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Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a pink and camel shacket with a beige top and cream jeans

Last week, I wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t take new photos, so I shared some photos that I had decided were “misses.” The outfit wasn’t something that I loved, so I had decided that it wouldn’t hit the blog. But, several of you encouraged me to show the outfit, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. You got to explain what worked or didn’t work for you based on your body type, coloration, etc.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a pink and camel shacket with a beige top with cream jeans

Everyone was very respectful and left insightful and well-thought-out comments. Y’all are much better writers than I am, and a lot of your observations were spot-on. I loved that the comments were made about the clothing, not about a person wearing the clothing. Everyone has different likes and dislikes, but we can all support each other. We are a wonderful community, and reading each other’s comments is part of the fun of the blog. If you didn’t see last week’s hit or miss post, then be sure to check it out and read the comments.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a pink and camel shacket from Old Navy

So, today, we are doing another Hit or Miss post, and this one is about a shacket. If you’re unsure about a shacket or what one is, it is basically a cross between a shirt and a jacket. It is thicker than a regular shirt, so you can wear it as a jacket, somewhat like you would a cardigan. I have to be honest, I have resisted wearing shackets because they remind me of the workers who worked for my dad in his construction business. However, this updated shacket look is way more polished, and the material is so much nicer than the ones that his workers wore. Theirs were usually quilted for extra warmth, and since they were oversized and relaxed fitting, they could move and work easily.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is showing the back of a pink and camel shacket

Shackets still tend to be large and oversized, and most of them are long in length. I was pleasantly surprised when I ran across this camel and pink shacket since most shackets are not precisely feminine looking. The color combination of this shacket is soft and feminine, even though the jacket is still oversized and boxy-looking. I’m wearing a medium, and you can see that the shirt/jacket is still relatively large on me.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a pink and camel shacket with a pink top and cream jeans

If you scroll up, you’ll see that I first wore the shacket with a beige top. I decided to try the shacket with a pale pink cashmere sweater to see if bringing out the pink in the shacket made it look even more feminine.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a pink and camel shacket with a pink cashmere top

Since I was trying to make the shacket more feminine-looking, adding jewelry to the look was necessary. I added a pair of geometric hoop earrings, an 18 kt. Gold vermeil cross necklace, and a Rose Quartz necklace that I’ve had for a long time.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a pink and camel shacket with a cashmere pink top and cream jeans

Styling the shacket with an Ecru pair of ankle jeans brought out the lighter shade of the shacket and kept it bright and light. A dark camel pair of pants or a pair of denim jeans would also look great with the shacket, but I thought the Ecru jeans worked best to keep it on the feminine side.

The only con that I have with these Ecru jeans is that they are button-up jeans. I prefer zip jeans since they are easier to put on and take off. Taking off a pair of jeans quickly can sometimes mean the difference in an embarrassing bathroom situation. Lol! I think these jeans run slightly on the big side, not much, though, so if you are between sizes, then size down. I am wearing a size 8, and they fit great. They are a tiny snug at the waist, but that is where I hold all of my weight, so I’m not shocked by that fact.

These water-resistant Chelsea boots have been a favorite of mine this fall and winter. This pair has a lower heel that is easy to walk in, and they are easy to pull on. The gorgeous neutral color of these boots lets you wear them with almost anything. I found these to run true to size, and I am wearing my usual size 9. If you’ve been thinking about trying this style, this is a lovely pair to start with since they are on sale for an incredible price! Leather boots for under $50.00!?!

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a pink and camel shacket with a pink top, cream jeans, and Chelsea boots

Now, it is time for your thoughts. Is this outfit a Hit or a Miss for “you?” Can you see yourself wearing this, or parts of this? What do you like, what would you change?

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  1. Cherokee Smith says:

    Tania, I really liked the Pink shirt, and I liked the style of the shirt too!
    And yes! That wonderful plaid blend of Pink, Camel and Ivory is very soft and feminine! I personally wear lots of skirts and dresses, so I’d like to see more styled shackets with those clothing options.
    I purchased a nice Denim Shacket with snaps, in a soft Ivory–unfortunately, after i gave it a wash, I see that it is blended with spandex, and is too stiff and boxy on me😔.
    I’m working with it as best as I can, by adding a nice jet black, non-bulky, knit turtle neck, over the knee length, black knit skirt and knee length black suede boots, and an Ivory Wool Blend Berét.

