50 IS NOT OLD | FACE GLOWI am so thrilled that I have been receiving comments lately that I appear to be “glowing.” I mean, holy cow! That is some of the nicest things you gurls have ever said to me. The first time someone asked, they suggested that maybe I had changed makeup or even the lighting for my pictures. I just use whatever the natural light is when I take photos, I am not advanced enough to have lights set up. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | FACE GLOWAs far as my makeup goes, if anything I have changed to a darker shade of cc cream. But I did that way back in February. I usually am a little more tan in the summer months, so I go one shade darker with my foundation/cc cream. So, that is not the reason. Joe says he is the reason for my “glow,” of course he would say that! Haha! BUT, the real reason is Rodan and Fields.50 IS NOT OLD | FACE GLOW

I would have never believed it! By my taking a picture everyday, I figured no one would ever see the change because it would happen so gradually. When you see someone day in and day out, those subtle changes sometimes can go unnoticed. But if you haven’t seen a person in a while, the changes smack you in the face. A loss of 1/4 pound a day doesn’t show, but if you suddenly see a 20 lb loss, that is really noticeable. So, the fact that you have even noticed is remarkable.50 IS NOT OLD | FACE GLOW

I have done the unthinkable! I videoed my routine for my face. I never even took my makeup off at night till I started using the Rodan and Fields. Not that I hadn’t tried, I have purchased several different lines of skin care, Mary Kay – Avon – Clinque – Beauti-Control, but I would ALWAYS end up giving up and going back to doing nothing. I had been seeing Rodan and Fields on FaceBook, it was pretty hard not to, it is everywhere. That should have been a clue, but I thought it was just ladies trying to “peddle” their wares. Still, I was intrigued, so I looked it up online. The price quickly had me scurrying away, I could just see me adding more products to my cabinets that I would eventually quit using. But, it kept nagging at me. AND, the age spots seemed to be getting more and more noticeable everyday. What if it did really work? Would I think the price was too much then???50 IS NOT OLD | FACE GLOW

I finally told my energizer bunny friend to order me the Reverse regimen line before I changed my mind. I am so glad that I did. It probably took about a month before I started seeing a noticeable difference. The product is supposed to last two months, so my friend called me close to that time to see if I wanted to re-order. I put her off since I still had product, plus I was still in denial that it was actually helping. Finally, I decided I better order another regime in before I ran out of product. This stuff was actually working!!! I called her up and told her I had decided to sign-up, because I would be able to buy the products I wanted at cost. I had already decided I was going to continue with my routine, I might as well not pay full price. DUH! Normally the Reverse line is $179.00, but there is a discount when you sign up to be a consultant. Email me at if you would like more information about Rodan and Fields.50 IS NOT OLD | FACE GLOW

I now use the Reverse regimen morning and night, plus I use a few of the items in the Redefine regimen line. Step 1. in the Reverse is an exfoliant, Step 2 is a brightening toner, Step 3 is a blend of vitamin C and retinol, and Step 4 is a SPF 50 Sunscreen. I add the a.m. moisturizer and the multi-function eye cream to my regimen in the morning, and at night I add the p.m. moisturizer, the multi-function eye cream, and a lip renewing serum.50 IS NOT OLD | FACE GLOWThis picture is from early this year. You can tell my foundation is a lighter color. I don’t look bad here, I just don’t have a glow or a sheen. If you are thinking I am trying to sell you this stuff because I will make money off of you, the answer is no. I am showing you what I am doing, and what I know worked for me. You can buy from me or anyone else you want, if you even want the product. Here is an article I read from a lady, who does NOT sell the product, she only uses it.

I have videoed my regimen, but it may or may not have sound. That really sucks! Anyway, you will be able to see the amount of product I use, and the way I go about using it. Cross your fingers the stupid sound works ?


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  1. Nice post! This is an amazing article. In order to get Glowing skin one can follow a daily skin care routine. It plays a very important role in skin’s health.

  2. Janie Flores says:

    I would love to know more about these skin care products.

  3. I have been using R & F for 2 months. I use the reverse. I just added the eye cream and it is wonderful! One tip you may try is put the retinol and vit C on top of your hand to mix it. Then switch hands each time. That way your hands will benefit from any extra product.?

