A Casual Outfit From Kohl’s That Is Stylish and Fashionable


Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a coat with a fur collar with jeans from Kohl's 1

Even when the weather is yucky, rainy, or cold, you can still look stylish and fashionable in your clothing from Kohl’s. This casual outfit is one of my favorites, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a coat with a fur collar with jeans from Kohl's4

I might have mentioned several times that I am a coat fanatic! I especially love coats with fur trim, and it was love at first sight with this Faux Fur Quilted Duffle Coat.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a coat with a fur collar with jeans from Kohl's3

I can’t think of a single thing I don’t like about this coat. The color is a soft, muted white called frost, and it is gorgeous in person. The fur is the perfect complement to the color of the coat, and I like that it can snap or zip depending on what you prefer.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a coat with a fur collar with jeans from Kohl's6

Can you see the quilted lining of the detachable hood? This coat has such beautiful details.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a coat with a fur collar with jeans from Kohl's5

The coat is also available in black and a beautiful blue color, so there is something for almost everyone. I’m wearing a medium, and it fits great. I found a few other coats you might like, and I’ll share those below.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a coat with a fur collar with jeans from Kohl's9

Since you will eventually be taking off the coat (even though you won’t want to), you want what is underneath the coat to be just as stylish. This casual and comfy outfit is perfect for the dreary days of winter.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a coat with a fur collar with jeans from Kohl's10

I love the pieced ribbed pattern on this muted plum Cowlneck Sweater. This is a cozy sweater that is soft and plush, and it feels like you are being enveloped in a warm hug. You’ll find yourself reaching for this over and over again instead of a boxy sweatshirt.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a coat with a fur collar with jeans from Kohl's13

You can’t see it unless you are close, but the sweater has a tiny metallic strand woven through the material for an unexpected shimmer.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a coat with a fur collar with jeans from Kohl's12

This sweater is flattering because of the cut of the hem. It wraps around your hips, creating a slimming effect which I really like. The sweater is available in several colors, including a deep emerald green, which I’m drawn to this year. I’m wearing a medium, and it fits perfectly.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a coat with a fur collar with jeans from Kohl's8

I really like the look of these High-Waisted Bootcut Jeans! They are so comfortable and figure-flattering and look dressier than most of my jeans. They have just enough stretch to be comfortable but not so much that they look baggy. I’m wearing my usual size 8, so these run true to size.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a coat with a fur collar with jeans from Kohl's7

Here is a great photo showing the look of the denim on the jeans. The material is why the jeans look dressier than a lot of jeans. I know you’ve seen me wearing these Block Heel Dress Boots before. I found these boots in September when I was looking for chic clothing, and I had to have them. I wore them earlier this fall with a pair of trouser jeans and many times since then. I love the look and feel of these boots, and they are comfortable walking. They also come in a GORGEOUS deep green, and since they are under $50, I’m considering ordering those as well. The boots fit true to size; I’m wearing my usual size 9. However, I noticed that they are running low in inventory, so here are a few more options for you.

New Arrivals From Kohl’s

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a coat with a fur collar with jeans from Kohl's11

I love shopping at Kohl’s since you can find something for everyone in the family. Kohl’s offers an exclusive selection of quality merchandise from brands you know and trust. Whether shopping for yourself or the whole family, be sure to take advantage of the fantastic deals and sales Kohl’s has to offer on everything from elevated home decor to women’s fashion and accessories.

Kohl’s and Shopstyle Collective sponsors this post, and I will receive compensation, but the opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Those boots! Everything is a winner in this post!

  2. Oh my! I love that coat! And the jeans! And the boots! And the sweater! I didn’t know Kohl’s had such pretty things! Not only is Christmas just right around the corner, I have a birthday two weeks after Christmas! What fun! Thanks, again, for doing the leg and brain work! Merry Christmas!

  3. Mari Heverly says:

    Love your blog. I spend a lot of time in the car & coats are not comfortable to drive in.

