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IMG_0181_2Do you gurls know that I do everything wrong, in the blogging atmosphere? I am supposed to have a catchy title, but one that someone would actually be searching for on Google. I don’t think they will be searching for this one. That is why I am relying on you lovely ladies to get the word out for me. Today I am uploading my hair tutorial video, the one where I am styling my hair.IMG_0180_2Joe walked past me as I was selecting the hair tutorial video to upload, and he saw my skin care routine and makeup tutorials. He stopped and shook his head. “Surely you didn’t share that with the entire world?” When I answered that I had indeed done that very thing, he just shook his head. “You are one brave woman!” He knows that I strive to always look nice, put together, and polished, so he was confused why I would not walk out the door without everything in place, but I would put a video on the internet with my hair a mess and no makeup on. It is ALL for you gurls, what can I say. You have requested over and over for these videos, so I complied. Please be careful what you ask for, from now on. LOL!!! You might just get it!

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lVm3sfRX5Y[/embedyt]

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lyzKpq42Hk[/embedyt]

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  1. Just looking at different posts…this one caught my eye. I had to laugh. I’m 67 and this was my college freshman hair cut 51 years ago. It’s a classic!!

  2. Margaret M. Donohue says:

    so happy to see a tutorial for super thick and coarse hair like mine on someone around my age (I’m older). Thanks.

  3. Hi Tania. I am curious what hairstyle you had before this one and how you decided to make the drastic switch to short.

  4. You are far more legit than I am, Tania!! The world of videos and vlogging scares me still 🙂

  5. I just love your posts, makes me realize I can still stay stylish and fun when I hit my 50s. I havd very similar hair style- love it

  6. Cheryl Records says:

    Thanks for the videos you’ve posted lately! I’ve enjoyed watching and have picked up several tips to update my look and routine. The makeup geek eye-shadows are wonderful!! I’ve admired your hair style since I first saw it and have even pinned it on pinterest and taken it to my hair dresser to get the same cut. My hair isn’t nearly as thick as yours, but I’m pretty good at faking it! 🙂

  7. Glenda Braun says:

    I have really enjoyed all your videos. Thank you so much. Picked up a lot of tips. Love your voice tooo. Being from Al I love the southern sound.

  8. Hi Tania! Thanks for the hair tutorial. Love your haircut. I wanted to ask you what kind of sunless tanner you use? I believe in one of your previous post you mentioned using a self tanner. I haven’t been able to find one I like. Some tanners look so fake, but your color looks so natural. ( or maybe it is natural) Maybe that will be your next video topic! 🙂

      1. Thanks Tania for the link to your post. I’m new to your blog and need to catch up. Love your blog!

  9. Joe is right, you are BRAVE and we love you for it! Thanks for sharing your skin care, makeup and hair routines with us!

  10. I love love love that you put yourself out there. I love your sense of style and I love your imperfect use of the straightener and your fearlessness. Love your blog and I look forward to it every day.

  11. I for one am so very thankful that You would reveal Your Beauty Care & Hair Video’s to share such a Womans Personal Regimen of How to Look Lovely & Womanly……I for one Need ALL THE HELP that I can get……THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!! You not only care about Yourself, but You also care about ALL OF US OTHER LADIES to Look our Best & that is so much Appreciated by Myself & I am sure by All of The Other Ladies……Much Love, & Keep Up the Great Work You are doing……We are watching & listening & IT IS WORKING……GO & BE BLESSED GIRL!!

    1. Thank you soo much. It makes my day to know that you appreciate all the work I put into the blog.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing your hair video…loved it! To answer a couple of the other gurls, this cut will work well for just about anyone. I have fine and thinner hair than I used to. A great cut goes a long way to making it look great! Thanks for helping us out Tania!

  13. Loved the hair video. You do have a great cut and nice thick hair. The colors are amazing too!

  14. Susan Stancliff says:

    I was on YouTube yesterday and your makeup tutorial popped up! You have quite a few views. Congratulations! Love your post and the tutorials. Keep them coming!

  15. I have always loved fashion and look forward to your daily style. Your blog is so much more than fashion!!! love your honesty and ability to tell it like it is!!! Your endearing personality always shines through and makes me smile.
    Thanks for your tutorials, they are inspiring.

  16. Loved this post!!! I’d of course love to have your hair! I sadly have very fine and thin hair. Loved hearing your voice! Thanks for sharing this! As always…you are such a beautiful lady! ?

  17. a vanderven says:

    You have beautiful hair, also love your voice.

  18. Great tutorial, Tania! I was about to ask you to post a hair video because I admire your hair. P.S. Tell your hubby it’s a “girl thing”. LOL!! xoxo

  19. Hi Tania….thanks for the video. The hairspray is my fav. Love your nails….do you have acrylic with gel color over the top??



  20. I’m in a hurry (what’s new?), so will come back to watch. I really like your style and found your blog while looking for ideas on how a middle-aged woman should dress for a trip to NYC. You’d think the only women there, are at most 35 yrs. old-ha! Also–I really like the line of Plunder jewelry, I saw the “Kimberly” necklace with your white lace dress–nice!

  21. Tania,
    You make me smile, (and laugh) you do write the way you talk which is awesome. I have been loving your videos, although your make up process is a lot, it always makes us feel better, I think anyway. (and I learned a lot) I am either all put together, or I look homeless, there is no in between. I am so happy I found your blog. You, Cyndi, and Jo-Lynne always brighten my day!

