50 IS NOT OLD | TIE-DYE AND JEGGINGSGroovy, Moon Doggie. Lol! I couldn’t help myself, there was just something about the tie-dyed shirt that made me revert back to my childhood. My daughter would be rolling her eyes about now, she already called me a dork yesterday on Facebook. Haha I think I may have to put her in “time out.” I wonder if that will work with her is Alaska?50 IS NOT OLD | TIE-DYE AND JEGGINGSAshleigh has always been headstrong. She is one of those that you can lead to water, but you can’t make them drink. In other words, she took after her daddy. With Joe, (I hope he is not reading this) I throw out little things that I want him to do and just sit back and wait. It I “tell” him to do something, you might as well forget it. He is one of those people who you can not force or coherence into doing things your way, it has to be his idea. And I’ll be danged if my daughter isn’t dating a man that is just like that. Lol! 50 IS NOT OLD | TIE-DYE AND JEGGINGSWhat do you think about two comfy outfits back to back? I decided to take a small break from my normal “dressy” look. This is more my “mom on the go” or in my case, “grandma on the go” look. Lol! This is the look that is super, super easy. How hard is it to grab a shirt and a pair of pants? Seriously, that is what this look boils down to. Throw on your booties and a necklace (or two) and you are ready to run into your worst enemy. We all want to look great when we run into friends, but if we run into an enemy, we want to be looking “fab.”50 IS NOT OLD | TIE-DYE AND JEGGINGSI can see that I might need a mirror when I take my pictures of the morning. My necklace is hanging cock-eye. Lol! I have on two necklaces today, the Lindsay is the multi-layered shorter necklace, and the Skylar necklace is the long necklace that has the pearl cross. The Lindsay necklace is one that my sister wore to her speech that she gave to the graduating class of our old high school this past year. She is kind of a big deal. You can see her book, Last In A Long Line Of Rebels, in the sidebar of my blog. She was recently picked to be in the Scholastic Book Fair flyer that they send home to children. I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams that my sister would have a book on that flyer when I was a kid pouring over those flyers trying to pick just the “right” book to read. If you have a child, grandchild, nephew, niece, etc, then you need to get them this book for Christmas. last-in-a-long-line-of-rebels
50 IS NOT OLD | TIE-DYE AND JEGGINGSI had to make the picture bigger to see what earrings I had on. These are called the Denise. That is my sister-in-law’s name, my middle name, and my daughter’s middle name, so I of course “had” to have them. Lol! They are fancy and sparkly, and even though my outfit is laid back, I wanted my jewelry to have some bling and pizzazz. This jewelry works with fancy attire and also with your knock-around-town look. There are a lot of specials going on now for Plunder, you can find them on my yesterday’s post. Go to www.plunderdesign.com/party/ts to order.50 IS NOT OLD | TIE-DYE AND JEGGINGSThese jeans/leggings/jeggings are so old! I have had them for years. I think I bought them at Belk, I seem to remember buying them when I had on some high knee boots and complaining about how hard it was to take off the boots to try on the jeans. I hate trying on clothes!!!

The caramel suede booties are some by Isaac Mizrahi that I bought a long time ago at the overstock outlet in town. BTW, I went there today and bought 2 cashmere sweaters and another sweater, all for 36.00. You might want to take a trip to Grundy before Christmas.

50 IS NOT OLD | TIE-DYE AND JEGGINGSI bought this red Dooney & Bourke purse last year at the overstock store. It was on sale, and then there were some ink marks on the inside of the lining, so I got even more marked off the price. I am one of “those” people who will show you a flaw in the item and want a discount. If I am paying top dollar, then I don’t want flaws.

50 IS NOT OLD | TIE-DYE AND JEGGINGSThe tie-dye shirt is one that I bought at a little boutique in town. This is one of those transition outfits, it has three-quarter sleeves for cooler mornings, and it is still lightweight enough for when it warms up during the day. I like outfits like this, or I will throw on a light jacket and then ditch it as the day warms up. Haha

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  1. Jan B McGaughey says:

    I love this outfit! I have a shirt a lot like this that I have never worn because as much as I loved it when I bought it, I thought I was too old to wear it! But you have inspired me. ‘m wearing it tomorrow!

  2. I love this look very relaxing and refreshing, very youthful looking. I will copy this look for sure.?
    God bless you!

  3. I really like that top. This is a look that I would definitely copy. (I’m retired so only dress up on Sundays!) Would you please share about the overstock outlet? Is it in Grundy? I’ve mentioned it to several people here in Roanoke and no one knows about it. We would love to make a road trip! Thanks.

  4. Gloria Randle says:

    Love the tie dye and jeggings. Absolutely love
    “GROOVY, MOON DOGGIE”. Can hardly wait for the perfect opportunity to use that on my teenage granddaughters.

