50 IS NOT OLD | TIME TO SHINEGood morning everyone! I am bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning. In case any of you are unfamiliar with my southern saying, it means I am up and running this morning. Lol! I have done a couple of casual outfits in the past couple of weeks (here and here) and you seemed to like them. So, I thought I would style one more and see what you thought.50 IS NOT OLD | TIME TO SHINEWhen you are in direct sales you have an upline. Someone that you signed up under, and then they have an upline, and so on. In the Plunder Design area, my top upline lady is Tonya. She has a Facebook group where we can all go and comment to one another about the business. Typical questions will be about setting up at vendor events, how long a necklace is, or what color a piece of jewelry is because the picture in the catalog doesn’t have good lighting. The name of the group is “Get You SHINE ON Girls.” 50 IS NOT OLD | TIME TO SHINEThe minute I saw this t-shirt I knew I had to have it. The shirt is really soft and is a pale blush pink color. The wording is rose gold metallic and says, “time to SHINE.” Isn’t that perfect? I found this at Old Navy, they usually have cute t-shirts. 50 IS NOT OLD | TIME TO SHINEI have on my Dotty earrings. They are a gold tone with gray, topaz and pink colored stones. Plunder jewelry is hypoallergenic and lead-free. I decided not to wear a necklace because I didn’t want to distract from the wording. 50 IS NOT OLD | TIME TO SHINEThe bracelet on the left matches the earrings I have on. The name of the bracelet is Cecelia. It has gold and pewter chains and the same gray, topaz, and pink colored stones. The bangles on the right are Skye, Halsey, Bobby, Odette, and Monica. I am offering 10% off any order over 50.00 (excluding the taxes and shipping) I will send you a check. The first refund cheks have been mailed, and I will put another round of checks in the mail on today. To place an order for the 10% off with Plunder, go to www.plunderdesign.com/party/ts.50 IS NOT OLD | TIME TO SHINEI am carrying my fringe hobo tote today. I bought this tote at Ross or Marshall’s, I can’t remember which. Here and here are two different looks with this purse. I am not the best when it comes to the names of colors for items. Would you call this purse tan, camel, taupe, or fawn?

50 IS NOT OLD | TIME TO SHINEMy booties are a similar color as the purse and we have already discussed that I don’t know what color they are. Lol! I bought these boots earlier this fall at Old Navy. They are not a “quality” boot, but they are still stylish. Someone mentioned that they had trouble with some of Old Navy shoes being uncomfortable and I know what they mean. Whenever you are going to be wearing a shoe daily and for long periods of time then you want to make sure they have good cushioning and arch support. I haven’t had any problems from this boot other than the top of the boot will rub against my leg. If I wore socks that probably wouldn’t be a problem. Haha

50 IS NOT OLD | TIME TO SHINEMy skinny jeans are by Earl Jean. These are very stretchy so they always fit tight. What I like about these jeans is the fact that they don’t get baggy. What I don’t like about these jeans is the fact that they don’t fit tight at the waist so they will ride down every time I sit down. When I get out of a chair I have to start tugging at the waistline. I just think that looks bad when you have to do that. I guess that is just one of my pet peeves. I bought these jeans at TJ Maxx, I think, and they have a good selection of jeans.

50 IS NOT OLD | TIME TO SHINEI just thought this picture was funny. I have no idea what was going on off to the side but you can see I am still trying to take my pictures. Haha

Today is the last day to enter for the full-size Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream. Go here to see how to enter. This is a $62.00 value in dollars, and priceless in results. Lol!

I have several emails asking about Rodan and Fields products. Some of you mentioned that you have Rosacea and since I am not a dermatologist I am giving you a link that you can use to help determine which product would be right for you. Go to www.tstephens5.myrandf.com/Pages/OurProducts/GetAdviceSolutionsTool

I am offering 10% off any order over 50.00 (excluding the taxes and shipping) I will send you a check. To place and order or look at some of the products, go to www.tstephens5.myrandf.com.

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  1. Rena wrote:

    Even in casual mode, you ooze with style. The shirt was a great find and the overall look is fabulously chic.


    Posted 11.15.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      That is very sweet of you to say, Rena!

      Posted 11.15.16 Reply
  2. Robin Osborne wrote:

    The “bright eyed and bushy tailed” saying isn’t just limited to the south. You hear it in the midwest as well. I love your t shirt!