  2. I love this entire outfit with both tops. I am a big fan of shackets and own several. I personally don’t like the bigger look and tend to size down. I’m 58 and usually wear XL in tops. A large is my go-to size for shackets.

  3. Love this shacket! The colors are gorgeous and look great on you…I agree with others that a smaller size might be better. I’m normally an xs so don’t think this would work for me, but I do love it!

  4. I love the color of your hair! What color would I ask my stylist for?

  5. I like the look but you need at least one size smaller on the shacket. Would love to see it with dark jeans.

  6. I like shackets! It is important to get the right size since they are made to be loose. They are a nice weekend option when you don’t want to wear a coat. Since I am only 5 ‘ 1″, they can be tricky for me. I really like the pink top with this look. The whole outfit gives a soft, relaxed, feminine “vive”.

  7. I really like the look. Since I live here in Florida this would be more my look for the Florida winters. We start out in the high 30s and by noon it’s in the 70s

  8. Katherine says:

    You look so pretty in the colors and the shacket, I am not so sure about the pants, the fit does not look right, but the color is “spot on.”

  9. Pet Peeve: I hate it when the fashion industry comes up with a fancy new name for something that has been around for years. Shirt Jacket is a clear term “shacket” just sounds like they were trying too hard to be cute. Same complaint with “combat boots”…..why make a perfectly regular women’s tie up boot have something to do with the army. Women have been wearing boots like this for hundreds of years…..only very wealthy women could wear a tiny light weight shoe. Now for your jacket it has very lovely soft colouring that makes it feminine

  10. Lynn Laudeman says:

    This is a miss for me. The shacket is a bit too bulky. And the colors remind me of neopolitan ice cream. But, you still look super gorgeous! 🙂

  11. Definite hit for me! I have a shacket and love wearing it even around the house as it’s so soft and comfortable. I love the colors of yours-might need another one!

  12. Marla Biggs says:

    Colors are beautiful, I like it better with the pink but do think it overwhelms you. Smaller size?

  13. Both tops look nice, but the pink is my choice.
    Wonder if a size small shacket would be a better fit for you?🤔
    Overall. It’s a hit😊

  14. This look on you is a definite hit! I love the shacket with the pink sweater. You look beautiful in that color, and your smile is highlighted. Since I am much shorter than you, I would worry that it would make me look much heavier with its weight. I really enjoy these posts.

  15. Jennifer Bernard says:

    I would say this outfit is a miss. I’m just not a shacket fan because they are so bulky looking and add pounds to everyone. While I think you really tried to make this work, this outfit seems to wash out your beautiful natural coloring because it is too pastel. I also don’t like the booties with it-mostly because they are trimmed in black. There is no other black to echo anywhere on this outfit, so it seems out of place. I thank you for trying though-but wish “influencers” would lay off the shackets because they just aren’t flattering.

  16. Catherine says:

    I think the colors look great on you; no construction worker vibe at all. But the length of the shacket is overwhelming. My legs are shorter than yours so I’d never wear it.

  17. Debra Calhoun says:

    I like the Shackleton as an outfit. I especially liked the pink top with this one. The colors in this one are more to my liking.

  18. The pink cashmere look is a win. I think darker pants would be more attractive on me- I think the color looks great on you, you are definitely one who can wear pinks. Beautiful. Me-as a redhead, I am afraid not. Color with strawberry blond/red hair is a struggle. I would love to see a post on that! cheers!

  19. This is a hit! I’m a fan of shackets. The pink cashmere top makes the outfit more feminine and polished. This gives me ideas to polish up my shacket outfits.

  20. Andrea Messina says:

    Love the shacket with the pink cashmere sweater. You rock everything you wear. I’m tiny, 5’1 living outside Las Vegas and the outfit wouldn’t work for me, but the cashmere sweater certainly would. Love the way you show clothing for us of a certain age.

  21. It’s a HIT! 🙂 Love the shaket with the pink sweater. I could totally see myself wearing it. Looks great on you. I agree with you on making it look more feminine.