    1. Gloria, they will look at you like you have lost your mind. Lol!

  5. Barbara Johnson says:

    I love your blog and your “outfits”, make-up tips, etc. I am 69, but totally agree
    with your mantra “age is an attitude, keep yours young.” I am hoping to be a
    “hot and fun” Grandma, and I love pretty clothes. My only problem is I keep signing up in the subscribe box, and it says success, but I do not receive an e mail to confirm the subscription. Am I missing something? Thank you for the great style
    tips, keep them coming! Barbara Johnson, Ok. City, Ok. Nov. 3, 2016

    1. Barbara, thank you so much!!! I want to be the hot and fun grandma also. Lol You are doing everything correct, go and check the trash file (or whatever your computer calls it) Most of the time the confirmation emails go there. I hate being called “trash,” even though Joe does describe my style as classy with a little trashy. Hahaha

  6. Gail Young says:

    So appreciate your ideas and fashion advice! Loving you in Middle Tennessee!!!

    1. Middle Tennessee is my old stomping ground 🙂

      1. Gail Young says:

        Yes, our daughter got married at The Clark House, in Livingston!!! If you haven’t been, enjoy lunch one day when you are home. ?

  7. Love, love, love tie dye! Could be that I was around for it the first time (lol). I, too, have a pair of denim leggings that I got at 1/2 of 1/2 for $.99 at least 6-8 years ago. Best dollar I ever spent! Anyway, you look great!!!

  8. Love the TIE-DYE wasn’t sure at first by the title! As a teacher Scholastic is the best! AWESOME accomplishment by your sister!

  9. Tania, you look great in this outfit. Think I need to be on the lookout for some tie-dye. Maybe your husband and mine are actually related 🙂 Again, you are killing me…KILLING ME…with the finds you get at the QVC outlet! Grundy is on my list now. I just can’t tell aforementioned husband the real reason for the trip! Have a great day.

  10. I think we all have a ‘Joe’…love the look – casual yet pulled together.

  11. You always look good, but this particular color combination looks particularly stunning on you.

  12. Melesa Garrison says:

    I love that you can put on a top and jeggings and look so fabulous! The necklaces have the punch…LOVE!
    Your sister is a BIG deal. How cool is it that she is on a flyer? I loved those when I was a kid! Kudos to her and to you for your success as well. You can laugh, but you have worked hard with your blog and I know I really enjoy it, as I’m sure many others do as well.

  13. Hi Tania, I love comfort and the whole outfit, you look great! And I do understand about being called a dork, I receive comments from my 21 year old! You have great outlets and boutiques in town, I’ll have to check out their Facebook page as well! Thank you!

  14. Love my plunder earrings sent you sent for buying jewelry. Thanks for introducing me to a great line of jewelry.

  15. robjodiefilogomo says:

    I don’t even have any tie dye in my closet—can you believe it???
    I agree with Glenda that the jewelry makes it more pizzazzish!!

  16. Doreen Bednarski says:

    Does the boutique in town, where you purchased the top, have a website or phone number to contact them to order? Got to have it!!!! Great outfit, just my style.

  17. Glenda Braun says:

    What a great look! The jewelry makes it.
    I have a “Joe” too! Lol

    1. Haha! Good luck with your “Joe!”

  18. Just found your blog. Love it!! Can I be in the drawing for the eye cream?

  19. Absolutely love this look!

  20. Another great look! I would wear this in a minute. I have tie die in the closet but not as cute as this. I am still a jeans and t-shirt girl at heart – with bling of course,!

  21. Liz Raymond says:

    My kind of outfit! Peace! Love your blog!

  22. Patti Karshis says:

    I really like that this outfit Tania! I need to order that Lindsey necklace and those earrings, the Denise!

  23. Love this look! I wear dress clothes 5 days a week &struggle with casual wear so I’m all about the posts the last couple of days. Does Plunder have a catalogue? Easier for me to look at then online. BTW, went to a Stella & Dot party last week- cute new stuff out!

  24. Sue Robertson says:

    What a fabulous outfit. It looks so comfortable

    1. Love this outfit! I am new to your blog (I’ll be 55 next month, but still feel 22 in my head). I can never seem to find a look that is right for my age group since I keep thinking I’m still 22 (ha ha) – your outfits are not old lady and are not too young looking either. -and my husband is exactly like yours it sounds like- 29 yrs of marriage – still stubborn as a mule!

  25. Another great look, super tie-dye and your necklaces are gorgeous. It’s amazing how jewellery can make an outfit. I have a friend that feels uncomfortable wearing accessories, no matter how many I buy for her… I laughed when I read your comments about Joe, I think that’s true for most of us, we have to plant little seeds of ideas for the men in our lives and then wait until they come up with them themselves ?