that living in Florida where it’s so warm most of the year I really wouldn’t get much use out of a shacket.

  44. I always referred to these as thick shirts. Good to know there is an actual name for them. You have some cute ones on your post today.

  45. My daughter is getting me one for Christmas from Costco! I like them now but at first thought they were too masculine.

  46. Diane Potter says:

    I also have the same short shacket and I have worn it a ton this fall! I’m just 5’2” and the short look doesn’t overpower me like the longer looks do! My favorite look has been with a column of black and some gold jewelry.

  47. Patti Lou says:

    I’ve seen these but I didn’t know they had a name. 🙂 Thanks for keeping me in the know. As always, great post.

  48. LeeAnn Barnard says:

    These look really cozy. Love the colors you highlighted.

  49. I really like the corduroy shacket , it looks polished. I have a couple of shackets and it took me a while to get used to something that oversized but I do like them now. Your hair looks great! Sounds like you really enjoyed time with your family. Merry Christmas 🎄

  50. I like them all. They add a nice touch to a casual outfit.

  51. You have a wonderful post and I like this series too. Anything that shows different ways to wear and outfit is great!

  52. I have enjoyed your week long series and looked forward to reading it!! Thanks for all your ideas💗

  53. I like the idea of the shacket but here in South Texas we do not get much use for them. I like the style series, I just did not like these pants at all. I do not think that silhouette is at all flattering on most women. Even though I am tall and thin, it still is off to me. All that said I do get good ideas from the different ways you put outfits together.

  54. I like them but the idea is not new.. I have have heavy slouch denim shirts that I wear the same way. Everything old is new again.

  55. Tania, I enjoyed this style series. I liked seeing the different ways to style an item.

  56. I have been wearing “shackets “ for years. We refer to them as thick or lined shirts. Usually flannel. Great for sitting outside when it’s chilly or hiking.

  57. I enjoyed the series with the same jeans. I actually got a shacket last fall in black & white buffalo print. I loved the color and the warmth, but didn’t know it was going to be a trend! I love when that happens!! Thanks.

  58. I love shackets. I own two and just ordered a short Aztec one. I think they are stylish if worn correctly. Some cardigans get stretched out and can appear sloppy. In the end it’s all about fit.

    Trust me when I say your look isn’t that western looking to me. Lol. Not the authentic western boots and definitely not the pants. But none the less I think you look great and if you feel good in what you wear isn’t that what really matters?

  59. Ginger Hiller says:

    I LOVE this outfit! I wanted to give a shacket a try, so I ordered one from Amazon that Cyndi Spivey shared on her blog. I ordered my larger size at first and it’s quite roomy, so I ordered it in another color (both are a solid color in corduroy) in my smaller size and like it much better. I knew that a solid would be more versatile for me. Since I very rarely need to wear a regular coat, the shacket will work perfect for me. I thoroughly enjoyed this series and hope that you will do them again. Have a fantastic Friday!

  60. Tania, I really like this style series. I enjoy seeing different ways to style an item. Thank you for sharing.

  61. I really like the week long series so keep up the great work!! I am a huge fan of the shacket and don’t feel like a construction worker wearing one. I am also comfortable wearing plaid flannel shirts.

  62. You didn’t mention your earrings and I bought a pair of those due to you wearing them! Thanks, they are great!

  63. Tania, On your instagram account, you have a post from your bedroom ,wearing white pants with many other outfits. Can you post the links for all the items in that post. You look so good lin those clothes.

    1. Linda Harris says:

      I have just discovered your blog! I really liked the series on how to extend your wardrobe. Thank you!

  64. I’ve enjoyed this series

  65. I liked seeing the cropped jeans with lots of different looks! I like the week long series 😊

  66. I really liked this series. I travel to every 4-6 weeks to visit my mom & tend to over-pack. Seeing how you were able to create 5 distinct outfits with the same pants, gave me lots of ideas & a lighter suitcase!

  67. Your series with the same jeans was great! Not tired of it at all. Your outfit today is quite cute. There’s always something new to consider isn’t there? I’m not so sure about the shacket. It seems practical enough and yours is adorable. Trends like this “get me in trouble!” Lol. In getting out my fall/winter clothes this week, I discovered that I have 6 wraps! That was a trend a few years ago. Now I’m considering which ones to get rid of! It’s still so humid here that I can’t even think about putting on jeans, let alone a shacket. I think I’ll skip this trend.

  68. I plan to go try these pants this weekend. I still like going into stores! Loved your last few posts. Really helps in stretching the wardrobe!

  69. Tania, I love your blog posts, they are the first email I open in the morning! I am not a fan of the shacket, nor the outfit unfortunately…. not even the bag… Just too cowboy and messy looking for me. But again I love you and most of your outfits! I do prefer a different look every day rather than the series. But keep doing what you do, and telling your stories. I love your blog!

  70. Carla Pope says:

    Thanks to you I now have a new word in my fashion lexicon.

  71. I enjoyed the week of same jeans with the different tops. It reminded me of shopping in my closet. Please consider doing it again. The best for you.