  22. Christine Clementi says:

    I love this outfit! I prefer the pink cashmere sweater underneath the shacket. It makes the pink in the plaid shacket stand out. The blend of colors in the sweater and shacket are a good look for blondes!

  23. This color combination looks fab on you, and so feminine. I am only 5’1”, and feel like the shacket would overwhelm me, so I haven’t participated in the trend, but you look great!

  24. I love the Shacket! It’s a new term for me, but I love the color and the fit. I could definitely see myself wearing this outfit. I thought the tan top looked good with it, but the pink looked even better. I liked the pant and boot too. Looks great! Keep up the good work, you’re a natural!

  25. I like it and it looks better with the pink sweater. I’m 5’1″ so I’m thinking this would be too long on me. Living here in Michigan I have quite a few of these shacket’s because here it’s 32 in the morning and then could be 72 in the afternoon. We also have a 2nd home on the lake and these come in handy there. I even keep a few extra for guests who drop by on their boats and they might stay till right before the sun goes down.

  26. I agree totally with Kim Hoehn. Looks cute on you, but they look frumpy on me. By the way, Hoehn was my maiden name. You don’t see it very often. Love your hit or miss post.

  27. This look is a hit with me. Like you, originally when I first started seeing the shacket I wasn’t impressed, but that was because of the colors. They were all dark and very manly looking. Not for me. Yours is so pretty in the pastel colors and I am definitely considering it. I would style it with my pink cashmere sweater exactly as you. My personal change would be a light wash straight leg Jean and my dark brown chelsea boots. Love the jewelry you style with it. Thanks for this post, Tania. Can’t wait for more!

  28. Barbara Maxwell says:

    I very much liked all of this outfit! It was smashing and looked great on you! Keep up the good posts!

  29. As soon as I saw the first picture I was thinking I’d like it better with a pink top.
    It’s a no for me. We don’t get that much cold weather and I was in HS in the 80s, so my flannel wearing was sort of set then.
    Looks good on you, have fun!

  30. Stacie KREITMAN says:

    Love this combination! Both shirts look feminine and the jeans elevate the look.

  31. Kim Hoehn says:

    Definitely prefer the pink top. It makes the pink in the shacket pop! I’m short so I feel like shockers are overwhelming but very cute on you!

  32. Pam Baker says:

    I am not a fan of the “shacket” but I love the pink and camel combo in this outfit and you look cute as always so it’s a “hit” for me!

  33. Hi Tania! Thanks for this post. It’s such a great way to learn about fashion choices. I’m not a huge fan of shackets but I did finally buy one at Evereve. The shacket is black with a light ivory pattern. The only way it works for my 5’4” frame is when I wear very fitted skinny black pants, jeans, or leggings with a black top and black high heel booties. Something about the fitted bottoms make for a better balance in the outfit.

  34. It’s a hit. I especially like it with the pink sweater 👍

  35. I like the pink sweater best under the shacket and would most likely wear a darker tan skinny jeans with it. Something closer to the color of your boots (which I love).
    Personally I am not a fan of pale jeans.

  36. I like the top and it looks very nice in you. Maybe darker jeans?

  37. Pam Watson says:

    I love the outfit. I would probably wear the shacket with jeans because I am short and the light color pants make me look dumpy. I have some camel colored jeans I would wear. I love the shacket because of the color. Most I have seen are darker colors. You look great in anything!

  38. I love the shacket. I have one that is in similar colors, and it is one of my current favorite things to wear! They are just so warm and cozy! You look great in this. It is just very casual and some people do not prefer that look.

  39. Cheryll Sampson says:

    My first thought in seeing this is it reminded me of my dad or rather me wearing one of my dad’s shirts when I was a teenager. However, the color combo is nothing like what he wore, and it is a hit on you. I think I would still feel like I was wearing my dad’s shirt, but I love the colors and the pants and jewelry.

  40. This outfit is a HIT! I love the pink sweater and the rose stone necklace. The jeans and the boots are great colors. The shacket ties it all together. Love it!

