IMG_0181_2Do you gurls know that I do everything wrong, in the blogging atmosphere? I am supposed to have a catchy title, but one that someone would actually be searching for on Google. I don’t think they will be searching for this one. That is why I am relying on you lovely ladies to get the word out for me. Today I am uploading my hair tutorial video, the one where I am styling my hair.IMG_0180_2Joe walked past me as I was selecting the hair tutorial video to upload, and he saw my skin care routine and makeup tutorials. He stopped and shook his head. “Surely you didn’t share that with the entire world?” When I answered that I had indeed done that very thing, he just shook his head. “You are one brave woman!” He knows that I strive to always look nice, put together, and polished, so he was confused why I would not walk out the door without everything in place, but I would put a video on the internet with my hair a mess and no makeup on. It is ALL for you gurls, what can I say. You have requested over and over for these videos, so I complied. Please be careful what you ask for, from now on. LOL!!! You might just get it!



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  1. Just looking at different posts…this one caught my eye. I had to laugh. I’m 67 and this was my college freshman hair cut 51 years ago. It’s a classic!!

    Posted 6.6.20 Reply
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