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Gurls, the makeup video is finally uploaded. It has taken two days of uploading and reloading, but it is finally here. So today you get two posts. The first post is a written description, and this post is the video’s. There are two, because Joe came through and I stopped for a minute before finishing the video. They are long, sorry, but it takes me a while to “get my pretty on.” Haha

Here is part one:

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_6Oafo0NC8[/embedyt]

and here is part two:

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1DsXqAIPj8[/embedyt]

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  1. Janie Flores says:

    Love your video , I’ve been hoping for something like this thank you so much it was great and please keep them coming.

  2. Stumbled on this tutorial yesterday. LOVE IT! Learned so many tricks!
    Thanks for all the great tips and Inspiration!
    Safe travels! … Lot’s of Fun at Music Festival.

  3. Loved the video. Inspired me to go out and buy some contouring makeup and new brushes. I looked for Makeup Geek eye shadow. Do you know who retail MG.
    Thanks so much. Wendy

    1. I don’t know of anyone who carries makeup geek. I had to order mine directly through them.

  4. Tania, I really needed your blog. I felt so down yesterday and you perked me up. You’re very talented. You’ve motives me to do better. Thanks for giving me your address yesterday.

  5. Ruth quiroz says:

    I love your tricks. Do you wear make up everyday? I means do you wear the same make up for night too?? What do wear for a party?/

    1. I wear pretty much the same makeup, I just apply the eyeliner heavier, and will wear red lipstick, etc.

  6. Thank you, this was awesome. I learned a few new “tricks”, tried them out and very pleased with the results!

    1. Great! Everyone needs to send me a before and after picture.

  7. hinesley7 says:

    Thanks for sharing this. And thank you for caring enough about how you look to put time and effort into it. I always appreciate it when people put effort into looking nice. So many people just look like they rolled out of bed and can’t be bothered with hair, makeup, or fashion. But you look great!

  8. Tania, this is the best makeup video I have seen. Thank you for sharing your routine, names of products and brush numbers. Your tips are very helpful to get that polished look. You are so authentic! I love your blog and look forward to each one. You are my first read of the day. THANK YOU, Girl Friend!

  9. What a great video!! I’m off to order that brush set now….and checking out Makeup Geek for eyeshadow! What’s the product that you referred to that helped with wrinkles/lines around the mouth? I need some of that for sure!

    1. Debbie, it is the Lip Renewing Serum from Rodan and fields. Here is what their website says about the lip serum:
      Restore and maintain your fuller, younger-looking lips. REDEFINE Lip Renewing Serum is rich with peptides and antioxidants, including vitamin E, to help lips retain their natural moisture, visibly smooth lip texture and reduce the appearance of lip wrinkles.
      What I noticed is, the tiny lines around my mouth seem less noticeable. That is huge, I HATE the prune looking mouth that older women get. Here is where you would go if you are interested in reading more about their line or in ordering.

  10. Awesome videos! Thank you so much for taking the time to make them and get them up on the blog.

  11. Thanks for sharing. I got a lot of new tips.

  12. Wow, you do this every day. Wow. My husband made fun of me on vacation for putting on lip gloss. I am 58 so I think some of your tips might be helpful to hide my sagging chin. Wow.

    1. My sagging chin is my next Rodan and Fields project?

  13. Jennie ( as in short for Jennifer) says:

    Hi Tania, I’m in Melbourne Australia and love getting your daily blog to see the fashion ideas as well as your thoughts. I so enjoy them!!! We don’t have Rodan and Fields products available but can I email you directly to ask a few questions? Many thanks and keep those blogs coming. Jen

  14. Tania, great job on the videos and tips. What is the Rodan and Fields product you use on your lips that you mentioned? What does it do, and why do you like it?

    1. Lori, here is what their website says about the lip serum:
      Restore and maintain your fuller, younger-looking lips. REDEFINE Lip Renewing Serum is rich with peptides and antioxidants, including vitamin E, to help lips retain their natural moisture, visibly smooth lip texture and reduce the appearance of lip wrinkles.
      What I noticed is, the tiny lines around my mouth seem less noticeable. That is huge, I HATE the prune looking mouth that older women get. Here is where you would go if you are interested in reading more about their line or in ordering.