  41. Cara MacNinch says:

    Hi Tania, you look great in both outfits. Love the colors. For me, I like the shacket best with the v-neck sweater. I tried a shacket earlier in the season and I didn’t care for the way it looked on me. It was shorter than the one you are wearing and just added bulk. I may go ahead and try again with a longer shacket. Have a great day!

  42. The pink and beige shacket with the pink sweater is so pretty. I couldn’t resist – I ordered the whole outfit including the heart necklace from Kendra Scott. Now, I better get back to work – LOL!!

  43. Cleo Griffith says:

    I like this outfit with the pink sweater much better than the beige. I really don’t think it is terrible, it is just not my favorite and I honestly think the color of the pants is what is throwing me off from liking it. You seriously make an even not great outfit look good!

  44. Thank you for doing this. I have a couple of shackets, but I find I rarely wear them. I like them for a very casual outfit, but it’s just so baggy that I feel I look frumpy in them.
    I love the pink in this Shackleton but I just think it looks too big on you even though I know it is supposed to be big.

  45. You did a wonderful job making this look feminine, and the colors are so pretty on you. I just can’t get past this looking like a lumberjack jacket though!

  46. I have a “squatty body” so shackets are not for me. As long as this one is, it would prob be past my knees. Love the soft colors of this one though.

  47. Jeanine Kesey says:

    I really like this shocker especially with the pink sweater. I am not sure I would wear it though, too boxy and no shape. I have stayed away from this trend. I bought one for my granddaughter and daughter. They love them. I don’t care for the light pants with this. I would have liked to have seen it with jeans. I just don’t think there is any way to dress this up do just go with jeans and tennis shoes and it would look more like how I would wear it.

  48. I love the idea of wearing a shacket instead of a heavy coat – as we rarely need those here in Texas – and they’re fun and cute and relatively inexpensive, but I don’t care for the bulk they add to an outfit. You styled this one beautifully with that pink cashmere sweater, however.

  49. This shacket is a miss with me. Too long and bulky for me. I also steer away from light colors on the bottom since I think they make my bottom look even bigger than it is. Is that wrong? I’m here to learn….

  50. Looks better with the pink sweater for sure. I’m not sure if I’m a part of the shacket fan club yet. I bought one and maybe have only worn it once.

  51. The colors look beautiful on you. I’m 5’3” so a shacket makes me look short and dumpy. I love the boots they may have to make it into my closet.

  52. Elizabeth says:

    Love the color combination but not a fan of the shaket. Not a flattering look and also not sure where would you wear it? I bought the boots. So glad to see they were back in stock.

  53. Terry Shannon says:

    First, these colors look beautiful on you, especially with the pink top! I, too, am not a huge fan of the shacket. Back in the day, they were called CPO jackets. (Can actually still buy them!). Outfit would be a “miss” for me. But, I absolutely love the jewelry & pink top!!

  54. I like the colors in this shacket (especially with the pink sweater) and the plaids are matched well at the side seams. But, in general, I prefer shackets that a little less oversized, more fitted, shorter, a little less ‘bulky’ or stiff than this one. The oversized fit with the oversized plaid is overwhelming to a smaller frame. A pet peeve is ‘boob pockets’ on women’s clothing. While these are well matched (some aren’t because it’s intentional design or lower quality or ?). What’s the point? They’re neither decorative (who seeking a pocket flap on their chest?) or functional (above the waist pockets, that is; I love a below the waist pocket)

  55. This outfit is super cute! I don’t own a shacket, and this one is not available in my size, but I would definitely wear this.

  56. Paula Presbrey says:

    The idea of the Shacket warms my heart because it reminds me of my dad – he always said plaid was his favorite color and he wore the Shacket like a champ!
    I have 2 corduroy non lined Shacket sand love them as an alternative to a cardigan. I really like this outfit especially with the pink sweater – I would definitely wear this and think of my dad !

  57. I think you look good. I like the outfit but would never wear a Shacket.

  58. I love this look. It’s young, but still put together and doesn’t look like you tried so hard. I could wear this all day and really be comfortable. Also, I have a large chest, and it’s nice to have a way to hide it sometimes!

