50 IS NOT OLD | PICKING UP THE CLUBSAfter 20+ plus years, I have decided to start playing golf again. Where did the time go? How in the world can it have been over 20 years since I last picked up a golf club? When Joe and I first moved to Grundy, my children were young. Joe was from the area originally, so he knew lots and lots of people. I, however, didn’t know anyone. The children were not in school yet, and I was staying home with them. The few people I knew were his family members and one or two wives of some of his friends.50 IS NOT OLD | PICKING UP THE CLUBSThe children eventually started going to a little preschool for 1/2 a day at one of the churches in town. Sandy, my BFF, was one of the few people I knew, and her children and mine were almost the exact same ages. Hers started going to preschool also, so we had a few hours to kill while we waited to pick them up. I’m not sure how or why we started playing golf, but we would drop the kids off and drive to the course to play a little.50 IS NOT OLD | PICKING UP THE CLUBSWe took a few lessons from the golf pro at the club, and soon enough we were able to play 9 holes, and then go pick the kids back up. This was a lot of fun, and I fell in love with the game. It looks easy, but it is incredibly hard. You have to figure out which club to use, how hard to swing, where to place the ball in your stance, grip the club just right, keep your head down, turn your shoulders, follow through, and a host of other things in the matter or a few seconds. If you do just one of those things wrong, then the ball does not do what you had intended. You will find yourself in the weeds, not that I would know from experience. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | PICKING UP THE CLUBSOnce the kids started school full time, I started working full time, and golf got thrown to the wind. There was just other things that needed to be done. My clubs and shoes eventually were given away over the years, and I had even forgotten about playing. However, the other afternoon, Joe was going to the club to get in 9 holes after work, and he asked me to ride along for company. He was just really practicing, not keeping score, and there was not anyone else on the course, so we could take our time. He hit several balls and then told me to get out of the cart and try to hit one. I tried and tried to put him off. I hadn’t hit a ball in over 20 years, and I hate looking stupid in front of my husband. I would rather have taken a bucket of balls to the practice range by myself, until I knew I could once again make contact. But nothing would do him but for me to try. So he handed me his club and teed the ball up.50 IS NOT OLD | PICKING UP THE CLUBSI guess it is kind of like riding a bike, because I actually hit the ball. While it was not perfect, it did go forward and it the generally direction I needed it to go. The thing I like about golf is that it is all about “you.” It doesn’t matter if Joe’s shot is long or pretty, I still have to play “my” ball. It is challenging! I LOVE a challenge, something I can sink my teeth into. It makes me better to try something new, something that does not come easy.50 IS NOT OLD | PICKING UP THE CLUBSHere comes the segue, are you settling for less than the best? Is there something out there that challenges you? I have a Plunder necklace that reads, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” When I first got the necklace, I really didn’t put to much thought into it, but now I understand. Besides golf being a challenge for me physically, it is challenging me in my fashion. I don’t have anything to wear! I bet you never thought you would hear me say that!!! This is what I wore to play golf in a couple days ago. I don’t yet have “golfing” attire, so I went with this Ivanka Trump sleeveless button up shirt. It has the faintest stripes running through it.

Sleeveless Button-up Shirt: Jewel Neck | Talbots | Zappos50 IS NOT OLD | PICKING UP THE CLUBSBecause I sometimes get cold when we go to the holes that are shaded, I slipped on this lace insert cardigan. I bought this from the Loft a year or so ago in ivory as well as the navy. It turned out to be so smothery, that I never even got the cardigan out of the truck. I was burning up with just the sleeveless shirt. Also, I did NOT wear all this jewelry when I was playing golf, but I had to put it on for the pictures. It would just not have been right without it. I have on two Plunder Design necklaces. The Trudy that I had on in Monday’s post, and the Anita necklace. I also have on two Plunder Design bracelets. One is the Feather and Pearl and the other is the Edith. The other leather bracelet is c/o Jewels of the Vineyard. If you purchase any of the Plunder jewelry, just type my stylist number in the box when you go to checkout (241007). I have started an online party, and there is a dropdown box where you can choose Tania’s P Party at checkout. If you would like to have an online or FaceBook party, contact me and I will help you set everything up.

Lace Cardigan: Similar | Similar Plus | Plus50 IS NOT OLD | PICKING UP THE CLUBS

This old pair of shorts can go with just about anything. They are by Ashley Judd, and I bought them from Kohl’s years ago. They are always my go-to short, when I am in a hurry. I know they fit well, and they are long enough to be presentable, no matter where we are going.

Khaki Shorts: Nike | Tommy Hilfiger | Lands End50 IS NOT OLD | PICKING UP THE CLUBSMy t-strap navy sandals are by Tommy Hilfiger. I love a flat sandal in the summer months. And I am carrying my linen Michael Kors bag that is a couple years old from TJ Maxx.

T-Strap Sandals: Similar | Similar | Similar 50 IS NOT OLD | PICKING UP THE CLUBSNow for the winners of this months anniversary giveaway. The winner of the $25.00 Plunder Design gift certificate is Sandi.  The winner of the $20.00 Plunder Design gift certificate is Karen Johnson.  You gurls will be getting an email from me sometime today. Congratulations!!!