  4. Valerie Haugland says:

    Kohl’s feels like hit or miss for me. You styled the clothes so well I have to really give thought when I am there to how to style them now! Thanks for including Kohl’s since it is easily accessible for most of us and gives Kohl’s cash!

  5. It is a beautiful coat. I just bought a nice teal color jacket from Kohls. I love getting Kohls Kash! Have fun with your mom & everyone else.

  6. Love the coat, and the sweater.

  7. Susan Weston says:

    Love your sweater! The emerald would also be beautiful on you!

  8. Tania, I love, love white coats with fur! You look fantastic in yours. Your boot cut jeans and sweater is a great look; you can look a bit dressy or a bit casual. I too love coats and vests.

  9. Jamie Brown says:

    Tania, I love the beautiful sweater!!
    I think the emerald green would look great on you as well.
    Merry Christmas.🎄

  10. Lynne hess says:

    Love the hem line on the sweater. It is such a pretty color.

  11. Ginger Hiller says:

    The coat is very pretty and that sweater is gorgeous! I wish I needed another sweater so that I could order it.

  12. I like the casual yet polished look of the entire outfit!

  13. Amazing price on jeans! Love the white coat! Merriest of CHRISTmas! May you think of His blessed birth many times over the holidays.

  14. Lori Gorenflo says:

    Kohl’s is one of my favorite places to shop. I absolutely love the coat. I have to get one!

  15. Roberta S says:

    I really like that coat and its affordable.

  16. gardeningmama says:

    Cosy sweater but there are no Mediums on their website for any color! 🙁

  17. Jenifer Coleman says:

    Great color combo! Just a heads up, don’t wear metallic thread anything through TSA, you’ll be patted down because it shows up in the screening. (I learned this the hard way 🙂

  18. Love the unique style of the sweater. It is still available in Marshmallow or I may check out my local Kohls. Thanks and enjoy your family!

  19. Janus Emory says:

    Hi Tania. This is a great outfit. I know because I have one similar. I tend to stay away from cowls and turtles due to my short neck. They tend to get makeup stains so wear once, then clean. Not my thing. I can’t believe how in sync we are with our clothes and attitudes.

  20. Love this outfit! One of my favorites that you’ve done.

  21. Meredith Wiggins says:

    I love a coat or jacket with a fur collar also!! Makes me feel so luxurious!! Can’t wear them here in Florida but fun when I travel to a colder climate!!

  22. Beautiful winter outfit! Soft muted colors like the plum sweater you’re styling have always been favorites of mine. I have yet to buy any clothing from Kohl’s but everything you have styled from them always looks well made, comfortable and affordable. Next time I need new clothes I’m headed to Kohl’s. Thanks , Tania!

  23. I love Kohl’s, affordable clothing. Have a nice weekend with family.

  24. Kohls has some fun finds!
    Enjoy your time in Tennessee!

  25. Debbie Monroe says:

    Hi Tania,
    I went to purchase the coat and the jeans, but they were both out of stock in my size. Bummer! But thanks for bringing them to us. I love the boots also, but the heel is just too high for me.

  26. Love the color and style ☺️

  27. What a beautiful coat! High waisted jeans stylish and so affordable!
    Thank you for sharing.

  28. Shannon Lookenott says:

    Welcome to Tennessee!! Love the outfit as well as the coat. Thanks for the helpful styling tips. Merry Christmas to You and your Family!!

  29. LeeAnn Barnard says:

    Love the color of the sweater! I’ve been loving muted colors like this lately. They just seem cozy to me.

  30. Patti Lou says:

    I love Kohls and you have selected some really gorgeous pieces. I love the coat, cowl neck and also the tan boots.

  31. Joan Henry says:

    You look so good in the pink sweater with the white coat!

  32. Jamie Mannin says:

    That coat looks beautiful on you! I love the jeans a boot combo. Casual but stylish.

  33. Unfortunately, the coat is not available in white. I went to order the second choice (blue) and it’s not available in medium, nor is the black. So, no go. Disappointing!!!!