  59. The outfit looks great on you.Love the colors,but the plaid is just too large to be feminine for me.

  60. Effie Ayo says:

    I absolutely love this color combination. I am a blonde also and these colors look great on us. I do feel that it definitely takes someone with a little bit of height to carry off a Shacket! I’m 5”9
    Looks great!!

  61. These colors are very flattering to your skin tone. You are glowing!

  62. Susan Haggerty says:

    Definite HIT! I love it with the pink cashmere & pink necklace. You made it look feminine and trendy. I hope you didn’t return it. It looks great on you! Cozy & soft.

  63. Hit & Miss for me. Hit: the color combos, tops, slacks, & jewelry you chose. Miss: the Shacklet just looks too big & too long, throwing your lovely proportions off.

  64. Nice colors, nice casual put together look. I’m not a fan of the shacket for me. I prefer flowy to boxy. The rest of the outfit, (both tops) is a hit!

  65. I like the shacket and love the colours of the one you were wearing.
    Greta outfit.

  66. I’m not opposed to shackets, in fact I own a couple. The one I removed the pockets as it made me look “too busty”.

    I like the shacket and the pink sweater, but not sold on the pants. I think a skinny or straight legged jean would look better. But for a casual outfit it works.

    I find where I live most women are not dressing up, everything is really casual since the pandemic. It’s just jeans or athletic wear.

  67. connie s darnell says:

    I agree. Love the colors. Not a fan of the shackets.

  68. Love the colors of the shacket but it looks a little boxy & stiff. Like it paired with the pink top and would wear with blue jeans to add some contrast. I feel the same way about flannel shirts, hard to feel very feminine when wearing one. 🙂

  69. Tania, Love this outfit on you. I think the shacket are cute but not on me. At 5’2.5″ it just makes me look frumpy and also at 71 I am not sure it would make me look frumpy too. I did love the pink in the shacket and the pink top was perfect.

  70. Hi! I think if you paired your shacket with jeans it would look much more on trend! Shanks(that’s what my sister & I say when someone compliments our shacket:)!

  71. I agree with the idea of a shacket is good but the style can be overwhelming. I like the colors in this one, but it’s a little too much for me. I’m not a fan of such a large plaid. It kind of reminds me of the pea jackets we wore in the 60’s. Wow I really dated myself! Love the pale pink sweater and pants.

  72. Another great post to get us all involved. Personally not a fan of the Shacket trend and have not purchased one. This is a pretty color combination with the pink on you.

  73. I would wear it when I do my outdoor gardening on a cool weather day.

  74. Even though the pink and beige hints feminine, I cannot possibly wear a “Shacket!” This was my grandfather’s leisure time outfit, and that’s what I will always see every time I see anyone wearing one!

  75. Kathy in Michigan says:

    Hi Tania! And everyone! 🙂 You look so pretty in these colors! I like an oversized shacket, especially in plaid flannel; it makes it, and you!, look nice and snuggly. This one doesn’t quite work for me, though; I think to make an oversize item work, it needs to be soft with a little drape; this one’s too stiff to look cozy and comfy, and gosh, it’s awfully long! If it were less stiff, it would drape a little better, and give it more of a “wrapped in a snug blanket” feel! I think a size down would be better, but I think the stiffness–and the length– makes it a no. I love your trick of adding really feminine jewelry to contrast with the somewhat masculine shacket. I think it would be even better if your shoes were a bit more rugged–hiking boots or at least flat boots. I think adding a few additional masculine bits like that would really emphasize the girly jewelry and girly colors and make the whole look even more feminine! (and btw, I like the beige top best with the outfit)

  76. I am skipping the trend. The oversized/long nature of a shacket just makes me look shorter. I know there are cropped ones out there but those look boxy which is also not flattering for me.

  77. Hi Tanya, I love the colors on the shacket and the pink sweater. I would wear it with a white jean though.

  78. Ginger Hiller says:

    I have a shacket in a light camel color that I bought on Amazon. While I like shackets, I have not been reaching for mine, like I thought I would. Now, if the one you are wearing was in my closet, I would wear it because of the beautiful colors and pink is one of my signature colors. The way you styled it looks nice. Since the shacket is on the longer side, I would try it with full length pants to see if that would give me the 1/3 2/3 proportions. Since I don’t have a pair of ecru pants, I would possibly pair it with black washed jeans.