    Posted 11.15.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Haha, Robin. I’ve never traveled to the midwest, so I was unsure. We are probably all more alike than we know.

      Posted 11.15.16 Reply
  3. FunkyForty wrote:

    Loving your casual outfits Tania – getting terribly jealous though as you’re obviously having much warmer weather than we are – smile.
    If you want to style your super warm clothing perhaps you’ll have to come to Zurich – hehe!

    New post about a Sunday outing: http://funkyforty.com/sweetest-sunday-brunch-baur-au-lac/

    xx Yvonne

    Posted 11.15.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      That’s alright, Yvonne. You can just keep your cooler weather. Brrrr.

      Posted 11.15.16 Reply
  4. Glenda wrote:

    Love this look. Casual with style.

    Posted 11.15.16 Reply
  5. robjodiefilogomo wrote:

    I have a hard time just wearing a t-shirt—I feel so naked without a scarf or necklace or jacket to give it more sass!!
    Of course, at least we can see the great message on this one!!

    Posted 11.15.16 Reply
  6. Mandy wrote:

    Love this outfit! Super cute!

    Posted 11.15.16 Reply
  7. Beth Keehne wrote:

    Cute and comfy looking – love the color of the T-shirt. Enjoy your Tuesday!

    Posted 11.15.16 Reply
  8. Pat wrote:

    Tanya I just had to share. When you mentioned the waist of your jeans “sliding down” when sitting. I had the exact same problem with several of my jeans, but no longer since I found my “invisibelt” an adjustable, flat, clear plastic belt which is made to wear with the most fitted, untucked tops and doesn’t show through, no lumps or bumps. I feel like Oprah when she talks about her favorite things!

    Posted 11.15.16 Reply
  9. Charlcy Green wrote:

    Very cute & put together, even tho casual! I’m very familiar w/that saying as my Texan Mama used to use it all the time. Love the t-shirt & it fits perfectly! I KNOW what you mean about uncomfortable boots w/no arch support. That is most of the ones I try.

    Posted 11.15.16 Reply
  10. Peggy McGowan wrote:

    You look positively glowing today ! I have to say that looking at older photos off you and comparing (for lack of a better word) them to more current photos , your skin , especially around your eyes , looks fantastic ! Perhaps that potion of lotion that you are selling really does work !! Anyway , it sure is working for you , as you seem to be getting younger !
    Love your posts ,
    A not old 50 something sister ,

    Posted 11.15.16 Reply
  11. Virginia Pfeiffer wrote:

    You are definitely rocking it, Tanya. Cute outfit. I love fringed handbags and have several but one more couldn’t hurt ? Thanks for the share on Etsy. The booties are cute but I am still not sure about the booties with shorter, tight pants – on me. I had on a similar look yesterday but haven’t decided if it is a look I can pull off. I am so used to pants covering most of the booties. Course I do have a few years on you but I still love to dress up and follow the fashions.

    Posted 11.15.16 Reply
  12. Mindy Hayes wrote:

    Tania, I love that shirt on you! The curved hem really accentuates your shape. I have a question about another blogger, The Silver Stylist. Do you know what her name is? Ok that’s all. Have a blessed day. Oh one more thing. I went on the Cato website and they have some very cute things. May need to place an order, lol.

    Posted 11.15.16 Reply
  13. Pauline wrote:

    Your bright eyed and bushy tailed saying is used here in England

    Posted 11.15.16 Reply
  14. Love this casual look, Tania. Everything about it is perfect! Well done! – Amy

    Posted 11.15.16 Reply
  15. Lisa wrote:

    I absolutely love your hair! Please consider doing a post about the shampoo and styling products you use and maybe even a tutorial on how you style your hair. I would also be interested to know what type hair you have, i.e. naturally straight, wavy, thick, fine, etc. My haircut is very similar to yours but I can’t seem to get it styled nearly as cute as yours ?.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  16. Nancy Grooms wrote:

    Love the outfits and encouragement to dress modernly with style !!!! I’m 59! Would love you to accompany me shopping … when and where ????
    Hahaha keep up the good work !!!!!!!

    Posted 4.24.18 Reply
  17. Sandra Espinoza wrote:

    I love your page- your style. Where do you store all your hand bags- i have a lot as well…there are everywhere and my closet is so full. Any organizational ideas?

    Posted 10.14.18 Reply
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