  34. Jenniffer Groski says:

    Love the mauve color, such a pretty change for this season. God bless your family time!!

  35. The coat is gorgeous! I jumped right on the Kohl’s website but sadly only size small in black is left 🙁

  36. Christina Finley says:

    LOVE each of these! 💕
    And thank you for the boot link! They are super-cute!

  37. Dianne Bergin says:

    Love the coat!!! The whole outfit works well!! Hope you are enjoying your time in Tennessee.

  38. On the site looking for the coat and found lots of other really pretty things. Great sale!!

  39. Love this entire outfit, especially the coat!

  40. Those jeans are so cute. I could wear jeans to every event and never look back.

  41. That is a great outfit. The coat and sweat are both great colors.

  42. Becky Sanchez says:

    love the cowl neck sweater but can’t seem to find it in emerald green! thanks for great advice every day!

  43. I saw that sweater recently while in Kohl’s but didn’t try it on, but seeing you model it makes me want to go back!!

  44. Love the coat,the sweater and the bootcut jeans. The sweater looks very cozy and I love the shape and the color.Thank you for all these wonderfull tips.

  45. Sad they both the coat and sweater were sold out first thing this morning.

  46. Charlotte Whetstone says:

    Very stylish outfit!

  47. Susan Hedgecock says:

    I really like the coat and that the hood is detachable.

  48. Beautiful sweater. Think I will try to get to kohls this weekend and see if I can find it. Coat is beautiful as well … I live in central Texas. …. And have my own personal summers at any given time. 😂. Coat not needed

  49. Kaye Blackburn says:

    Love those jeans. Looking to buy some boot cut but don’t want to pay near a $100 for them.
    Looks good on you.

  50. Becky Kerwin says:

    Lol! Love your story about your mother and sister! That’s what families do right!

  51. Love the coat! Especially love the fir trim. I think the coat looks so nice that it makes your outfit look so much dressier. Beautiful!

  52. Leslie Bizzell says:

    Thanks for sharing the coats especially- I am in a hot search for the right stylish yet warm coat and looks like Kohls might have what I am looking for.


  53. Linda Cole says:

    Beautiful post. Could you sometime feature stylish boots with lower heels? Foot & back issues keep me from anything higher than 1 1/2.
    Thank you & merry Christmas

  54. Julie A Seager says:

    Love the coat!

  55. Delores Sadler Williams says:

    Love that coat! Beautiful with that fur trimmed hood!

  56. Karen Lunde says:

    So glad you show Kohl’s stuff. Really love the pricing and quality of clothing.
    Merry Christmas – thank you for all you do!

  57. I love the coat. I like that it can be dressy or casual.

  58. Candace Barker says:

    Tania, I am a new very consistent reader; maybe obsessed! I open your mail the very first thing every am with a cup of coffee. You offer so many tips and ideas for affordable clothing. I love the outfits you select and also your explanation of WHY they look good…rounded hem, etc. You’ve done all the thinking. Although I have spent years shopping at Walmart, I’m looking at their clothes in a whole new light. I have recently purchased several sweaters that you recommended and have received many compliments. (One even came up as a Black Friday deal for $10; I was all over that!). I always offer up that they came from Walmart and how much I enjoy your blog. WE love the items and definitely the prices! The daily inspirations start the day. Keep it going, Gurl!

  59. Nice outfit! The coat is so pretty and would go with almost any casual outfit. Love those boots also. I hope you have a blessed visit with your family!

  60. Kelly Brooks says:

    Love that color and it looks great on you.

  61. Love the white coat. Also love your blog! Merry Christmas!!🎄

  62. I like the length, style and color of the coat you’re wearing. This outfit looks great on you. Enjoy Christmas with your mom, daughter and entire family.

  63. Kim Luehmann says:

    Love this look. Especially the jeans.

  64. I love the coat!
    I’m a coat person too!

  65. Elizabeth Smith says:

    Thanks for showing outfits from Kohls. Quality pieces at a decent price.

  66. Cindy Gunville says:

    I love the coat.