  79. Karen Miller says:

    I like this a lot! Especially with the pink top! You look good in color! This would be a great outfit to run errands or go shopping when you don’t want to wear a bulky winter coat!

  80. I haven’t tried a shacket, yet, but I really like this outfit! I would try the jacket in a smaller size since it seems to run really big. I would also want to try a longer straight leg pant. Overall, these colors really work well together, especially the with the pink sweater.

  81. So pretty on you. I love it! The colors are very soft and feminine. I would wear it.

  82. I enjoy reading your posts and there are very few outfits that you wear that I would call a miss! I like this look especially with the pink sweater and I love your boots. I like the casual relaxed look of a shacket but I’m a petite 5’2″ with a 55 year old belly and it’s difficult for me to find one that doesn’t swallow me.

  83. I prefer the look of the pink top to the beige perhaps because you’re wearing it untucked. I am tall with really long legs so tucked in tops tend to make me look like a daddy long legs spider. 🙂 Shackets though are not for me. In Canada where I live every guy in my high school wore them if that tells you anything! But I must say the styling on you is lovely.

  84. KAREE B GANDER says:

    I have two shackets, a long one and a shirt one. I like your shirt, but I think I’d try it in a smaller size.

  85. Not a fan of the shacket and would never buy one. Too oversized and manly for me. But you look great in these colors and the pink sweater and your jewelry make that shacket look so much better.

  86. This is a great outfit for you, but not for me. I’m 5’1 so they overwhelm me. I’ve tried. I like this one because of the colors, especially with the pink sweater.

  87. I think this is a potential hit. I prefer the look with the cashmere sweater. The beige tee looked to lightweight for the heaviness of the jacket. The pink makes it pop. It can be dressed up or dressed down depending on accessories and shoes. Love the chelsea boots.

  88. I finally see a shacket I like. I like it because of the feminine colors. All the others make me think of lumberjacks! LOL But you have also styled this one on the femine side and I love it. I think this outfit is a HIT.

  89. Dana Smithmier says:

    It’s a hit! i love the colors and the length of the shacket-you rocked it!!

  90. I love shackets – own two of them. So versatile and warm. The colors of yours is so flattering (pink looks good on you). I wonder if you went down a size if that might sharpen the look? Looks just a little too long

  91. Debbie Dawson says:

    I LOVE this outfit and am very tempted to purchase this shacket! To me, the colors make it very feminine. I just love it. I haven’t purchased one yet but this one is very compelling. I do like the beige shirt much better than the pink. It allows the pink in the shacket to really stand out. This is a Hit for me!

  92. I love everything about this! You look absolutely darling! I usually wear dark colors but this looks so fresh. I may have to try this. I love your new hit or miss posts.

  93. I love this shocker. So much that I already have in my closet. It is definitely on the boxy side and runs large. It is warm though.

  94. I love the color of the Shacket and the pink top. But not sure if I would wear it. I would have to try it on and see how big it would look on me. Thanks for showing us this.

  95. beth byrd says:

    I absolutely love the colors in these outfits. And, they look fabulous on you.

    While I like the print of the shacket I really prefer something a bit more fitted. I think a smaller size would look better on you — it seems to be a bit too oversized.

    Like I said, though, beautiful colors on you.

    ps — I’m curious to know what Joe thinks of the shacket.

  96. I realize that the “Shacket” is very popular this year but on my shorter frame, it’s a miss! Your taller,slimmer frame can easily pull off this style. I loved it paired with your soft pink sweater and your choice of accessories.
    All that said, I am reaching for layers now that the temps are so bitter and the winds are relentless!

  97. I haven’t bought a Shacklet yet. I keep admiring them but I think I need one that is slightly fitted. They would be great to wear for errands or grandkids ballgames. This particular Shacklet would overwhelm my 5’1” frame and chop me up. I wonder if it might look better with a long pant. The boots are sure cute. I might even have to get them or some that or similar

  98. I would wear this. I’m like you and have been on the fence about shackets! Love the colors. I think the pink sweater really pulls it all together. Very pretty!

  99. Definitely a hit! I like everything about it, the colors, style, looks great on you, and hope would look great on me too!!