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  1. Great look, I am loving the bag! Would love it if joined my linkup too #UntamedStyle at CidStyleFile.com


    1. Tania you have given some inspiration every day to just make an effort. I do wish I had thin thighs. Would make my new pixie pants look cuter. It didn’t help that I paired it with a knit top that covers my tummy but seems to emphasis the widest par of my hips.

  2. I do love your golf look. It looks nothing like my frumpy mannish golf outfits so I must give it another go, trying golf gear Tania-style! I started playing golf after retiring. I don’t play too often or consistently as life and grandkiddies get in the way, but both take precedent over golf and that is just how I want to keep it. So, needless to say, I do struggle when I do play, but it sounds like you are a natural!

  3. onewhiteroad says:

    I’ve never tried golf…maybe when my husband retires in a few years. But I do love this outfit! I have those same shorts but I only wear them with a navy tee and no accessories. Now I’m off to shop for those blue sandals and some jewelry…thanks for the inspiration

  4. Tamela Kirby says:

    I don’t play golf, but my husband does sometimes and he really enjoys the challange. I just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog and look forward each day to see what you are wearing. You have inspired me on several occasions. Thank you very much!

    1. Aww, thanks Tamela. You have a very pretty name ?

  5. Pat Cloey says:

    Hey Tania…absolutely love your blog. Have really enjoyed following since Sandy and Bertha told me about it at GFWC VA convention in May. I just now ordered some Plunder jewelry after seeing yours…but could not see where to enter your “party” number. Just want to make sure you receive credit. Pat

    1. I can’t believe with ALL your jewelry, you are ordering from Plunder ?

    2. I looked at my plunder website, and I don’t see where you placed the order. I will call them tomorrow and check it out, or if you want you can email me your receipt number, and I can give that to them.

  6. I took golf lessons so many years ago – but haven’t played in years. I would love to pick it up again, now that the kids are out of the house! Thank you for hosting today!

  7. I love golf…try to play at least twice a week with friends and hubby, weather permitting! Can’t wait to see some cute golf outfits showing up on your blog⛳️

  8. Good luck with the golfing. I played in college and it was a disaster, so it’s great that you are good at it! Thank you for the link party.

  9. robjodiefilogomo says:

    No gold here—I’m an indoor girl and not quite that coordinated!! Give me knitting needles anyday and I’m a happy camper instead!!
    Love the outfit!

  10. Such a cute story Tania – thank you for sharing and good for you on picking up the golf clubs once again!

    Yvonne xx

  11. Tammy Dodson says:

    My husband bought me clubs and lessons when our only child left for college 5 hours away! I guess I was “driving” him crazy missing her. He loves to shop so we had a great time picking out golf attire! We have fun on our date days. Enjoy your time out with your hubby.

    1. Thanks Tammy. Enjoy those dates!

  12. Golf is an incredible game! I picked it up for the first time 3 years ago at the age of 43 – and haven’t looked back. Plus, I have the best golf partner who introduced me to the game – my hubby. Keep swinging!

    1. W are really enjoying our time in the afternoons together. The course is almost empty by the time we get there, so it is like our own private course.

  13. You look so adorable! Best of luck picking up golf, again–I keep saying “some day”! May I ask, have you done a “packing for a long weekend” (by plane) post, yet, that you could direct me to. I’m usually pretty good at it, but I feel like I’ve gotten into kind of style rut, and would like some help getting out! Blessings, Kim

    1. I have not yet done a post on packing. I am really terrible at it, and usually wait till the morning I am leaving. My sister will be taking a long trip soon, and she will only be taking a carry-on suitcase. Maybe she and I can work together on a post. Thanks for following,

  14. I just started this year, so fun. There is a Womens Golf organization here
    and its fun to shop for a new wardrobe of clothing
    Dick’s is a good place to things at a good price,
    and apparently Chico’s has a line of golf clothing but not in the north where I live

  15. I too have started to pick up the game of golf again. It’s definitely a challenging game! I love your style as a fashion blogger. It seems that you have most of the outfits that you showcase. I know blogging is a business for some fashion bloggers, but most of their items are constantly new, not from past seasons. And always promoting sales. My philosophy on life now is about my personal happiness without all the material stuff, and making the most out of the clothing I have, and being the best I can. Thank you I enjoy reading your real life stories!

  16. jaymieashcraft says:

    I’ve never played golf before! Love this outfit. 🙂

  17. If I had your legs, I’d wear somewhat shorter shorts. You look amazing in them. Unfortunately, that will never be my look…….

  18. Revisiting enjoyment from the past definitely can be a good thing! We see it in a new light. Good luck with the golf. I’ve been considering learning for some time but haven’t moved on it. Thought I’d take lessons as retirement gets closer but If I get an opportunity this summer, I will try it.

    Have a great day!

  19. Good for you getting back in the game! I took up golf a few years ago at 55 years young and love it. And golf clothes are finally fashionable!!

  20. I had to smile because it has been about 18 years since I have played and I desperately want to get back out on the course with my Mr. but I’m afraid I’ll be horrible. You’ve inspired me to try and what a darling outfit. The Loft has the BEST cardigans!