    1. Thanks Christy!!! That is a wonderful tip, and my hands could certainly use the added benefit.

  4. Would love to know where you got the colorful lime, red, blue, black scarf? Love it!

    1. I think that scarf came from CATO’s

  5. I have been using Rodan and Fields for 4 months or so. I started with Redefine, but switched to Soothe, I am going to try Reverse next. I have noticed generally brighter, healthier looking and feeling skin.

    1. I am loving the products that I have been using. I am order the Redefine Amped regimen this week. I intend to use it on my neck.

  6. Love seeing the skin care video! I don’t have a good skin care routine- I will have to check Rodan and Fields out! Thanks1

  7. You are so brave putting the morning face out there , thanks

  8. I am so glad I found you on Pinterest. You are so cute and I love your style. We have the same taste. I too have heard and sen a lot about R&F. Watching your video demonstration was encouraging. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love the difference r and f has made in my face. I can always tell when I slack off using them things get to looking so drab. The microderm paste is my fave!

  10. You are too cute. Now I can put a voice to your writing. I’ve been using the same products for years and get regular facials but noticed I’ve lost that glow. I may consider the Rodan and Fields line. Is there a way to enter the contest without Facebook or Twitter? I don’t use either. But I have told so many people about your blog.

    1. Loryl,

      Just by leaving the same comment on that blog post will enter you. I think word of mouth recommendations are the best!!!?

  11. Loved the video and sound! I knew you would have a southern drawl, ya all! I enjoy your blog first thing every morning, you are funny and so darn pretty! You have inspired me to do something about my age spots and discoloration from too much sun! Thank you!

  12. Cyndi Wtdner says:

    My daughter and I just started using Rodan and Fields and loving it! Can’t wait to see the results!!!

  13. You are awesome, Sister! I look forward to the makeup tutorial. I need to step up my game.

  14. Thanks for the video. I have a question: do the Rodan and fields products have much scent? I have allergies, so it’s always challenging to find products that are low to no scent.

    1. I have a very small allergy to smells, also. I don’t notice any smell at all. I will see if I can research the hypoallergenic part.

      1. June ward says:

        Congrats your video was a success!!???thanks so much for all the info !I don’t usually comment very often but read your blog every morning and truly enjoy it ?

  15. Great video and thanks for sharing your amazing results! You have nice eyebrows, are they natural? I have hardly any and am contemplating tattoo.

    1. They are natural. They are sparse, but I just fill them in.

  16. I love Rodan and fields! I use redefine and I love the microdermabrasion! It’s amazing! I think I might add the vit c and retinol! Thanks for sharing, you are a beautiful lady!

  17. Glenda Braun says:

    Thank you for the video. You are right it is making it is making a big difference. I too have see it all over FB. Thinking about it. I can’t say again how much I love your blog. So glad I found it and that is what just what I did searching and it came up. My good luck.

  18. Thanks for sharing. I have been thinking about trying rodan and fields. You convinced me it’s worth the money. Can’t wait to see your video on makeup and hair.

  19. I’m glad to see your demo and hear how it’s working for you. My friend invited me to a demo of it but I too was unsure due to the price. My friend has also has noticeable results so I think I will order also. Thanks again for the tips!

  20. I use redefine and love it, product worth the money!

  21. How brave of you to post a morning video! My tried and true line of Dr. Denese products seems to not be as effective as they once were. Perhaps my skin needs more. I use Purity, too, each morning. It’s good stuff. . My girlfriend has just started to sell Mary Kay so might have to try that next – ha, ha. But if that isn’t what my face needs, will certainly consider this other skin care line. What a difference it made for you! We can see it.

    Glowing is a great word to describe you and your site. We see it and hope by the time we’re dressed, a little rubs off on us!

    Have a great day.

  22. Joanne Scantlebury says:

    Hey Tania, thanks for the video on skin care. Hope I can order here in Australia.nid like to try it. If you ever get the chance, I’d love to see your make up application. I can’t seem to get it look good on my skin.
    Keep up the good work.?

    1. I am one step ahead of you Joanne! I already have it videoed. A makeup AND a hair tutorial has been done, it is just getting them to upload with sound. Haha

  23. Yay! Sound this time! Your skin looks lovely and what a difference between the two photos, your face looks so slender!

  24. Reverse is my all time favorite and you must must use the mask, my second fav !!!

    1. I will try that Deanna. I am glad to see you are feeling better.? Give your Em a hug from me!