  100. You make everything look good; however, on my 5 foot frame I would look like a walking “Shacket.” Not a style for me. Fun post.

  101. Hmmm. Not so sure about this look. I love the colours of the shacket but I would prefer to see the pants and the pink cashmere sweater with a nice cardigan or blazer that’s more figure-flattering.

  102. It’s a hit! You look great in anything but those colors really pop for you. Would definitely wear outfit.

  103. I think it’s a hit for the taller girls out thy. The colors are so feminine which helps the oversized style.
    While I love cuddly clothes, I am way too short and pear shaped for this style. I’d be a puddle of pink, lol!!

  104. Lisa Papenhausen says:

    I’m not a fan of the shacket but wow, those colors look so good on you! That pink sweater is very flattering! I think it is the length and lack of structure that seems “off” with the shacket. I have bought a couple and they don’t work for my shape.

  105. The colors of your outfit work great for you. The shacket seems a bit big though. I would like to see how the small fits you. I can not wear shackets since I am very petite and they overpower my small frame and I know just what you mean about them being workmen’s shirt of choice in the winter so they don’t seem feminine but I have to say, the one you are wearing looks nothing like a workman’s shirt.

  106. I would wear it with the same pink sweater and pants, jewelry etc. I think I would try sizing down one size because large plaids are too overpowering on my 5’5 frame. It’s a statement piece, for sure. I LOVE plaids and I like the soft feminine colors in this shacket. Fun!!

  107. Hmmm….not sure how I feel about it. I know it’s supposed to be big, but it feels almost too big to me. Love the colors, though.

  108. Debbie Lee says:

    Definitely not for me. Styled with the pink and jewelry gives it a more feminine look but then defeats its rugged look.

  109. Shelia A Walker says:

    I think this is a cute outfit for running errands or weekends. looks warm too, like it better with the beige top best for myself, still looks very feminine with the pink accents. I did like the pink sweater and boots so I did order them.

  110. Stephanie says:

    Definitely liked the look with the pink cashmere sweater. The other top was fine but the pink really did make the outfit pop.
    Would it look different on someone with darker hair?
    Like the Hit or Miss posts. And glad to see you are feeling better.

  111. Love the shacket..maybe try it with a pair of blue jeans and blacker brown boots…maybe.

  112. This is a shirt in colors that I adore. Unfortunately they wash me out, Or at least they did when I had dark hair, I will have to try again as I now have gray hair. If the colors look like they do on YOU, it will be a hit. (I like the pink cashmere layer). My husband is a contractor, so I have also shied away from this look.
    You make it look very feminine.

  113. Definitely like it better with the pink sweater but still just don’t think I will jump on this trend. It looks very masculine to me even in these soft pretty colors. I don’t feel like its very flattering but that’s just me.

  114. I think it’s a hit. My personal favorite is with the pink sweater! This shacket looks great on you, but would be longer than I would prefer. Thanks for sharing!!

  115. Super cute outfit. I’m not usually one for wearing much pink, but this outfit is so pretty. I’m thinking that I need a “shacket!” So glad that you are feeling better.

  116. Lovely colors, but at only 5 one a shacket would overwhelm my frame. Plus, I wish they would have come up with a prettier name than “shacket”! It’s a miss for me.

  117. Sorry, but I am a pass on the Shacket trend, it just looks too boxy, to something. I do have a similar plaid shacket/jacket, but it stops at high hip, and is slightly fitted, so it has the heavy plaid fabric but not the oversized fit. But layering on a heavy weight plaid shirt would be attractive. Thank you for the hit or miss articles, they are a great reminder that not all is for everyone. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  118. I fill a miss for me. I am petite and unstructured clothing just hangs and looks like I am wearing my husband’s clothes. I prefer more fitted clothing. If I were to where a shacket I would belt it for a defined waist line. Thanks for doing this type of post.

  119. I’m one of the ones that is not a fan of the shacket for the sole reason I’m petite. They look great on all of you tall gals. As for the total look today, personally I love the pink cashmere sweater the best with the shacket (I ordered that pink sweater btw). It brings out the pink in the shacket much better. I also would definitely wear the ecru jeans (I just ordered those too) with it, like you have. Both items I ordered though will be worn differently. I like them the way you styled them with the shacket but I’ll definitely style the sweater with different pants/jeans and the jeans with different tops/sweaters, etc.