  15. Colleen Erickson says:

    I want to thank you so much for this informative video. It’s not often that make-up videos are done for women over 50. It is so helpful to see how you address the issues of aging skin and make-up application. Thank you

    1. That is because no one, over 40, ever in their right mind, would appear on the internet without makeup. AND, closeup shots?

  16. Thank you for a very informative video. I watched it twice so I didn’t miss anything. I have never applied foundation with a brush, but I will now! Did you learn all the steps when you had your makeover? Was that at a department store? You are quite professional in your application. Lovely results.

    1. June ward says:

      I watched your videos in parts lol and I thought I did a great job !you inspired me to try some new things !thanks girl love you and your accent ?

      1. Do I have an accent??? Lol!

    2. Doreen, that is quite a compliment, since the video is pretty long. I have never had a makeover, but thanks for thinking I know what I am doing. I have watched makeup artists on youtube, and some of the tricks I just picked up over the years.

  17. Amazing video today. Learned lots of new tips to use for applying my make up. I think my 16 year old daughter will even enjoy watching this. Look forward to your blog every morning.

    1. That is awesome Staci. I never thought about a 16 year old watching me video, but it would teach her, at an early age about makeup applications and tricks.?

  18. I just found your blog tonight and so happy I did!! Thanks a million for doing these videos ~ you are a brave gurl! I am retired and have not done as much with make-up recently…this is very encouraging for me. I’ve been thinking recently that I need a refresher and here I found it!!

    Thanks again ~

  19. Glenda Braun says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. Picked up a lot of great tips.

  20. As a transplanted Tennessee Gurl. who never leaves the house without makeup, I so appreciate your taking the time to show us your routine. I follow several fashion blogs and yours is MY FAVORITE by far. I love your colorful style. You give me a lot of good ideas that I wouldn’t have considered. Keep on blogging!!

  21. The videos are so great!! It was also nice to hear your voice. Fabulous job! I’ll probably watch more than once!

  22. Karen Sorensen says:

    Thank you so very much for taking the time to do this – it was extremely helpful and I really enjoyed it! Most of the other videos I watched were not nearly as good as yours! Again appreciate the help.

  23. Love the make up video! It gave me inspiration to do a little more. I am retired and have gotten into a simple 5 minute make up routine since my life is much more casual now. But doing a little extra for special occasions would be nice. Thanks for the tips!

  24. What a BRAVE person you are. Thans so much for your last 3 videos (skin care routine and make-up). Looking forward to the hair video as well. Would you be able to list all the brushes and products you use in a list form (it will be easier than stopping and starting the videos)? Just thought it would be easier for purchasing. Thanks again for all your wonderful information. You ROCK!!

      1. Debbie Barr says:

        Thanks again Tania….love the amazon links…..did you by chance purchase a Sigma Brush KIT or buy everything individually? These guys really start to add up!!!

        1. I bought a kit, but it was expensive too. If I was doing it again, unless there is a huge savings in buying the kit, I would probably just buy one brush a month. I would start with the flat kabuki or the blush brush. I can’t really say for sure that a brush makes that much difference. I do know that these Sigmas are nicer and thicker that others I have owned.

  25. Deborah Harris says:

    Loved your videos will be trying some of your ideas !! Always watch your post first thing everyday ❤️ Great to see someone my age doing post. ?

  26. Oh my! I just watched all three videos, the skin care and then your make up routines and I have to say a big THANK YOU! You were so brave to do that!! I’m looking forward to adding a few extra steps and products to my routine! What a great step by step videos, one of the best I have watched! I felt like you and I were just sitting here “playing makeup” together! I just love your blog…thank you, thank you, thank you for always keeping it real!

    1. Thanks Sue! That takes some of the “sting” out of me being on the internet with no makeup. Vanity sure flies out the window!?