  22. Love your voice! So cool to “hear” you!!

  23. I am so jealous! I have extra fine and thinning hair i think i have tried every product out there. Lol
    I love your videos and enjoy your humor. Thank you for all you do forus gurlz!!

  24. Love this hair tutorial! And listening to your southern drawl! Talk about being a flat iron pro, wow! You zipped through your hair in no time. I use my flat iron every now & then, but after seeing you do it, it’s inspired me to get mine out & use it more often. I like your results from using it. Have a hairspray question though, but not about about the brand—about the cleanup. I do use hairspray every day & since I have a small bathroom, I’m always getting the back of the door sprayed. Any tips on removing hairspray from the floor & door?? Anyone out there have a tip for me that I am missing?

  25. Susanne Braconnier says:

    Tania, thank you so much for sharing your hair and make up routines. It’s always great to see different products and different tools that other people use and try them out myself. I look forward to your blogs all the time!

  26. Love, love, love your posts. Thanks for this tutorial. I’m going to ditch my curling iron and opt for a Chi. 🙂

  27. Just watched your hair video. You look like a professional using that flat iron. Loved that you can make your hair curl out with a flat iron. I’ll have to work on that. Thanks so much for sharing. Hope you have a great day.

    1. Well, Tania, what a revelation! Using straighteners to curl hair. I had NO idea. I have never owned a pair as I have extremely straight hair. Now I want some as seems to be area-directional and much quicker. You have left me gob-smacked and I want a pair. Can you this technique with any straightener ar these specific for this purpose?

      Also, I love what I can see of your gorgeous bathroom. Any chance of some photos of it?

      Mary PP.

      1. Any straightener will work, it is more about how well they hold their temperature. The higher end straightener’s will stay hot better. With the cheaper ones, you might have to wait for it to reheat to go on to the next section. But, if you are just trying it out to see it you will like the effect, I would try a cheaper one (WalMart or Target, etc.) and then invest in a nicer one it you like how it works. My bathroom is big, but it is terribly dated. We remodeled our house when we bought it in 1995, so you can imagine how out of date it is.

  28. Connie R. says:

    Loved the tutorial ! I have similar cut but thin hair. Wonder if flat iron would work for me. Do you use any heat protector spray first? I think your cut works great for this type styling. Is this considered a bob? I have a hard time getting my stylist to cut the way I want. Always takes more off. Thanks for being real.

    1. Connie I have found it helpful to take a picture to my stylist. When I try to describe the cut, what I envision and what she envisions, are usually two different things. I don’t use any products, none! I do find my hair is easier to style on the second day, (I don’t wash my hair every day because I have dry skin) because of the hair spray from the day before. This would be considered a bob, it is an asymmetrical cut. The flat iron would work, it just takes practice.

  29. Loved your videos for makeup and hair. Thank you for taking your time to help us gurls 50 +. You are quite and inspiration to me. I ordered the IT CC Cream last night. I am updating my makeup and still working on my hair to look pretty as yours.

    1. Thanks Kathy! I hope you like it. I haven’t used “foundation” in probably a year or more.

  30. I am also interested in your hair color routine. I tried highlights a few years back but my hair is coarse and it was breaking off in some places, so I stopped that. Did I get over processed? I’d like to try it again but now I am fearful. Love the cut on you!

    1. I don’t know Beth. I am going to my stylist today, I will try to show her this post and see what she has to say.

      1. You make it look so easy… I can’t ever seem to get my hand, eyes to correlate in the mirror?. Love your cut. I showed your cut to my hairdresser…..I’m to be a copy cat. Doesn’t everyone realize that all southern ladies sound like you?

  31. Love this! A good cut is so important. Your stylist is very talented!

    1. I think so, and I will be certain to tell her you gurls said so.?

  32. Thank you so much for the videos. They will be so helpful. I need to get a flat iron. Was surprised you don’t use any volume products in your hair. What is your hair texture? I have a lot of hair but it’s fine. Also how many color highlights do you have and do you do your highlights each time you have your hair cut?

    1. I have a lot of hair, and it is coarse. I have a base color, then we highlight with the blonde and a “reddish” color. We do this every time I go, which is about every 5 weeks. Depending on how the colors are wearing, we will go heavier with the one we need.

      1. I love your hair! What colors do you use on the highlights and what is your base color?

        1. I have no idea what colors my stylist uses. I call the base “dishwater blonde,” and then the highlights are bright blonde/white and coppers/reds.

  33. Your hair is ADORABLE and so are you! Thanks for the tutorials.

  34. Great videos! Your hair is adorable. How often do you clean your make up brushes and what method do you use to clean them? I am starting the process to update my make up. The kiddos at school won’t recognize the new Mrs. Braun? this fall. Thanks for your inspiration!

    1. I clean my brushes about every month. If one is getting more cruddy, I will just clean that one. The foundation brush and the concealer brush are the two that need it the most often. I will video that before long, now that I know how to share the videos. You will have to let us know what the kiddos think of the new Mrs. Braun.?

  35. Maria Clark says:

    So enjoyed this, Tania! Loved watching you work your “magic” on your hair. It’s a really great cut. And I have to admit, I was looking past you at your gorgeous bathroom! That floor is fantastic! Thanks again for making “50” look so spectacular!

  36. Thank you for taking the time to make all these videos, they’ve been great fun to watch ? I think if you start with a GOOD haircut, it cuts down on your styling time. When you find a good hairdresser they’re worth their weight in gold!!

  37. Christine says:

    Gurl you are a master with the straightener! Loved this video and the makeup one as well!