  120. Loved this look styled with the pink cashmere! I would totally wear this look. But I couldn’t see myself in button-up jeans. I might not get them off if I really need to use the bathroom, especially with all the water I drink!

  121. Judy C Deas says:

    I think you look cute in this outfit. The colors are beautiful and work well for your coloring. I am taller and have darker hair so I am not sure if it would work for me. I look forward to seeing your posts and have ordered several things that I see you wear. Thank you for the hard work and creativity you put into your posts.

  122. Tania, you look so pretty in so many things, and especially in this soft pink sweater. I almost think the Shacket swallows you…maybe it’s too big? We all have hits and misses, and I wouldn’t call this a miss, I just think the shacket overwhelms you. But you look so good in those colors!

  123. Kelly Brooks says:

    Not a fan of the Shacket it looks great on you. I would probably look like I was going hunting.

  124. Pretty colors sure make the shacket more feminine! Very pretty! You look good in everything!

  125. I love this outfit on you! I would certainly wear it, but it would have to be a different color. the soft pink is so beautiful, but next to my skin makes me look post mortem. just really awful. I am built like you so the pants are a no go. Since you have already informed us they are tightest in the waist I am not interested.

  126. I love this combination with the pink sweater the best. I think the jewelry is a hit, too. Some of us that have hit menopause and have gained some unwanted weight really might like a shacket to help cover yet still look cute. I love a jacket, or even a shacket.

  127. I like this look on you. The color combination is so pretty with your hair. I agree you made it look more feminine. I would wear this.

  128. I love the shacket on you and I would totally wear it but I can’t wear wool as it itches me to death. All of these have wool in them. It’s beautiful!

  129. Love the colors but not a fan of the shacket. Too boxy for my taste. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    I like the pale pink sweater outfit without the shacket, especially the jewelry. That’s a great look.

  130. I like the shocker except for the color, not a pink fan. Love the earrings.

  131. Love that you styled a shacket I too am on the fence with this fashion trend. Of course I find myself loving how you styled it. I like the pink shirt best. While I love those boots with so many of your creations I think the black in them takes away from the soft colored look of the outfit. I might go with a solid color beige family boot or flat.

  132. I love this outfit and the styling and colors say it is definitely feminine. I’m not sure though about the oversized look for me with a small frame and I’m short too. It’s probably best on someone with average height and medium frame.

  133. donna92864 says:

    I love you and your blog! I am not a fan of the shacket though! It is too big and doesn’t give you any kind of women’s form! Once you changed to the pink sweater, it helped, but I think the pink sweater with a pair of dark jeans would look beautiful on you. The pink color is perfect for your skin tone. But again, I love your blog, you’re the first email I open in the morning!

  134. Maribeth Conklin says:

    I like this outfit. The pink cashmere sweater is really pretty with the shacket. Would love to see what it looked like in a small.

  135. Pink certainly is your color! Could you have sized down in the shacket? I know it’s oversized, but it’s just SO big, especially with the longer length in the back. Love the rest of the outfit – pink top, jeans , boots, jewelry. All hits.

  136. Definitely a HIT! Love the color combination. I would wear it exactly as you styled it. Very trendy, & flattering & feminine

  137. I really like this shacket. It is more feminine and I think the pink sweater looks great with it. I laughed when you wrote the pants were button because of the same reason you mentioned:). Keep these posts coming and thank you!!!!!

  138. Pat McCauley says:

    I love the Color’s and the jewelry but I think the shaket is a miss unfortunately. I think it is it’s length that is the problem – too long, it cuts the body in half

  139. This is so cute on you. I love the pink in the plaid mixed with camel. It’s unusual to see the 2 colors together and they look nice. Looks like the plaids match at the seams – my personal pet peeve is unmatched plaid, makes me crazy. I’m not a shacket fan – for the same reason as you. I might wear it but I wouldn’t reach for it enough to make it cost effective. I prefer it with the pink untucked sweater, looks neater to me. Anyway, cute but not my personal style.