  27. Love the video- some great tips I can’t wait to try. Look forward to your daily posts! Thank you!

  28. Kristine Thompson says:

    Great video, especially the contouring. I have been a little frighten to try but the blending as you have shown is the key. Thought I knew it all, but learned alot, the turning of mascara instead of pumping for one.The make-up geek looks like it is a must to try. Thanks for sharing, you are a doll, before and after make-up!!!

  29. This was super helpful, Tania. Thanks, gurl, for sharing. Can’t wait to see the hair tutorial. You are beautiful on the inside and outside!

  30. Whoa…..this is among the best make up tutorials I’ve ever watched and I’ve watched A LOT! I’ll be saving it for reference. I’ve got about 20 years on you so I have more wrinkles…sigh!….. I doubt I have the patience to take as long as you do although I’m sure it took longer while explaining things. I do have a version of all the products. Since I’ve retired I don’t use make up every day but I think I should do more than I’m doing. I go to the Y and do some kind of exercise nearly every morning and often run errands on the way home and then stay home so I do little more than cleanse, moisturize and sun screen. Now I find I’m kind of awkward when it comes to doing the full make up routine even when I’m doing something other than exercise so I don’t do much…..another reason why your tutorial will help. Also I now live in smaller quarters and no longer have my dressing table where I could sit to do make up. So I’m finding my way again. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. Also, on another subject i LOVED hearing you talk. I moved here to CT from Nashville 3 years ago and miss that accent!! On my annual road trips back for visits I drive along i-81 and stay in Wytheville, VA overnight. Is that in your area? Thanks again for your willingness to show your bare face and teach us a few things. Have a great weekend. XO

    1. Wytheville is about 1 1/2 away from me. I figure my face is mine, with or without makeup. I am the same person, so I might as well show it. HOWEVER, that does not hold true to the rest of my body. Lol! Nobody needs to be seeing that!?

    2. Jan, thank you for sharing! I’m over 70 also with more wrinkles…hate that part! I so enjoyed this video, however, I’m not sure I’ll do as much but I will do more. 🙂 I love Nashville ~ how did you leave it?

      Thanks again!

      1. Pat, I left Nashville because I had no family there. I’d lived there since 1965 and loved it and all the familiarity but family is more important. One son lives in Portland, OR but they don’t have children so I chose Connecticut where I have 3 children about 1/2 mile away. Sadly this is a VERY expensive part of the country so I hope my finances hold up. Do you live in Tennessee? It would be fun to have a 50 Is Not Old mini reunion on one of my drives to or from Nashville.

  31. So maybe I missed it if you said…but wondering how long this routine typically takes you? This is about 20 more steps than I usually do! ???

    1. Generally about 20 or more minutes. I usually call my mom or sister while I am putting on my makeup, so I could probably get everything done much faster if I would shut my mouth.?

  32. Great tutorial. Will you do one on styling your hair next?

    1. Yes! I need your hair tutorial also! ??

    2. Already done and will be the next one I put on the blog. BUT, you are not going to be impressed. I don’t have near as many steps for my hair. Lol!

  33. Thank you for the video! I got lots of tips from you!❤️

  34. a vanderven says:

    Brave gurl, you still look fine without any make up. I also caught the silver nail, nice touch..

  35. Thank you for sharing! I am wanting that magnetic pallet!

  36. I’ve followed you for awhile as I am a 47 year old who just returned to work as a legal assistant after being home with my son for 17 years! I found you when I began to look for inspiration to put together some work outfits since the firm I work at follows a nice business dress code. When I saw that you posted a makeup video I just had to comment. I always love your hair and makeup and think you do a great job. Your winged eyeliner game is really on point. That lipstick is beautiful on you as well. Thanks for creating that.

  37. Sharon Fox says:

    Wthank you! You are a doll! Can’t wait for video of you doing your hair, as I love the style!

  38. Robin Christenson says:

    Loved it. Lots of good tips. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Wow – thanks for posting – such good tips about blending everything from foundation to eye shadow. Your video was most helpful !

  40. Love and appreciate the video!!

  41. Such a brave gal you are for posting your makeup routine! It’s much appreciated since I need to kick mine up a notch or two – since I’ve been doing nothing! Definitely looking for the IT Illumination today.

    Thanks again!